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    Reputation is a dangerous thing. Once your characters have been arround for a while, (gained 5-10 levels of WotC, about 50-100 skill points WEG) they tend to get a bit full of themselves. Certainly they'll have developed some skills that might get them a reputation, and they're in a business where reputations are likely to become exagerated and violent.
    So, suppose you have two sides that are in hostile, violent dispute. One side hears that the other has hired the party to help them. What do you do? You could try to bribe or hire the party away, but if that doesn't work? Seems the best thing you could do would be to kill them before they could start working for the other side.
    What if the empire or the separatists start spreading rumors about what horrible and evil people the party is. Some of what they say might even be true (from a certain point of view). What if some well-meaning civilians decided to take an active role in capturing or subduing the villainous party before they commit more attrocities.
    What about the young hotshot out to make a name for him or her self? To be the one that brought down or took in ________? could be a good stepping stone for a career. Or a group of careers. Throw the party into the same sort of situations they were in at the beginning, only now they're on the other side.

    Depending on the template, 1-1.5x opponents to the number of party members, even using just starting templates and stats, can seriously inconvenience if not overcome a seasoned party.
    Instead of a big, lvl10 bounty hunter, throw 6 lvl5s or some Mercs with 50 skillpoints of development each, lead by an ex-imperial commando (2 Thermal detonators!) with 70 SP.

    It could even be that these people can be turned into friends, or at least allies. They may even have once been, but because of rumors were affraid that their former chums had gone bad.

    The more outlandish the situation, the better.
    This is an especially fun way to reward players who are perhaps a touch over-exuberant or take too much pleasure in humiliating, torturing, or killing. Sure, the way the players say it, the tied the Imp Jr Lt to a tree and stripped him to his undies because they needed his uniform to sneak into the bunker. The way he tells it, they slaughtered the technicians, strapped him to a tree, whipped him and beat him bloody for information, and left him there to die. He was lucky to escape with his life. Those poor technicians...

    It can be very humiliating to be brought down by people with 1/2 your hit-dice. Just ask the lvl5 paladin defeated by an ambush of kobolds...
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    Sounds interesting Koohi.

    And I can vouch for him, having been a Paladin killed by kobolds.

    But, in the murky depths (1/4th of an inch) of my mind, an idea forms. What about a party working to eliminate jedi during the purge under Lord Vader. No one meets Vader of course, if he requests your presence it most likely means you're about to get some hardcore choking. The party is assigned in particular to hunt a group of Jedi what're doing what most parties of the stereotypical Jedi'd do. Helping the weak, aiding the poor, saving lives from brutal imperial laws, that sort of thing. Pay extra attention to detail of the horrible conditions the Jedi are working to remedy. Now, have one Jedi get left behind and face the party. Do not have the jedi attack, but instead have them try to solve the situation without violence, and when he/she/it gets killed (at least one player will attack, after all), in it's final breath, have the Jedi forgive them for their crimes.

    See how long the players can fight against a humane foe before their sense of mercy wins over their sense of duty.
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    Piracy of Reputation
    The Rebel Alliance receives a complaint from one of their agents in the Sector Rangers: Unless the Rebels clean up their act in her sector, he will not only stop turning a blind eye to their activities, she will turn over detailed files on everything he knows to her superiors (under the cover story she was working on a few side projects, and an informant gave her the pieces to put everything together).
    Specifically, she wants the purpetrators of several raids that not only stole the cargo, but killed almost all the crews of civilian freightors working for imperial contracts or subcontractors. One ship turned out to just be carrying 224 laborers, technicians, and construction personnel--they were all spaced (except the Givens, who were shot). Last entry in the ships' logs are communications transmitting Rebellion Letters of Marque issued to "Commodore Essedrin Ral-af", followed by jamming and combat orders. But there's no such person opperating under Rebel Alliand LoM. The party's job: find out what's going on, and who is stealing their name. The Sector Ranger gave the Alliance 1 month or one more serious attocity to deal with the problem.

    Are the culprits common pirates who hope to invoke rebel sympathies and then killing the crew to prevent witnesses? Are they Imperial counter-intelligence or propaganda out villify the alliance and perhaps even fracture it?

    A lot will depend on how the party chooses to investigate. They may try to act like a local freightor and hope to lure the pirates into attacking them (trolling as pirate bate). Or they may try following other ships and come to their rescue. (Don't let either of these work the first time--make the players work for their catch--besides, you might be able to slip in a side adventure or two.) They may try to hire on as poverty-stricken veteran spacers willing to do whatever work for anyone willing to hire them, especially if it involves combat to see if they can infiltrate the pirates. This can also lead to interesting side adventures and or contacts. They may come up with something else entirely and make you improvise. And just because the players try it doesn't mean it will ultimately work.

