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    Title: Alea Iacta Est
    Author(s): Layren and Neon Star
    Summary: Will the Force's actions on bonding three young souls into one bring salvation or condemnation for the Jedi and it's triad?
    Genre: A little of everything.
    Characters: Qui-Gon, Kyran Josel, Shane Callister and other OC's.
    Disclaimer: We don't own the Jedi. We don't own star wars. The only characters that belong to us are the ones we created. Qui-Gon obviously is not ours.
    Author Note: This is book III in our ongoing series. The first two can be found here: [link=] Vincula Amicitiae [/link]
    [link=] To Have And To Hold [/link]
    Note Two: The title is from Julius Caesar and it means 'the die has been cast'.
    Note Three: We have a new trailer courtesy of Layren. Be sure and check it out! [link=] Trailer [/link]
    Posting schedule will be every Sunday.

    I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on man unless they act. ~G.K. Chesterton

    Prologue: Fate of Immortality

    Crossing silently over the floor, causing dust to rise in his wake, he moved to the center of the room. There a lone black throne stood, the figure sitting upon it still elegant in his eyes, though the silken, blood red robes he wore were faded, and starting to fall apart due to age. Despite the fact that his skin was paper white, sticking to bone like a dried corpse. Shoulder length hair was crisp, and dull earth color instead of lush and brilliant golden brown. Greenish blue eyes had long been closed, and to all appearances, there seemed to be no life within the other.

    Kneeling at his feet, he touched one skeletal hand, before pressing recently bloodied lips upon it, leaving a crimson spot upon the whiteness. He then sighed, and laid his head upon the other's lap gently, desperately wishing he could cling to him as he had once, while his lord gave him the comfort he so desperately needed now. Yet, nothing had worked... He had failed to wake him, and he had stayed far longer then he had intended. It was a killing blow to his heart to know that he would be alone, for such an important task. How could he guard the very salvation or destruction of the galaxy on his own?

    "Merrick, I know you can hear me in some way," his hand clenched upon the dusty fabric, "I wish you would wake up, I need you... I don't think I can do what you've asked of me. I've had to reveal myself already to the two youngest to truly gain their trusts. I know you told me I was not to do that till you told me, but things have become dire. He has returned, Merrick, I know that for sure now. I can feel him.... And even as I am, I can't fight against him. I can't protect them from him alone."

    He raised his head, staring into that empty slack face, "I've done everything I can. You merely refuse to come back to me, for whatever reason... And I could almost hate you for leaving me alone in this, if I could.... But I can't, so I must leave. I have been gone far longer then I promised, in hopes that you would awaken, yet, that hope was in vain. And inside, I feel something is about to go horribly wrong. For them... I must go back to protect them, as you wanted."

    "I do wonder as to his attempt, to think you could protect them at all, Zamir," a slick voice said softly from the dark.

    Zamir tensed, and stood abruptly, "How did you get in this chamber?"

    "It was easy enough, Songbird, to find your Master. Even like this, his sense is easy to pick up if one knows where to look," the figure stepped from the shadows.

    White robes seemed to shine in the dim light. Hood drawn up, one couldn't see his face, though Zamir could see those awful, haunting crimson eyes peering at him from the shadowed depths. Taunting, always so, charged with power beyond his own abil
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    Wow, I can't believe you killed off Zamir, just like that. Great job with the action and the taunting of the Sith. Quite rivetting.

    Like that Shane still is worried about Kyran. As he should be.

    Looking forward to more.
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    *sniffle* I liked Zamir. And with his death, I'm more worried than ever. Please, update soon.
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    What a great start! Please put me on your PM list for this story!

    "Foolish," Theron stated, staring at him.

    "I'm not the fledgling you almost killed ten thousand years ago," the old fashioned sword in his hands seemed to suddenly catch on fire, blue flame enveloping its edges.

    Theron stepped back for a moment, "Only a Jedi can activate that weapon."

    "Merrick's blood, is my blood," Zamir moved forward, his graceful steps almost predatory, "I know nothing of the Force. But I am my Master's vessel nonetheless."

    Loved that bit, though I'll miss Zamir! :_|

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    Ack! Zamir, dead? I can barely believe it! [face_worried] This does not bode well for the future... I think Shane has every right to be worried; I know I am!

