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Beyond - Legends Alien (NJO- AU) [Chapter 6, Part Two; 10/11]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Overboard4aFel, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    Prelude to be following...

    New A/N: So almost three years ago, I started this repost and didn't even begin to finish the currently finished story chapters. Now, I am excited to get back here and start working on these stories again! Unpublished chapters will be online soon, and more new stuff is coming soon! Constructive criticism is still a big deal for me, so please keep letting me know what you think or see.


  2. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010

    A splash echoed through the fields, punctuating the silence, followed by a harsh cry in a foreign language and the sound of a whip flicking through the air. Ripples continued and distorted around non-indigenous plants twisting and bending the reflection of the velvet sky. Had any of the workers any shred of curiosity left, their eyes might have watched the far distant celestial battle. As it was, the only time their attention raised from their work, occurred when one of the combatants entered atmosphere, daring a risky maneuver to avoid taking on more damage.

    Once this distraction passed on, the villip field workers dropped their eyes once more to the water-logged growing ponds.
    Inside the desperate ship, things were in total contrast to the silence permeating below. An angry masculine voice growled a curse, followed by a roaring Wookie response. This was proceeded by a cry from the upper gun turrets,

    “Whoop! Another one, Jace! Beat that!”

    “Aw, shut up, Anakin!”

    Jaina chuckled to herself as she took out the hydrospanner from Chewie’s proffering hand. With a deft twist on a pile of wires and conduits that resembled some of her drawings from the age of two, she watched a light come on above her head. With a laugh, she cried out, “Dad, try it now!”

    A pause passed, followed by a cheer from the cockpit. “That’s my girl! See, Leia, that’s why we had three kids…” With a wink at her as she smiled at him, he began hitting switches and flipping levers. “Ok, boys! Hyperdrive is up and running once again,” Han yelled up to the brothers in the turrets, “I need you to shake off any pursuit—“

    Interrupted as a blast rocked the Millennium Falcon, Jaina ducked as the selfsame circuitry she had just repaired erupted in a flash of sparks, fire and smoke. The light above it, previously illuminated, grew dark.

    “Sithspit!” Jaina cried, “Dad, it’s out again! I need new wiring, these are completely fried,” she decided after a quick glance at the jumbled melted mess. Chewie had already begun towards the cockpit, telling her that there was some in the storage locker. Jaina took off around the front of the Wookie, already knowing where it would be. As she neared the cockpit, she heard her mother call out that the shields were down- Jacen, Anakin, get out of the turrets now! Chewie responded that he would get the shields back up, and he turned to the nearest computer and began shifting power from other areas to repower the shields.

    As she rounded the corner to the cockpit, the Falcon was hit with a bone-jarring strike. Jaina, along with anything not strapped down, slid out of control. She quickly used the force to right herself and get moving. As she did that, Jaina cried out. It took a moment for her to realize why. While the Force screamed at her, tearing at her heart, Jaina moved into action without thinking, staggering towards the cockpit that was more of an inferno then the pilot’s chair. Wind caused by the oxygen being pulled out of the Falcon into empty space through the whole in the cockpit viewscreen, whipped up Jaina’s hair. Her cries were becoming more and more faint, and the fires started to die out, but Jaina didn’t move. Suddenly, the emergency hatch closed, locking out the bodies of her parents in the dark cold of space.

    She didn’t move when a large hairy paw rested heavily on her shoulder. She didn’t move when her brothers joined her, and moved to hold her. Tears fell from her face, landing heavily on the icy cold metal deck below her feet, but she did not sob. Her brothers shoulders rose and fell in the rhythm of anguish, but she stood as still as the door held steady. Finally, as her brothers slipped away to their own agony, to rage against the enemies, Jaina finally turned to look at Chewie who had patiently waited behind her.