    The pirates should have a small capital ship (frigate or corvette) and a squadron of 12 mixmatched uglies (fighters built by combining bits of other models together) with maybe a stray x-wing of y-wing. As to who they are and what they're working toward... You decide.
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    Wow, a lots of ideas there.
    Seems like koohiis doin most of the posting. What, every single idea that comes to mind?
    might be good for inspiration. Doesn't help too much with the prep work though. Esp for d20
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    I post adventure ideas that I've run or am about to, or that the other GM in the group runs us though. Don't see much point in posting stats, since the GMs reading will have to tailor to fit their players anyway. Besides, I don't have the D20 books to convert to. And setting up for D6 is an easy matter of checking templates and making the skill levels comperable to the characters for major NPCs, and somewhere under for minor NPCs, and whaterev is appropriate for background characters like Stormtroopers or whatever.
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    I'd post more stuff, but the only ideas I have completely developed are for a campaign I run online and at least three of my players check this board.

    I'll eventually get around to posting some of the missions they've already been through.
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    Oh well. Maybe you can still steal a couple of ideas and tweek them a bit.
    Besides, some of those adventures have been up for a while--the players might not remember them (of course, if they read this, they'll probablly go back and reread all the old posts just to thwart my eeeeevil plans).

    Evacuation of Narret 3
    Narret 3 has been destroyed. The planet was a small one (500KM diameter) with a large atmospheric shell. It was used to anchor a space station by means of a beanstalk. The Beanstalk is a synthetic construction that started at the ground level (well, the foundations were actually a full KM underground for stability) and ascended into orbit. A series of flexible segements acted as an elevator for technicians and supplies (cheaper to use a turbo-lift than a bunch of freightors) as well as providing breathable atmosphere and water. The space station was a minor shipyard (small freightors only), trading post (docking for bulk transports and medium-to-large freightors), and R&D center as well as scientific research. But something went wrong.
    The exact cause is unknown--some say solar flares, some say entropy, some say rebel sabatours. But the beanstalk was broken near the top. As it collapsed, the stalk wrapped arround the planet. The last segment landed with enough centrifical force on on of the tectonically weakest spots on the planet to create a chain reaction that actually broke the planet apart.
    The loss atmosphere as the fragments drifted apart has killed all life on the planet. Maybe there are a few people who were in hermetically sealed compartments, but their supplies were limited. There are no other habitable worlds in the system. The next nearest is the one the party was on when they recieve the signal.

    The party receives the distress signal (transport full of refugies?) and the rebel alliance (or whoever) wants to send the party and a Gallofee Medium Transport to evacuate the main station and the other orbital facilities. They also send a squadron of X-wings for security. The X-wings will obey the Party Leader's orders. If there are none, they will escourt the transport to the station, hang arround it, and follow it when it leaves. There are 3 days left, and it will take a nearly full day to get to the station. All the other freightors are in for repairs that make it impossible or impractical for them to assist in the rescue operation.

    The personnel at the station are a very mixed theoretically neutral group. Some consider the Rebellion to be a much needed stirring. Others belive in the New Order religiously. The sr Administrator of the station just wants his people off to safety. Unfortunately, the Gallofee can only take about 20% of the personnel. The Alliance would, of course, like all the scientific and research data, as well as the scientists. The Administrator is reasonable, and will suggest things like take the youngest (the older ones have had their chance) or a lottery. He has no interest in politics. His secretary, on the otherhand, is ferrociously Imperial (Full CompNOR indoctrination and training), but hides it. He was conspiring with the Head Medical Researcher to turn in the Administrator to the CompNOR as a traitor. Several of the protocol droids are acting as his spies. These two may see this as an opportunity to infiltrate the rebellion, or a chance just to capture rebel agents.

    Oh, there WILL be a riot when the transport tries to leave as "just a few" extra people try to pack onboard.

    The head medical researcher is specializing in advanced cybernetics. He is very aloof and arrogant. He does not like to be touched, especially not his hands, which he prizes for their skill. (11D medicine, 13D surgery, 12D cybernetics)

    Various researchers are going to insist on taking equipment, notes, sentimental bedstands, massive cases of personal effects, and that their projects are the most important. Others who think they will be left behind will riot to try to force their way onto any ship that will carry them or their loved ones.

    Even with the reductions made by th/>
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    Counter Intelligence
    A local informant contact the party's superiors (Jedi, Rebel Alliance, whatever) in need of help. A local swoop-bike gang has taken up harassing his business. One or two, he might be able to handle himself, but there are at least 20, and the group seems to be getting larger. He has complained to the local authorities (Imps, Separatists, whatever) but they refuse to act for some reason. He needs help either beating the gang to stuffing, or just getting them to leave him alone.
    The gang doesn't always travel together, but they are never in groups smaller than 8. They have a variety of swoop-bikes, and one imp speeder-bike. They also have good armor (equivilent to bikerscout, but no helmets--they're for wussies), and a variety of weapons from vibro-blades to heavy blaster pistols & carbines (while usually the cheaper brands, some of their equipment is in better shape than usual). By the time the party arrives, they have 34 members of various races. They entertain themselves in all the usual ways: gambling, consuming fermented vegetable beverages, racing, shooting, and cantina brawls. About 2-3 new members join per day.