    Lovely start to this next book, ladies; I can't wait to see what happens! :D

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    Well, start with a bang, will ya'? [face_mischief] I can't believe you killed off Zamir. I guess that means no one is safe. [face_worried]

    So Theron is a Sith Lord. I don't think I'm too surprised at that, but it makes me wonder what role he's playing in manipulating visions. That's not a comforting thought at all.

    And who is this Kenobi? An ancestor of another Kenobi we know? Hmmm. [face_thinking]
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    Diane Why is it so hard to believe? With all the supicion about poor Zamir, we figured everyone would be pleased ;) Glad you liked the action sequence, Neon worked really hard on it :) Of course Shane is worried -- he did have a vision of his death after all :D Thanks so much for your comments!

    BrightFeather Why is everyone worried all of a sudden? :D Just cause a Sith Lord showed up and Zamir is dead doesn't mean anything....does it? :p :D Thanks for your kind comments :D

    VaderLVR64 You've been added as requested! And seems a lot of people will be missing him ;) Thanks so much for hopping on board with us! We hope you enjoy the ride!

    Stormqueen874 Zamir is dead ;) Boy everyone's worried! You'd think we've done something terrible! OH wait -- we did! :D

    Ara-gon Yep I suppose we will and of course no one is safe ;) Yep Theron is a Sith, we did mention it awhile back in passing ;) as far as him manipulating visions, really quite pleased you picked up on that -- because he is indeed. And indeed the Kenobi is an ancestor of a very famous Kenobi :D

    Well it's Sunday afternoon everyone and here is the post!

    Chapter One: Departure

    Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. ~Author Unknown

    The living quarters were a bustle of activity as the Jedi prepared for their various missions. Qui-Gon and Dooku would be the first to leave. Their transport to Iego would be there to pick them up before the other two left. "Nissan," Qui-Gon brushed his hair out of his eyes. "Can I borrow your datapad? Mine is messed up," he said frowning.

    Shane glanced up from his own packing, "Sure, I won't be needing it this trip," he Force floated it over to Qui-Gon, as he went back to gathering his clothes.

    Qui-Gon plucked it from the air and packed it in his travel bag. "I just need mine for homework, "he said. "I'm looking forward to the festival on Iego," he chirped. "Nissan, your Naming Day is coming up while I'm going to be gone isn't it?" he said, his brow furrowing.

    Shane nodded, "It's only two weeks away. I'll be at Saren then, while you and Ky have your own missions."

    Qui-Gon frowned slightly. "I haven't got you a present yet," he said, twirling his braid around his finger.

    "That's all right. I don't expect anything. I just wish I could spend it with you two, but I suppose my family will have to do," Shane said a little teasingly, though there was a sad smile on his lips.

    "I wish we could be there to be with you, Nissan," he said abandoning his packing to come to his bondmate's room and sit on his bed. "I wish we could go with you."

    Shane looked to him, and reached over to caress his hair, "I know, and I wish you could as well. But it'll be all right. I'll have my closure and we'll see each other when we all get back."

    Qui-Gon smiled at that and hugged his bondmate, moving to sit closer to him. "Do you think you'll really get closure Nissan? Will it help you feel better?" he asked worriedly. "You haven't been yourself."

    "I know," Shane wrapped an arm around him, tugging him close, "I am sorry for that, nihan. But I think this will help. I can't talk to him... but I might feel better if I talk to them."

    Qui-Gon stroked his bondmate's wings. "I hope so. You don't talk to me much anymore."

    Shane sighed a little, "I know. It isn't fair to you, or to Ky. I need to do better for you both, no matter what bothers me."

    "We just want to help, Nissan," Qui-Gon looked up at him anxiously. "You're not having as many bad dreams are you?"

    "Not as much," it wasn't a full lie. He had visions almost every night, mostly of the past, but some of the future, but they didn't hurt as much, with Yoda's help guiding him to control them. And that comforting, odd voice that had been directing them since the blockade had been removed.

    Qui-Gon frowned at him, sensing he wasn't telling the full truth but he let it go with a sigh. Nissan still wasn't interested in
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    I like how you're developing the characters here. :)

    "After the festival," he added, pausing, his brow furrowing slightly, feeling something.. a ripple in the Force he couldn't really describe. It felt felt...neutral. But that couldn't be... the Force was either Light or Dark, there was no middle ground...

