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After The NJO

Discussion in 'Literature' started by JediStryker, Oct 20, 2001.

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  1. Moridin

    Moridin RPG Author star 3 VIP

    Apr 13, 1999
    In a perfect world, here is what I envision...

    The NJO ends, the Yuuzhan Vong are all driven from the galaxy, but not killed off (not the Jedi's style), with some Shamed Ones remaining in the galaxy. The Jedi help the New Republic rebuild, and flourish and get back up to numbers in the thousands.

    The novels flash forward 15-20 years after the Vong are defeated. The few Shamed Ones that remained have integrated themselves into Galactic society, albeit through incredible prejudice and hardship. The New Republic finally stabalizes, and peacefully coexists with the Imperial Remnant, the Chiss, etc. Things are pretty much Old Republic style now as far as peace, prosperity, and the gov't goes.

    The Jedi Council has been reestablished, and is currently occupied by Luke, Mara, Corran, Vergere, Kam, Tionne, and some alien Jedi. I mean, look at the JC in Episode I...there's only like 3 humans on the whole darn thing, and all the big importnt Jedi of the NJO are human. But anyways, back to my point. So the Jedi are stable, and all the oldbies are now doing their whole Council thing, and aren't really active. The highlighted characters are the Solo kids, Ben Skywalker, and some new non-Jedi characters. I mean, I like the Jedi too, but seriously, enough is enough.

    Enough about the state of the galaxy, here's what I want in a storyline. I want another coherent storyline, like the NJO, not like the hodgepodge "mystery of the week" thing that Bantam did. Leave the short serials to the comics (more on this later). However, I want this one to span a decent amount of time, maybe 5-10 years of chronology, coordinated so that everything ties in together. Maybe something like an expeditionary mission to the Unknown Regions, or something. I want it to be fresh, new, consistent, and feeling like it's a fluid storyline, like the movies did. Sure, there were individual adventures, but it was all going in the same direction: the destruction of the Empire.

    What I don't want is another superalien/superweapon/Empire resurgence/Sith resurgence. What I DO want is a continuous presence of Dark Siders, and what I mean by this is a Dark Jedi or two or three that are consistently throughout the whole series, maybe not even as enemies of the Jedi so much as vigilante anti-heroes or something. They need to be characters that can show up every now and then to remind you that the Dark Side is present, but not one-shot evildoers that are the villain of the month.

    Miscellaneous bits: Keep it new, keep it original. Keep it consistent. Replace the X-Wing and the YT-1300; really, folks, it's getting rediculous. Utilize aliens from the Prequel Trilogy. Utilize the knowledge Vergere will bring back to the Order and combine that with what we learn from the next two movies. Let the older characters retire in peace.

    As for the comics: I want some NJO comics, darnit! And I want a series set in the far, far future; say, 2000 years after RotJ, that does for the future what the Tales of the Jedi series did for the past.
  2. The2ndQuest

    The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 27, 2000
    How about a Tales of the Jedi-era novels series? so far that era has only been done in comicbook form. Detail the era between TOTJ and Jedi vs Sith...and once episode 3 is out, detail between jedi vs sith and episode 1
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