    “They can’t be—there’s no way—“Her words failed her, and she began to sink to her knees. Chewie caught her up, and held her as space that was once such a comforting distance from everything, started changing to something so completely unfamiliar and alien.
  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Hello! Gripping and heart-tugging =D= @};-
  4. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    Aww! Thanks! :DI'm glad to know you haven't given up on me!! About to post Chapter One again!
  5. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    Chapter One

    Six years later

    “So you mean to tell me that not only do we have minimal Imperial support, but now the Chiss have decided it’s time to minimize their forces as well?!”

    “I don’t know what to say, Wedge. I only report what I hear.”

    Wedge sighed, “I know, Gavin.”

    The Supreme Commander shook his head in frustration. Ever since the Vong had gotten their claws into Coruscant, and promptly stopped about three years previous, all the governments involved had been sitting on the edges of their collective seats. It was common knowledge that the Vong didn’t have the resources to press forward. It was just as common knowledge that the New Republic-Imperial-Chiss forces were just as depleted.

    And now after three years of relative peace, and two years after the treaty had been signed, the Imperial and Chiss forces were withdrawing two-thirds of their fleet due to 'lack of aggression on the invading party'. If the Vong broke the treaty after that, they wouldn’t have time to rally the forces before the invaders finished the job they had started. Politics were never his strong point, and he would never choose to understand the inner workings of them like Iella did.

    Luke, sitting across from Wedge, was the first in the conversation who broke the silence.

    “What next?”

    Wedge ran a hand through his hair. It was more evenly dispersed with grey then it had been just a few years back. “I don’t really know. There’s got to be some way to bust through this. We still have too many refugees, and too few of places to put them, and definitely not enough resources to feed and care for them. And I’m not too sure that we have real peace to begin with. Their philosophy hasn’t changed, from what I understand. And their philosophy, if I recall correctly,” Wedge said, sardonically, “was that all we infidels are unclean and need to be destroyed.”

    “While I would truly like to say that I disagree,” Luke responded, “I’m inclined to believe you are right.”

    Gavin snorted, “Wish the politicians agreed with you.”

    “Don’t we always wish the politicians agree with us?”

    “That doesn’t happen.”

    “No, it doesn’t.”

    Wedge sighed again, and picked himself up out of his chair, over to a small file cabinet. Stooping he entered a code, and the false front popped open, and after reaching in, he righted himself with a good sized bottle of pre-Imperial war Corellian Brandy and three glasses. He put the three glasses in their respective places before the three men, and poured them all a generous amount, not even asking approval from the gentlemen, knowing they wouldn’t argue. Wedge sat back down and picked up his glass, and the other two raised theirs.

    “Here’s to low personnel, no government backing, and a brewing war.” All men nodded and downed some of the liquid. “ Not like we haven't been in this position before. May the politicians take their budgets and stick ‘em up their collective—“

    There was an unexpected knock at the door, and Wedge called out. Entering was one of Wedge’s nephews, in full flightsuit, apparently just back from a patrol.

    “Excuse me sir,” Commander Jagged Fel bowed slightly, “I just returned from a patrol with the Vanguards. Upon arriving in-system, I received a message from the Chiss fleet. I wished to make sure that I heard correctly.”

    “Speak, son,” Wedge prompted, “what did you hear?”

    “There is to be a recall to Chiss headquarters on Kessel, and decommission of some squadrons.”

    “That is what I have just been informed of, yes. Do you know if your squadron is one of those being taken off the front lines?”

    “No sir, but I would like to ask a favor of you.”

    “Of course.”

    “Sir, if my squadron is to be one of those decommissioned, I would like to serve in the New Republic fleet. And while I cannot speak for all of my pilots, I am certain that at least a few more would wish to keep flying.”

    “Is that why you would like to serve in the fleet? Just so you can keep flying?”

    (Part Two Next)
  6. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    “No sir. While that is something I greatly desire, the reason I would wish to continue in a fleet is because I feel this war has yet to end. There is still more to come, and I do not wish to be called too late back to the front lines, when there is absolutely no chance of success.”

