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    Hey Star Wars fans!

    Let's roleplay. You're the friend of Kate, who is a ballerina. She has a boyfriend, Bernard, who she really wants to break up with. He's just gotten so immature, and going out with him is not fun anymore. So, Kate decides to break up with him after the next dance performance, which he is in. She's so happy about this, she writes 'Kate, soon to be single' on her math homework. This just so happens to be the day when the seats are moved around, and Bernard is put at the front of Kate's row. He sees the title of her paper, and begins to brood like nothing else. The problem is that Bernard thinks Kate let him down, by wanting to break up with him. But, Kate feels she is in the right, because she has constantly told him not to whine and be so immature. They still have to see each other in their classes, and Kate is much more mature about everything. How will Kate make having to dance with him in the dance show less awkward?

    I_H Edit: See Reynar's post below. This sounds like an interesting game. It just needs some more meat on it. If you have any questions about how to make this a viable something, feel free to PM me. :)

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    Reynar edit: Hello, Admiral_Riva_Denais, and welcome to the RPF. :) We always enjoy seeing new members here, and are willing to educate them in the role playing arts.

    Having said that, your new game needs quite a bit of work before it can be played. There are myriad articles for tips and advice located in our [link=http://boards.theforce.net/role_playing_resource/b10757]Resource Forum[/link], where you'll find instructions on how to set up storylines, rules, character sheets, etc. for your RPGs.

    Once again, welcome to the Role Playing Forum, and I hope you have a good time. :)
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