Lit Aftermath: Empire's End (book 3) by Chuck Wendig

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Jedi Ben, Jan 1, 2017.

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    It's all the Tatooine air.
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    Despite all the negatives of Chuck Wendig's Aftermath, Mister Bones is a most inspired character creation. Easily my favorite star wars character.
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    Finished Empire's End a few weeks ago. I wanted to make mention of how fitting it was for the Emperor to create a kill switch on the Empire so that if for whatever reason he was deposed, no one could rise up and rule in his place. Very fitting given how he ruled the Empire, always pitting his top people against each other. I also really enjoyed the Emperor's celestial stations and his push to explore the unknown regions. I thought this was handled well, as they didn't give much away or go into detail, but it is very fitting for the character.

    The battle of Jakku provides a realistic explanation for how the Empire could collapse so quickly after Endor. I sure there were some warlord factions and I hope these get elaborated on, but having the majority of imperial forces essentially self destruct makes the New Republic's early success more believable.
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    I would be very surprised if it wasn't elaborated on in the future.
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    I would say the Emperor's focus on the Unknown Regions may well end up being Snoke-related. Or Snoke adjacent.
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