    “Very good. Then yes, Jag, we would most eagerly welcome you to the Rebellion,” Wedge said with a crooked grin. "Here, let me pour you a drink..."


    In a corner of a docking berth, somewhere on Corellia, tucked up under the viewport, out of the blistering sun, a young woman was wrapped tightly up in a young man’s arms, his hands exploring her back, and her hands entangled in his hair. The docking berth door opened and closed, and the young couple continued their display, unaffected, except maybe for a change of angle to deepen the kiss, or a shift to a different area of interest. Once again the door to the berth opened and closed. One of the young woman’s eyes popped open, revealing a warm brandy color. Skillfully, she maintained the kiss without any noticeable difference while she scanned the berth. Satisfied, she closed her eye to focus her attention to the young man.

    Once more, the door opened and closed and this time, the young woman’s eyes opened up instantly. Her eyes made contact with the Wookie walking his way up the ramp of her ship. He let out a slight growl. If her ears weren’t fooling her, she could almost hear the reprimand in the nearly silent sound. Smiling into the kiss, she broke apart from the nearly vacuum seal she had with the young man.

    “Fryst,” she said, “I really have to be going.”

    “Couldn’t I convince you to stay just a little longer?” he leaned in to start a kiss again, and her fingers came up to stop him.

    “Sorry, love, but my boss wouldn’t appreciate a detour on my part.” She lightly kissed her fingers she held to his lips. She extracted herself from his grasp deftly, and began her ascent into her freighter.

    “Joya,” he called out after her, “You’ll be back, right?”

    “Oh love,” she twisted around the hydraulic arm that was extended to allow the ramp to lower, “It was sure a lot of fun.” Her eyes held a twinkle as she seemed to recall a memory of the two of them, “I’ll see you around, Fryst,” the woman with the name of 'Joya' called out as the landing ramp closed.

    The young man stood still with a slight smile on his face, and her taste in his mouth, as the Millennium Falcon, under the alias The Crystal, took off.

    Inside the ship, 'Joya' dropped herself into the pilot’s seat with a thud. Chewie let out a small reprimand.

    “[Jaina. There has to be a better way to do this kind of work...]”

    "But nowhere near as fun," this 'Joya' said, "he got us a free berth with no investigation. We need as much help as we can get in that corner. Besides, Chewie, he was rather cute,” Jaina said, a slight reflective grin on her face. Her alias was now being stored for another day, when 'Joya' might need to make an appearance again.

    “And, yes,” she continued, “I’m sure my dad wouldn’t have approved. But as you know, he’s not here to stop me. I know, I know- disappointment of the family. Shoulda stayed with my brothers then.”

    He made an articulate growl to express his disapproval and then allowed the subject to die.

    Chewie and Jaina had this conversation, or one of similar subject and result, at least once a run. It became almost by rote, now having traveled with Chewie for six years. One of those years was spent with her brothers before they decided to stick with Luke and Mara to continue their training. The subject was almost always touched on, and just as quickly passed on over.

    “So is our cargo secured?” Jaina asked.

    “[Yep. Quietly too. That tranquilizer you used must have been enough to put down a small bantha.]”

    Jaina chuckled, “Is it so wrong to want a quiet ride to Borleias?”

    Chewie made a grunting laugh, “[Nope, sure isn’t. It’ll be interesting to see what this one will come up with. I hope it’s what Luke and Wedge are hoping.]”

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  7. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Enjoyed the straight talk in part one =D= and Part two has great characterization and showing of the changes Jaina has undergone in the interval.
  8. Belle1214

    Belle1214 Jedi Padawan

    Sep 11, 2012
    Oh, wow! Jade said that I should check this out and she was right.... Like this is incredible... I really really really really really really really (you get the point) want more... I really like your characterizations. I really am looking forward to more..
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  9. Belle1214

    Belle1214 Jedi Padawan

    Sep 11, 2012
    I can't figure out how to follow the thread without posting again... so-- I really liked this story XD Oh--- in reality-- I echo what Jade said about Jaina's personality
  10. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    Thanks! It's always fun writing Wedge and Jag's relationship... Wedge seems to bring out Jag's Corellian side. :D And Jaina's been through some drastic changes, but the fun is just begining...