    The swoop racers welcome all comers, but be prepared to loose your ride. They gamble using a variety of simpler games--not many of them are up for sabaac, but dice is another matter.

    What the party and informant don't know is that the local merchant's cover has been blown. The other side knows exactly who he is and, once the party shows up, has confirmation about who he works for. One of the lieutenants of the gang is an imperial (or whatwever) undercover agent.
    Under the lieutenant's influence, the gang will leave the merchant alone if the players start making trouble, but only for a week. If the party is still there, they may be present when the gang returns. If the leader is ever killed, the lieutenant will call off whatever the current activity is to negotiate a truce. He will also be using recorders hidden in his armor to get quality holo-recordings of the party ("What this, it's just a power sensor relay for the alarm on my ride" and it does function that way too...) to check their identities against records (and add to the list of crimes they've committed against ____ ). Update the wanted posters and bounties. This is a nice way for the _____ to get info on the party so they they can be arrested by authorities on any major civilized world or station as soon as they are recognized.

    The gang members are actually going to be fairly low-powered. It's their numbers that make them dangerous. Give them 6d in Repulsorlift Op, 5D in dodge & blaster, and 4d gambling brawing, melee, brawling parry, and melee parry. Make the gang leader a little tougher--give him 2d more in each of those, and command of 6d. For d20, they shouldn't be more than 2nd or 3rd level. The leader shouldn't be more than 4th. The lieutenant uses the Imp Intelligence Agent template from Heros&Rogues. Give him enough interpersonal PER skills to make life interesting. Make him 2 levels higher than the party.
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    A group of beings approach the party begging for transport or a place to hide. They claim to be refugees from an Imperial massacre. The pressence of several small capital ships in-system and frequent stormtrooper patrols and annoyingly inquisistive officers backs up that possibility.
    The group is a mix of races, sexes, and ages, but they are all wearing the same grey outfits with white markings and knotted fabric belts. If asked, the clothes are religious. They don't have much with which to pay--they are, after all, on the run, with no time to pack and their assets siezed by the Empire. They would love to join up with the rebellion to offer their support and technical assistance. Some of them are even good pilots. If the party needs cash, they will reluctantly come up with a modest number of gems and jewels (about 7000 credits) a few at a time.
    They will be happy to simply hide on the ship and wait for the party to complete their main mission and return. If the party has to blast out of the spaceport without clearance, they refugees will be happy to crew any stations to assist.

    What the party doesn't know, but may discover, is that there is a reason for the Empire to be tracking down these "refugees". They are actually the remnants of a local cult of assassins and pirates. They specialize in claiming to desperately need passage or security while traveling, they murder those they are traveling with. In point of fact, they just killed a local imperial bureaucrat and his family on their yacht while "fleeing retribution from the Rebellion for betraying their agents" two days before. If they are able to get to a rebel base, they will set about insinuating themselves into the organization for a couple days or weeks (depending on how much the party vouches for them), and then one night start murdering as many of the base as they can. They will also kidnap young, impressionable children if they need to flee. If they succeed in wiping out the entire base, they will loot and plunder it, then steal as many of the ships as they can to sell or trade.

    The refugee's cult worships the concept of Death, much as the Charon do. They set about to kill as many as possible, by stealth. By appearing as harmless as they do--simple peaceful merchants and traders who were protesting Imperial attrocity or Rebel retribution--they are able to gain the trust of those they encounter. (Un)Fortunately, because of their simplistic viewpoint of plundering, they haven't bothered to built up any sizable force. Without secular leadership, the group doesn't see how they could profit much more from using the ships and forces they kill & steal for to build up a pirate force. They simply use the ship they killed for to get to the next port, sell it, and try their scheme again. They expand their cult by stealing young children and teaching them their ways. This allows them to maintain their numbers (barely) and expand their racial diversity.

    If the party does not take them to a rebel base within 2-3 stops, they may attack the party while in transit to steal their ship. Delaying may actually be a good thing for the party. It can also be more fun, as it builds up the time the party spends with the "peaceful, Innocent" refugees. They were only attending a local political rally to see what was being said.

    Give the cult members enough skills in melee, dodge, brawling, and brawling parry to challenge the party members. The assassins will work in teams of 2-4 each to overpower individuals. They work together to co-ordinate their actions from long experience and training Their weapon of choice is a cloth garotte (their belts) to strangle. Those piloting, manning ship weapons, or technical stations will have 4-5D in those skills. All the members will have 5-8D in Con and at least 5d in Disguise. Also, give them 3 skillpoints each. None of them have blasters unless the party loans them weapons.
    And they are smart enough to try to pickpocket any jedi lightsaber they might see.

    Source: the Thuggee cults of India. also "The Deceivers"
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    I've been listening to a bunch of the Doctor Who audio adventures produced by Big Finish productions, and some of them just scream for adaptation to RPG. "Dark Flame" is almost perfectly set up to be Star Wars, and "Bang-Bang-a-Boom" (gotta love that title) would be good for a comic-relief adventure. I can picture an entire campaign based on the "Excellis" adventures. At the risk of being a commercial, I highly recommend these. They're great for listening to in the car while commuting or whatever, esp. since they have the original actors from the TV show.