    Dooku noticed his shift in mood, and focused briefly on him, "Is something the matter, Padawan?"

    "Can you feel that, Master?" he asked uncertainly glancing up at Dooku with worry. "The Force feels there's somebody stuck between both Light and Dark. But the Force can't work like that, can it?" he didn't understand and he glanced anxiously at Dooku waiting for his answer.

    Dooku frowned himself, and reached out, searching for this supposed odd feeling, and catching the very faintest of such, where the Force seemed to meld on the planet. He paused a little, knowing the sensation, having felt it before, the last he had visited there, "Sometimes...the Force can work in ways we do not expect, Padawan."

    Really loved this exchange! =D=

    Can't wait for more! :D
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    I liked how you are developing Qui-Gon. He has a real sense of the Force. I wonder what immortals want with Qui-Gon - nothing good, I would suspect.

    Good job.
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    Oh, the questions. Just when I'm all ready for action and angst on Saren, you take Qui-Gon and Dooku off on an innocuous (yeah, right) trip to Iego. And surprise of surprises, there are immortals on Iego. Immortals who are interested in our Qui-Gon. (Do you mind if I include myself in saying "our Qui-Gon"? Kids bring out that protective bit in me.) And the Force feels neutral on Iego. Sounds messy to me. Very messy indeed. Dooku needs to keep both eyes open and one hand on his lightsaber.

    Great update, ladies!
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    Well done! I feel sorry for Sha still, though. I'm worried about him, especially with him going back. And I'm still sad about Zamir. Please, Master, update again soon.
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    VaderLVR64 Glad you enjoyed it! We're having fun with it :D

    Dianethx You are quite right, though they don't want to hurt him, but nothing good has happened ;) Thanks for reading!

    Ara-gon Yep :p We're mean like that and of course, angels have to be immortal ;) But there are other immortals on the planet too as you can see :D As far as all the supsicion why does everyone distrust the immortals and you can say our Qui-Gon ;) Glad you enjoyed the update, here is more for you!

    BrightFeather Awww well you should be worried [face_devil] As far as Zamir, well you're not the only one who'll be sad about it...

    A/N: We have a new trailer for the series :) I made this one so be sure and tell me how I'm doing at trailer making. -- Layren

    [link=] Trailer [/link]

    Chapter Two: Keeping Secrets

    Do nothing secretly; for Time sees and hears all things, and discloses all. ~~ Sophocles

    The hum of the ship's engines was the only thing Kyran heard as he lay awake in his cabin on the way to the planet Ixitan. Drex had retired some time ago, and he was supposed to be sleeping, but try as he might, he couldn't sleep. He had tried, only to have terrible nightmares of his bondmate crying for him.

    The padawan had awakened in a cold sweat and the last thing he felt like doing was going back to sleep.

    It was thus Kyran lay awake, staring at the ceiling.

    They were due to arrive tomorrow and the edginess in the pit of his stomach would not go away.

    Something was going to go dreadfully wrong.

    He just wasn't sure what.

    Sighing, Kyran rolled over and glanced at the chrono next to his bedside. It was half past three. He thought back to his nightmares of his bondmate being trapped in darkness and crying, it left him feeling hollow.

    He could feel his bondmate was all right, nothing had happened, the talks were going smoothly, and at the same time?these dreams left him nervous and edgy.

    He decided to get up and go make himself some tea, abandoning pretense of sleeping anymore.

    He busied himself in the galley, filling the teapot with water and he set it on the stove with the teabag. When that was done he sat down at the table in their small lounge waiting for the whistle that would signal his tea ready. He fiddled with his padawan braid, one hand gripping it, hoping for the comforting weight of his bondmate's hand, but the weight of his own just wasn't the same on it, and he soon let go and let his hands fall to his lap.

    The kettle whistled happily, startling him out of his thoughts and he went to go retrieve a mug. He poured a mug for himself and sat back down, swirling the tea around in a circular motion as if hoping to see his fortune in the dregs at the bottom of the glass.

    He longed to talk to his bondmate, but he didn't want to bother him. He knew Shane needed rest.

    //Not as much as you seemingly needing me, ke'en,//
    Shane's warm sense entwined with his, curious and comforting. He had felt his bondmate awake, and troubled.

