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Lit Adventures in Wild Space: Worth the Read?

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Outsourced, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Outsourced

    Outsourced Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 10, 2017

    So, i'm looking to fill in all the current gaps in my New Canon collection. However, one series i've been hesitating on is the Young Readers Adventures in Wild Space series. However, since enjoying the YR Guardians of the Whills book, i'm thinking of picking the series up on my Kindle.

    Long story short, is it a good series, and is it worth reading?
  2. Old Rex

    Old Rex Jedi Knight star 1

    Apr 28, 2015
    I haven't read the final two books yet, but honestly, they've been some of my least favorite of the new canon. They're not bad, per se, but they're clearly geared towards younger readers, unlike, say, the Servants of the Empire series or the Journey to the Force Awakens tie-ins which felt more like books that could be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

    However, one positive point to consider is they're incredibly easy reads. You can read each book in a couple of hours tops.
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    LAJ_FETT Tech Admin and Collecting/Lucasfilm Ltd Mod star 9 Staff Member Administrator

    May 25, 2002
    They weren't bad. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. As Rex pointed out, they are aimed at younger readers. I think the main characters are around 9 years old.
  4. Endol

    Endol Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 14, 2014
    Yes, certainly tailored towards a younger audience than Servants , think the Rebels chapter books reading level.

    I think they are worth the read, especially if you enjoy the rebels TV show - there are a couple of crossovers.
    I also liked the artwork, really helps flesh out the story in, as mentioned what are quick reads.

    Retcon levels of tie fighter development aside, a worthwhile read