    (But them used on eBay. If you want to buy them new, get them straight from the company--just as fast to ship and the price isn't that different).
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    And Koohii wins the "most ideas" award!

    Is there anything that you can't convert into a Star Wars adventure?
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    Sad & pathetic as it may seem, coming up with ideas for RPG adventures is one of the things that helps me cope. :_| :( 8-}
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    During the Rebellion, families and other noncombatants associated with Rebel fighting personnel would often get moved to remote colony worlds which weren't on the map, where they would live a low-tech existence out of contact with the galaxy waiting for the Empire to be overthrown.

    Set an adventure during the New Republic era, where certain NR leaders have realized that they've lost track of one of the colony worlds. They know vaguely what sector it's in, but they lost records of the planet's exact location. The players needs to re-find the world which was intentionally remote and left off the map, find the lost colonists, and tell them that the war's over and they can go home. This can involve deep-space exploration, crawling around seedy cantinas looking for rumors from spacers, etc.

    Plus, some complications you can throw into the mix:

    * Some vengeful former Imperials have heard about the colony, and are going to try to get there first and work out some of their resentment on the "traitors."

    * A group of slavers has heard about the colony, and figures its an easy way to pick up some basically defenseless people.

    * Because the colonists were presumed lost, their heirs have taken control of their assets. One of the colonists was a wealthy noble or senator, and their heir (who happens to be a big player in the NR Senate) isn't keen on having the old man come back and take his money back. As a result, he's secretly trying to sabotage the PCs mission, acting on the reports they send back by giving them to mercenaries (or the Imperials/slavers).

    * The Rebel scouts who checked the planet out didn't find the ancient Sith temple hidden on the planet, but a latent Force-sensitive from the colony sure did. After stumbling upon the ruins by accident while out hunting for food, the Force-sensitive went all Dark Side, and came back and started a Sith cult. Now half the colonists are members of the cult, and the other half are on the run, hiding in the jungles (or whatever) trying to escape.

    * All of the above.

    * Set it later, in the NJO era instead of the NR era, and put the colony world right smack in the middle of the Vong invasion plan.
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    Gretney is 7 years old. Her mother was killed by Imperials. She's going to get even by killing the people responsible. Momma was a rebel spy. Gretney has already started by killing the Teacher of her friend's imperial training class.
    Gretney is not subtle. Her best weapon is surprize. She's very, very, good at it.

    Unfortunately, Gretney is also Force-sensative. After her 2nd or 3rd murder, she will be permanently tainted by the Dark Side.

    The party may encounter Gretney because they were going to collect her mother's latest reports, or when they attempt to rescue her mother from Imperial Interrogation. Regardless, Gretney is going to be very hard for them to deal with. She doesn't have the emotional control or restraint to not kill people who get in her way. And since she got away with it once, she will try again and again. Anyone not helping her is obviously an IMP, and therefore a target.
    If the party ignores the child, she will eventually be caught and subjected to CompNOR or other indoctrination to break her, if not kill her. The only question is: How many IMPs will she kill, and how high up the food chain are they.

    Could be a good adventure to break player's hearts, or to scare them into remaining celebate for life.
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    News report has just arrived from Cousbell 11: the planet has been totally subjugated. The cousbellii people had been millitantly and openly fighting against imperial anexation. With little more than moral support and technical advise from the Rebellion, they'd successfully repelled 2 major invasions. In the first, they'd sacrificed their Corellian Corvette (maily used for anti-piracy) to destroy ISD Remorseless. In the second, though it cost nearly 100 of their older model snub-fighters (mostly Y-Wings), ISD II Gormless, along with its picket fleet, was destroyed by a massive barrage of Proton Torpedoes.
    Somehow, the VSD Vindicator was able to move in without any support or picket ships ans devastate the entire planet. The alliance wants to know how this is possible. Intel reports had the old Victory-class Star Destroyer down as being refitted in drydock in Vesbintok yard. Unfortunately next to nothing is known about Vesbintok, except that it's a new research base somewhere. The captain is one of their aging veterans without political connections, but an inspired tactician who has been stalemated, but never decisively defeated (Tactics 9D, Command 8D).