    Kyran jumped in surprise as his bondmate reached to him but he reached back hesitantly. //It's nothing... go back to sleep..//

    //It must be something, to keep you up like this,//
    Shane pointed out, mental arms holding a bit tighter from where they were around him, //I could feel your trouble through your shielding.//

    Kyran fiddled with the bracelet on his wrist that Zamir had given him. He needed the immortal's advice. He could use it more than ever now. //Oh. I'm sorry. Just a nightmare, ke'en.//

    //Want to talk about it?//
    worry spiked across Shane's mental voice, as well as concern.

    Kyran bit his lip. //Not really. // He didn't want to tell Shane the nightmare -- what if... what if it came true?

    A mental caress wove over the bond, //It was about me, wasn't it?//

    At last Kyran sighed. //Yes.// There was a long pause before he said haltingly, //I saw you trapped in the dark....crying f
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    Ah, so we get drawn further into the plot. I liked that Qui-Gon was so solicitous of his friends, picking out just the right gifts and that Dooku was indulgent enough to let him. So Qui-Gon will learn to fight with swords and knives. That could give him an edge.

    Good job.
  14. Ara-gon Jedi Youngling

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    Dooku swore to himself he would not comment on Qui-Gon's choice of a gift. But then, he was a practical man, not a sentimental one. "Of course, Padawan."

    That was a perfect line! :D

    Hmmm. Iego's very interesting. Not at all what I expected. And, what's this? Daylings and Night Breeds? More complexity in a complex world? Unexpected royalty and surprising family relationships?

    I'm very curious to see what role these weapons that Qui-Gon purchases play in the future of the story. You're too deliberate about details for that to be just a passing moment in the story.

  15. BrightFeather Jedi Youngling

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    *sniffle* Poor Zamir. Just when I got to like him, y'all offed him... I have a really bad feeling about Shane's trip, by the way. I almost think that Ky's dream really is a premonition.
  16. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    Wonderful portrayls of Dooku and Qui-Gon here. [face_love]

    "I can only read outward thoughts. Projections, if you will. Night Breeds are the ones one must worry about, they can read the most inner thought and desire."

    Qui-Gon glanced up at his Master as his face fell more. He knew he'd likely get more lessons on how to protect his outer thoughts in exchange for or along with a rebuke on keeping his thoughts and feelings to himself. "Oh. I see."

    "A child like you shouldn't look so. Besides, we Daylings don't usually do it anyways. I just left my barriers down. Its a way of stifling any grief of my own. Despite the celebration, this is a dark time for Iego," the boy sighed.

    Qui-Gon looked at him and then his Master. "But I thought this was a time for celebrations," he protested.

    "It is, and it was, before this event happen. Shortly before the festival started, one of our Lords was murdered," there was a sigh, "Specifically my own. It was a very tragic loss, as he was one of the oldest Night Breeds still living, besides the Lady."

    Qui-Gon had opened his mouth to give his condolences, but Dooku cut in before he could speak.

    "Might I ask, as to the name of your Lord, and what happened?" Dooku questioned, seemingly only mildly interested.

    The Dayling shrugged a little, "Of course. His name was Crion, Zamir Crion, first child of our late Lord Tryphen, and also the Lady's eldest brother."

    Love how each post takes us just a bit farther into the story, the perfect pace. =D=
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    dianethx: That it will certainly give him an edge. Dooku does want his apprentice to be the best, just like his teacher. ;) As to it, thank you, we had fun showing those sides of our youngest and his Master. :)

    Ara-gon: Thank you, I enjoyed that line myself, heh. I was a bit worried on how Iego would turn out, glad it was interesting. :) As to the whole Daylings/Night Breeds detail, that'll be discussed here. As to the weapons, you will just have to see. They may mean something, or nothing at all. ;)

    BrightFeather:We're sorry. Za sadly was only the first causality in a long line to be had. ;) And really? Can't imagine why you would have bad feelings about such an innocent trip to Saren. ;)

    VaderLVR64: Thank you, it means a lot to know we're getting them right. :) Glad we're not going too slow yet. ;) Though, thanks for that as well, glad we're going at an acceptable pace. :D


    Chapter Three: Shroud of Perception

    "Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view," Obi-Wan Kenobi, Return of the Jedi.

