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Beyond - Legends Agents of Revenge: An Imperial Remnant vs. Jedi vs. Mandalorian fic

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by KatarnCommando_Deuce, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. KatarnCommando_Deuce

    KatarnCommando_Deuce Jedi Youngling

    Dec 23, 2004
    Author's Note: This is a story that I was asked to write as a movie novelization on a fan film that is in the planning stages. Please enjoy!


    Red and black wires snaked down to a pale white hand, a hand that had not seen the light of day in at least five years. Similar wires flowed down to the left hand, both legs, and on to the temples of a man who floated easily in a bacta tank. Medical droids stood outside the tank, carefully monitoring the vital signs of the patient, while the man?s companions looked on. They were all clad in armor, and wore mysterious helmets with a small viewport. The patient in the bacta tank had come in wearing similar armor, but he had been stripped of it in order to go into the tank. Only his helmet remained in the room, an ominous mask of death, sitting in the crook of one of the other soldiers arm.
    Suddenly, the man?s eyes flickered open. He stared out of the tank, barely able to make out the medical droids waving at him to come up out of the tank. He kicked his legs, and powered his way to the top. When his head had reached the top, he raised his arms, and pulled himself up to the edge of the tank.
    A few minutes later, the man was once again in his battle scarred green armor. He was a tall man, with black hair shot with silver streaks. His face was scarred, the evidence of numerous battles. A monotone voice came from the soldier in black and white who held his helmet. ?Here you are sir.?
    ?Thank you,? the man replied, slipping on his helmet. ?Now, describe to me what happened.?
    ?We were caught totally unaware. We were just preparing for takeoff when the Imperial fleet entered the system. They fired up two Interdictor cruisers, leaving us stranded planet side. The Impstar Deuce started strafing the planet?s surface, and the TIE Defenders managed to make quick work of the pathetic defenses the city had. You got hit by a piece of debris as we were running up the ramp, so we got you out on the Slave IV, since it has the coils needed to break the interdiction field. The Imps left within a day, and we followed you back here to our hidden base, where you had already gone into the bacta. That was about a standard week ago.?
    ?How many casualties??
    ?None. As you were leaving, the Imps started broadcasting a message for you. We recorded it, and brought it with us. Hey, Nejos, play the tape.?
    A soldier dressed in silver and red armor cued up the message. A military voice came over the chamber?s speakers.
    ?To Boba Fett, or whoever now commands the Mandalorians. I am Grand Admiral Anton Slavick, supreme commander of the Imperial Remnant fleet. I have come to you with a business proposition. If you are interested, I will be waiting in the Ralltiir system fourteen standard days from the delivery of this message. I believe that we have similar interests that can be put to use. And I promise you that the financial gain for your group will be very enticing. Message repeats. To Boba Fett??
    Boba Fett considered the recording. ?How long do we have before the meeting??
    ?About six standard days, sir. Why? You aren?t thinking about taking him up on his offer, are you??
    ?Actually, if the same ?interests? we have are the ones I?m thinking of, I may very well take this deal. If this deal is the one I?m thinking it is, it could very well mean that once and for all, the Mandalorian race will be avenged.?

    * * *

    Six standard days later, the Imperial Star Destroyer Second Coming was in orbit above the planet of Ralltiir. Slowly, an unmarked Lambda-class shuttle flew into the open hangar and landed.
    As the shuttle landed, Grand Admiral Anton Slavick stepped into the hangar. A heavyset man with dark brown eyes and slightly graying hair, Slavick had been named the Grand Admiral after the ?untimely? death of Gilad Pellaeon. Now, Slavick was waiting on Boba Fett, a bounty hunter known for the disintegration of his quarry. A cold-hearted man, Boba Fett was the epitome of what Slavick had once hoped to become. Now, Slavick was final
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