    The party is sent to find out what happened. The Cousbellii government was about to openly side with the Rebellion and provide immense political, technological, and material support. How did the empire defeat the planet so quickly?
    When the party arrives, they find the planet in ruin. Maybe 1 building in 5 is still standing, but even they are damaged. The empire didn't leave any ships in the system to patrol. Why bother? The population has dropped to less than 1/10 of previous. Survivors are banding together in small groups to salvage and scavenge. Even the agricultural farms were hit--crops burned, stores destroyed, livestock killed or stampeeded.
    The starport has been destroyed, but there are lots of leveled terrain choices for landing. Ferrocrete highways are devoid of traffic. Orbital satelites are all destroyed as well.
    Survivors will be warry of the party--they don't want to call the empire down on themselves again. Eventually, they will describe what they saw. The players will get the following, in fragments.
    A new vehicle was used (see "Torpedo Troopers" thread for stats on CruiseMissile Troopers and CMAV).
    The assault vehicles were very fast and maneuverable and destroyed most of the snubfighters the planet had while they were still on the ground.
    The new vehicles outperformed almost every starfighter that lauched on a 1-1 basis. They also ripped the various security speeders (twin-pod cloudcars) to pieces. The new vehicles are armed with both lasers and proton torpedoes.
    Some of the new vehicles were destroyed. A couple of survivors are willing to help the party find the wreckage.
    While the new vehicles worked inside the atmosphere, the Star Destroyer in orbit worked a massive planetary bombardment on the cities, then moved onto larger towns, and finally farms.
    Some survivors saw Lamda shuttles arrive at the military bases, appearently to search their computers, plant charges, and leave.
    Probablly the best place to gain information on the Imperial attack it to hunt for the Starport control tower. All the military bases were subjected to heavy bombardment and totally destroyed (nice big craters). The starport took several hits, but the computers recorded all the information their sensors and backups could handle. A fairly clever officer at one base thought to transmit data from all the bases' sensor logs to the starport computer, just in case. Though damaged, the starport computer is salvagable. The records show the VSD arriving out of lightspeed directly above orbit and immediately launching 4 waves of 18 CMAVs afterward, the VSD began working on anything in orbit with its turbolasers while the CMAVs ripped into the planet. After 10 minutes, the information feeds end. At no point did the VSD make any attempts to communicate with the natives on the planet. The CMAVs followed a tactically sound sweep of military bases in squadron formation, and defea
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    Sorry--haven't had many new ideas lately.
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    The rebel alliance needs cold-weather supplies & survival gear for a new base (Hoth) and will take anything it can get. The colder, the better. It also needs parts & other mechanical tools, and isn't picky.

    A merchant has made discrete contact through intermediaries. He is willing to turn over a large quantity of generators, thermal suits, and other misc gear under one condition: the Rebel Alliance has to steal it from him. He provides the transit route for a convoy of 8 of his freighters. The ships are old and falling apart, but heavily insured. If the ships fall apart or are scrapped, he gets nothing. If the alliance steals them, he can collect on the insurance for the ships and the cargo.

    The ships are traveling on a very "safe" and predictable route. Their captains have no intention of straining their ships with any undue stress or strain. The hyperspace routes they are travelling leave 5 different spots for convenient and handy ambushes. The sooner the party attacks, the longer they will have to spend shepparding their prizes. THe longer they wait, the greater the risk that someone else will get wind of the convoy--see complications.

    None of the ships are in good condition. Any penalty for damage they receive is doubled. Only two of the ships have working weapons and officers willing to put up any kind of fight. The crews will actively resist "pirates", but if promissed survival, fair treatment, and return to a civilized world, will reluctantly accept & surrender.

    The Complications:
    Depending at which point the party chooses to capture the freightors, there will be an additional complication:
    1: a 9th ship is in the convoy for the next 2 jumps. It looks like a gallofree transport, but is actually a q-ship with 6 TIE fighters and a serious weapons upgrade (2 tractorbeams, 2 quad-laser turrets, 4 dual-laser turrets) and enhanced shields (2d better than standard). The imperial decided to add a ship to a scheduled convoy for anti-piracy duty. The imperial crew is fanatical and will not surrender or capitualte. Taking the ship intact will be very difficult, and will require fighting every member of the crew. On the plus side, if the party succeeds, they have a q-ship for the rebellion. The rest of the convoy don't consider this ship part of their group, but will be upset if the party goes beyond ethical behavior (firing on a crippled or helpless ship) when dealing with her.
    2: one of the ships suffers a hyperdrive mis-hap and has to be abandoned. Most of the cargo is transferred to another ship, along with the crew. If the rebels later treat the crew decently, they may find out where the crew abandoned the ship. If, however, they are excessively hostile & rough on the captured crews, or have destroyed any of the freighters, none of the crew will talk.
    3: an uncharted commet passes into this system, causing ships to drop out of hypserspace prematurely, disrupting rendevoux points.
    4: A derilect ship shows up on sensors. The ship was destroyed by pirates. While there isn't much left that is functional, the log is intact. A skilled mechanic could have the hyperdrive repaired in about 4 hours (difficulty 25, +/-5 for less time/extra time). The ship is fairly standard (anything really good would have been ripped out by the pirates. There is a major hull-breach into the cargo hold. Bodies of the crew are onboard & accounted for.
    5: competition! A group of real pirates has learned about the route, and have shown up to steal the prize. Pirates have 2 boarding ships (small freightors with boarding parties & prize crews), and 6 mixed starfighters (Z-95 head-hunters & Y-wings) (+1 for every starfighter the party has). Like the party, the pirates want to take the convoy intact, and have no objection to adding the party's ships to their booty. Unlike the party(hopefully), they are willing to kill everyone.