    Qui-Gon's feet nearly slid out from under him at the name and his face blanched. Zamir was dead? His hand flew immediately to the pendant at his neck. "But immortals can't be murdered..."

    Dooku spared his apprentice a look, wondering as to his odd tone, and the stricken look on his face.

    "Of course they can be," the dayling had turned around, and had started walking again, "There was a reason why Zamir was one of the oldest left. All the other old ones either have died, disappeared, or were killed."

    The sheen of tears was in Qui-Gon's eyes and he turned away to hide them from his Master. Dooku would not accept tears, his Master prided himself on being the best and the best didn't cry. He wiped his eyes on his sleeve before turning back to face his mentor.

    Dooku reached out to him mentally, shielding, //What is wrong. Padawan, did you know this immortal?//

    Qui-Gon nodded miserably, unable to say a word. He squeezed the pendant hoping that the other's words were false...and that Zamir would just appear like he always had.

    Dooku's eyes narrowed. but he refrained from further questioning of him. Instead, he directed his look to the dayling, "How much further?"

    "We're almost there, Sir," he assured, though he paused, "You knew him, didn't you, young one? I would have to say, you're the first I've met besides the Lady, that can grieve for him."

    "He was my friend," Qui-Gon whispered not offering anything else. No one was coming even with the blood from his hand on the pendant. He swallowed thickly.

    He let his hands drop to his sides, finally.

    The dayling said nothing further, though his steps sped up the barest bit. Finally, they made it to a guarded entrance of a great arch. Moving forward, the dayling spoke quietly with the still faced, pale guards, who after a moment eyeing Dooku and Qui-Gon, nodded, and opened the thick stone doors.

    A great passageway of stone lay before them, leading down. The dayling gestured, "This way. The Hidden City isn't near, but it isn't far now."

    Qui-Gon didn't say anything, not looking around him, merely focusing on walking. His friend was dead. He would never see him again. What was the point of immortality if you could still die? Being immortal meant you would never die didn't it? It didn't make any sense. How could an immortal die?

    "Sometimes, being immortal is merely to stop time long enough to live," the dayling said softly, ahead of them as he started down the stairs, "Or in a dayling's case, its merely to slow it. Nothing can be truly immortal in this life."

    Qui-Gon looked down at his boots, not voicing his opinion. He knew it was unnecessary and the immortal would hear it anyway. There was no point to immortality if it meant you would just die anyway.

    "There is when you don't want to die at the moment you become immortal. It gives us time to resolve death within ourselves. Many of us are too scared to accept it the moment it's presented
  18. dianethx Jedi Master

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    Great interaction between Qui-Gon and Dooku. I think that Qui had better learn to keep his emotions in check. I'm sure Dooku, aristocrat and Master that he is, will not let a little thing like Qui-Gon being kind-hearted from teaching him to rein in his emotions. I think Dooku would carry it farther than some of the other Jedi.

    Good job.
  19. Ara-gon Jedi Youngling

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    "Sometimes, being immortal is merely to stop time long enough to live," the dayling said softly, ahead of them as he started down the stairs, "Or in a dayling's case, its merely to slow it. Nothing can be truly immortal in this life."

    I'm not sure why but that line makes my imagination dizzy with possibilities. [face_thinking]

    Ah, Dooku, I knew you wouldn't be happy about your apprentice's acquaintance with an immortal.

    And the conversation between Qui-Gon and Phaed was intense. Very intense. I wonder who's talking to Dooku. And why. Answers is due time I suppose.
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    Dianethx You're quite right, Qui-Gon had better learn to keep his emotions under wraps. Very glad you liked the interaction between Qui-Gon and Dooku. Thanks so much for your comments!

    Ara-gon Now we can't have you getting all dizzy or you won't be able to read the next bit ;) As far as answers, hope this post answers a few :)

    Where did all of the rest of you readers disappear to?

    Many thanks to Neon Star, as she was left with the task to write the entire post by herself while I was gone this weekend :)

    Chapter Four: The Seer's Game

    'Tis all a chequer board of nights and days, Where destiny with men for pieces plays; Hither and thither, and mates, and slays. ~Edward Fitzgerald

    Dooku entered the small dark study he had been ushered to. A few simple candles burned here and there, one upon a book shelf, another at the desk, the third near the door. Barely enough to see by, yet he used it, drawing on the Force a little to make the most of the light.