    Welcome! And thank you so much!! :D I'm glad you enjoyed, and more is to come!! :D
  11. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    Chapter Two

    With a bow, Commander Jagged Fel of the now decommissioned Vanguard and Spike Squadron, acknowledged his dismissal. His previous superior, General Soontir Fel, also offered a bow, this one to acknowledge his son’s choice to resign entirely from the Chiss fleet.

    Turning on his toes, he made to leave, when his father’s voice sounded out behind him. Pausing, he looked back at the General.

    “Yes, sir?”

    “Jag, I wish to speak as to you as your father. Will you take this conversation as that?”

    “Yes, Father.”

    “Very well,” the Baron hesitated to take a deep breath, steeling his nerves, know the answer to his question before he asked it.

    “Jag, where are you heading after this? Are you leaving Chiss jurisdiction?”

    Without hesitation, “Yes, sir.”

    A pause.


    “This is completely off record?”

    “Yes, Jag.”

    “Then, Father, I’m going to join the New Republic fleet.”

    Soontir nodded. This was what he had expected. And for it, he was even more proud of his son. Jag recognized the possibilities of another war, and he wasn’t going to sit it out. It was a quality he had tried to build in all of his children, and not one of them had fallen short. In his heart, Soontir wanted nothing more than to drag his son into a hug, but it was not his nature, and would more likely confuse his son rather than display to Jag his pride in him. Thereby, the Baron did what he knew his son would recognize as satisfaction in his choice.

    General Fel rounded his desk and came to stand in front of his son, and placed his hands on Jag’s shoulders.

    “You know that if the Chiss call a draft, you will still be required to respond.”

    “Of course. And if the Chiss recognize the danger the Vong still represent, I will be more than happy to serve in the fleet again.”

    “Then, my son, we will always support you. May the gods, Force, or whatever divinity there is, watch over you.”

    “And you, Father.”


    Jag exited his Father’s office and made his way to the docking bay, where his locker, office, and squadron awaited him. All his men and women were well aware of the possibility of being decommissioned and were also aware of their commander’s choice if it was indeed the case. And every one of them was told to be prepared to make and act upon their choice if it were to come upon them at this venture. While Jag had ideas as to who would join him and who would obey the Ruling Families, there were no definites.

    He entered the hanger and his squadron all turned to look at him, their red eyes glowing with intensity. He nodded once, and they all moved to action. All of his people moved to their respective clawcrafts and began to remove their personal items. Jag went to his office, and quickly packed up his personal things, which were not many. The fleet did not allow much time or opportunity to collect many things beyond the necessities and a few other things to remind them of home and their families. Once he was finished, he reentered the hanger but did not look to see who remained, and who had left for their families. Immediately, he made way toward his clawcraft and climbed in, packing the few other items he had there. His clawcraft held more meaning and personality then his office did, it being the place he spent the most time in, and thereby had a good portion of the most memorable experiences. As soon as he finished he paused, taking in everything; the cockpit itself, the smells, the sounds of his clawcraft. After allowing himself just the smallest of reflective moments, he climbed out and locked it down for possibly the last time.

    At that moment, he took a deep breath and turned around, looking to see for the first time who was remaining. In his heart, he dreaded this moment, feeling that he would turn around only to see an empty hanger, save for the occasional mechanic refueling a clawcraft. Relief set in when he turned to find four other pilots, including his second-in-command and XO Shawnkyr.

    Looking them over, he asked, “You all realize where I am heading?”

    They nodded.

    “And you are willing to join me?”

    Shawnkyr looked over the other three and met with accepting eyes, and then responded to her commander.