    Note: the merchant isn't the most honest soul in the galaxy. The cargo on the manafests doesn't match what's in the holds of his freightors. While technically "Cold weather survival gear" "Machine Parts" and "P
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    I would just like to appologize for that last post. It was very confused and disoriented. 8-} [face_tired]

    Essentially, it started off as a humorous idea about the jawas being employed as cut-rate corpse disposal for seedy cantinas, and what would their boss be like, and kept expanding and snowballing into a CSI Team for Hire to the Highest Bidder.

    If you can make sense from either the original discription or this post, please feel free.

    As always, I'd like to think that these ideas might be of some use to someone, if only during my psychological evaluation hearings.

    If not, please ignore my demented ramblings.

    Maybe I should be added to Dr. Pitch-Flip Cracken's Collection of Crazed Crackpots...
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    The worst fear of any rebel base: discovery by the empire. The players are on a base when a couple of small imperial cruisers and a victory-class Star Destroyer arrive. The base's defences are up, but they still need to evacuate. Even if the fighter wing could somehow destroy all the cruisers, the base location is obviously blown.
    First things first--the base must be evacuated and the ships must get past the Imps. And the Imps have landed 3 divisions of AT-STs which are on their way.
    The party's job: slow down the walkers, then get back to their own transport.

    Yep, it's the Battle of Hoth on a smaller scale. But just to spice things up, let the party have a couple of Z-95s (no working hyperdrives, so they are "expendable" for ground combat) or maybe even a skip-ray blastboat.
    The base commander has only one concern: the people. The equipment is expendable and can be replaced. All of the computers have failsafe memmory wipes and high explosives. Likewise the Droid Labor Pool room where any droid that cannot evacuate will be ordered to report to. The power core is set to detonate when the last transport leaves or on a signal from his personal comm-link. If the party has an astromech, it too has the code, though the party doesn't get to find out unless they start wondering "what's taking so long".
    Give the party points for any creative sollutions to the advancing scout walkers. The enemy commander is NOT an idiot. Give him a decent command score and knowledge:Tactics (about 6D to 7D). Likewise, HIS AT-ST crew will have better piloting and gunnery skills. Should take the party several rounds to be able to identify which one is his though.
    If the party can stop 5 AT-STs, the evacuation will succeed. If they stop 10, let them get a serious bonus (maybe a citation from their commander, or even a promotion). If they stop 15, the evac manages to set enough booby traps to prevent the empire from gaining any information of any kind (not even accurate population #'s of the base), and the IMP counter-intel teams get wiped out trying to enter the base. IF they manage to stop 15, they Definately get a promotion. If they destroy more than 20, maybe the adventure is a little too easy... [face_thinking] or they had a darn good plan... [face_hypnotized]

    But the AT-STs aren't the end of the party's troubles.
    They still have to get past the cruisers and VSD in orbit. The fleeing personnel transports had orders to scatter, and the base's capital defences scored some damage on the Imps, but not enough. TIEs are buzzing around attacking starfighters, freighters, and bulk transports.
    Is the party just going to cut&run? Well now, that depends on the party and what resources they think of. Just because the Z-95s don't have hyperdrives doesn't mean they can't be used. If the party has their own ship, it may be able to make a difference.
    Otherwise, the VSD's tractorbeams may capture escaping ships & interrogate prisonners.
    If the party chooses to run, well, that's it. No one will ever blame them. Quite. Not to their faces, anyway. On the other hand, if they engage the TIEs, or even the smaller cruisers, they may earn friends and favors by saving lives.

    They probablly can't destroy the VSD, but they might be able to inconvenience it. The base's defences have damaged all the ships to some degree.
  20. HansHunkyChest Jedi Master

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    HoloNet Free Republic
    Era: Imperial (0-3ABY)
    Location: Seswenna Sector

    The players begin the adventure as spacers loosely aligned with the Rebel Alliance. They're hired by Alliance Intelligence to be a HoloNet Free Republic broadcast ship. Their job is to jump into a system, broadcast their pirate signal, and jump to the next system on their route to do the same. After accepting the mission the players are directed to a secret asteroid base in an uninhabited system in the Seswenna sector to have the high powered subspace transmission equipment installed on their ship. If the adventure is set soon after the Battle of Yavin the HFR broadcasts should be a true record of Yavin and the Deathstar. If set a year or more afters the broadcasts will either point out Imperial atrocities or Rebel victories.

    The players' mission seems simple enough except that the Seswenna's new Moff is ruthlessly pursuing all Rebel cells in the sector following Tarkin's death at Yavin. The players get a little cocky after their first broadcast goes off without a hitch. Unbeknownst to them their broadcast was tracked and catalogued by a remote probe droid in the outer edges of the system. The ISD Dominator jumps into the system soon after the players jump out and downloads the probe droid's records. Hoping to catch the Rebels in the act the Dominator jumps after the players. In the second system the players are just finishing up their transmission as they detect a Star Destroyer jumping into the system near their position. As the ISD closes the players break their transmission and make a run for it. Despite heavy damage done by the ISD's TIE Fighters the players manage to jump to hyperspace. The players should figure the ISD will determine their destination and decide to drop out of hyperspace and perform a second jump to shake the Imperials.