    It was a simple room, with only a few pieces of plan furniture, the desk, the bookshelf, two chairs, one settled near a large painting that was hidden in shadows, only a few colors seen upon it, those being simple green, and delicate gold that flickered with the light. The chair there, was occupied, by a figure cloaked in a blood crimson robe, who's hood was drawn up. Face hidden, Dooku couldn't tell even if it was male or female, the posture giving away nothing.

    Yet, the unasked question was answered, as Leda stepped ahead of him, and bowed deep before the figure, ?My Lord, the Jedi has come as you requested.?

    The hooded head turned to them, revealing nothing within its deep depths, ?Thank you, dearest. You may leave.?

    The voice wasn't as deep as Dooku had expected. It had a young lilt to it, though was raspy, as if the other was recovering from a long illness. The Lady nodded, rising from her bow, to approach the door, without a glance to him.

    Only after the old fashioned door had clicked shut once more, did the figure continue to speak, as one gloved hand swept to a chair, ?Please, Master Jedi, sit.?

    Dooku took the offer, settling himself in the wooden chair, ?Forgive me, but may I ask whom I am addressing, precisely??

    Something seemed to release at his words; some hidden latch that cracked open the barest bit. There was suddenly a sense, a flicker of oldness where there had been nothing, the feel of death and life tangling in a spectrum beyond Darkness and Light. It was the same feeling his apprentice had pointed out to him when they had arrived, only stronger now, that he faced the source.

    ?You may refer to me as Tryphen, Master Dooku. I have no need of my title,? he could almost feel the smile radiating off the other.

    ?Very well then, Tryphen,? Dooku forced himself not to pause at the name, though his mind moved over it, noting its familiarity, ?I take you are the Lord of this realm??

    The slightest of nods, ?One might say that. Though, Leda is the official ruler, as it should be. I have been indisposed for too long to be of use to this world, or to my people.?

    ?Of course,? Dooku wasn't going to question it, he felt it was a subject best left to the shadows.

    ?But I imagine you wish to know why I have called for you. Especially considering your presence here is mostly symbolic of our great Republic,? affection almost, as if the other considered the Republic like a child of his.

    The Master kept his silence, waiting for the immortal to continue.

    ?I have no need to ask you to refrain from having any dealings with finding the murderer of Zamir, I understand it's not Jedi policy to barge into other's affairs unless asked. The real reason I called you here, was because of your apprentice,? black clothed fingers steepled themselves elegantly in front of the Lord.

    The barest bit of a frown. Faintly, Dooku had expected it, considering how peculiar the immortals had been acting since meeting Qui-Gon but to hear it stated, worried him.

    As if sensing his worry, the
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    Nice workings on the Sith and the Immortals. That an old Jedi would have become an Immortal is quite a cool idea. So those two are playing with people's lives in a very old game. Love the way you brought the triad into the game and making it more complicated.

    Good job.
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    Beautiful interaction between Qui-Gon and Dooku. :)

    "When Night Breeds grow ill, its from the mind. It takes them a long time to recover, far longer then mortals or Daylings."

    "I see," Qui-Gon then thought of something that made him wince. "But now he'll never see his Lord again, cause he's dead," he said unhappily.

    An unreadable look swept over Phaed's face, briefly, "That is so. But perhaps he is happy yet. And at least, as my Lord's eyes and ears, I can do so in his stead."

    "How can one be happy if they're dead? He's alone now forever," Qui-Gon wrapped his arms around himself.

    "I don't believe that. And Zamir didn't either. I'm surprised a Jedi would," Phaed confessed.

    Qui-Gon looked uncertain. "But he's dead, and he didn't have the Force. "

    "Yet, we all have life, and the Force is made up of life, isn't it not?" there was curiosity in that question.

    Loved this exchange! =D=
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    Dianethx Glad you think the idea of an old Jedi becoming an Immortal is a cool idea, we thought so too ;) Things are definitely going to be complicated from here on out :D Glad you're still with us!