    “Yes sir.”

    “Then it’s time we call our ride.”


    Anakin Solo smirked as Jagged Fel, Shawnkyr Nuruodo, and three other Chiss pilots boarded the small freighter he was piloting per General Antilles order.

    “So Jag,” he began, “Joining us rebels, eh?”

    Jag turned to Anakin, a slight smile coming to his face, “As much as it may injure my pride, I do believe I will have to humble myself and join such a ragtag crew. Unless by being here, I'm bothering you.”

    Anakin chuckled, “Nah, you’re nowhere near bothering me, Fel. You’d have to be my brother to accomplish that.”

    “Ah. Then I’m glad I have not reached that level.”

    “Not even close,” Anakin smiled, “Glad you’re with us, Fel.”

    Jag nodded, “So am I. It’s been enlightening and enjoyable. And besides, I rather enjoy the challenge of whipping some other squadron into working order.”

    “Well, you’ll never get any better than Rogues, Jag. Hate to tell you, but you’re always gonna be second best.”

    Jag raised an eyebrow, “We’ll see about that.”


    Jedi Knight Jacen Solo knocked at Masters Skywalker’s suite. He was invited in by a voice from inside. Inside sat Mara Jade Skywalker, with their newborn Ben, in arms, softly snoring. Luke was pacing the floorboards in front of the sofa that his wife slung her body across. Mara was currently chastising her overactive husband.

    “Luke! Stop pacing! You’re anxiety is radiating. Sit down, rest. You wearing a path through the carpet isn’t going to solve the problem. Jacen, mind telling your uncle to calm down?”

    Jacen smiled tightly. He seemed to hesitate, not taking a seat, but also not moving to say anything. Luke looked up from his new-found seat he had taken. Jacen, while most serious minded of the Solo children, also was the most temperamental. It seemed something had set him off, and Luke had a feeling he knew what it was, for it was exactly what he had been speaking to his wife about.

    “Jacen, is this about the Jedi’s support of the Republic’s choice to remain armed and ready for battle?”

    Jacen nodded, and Mara sighed, raising herself off the couch, and off into Ben’s nursery. Jacen followed his aunt’s actions, confused. Shaking his head as if to clear it, Luke’s nephew started to speak.

    “I’m not quite sure I understand why the Jedi are supporting the encouragement of a war that probably won’t happen if we all stand down.”

    “Jacen, we’re not sure that this is truly peace, or what will happen if we stand down. For all we know, that could be the opportunity that the Vong are waiting for.”

    “But, isn’t it the way of the Jedi to look for the best option and move towards accomplishing it? Isn’t it completely contradictory to not only support but send out more Jedi to help the fleet, if we’re looking to achieve peace that could very seriously be in our grasp?”

    “Doesn’t mean we’re to be punching bags, Jacen.” Mara said as she returned, empty-handed. Evidently she left to put Ben away, allowing the men to speak and yet not wake the little one she had worked so hard to put to sleep.

    “But if we’re to respond evil for evil, wouldn’t that be of the Dark Side?”

    “Jacen, I’m beginning to notice that ‘but’ is becoming a very common word with you.” Mara said, exasperated.

    “No, Mara,” Luke began, “Jacen has a reasonable worry.”

    Jacen began to interject, suddenly empowered, but Luke silenced him with a hand.

    “However,” he continued, “That does not give you the right to openly dissent before others. It's practically impossible keep this eclectic group functioning as it is. I’m glad that you’ve come before us, and I will bring up your concern with the council. You will find out our answer when everyone else will. Until then, please just trust us and follow the direction we have already put into place.”

    Jacen nodded, sated. After a little more casual conversation on more general subjects, Luke brought up something that would interest his nephew.

    “I just got word in from Chewie. Jaina and he are inbound, and hopefully will be docking here for a little while.”

    His nephew just shook his head in frustration, “Jaina is not doing good, is she?”