    During their second jump the players should find out that some of the messages they were broadcasting as part of their news packages are really coded messages for Rebel cells in the sector. What are seemingly podrace stats are really coded messages describing Imperial troop and fleet deployments throughout the sector. This information is vital to local Rebel cells planning any actions and due to the increasing pressure from the sector Moff the Alliance may not get any more chances to pass on the information. The players are faced with two options, make their way back to the Alliance base to regroup or continue with their mission.

    While the players are figuring out what they're going to do a heavily damaged Rebel freighter jumped into the system near the Rebel's asteroid base. They transmit a badly garbled distress message with a few of the right code words. Controllers aboard the station decide to allow the frighter to make an emergency landing and drop their main shields. As the ship is making a painfully slow landing a Star Destroyer drops out of hyperspace well within striking range of the base. The damaged freighter launches a salvo of concussion missles into the bases hangar as the ISD begins pummeling the base with its ion cannons. Several drop shuttles are launched from the ISD filled with Stormtroopers to finish the assault on the base.

    If the players decide to return the asteroid base they'll end up right in the middle of the heavily one-sided battle. If they're not outright destroyed by the Imperials they'll be captured and tortured for information about their broadcast. If they continue on their mission to the next system on the list they'll be intercepted by the Alliance intelligence officer that recruited them. He won't know specifically about the attack on the asteroid base but will have lost contact with it and figure the players are in danger. He agrees that the increased Imperial activity will prevent future broadcasts for a long period of time and suggests he and the players team up for the next system on the list. Instead of broadcasting from the players' ship he suggest the break into a lightly guarded HoloNet tranceiver station on the planet and pipe the broadcast fr
  21. Koohii Jedi Master

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    I like it!
    Thank you.
  22. Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master

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    this one is for space u can start it when they r leaving a planet arrivving at a planet or when they r in the middle of a hyperspace voyage.(after all there is an interdictor)this is designed for the rebellion era and assuming the characters r with the rebellion or at least not liked by the empire.

    (assuming u go for the drop out of hyper)

    The heroes ship suddenly shakes as it unexpectedly drops out of hyperspace. naturally the players rush to the cockpit and to their great surprise see an imperial fleet(composed of 8 imperial class star destroyers as well as 2 interdictor cruisers and various support ships) after a moment they notice that nearly half of the starships are moderately to heavily damaged and at least one star destroyer is breaking up and lifepods r launching from it in a cascade. after taking this in they see that all the imperial ships(that r still functioning) r pouring an incredible barrage of turbolaser and ion cannon fire into a blue and silver starship thats somewhere between a nebulon frigate and mon cal cruiser in size and it is firing its own furious barrage back at the imperials and the energy its firing doesnt look at all like turbolaser fire. As the heroes watch the unkown ship releases another furious barrage at one of the interdicters and the interdictor(already slightly damaged) shatters apart in an incredible explosion, the small ship heads towards the breach in the ships surround it and as the heroes watch a nebulon frigate moves to block its escape(hoping to hold it till another stardestroyer can make it to there). Do the heroes help? if they r in the rebellion this may be a powerful ally, and if they are not do they dislike the empire enough to help?(or just to find out who they r?)

    this is the start of possibly a long series of posts.
    and my fingers r killing me at the moment so i will post a possible contiuation later.I-)
  23. Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master

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    forgot to add that as the unknown ship closes with the nebulon frigate in a flash of light its shields finally collapse
  24. Koohii Jedi Master

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    On the planet BangkoH, in the Fimbis sector, a number of explosions have taken place in crowded, civilian areas. Scattered throughout the many cities, commerce sectors, corporate assets, and factories have all been on the receiving end of demolition charges during peak hours. Causalties have been high. Recordings have been sent to the various HoloNewsNets which show a spokes-being in a hood claiming credit for the attacks in the name of the Rebel Alliance.
    ISB and CompNOR both have investigatory teams trying to track down the culprits. The local government has hired a retired CoreSEC team to help out. The Corporate Sector has also sent in a special investigator. Houses Mecetti, Cadriaan, and Reana have also dispatched troubleshooters to look into their losses.
    The Rebels want the party to go to BangkoH to find and stop whoever is creating this mess. It is bad for the Rebellion's image, and has already cost a number of deals to fall apart. They have repeatedly denied all knowledge and disavowed the attacks, but PR is a fickle thing. The Mon Calamari are threatening to leave the alliance if the attacks continue.

    The bomb scenes won't be hard to locate. Some of them are public buildings, but some are secure or corporate property, so gaining access might be a problem. Given all the agencies involved, it might be possible for the party to team up with one or more, but they run the risk of being turned in. They are likely to be able to spot some of them, however. Witnesses will be able to provide some information, but not much.

    It will be up to the players to see what they can find and how. Let plausible plans work, but remember that 7 other teams (not counting the news media) are investigating.