    VaderLVR Glad you liked the Qui/Dooku interaction, Neon will be very pleased ;) Hope we haven't confused you too badly yet ;)

    I guess everyone else is involved in DRL, but it's Sunday and therefore posting time :)

    Chapter Five: The Forgiveness Remembrance Brings

    You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you. ~Frederick Buechner

    It was over. Shane could almost breath a sigh of relief, as the dry, broken world zoomed past him as the speeder drove onwards. That morning, had laid his greatest fears to rest. That morning, had proven to him that fate could change. Kyran, was alive. Kyran would be fine.

    Rixar was injured, but Kyran, Kyran was all right. The assassin hadn't been caught, but Kyran was all right, and once the minor blaster wound healed, so would Rixar. They were both safe, and very much alive. Destiny hadn't happened, his vision had been changed.

    For the first time. His soul rested at that, where it had been clenched for so long.

    So Master Yoda had been right. It was a relief, a deep, wonderful relief. And it hadn't faded since he had heard his bondmate's voice that moment over the comm, giving the news.

    Yet under that desperate relief, still lay the river of pain and grief that was plaguing him. That too, would be dealt with that day. He knew that, as he drew ever closer to the destination, to that ruined, fire broken, and time destroyed building.

    Nothing had changed, he noted, as they finally stopped, and dismounted. It was only more deserted, and the scars of war had grown a bit heavier, but the place that had once been his home, had remained the same. A monument to a life he barely remembered, but had idolized.

    He knelt to the dry, dusty earth, hand reaching to lovingly brush away the dirt that had accumulated over the years. The stones beneath were cracked and worn, the names barely visible after so long. Yet, he remember what they said, and one nail idly traced over the markings. He ignored the two smaller stones beside them, knowing also what was carved there, his own birth name, and his brother's. Both now false.

    ''Hello mahte', ahte','' he said softly, ?I've come finally. I'm sorry I waited, but I wanted to show you the man you created. I wanted you to know that I was all right finally...? he paused, glancing to his Master, who stood silently off to the side. ?I've got an honorable person making sure of that. But I think you know that.?

    He took a deep breath, brushing a bit more dust from the stones, ?Nissan is alive. I'm sure you've been watching over him all this time. I haven't seen him yet. I may never again. But I have grown to accept that. As long as he is safe, I can accept anything,? his eyes softened a bit more, ?Perhaps you can send my love to him. I don't want him to forget that.?

    ?Just as I love you both. My memories may fade, or in your case, ahte', might not exist. But that feeling hasn't changed. I want you to be proud of me, and I know I'll always have your love as well. Len ai'mane', mahte', ahte'. I hope you're happy together,? a final, tender touch to both stones, and he rose.

    Zephir smiled gently as he turned to him, and gathered his apprentice into a warm embrace, ?I know they are, ne'nen. Both that they are finally at peace, and that they are proud of you.?

    Shane clung to him for a moment, ?Thank you, Master, especially for allowing me to come for my coming of age.?

    ?I couldn't deny you this,? Zephir assured, as Shane finally pulled away.

    Shane studied him for a moment, and finally nodded, ?Do you wish to see her grave, while we're here??

    The Master shook his head, eyes going a bit distant as he looked off to
  24. dianethx Jedi Master

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    Oh,oh. That doesn't sound good. Here you had us thinking that everything was going to be fine with Shane and his brother and then hope for the missions. And then blammo, mayhem and desctruction raining down. Who is pulling Zephir out of the rubble and hurting him?

    Good job. Great way with the tension and the cliffhanger!
  25. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    Uh oh. [face_worried] I'm getting more and more worried. :_|

    It's odd, how things come to be. I've spent these last few months of my pre-adulthood, grieving again for what I had lost in childhood. Only for it all to come back to me again. My sight, my faith, my Nissan.

    I strangely feel that just as everything is starting to become perfect, something is waiting to tear it away. I can't see what. There is just this tugging on my soul, that feels as if the eyes of darkness were upon me.

    It's not Saren's darkness. The land of my birth has its own black aura, but no consciousness to direct it. No, this one is planning something.

    My dreams have been silent on the matter. My visions are constant. I still have the taste of ash in my mouth in the morning. Destruction is what they show me, but it is the distant future I see.

    A future I feel we can change. Kyran and Rixar have finally proven it to me. Not all I see must become true. The future is not set in stone, though I do not believe it is always in motion as Master Yoda says. If left unchanged, my sight could be proven true. That much is a fact.

    I just loved this whole passage. =D=
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