    Luke was taken aback by Jacen’s reaction, “She’s fine, from what I understand.”

    “Not physically. Emotionally.”

    “I really don’t know about that, Jacen. She locked me out a long time ago.”

    “Yeah, I know. She locked me out too.”

    Not long after that conversation, Jacen took his leave, and Mara joined Luke in his chair, sitting on his lap. She rested her head on his shoulder and her hand ran up and down his forearm, trying to soothe his mind. Luke knew what she was trying to do, and he loved her for it, but there wasn’t much she could do to calm his worries. Grateful, though, he caught her hand and brought it up to his lips to feather them with a soft kiss. She smiled into his shoulder.

    “I’m worried about what Jacen said,” Luke began. Mara scoffed.

    “I wouldn’t. Jacen has a tendency to be oversensitive. Are you really going to bring it before the council?”

    “I wasn’t talking about that part of the conversation, but yes, I am. It is a reasonable concern, and most likely a concern of more than a few Jedi.”

    Mara sighed, “Then its Jaina you’re really worried about, isn’t it?”

    Luke nodded.

    “You’re not the only one, Farmboy.”
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    Belle1214 Jedi Padawan

    Sep 11, 2012
    Oh gosh! This is just amazing! Have Jag and Jaina met? If not I really really really want to see that soon! I really love this. I can't wait for more!
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  13. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Loved all the scenes - Jag with his squad and dad. And Luke and Mara with Jacen - you have the various characters down to an art and science. =D= Loved the pilot/team banter also, making Jag feel part of the gang LOL

    With each chapter, you make me remember how grand SW can be - you, Briannakin, ginchy, JediMara77, and Hazel -- I will have to call you guys the Disney feel-good crew [face_love] [face_love] -- I feel that SW is on the brink of something marvelous with new producers etc. It's buya time [face_laugh] [face_dancing]
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  14. SiouxFan

    SiouxFan Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 6, 2012
    When did Luke change his stance on military action? At the start of the Vong war, and he was all about trying to find an alternate to fighting. Now he seems to be all in for a conflict that MAY happen? Why do they deride Jacen for trying to find an alternate means? And how does bringing up his concerns in front of Mara become 'dissent in front of others'?

    When someone says, "Trust us and follow our directions," without explaining what they know, it is time to do the opposite.

    Sorry, I get worked up about Jacen; he changed quite a bit during the NJO, but most still remember the 'whiny' one in SBS. My take is this: questioning authority is not the same as sabotaging it; deliberation is not the same as weakness; it takes just as much courage to tell your uncle that he's jumping the gun as it does to attack the Vong.

    Anyway, nice (re) start to the story! I only joined the boards this spring, but I remember stalking this story before I actually joined. Thanks!
  15. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    As you wish... ;)

    Thank you !! I wanted Jag to be part of the crew- something Jaina wouldn't have herself. And thank you!! I feel honored to be part of that crew! :D

    Well, Luke wasn't stating that the comment in front of Mara as being dissent- he's asking Jacen not to discuss it in length in front of others due to the ability to create a division between an already divisive Jedi Order. Luke's stand hasn't changed, as you will see. ;) I'm sure you'll enjoy Jacen- he's going to be a major part- maybe not for a little bit, but I actually did like the younger Jacen... :) And welcome!! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it then, and now too!! :D

    Chapter Three incoming!!
  16. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    Chapter Three

    With only the sounds of the metal plating under the struts groaning in protest, the Millennium Falcon set down without a sound. Jaina grinned to herself. Since it was just her and Chewie, and money always seemed to be just right –never more- they had enough to keep the Falcon in prime condition. Methodically and unhurriedly, she finished up the cooling down procedures, and unstrapped. Chewie was currently catching up on sleep in his cabin, as he had been the last three days. Jaina hadn’t bothered to wake him, since there was nothing to do aboard, other than talk with her. And, if she was being brutally honest, she wasn’t much of a conversationalist the last few days.