    What is happening: CompNOR is actually behind this Op. Their goal is to villify the rebellion as terrorists. To this end, a special agent was given command of a small team (leader +1 per PC & Ally) who would bribe people to place items in secure areas at certain times, or hire messenger delivery services to drop off packages. Sometimes they'd convince people that they were helping the Rebellion (though that hasn't been used since the 2nd broadcast). Usually, the person carrying the device would be killed as well--fewer witnesses with instant fuses. CompNOR will, of course, deny any association with the agents if/when they are captured.
    The agents have a large budget, but are still trying to spend it as frugally as possible. Their bombs consist of shaped detonite charges (either timer or remote detonator fuses), land mines and a couple of thermal detonators--all civilian-available models). They carry unregistered blasters.
    Their bases are cheap warehouses, flop&drop hostels, and sub-urban houses.
    They will continue to cause explosions--at least one a day, so there will be more scenes for the party to investigate.

    Maybe while investigating a scene, another investigation team will arrive. CompNOR or ISB will immediately open fire. CoreSEC, Tapani Troubleshooters, HNN, and Corporate Sector investigators will have differing levels of hostility or cooperation.

    Capturing or killing the lead agent will not cause the attacks to cease, but the lack of budget after her death will (remaining agents will use up their funds & explosives within a week & try to get off-world). Stopping the others is still essential, as the damage to the Alliance's reputation would be severe. Exposing CompNOR's involvement will be difficult, but not impossible. (The Lead agent's portable computer, if captured intact, can be used to trace her source of funding).
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    The party is making a normal hyperspace reversion on a multi-leg/multi-jump trip, when they come out of lightspeed at medium range of a Z-10 "Seeker" cargo ship (see Stock Ships or Pirates&Privateers) and a vessel with similar combat abilities (slightly less) to theirs (your pick). The Z-10 immediately alters course to make as much distance from the party's vessel as possible. It will hang arround at extreme sensor range until the combat is over, one way or the other. The other ship is in the party's database as a known pirate (they may even have run into this group before) with a bad reputation for spacing the crews of their prizes as well as other unwholesome activities not mentionable on a family-friendly board like this one. Needless to say, this should be enough to make the party highly interested in putting a stop to the pirates.
    The Pirates will fight to the death, either in space or via boarding parties. All of the crew (except maybe the chef) have death-sentences on them. THey're also all tatooed with the pirate clan logo.
    As soon as the combat ship is dealt with (one way or the other) or if the players start to go after the Z-10 instead, the z-10 drops it's cargo pods (see ship design) and jumps for hyperspace. (I suppose an extreme-range shot with a proton torpedo might hit it before it can jump, but it might also hit the cargo pods...) Reguardless, the party's ship should be able to get a firm sensor log of the Z-10 so they can recognize it later. Bounty hunters in the party can collect a firm 10,000 credits for the pirates in the combat ship dead, plus an additional 500 for each one they take prisoner for trial. The Empire would even be willing to overlook minor "political unreliabilities" (rebel affiliations) and still pay the reward.

    As for the cargo pods...
    30 seconds after separation, small explosive charges detonate. The atmosphere inside will vent completely in 2 rounds unless prevented by some means. THe pods contain a mix of Wookie and Talz slaves packed into extremely tight and cramped conditions (bunks with barely a foot of clearance, shackles, etc. Any who somehow survive will tell stories of being kidnapped, branded, nose-printed (the wookies--grrrrr), and generally abused. They were working in an Imperial Labor Camp, then stolen in the middle of the night. Note: while they've learned to understand it, neither wookies nor the Talz speak Basic, so a translator will be essential. The slaves have no money, possessions, or family outside of the containers. Survivors may be willing to join the alliance if the party treats them with respect, care, and concern.

    Let the party continue with the current adventure.
    Maybe throw in another one.

    Later, the party is on a mission to pick up routine supplies on an Imperial World(or at the end of some other adventure) disguised as ordinary merchants. Just ahead of them on the departure cue is the Z-10 Seeker with a 2-fighter escourt. A basic astrogation check will allow the party to follow them. The Seeker is spotted only just before entering hyperspace, so local security forces won't be able to help (though they might detain the party to ask meaningful questions about how they know so much about the ship if the party reports it).
    The fighter escourt is probablly no match for the party's ship. The z-10 will once again jettison pods and try to make a run for it. If they get away, the party will have 2 more pods of slaves (or slave corpses). Like the pirates, they will fight to the death. (note, in addition to the stock autocannon front-mounted on this ship, a turret has been added to the top, and a small mine-rack (6D/5D/4D or d20 equivalent) to the underside). One of the 3 crew on board has an ISB ID card hidden in a boot, along with a very stealthy vibro-shiv (ultrasonic frequency vibration). He will surrender if captured. He will be wearing a vaccsuit, so it's possible that even if the ship is destroyed (unless it completely explodes), he might be found alive.
    The Players are probablly wondering what an ISB agent is doing on a pirate slaver ship.
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