    It was fairly easy to take care of the Falcon while it was in hyperspace, and she wasn’t in too much of a rush to sleep. Every night she had slept the last week, she had the same recurring nightmare. So no respite came, and her rest consisted of drifting off between staring out at the streaks of hyperspace, and the reading of a novel in the common room. Occasionally, she would go check on the cargo, only to find them resting as peacefully (and loudly) as when Chewie brought them in. Those medical strength tranquilizers had been worth the money she paid on the black market to get them.

    Jaina had decided to take a rather roundabout way to get to Borleias, hoping to avoid any pursuers and any Vong. Doing this had tacked on another two days on to the journey that usually would have taken one. She really hoped the cargo was worth all the effort, for all involved’s sake. Not even bothering to check on the cargo, she pounded on Chewie’s door.

    “We’re here!”

    There wasn’t even a sound from the cabin. Jaina sighed, and decided to go get the security detail for the cargo herself. As she descended the loading ramp, she took a glance around the hanger. Seeing a familiar brown-haired head that she would rather avoid bob in and out or the crowd of pilots and mechanics, Jaina tried to move quickly out of the hanger, but to no avail. A large freighter like the Falcon was rather conspicuous in a sea of small one-person fighters. So when Kyp Durron spotted it coming in, he positioned himself where Jaina would not escape him, like she had many times past.

    “Jaina, stop!”

    “Leave me alone, Kyp,” she said, not turning.

    “You always this rude to people trying to be friendly?”

    “I said, leave me alone, Kyp.”

    “Well, that’s a real friendly way to talk to an old friend.”

    Jaina turned, frustration evident in her face.

    “What part of ‘Leave me alone, Kyp’ don’t you get?” Kyp realized he was about to lose any sort attention he had at the moment, so he jumped at the chance yet once more.

    “Jaina, listen, I know it's abrupt, but hear me out. Would you be my apprentice?”

    This stopped Jaina entirely in her tracks.

    “You’re masochistic, aren’t you?”

    “Not that I’m aware of.”

    “You are.”

    “Ah. Glad you’re here to tell me these things. So?”

    “No. Just like every time before. When are you going to realize the answer is not about to change?”

    “Jaina,” she turned to leave, so he grabbed her arm, and turned her back to face him. “Jaina, I’m not Mara, I’m not Luke. I know what it’s like to lose someone you love right before you. I also know what it can do, when it pushes you to an edge. It’s hard to walk away from the line, when you’re used to walking it. I can help you.”

    She tore her arm out of his grasp. “You’re acting like I should want help, or ‘to change my wayward course’.”

    “Of course you do. Jaina- this isn’t you. This isn’t the cheery, grease monkey, rough-housing fifteen year old I knew.”

    “You’re right. I’m not. I’m still a grease monkey. Still rough-house, just with big boys. But the cheery fifteen year old died about six years back.”

    “Jaina, please. You can walk away from this. You can still catch yourself before you make a terrible mistake you’ll have to face down for the rest of your life. Trust me, been there, done that. Even bought the t-shirt and promptly burned it.”

    “Listen, Kyp. This is the final time I will say this, because you’re not going to bring it up again. I’m not going to be yours or anybody else’s apprentice. I’m done with that path. I chose this life. I don’t give a kriff about your worries about my ‘walking the line’. And I’ll tell you one more thing,—“

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    (part two)

    Anakin Solo and Jagged Fel were on their way to meet up with the Falcon and its crew, by command of General Antilles, not that it had taken much coercing of Anakin to greet his sister. Jag was still surprised to find that Anakin even had a sister. He couldn’t recall a time that she was even mentioned, let alone an older one who was supposedly one of the greatest influences on Anakin’s flying.

    Rounding the final corner to the hanger bay, Jag was still listening to Anakin reminisce about a funny prank the three siblings—Jag was pretty sure there were only three now, but after this sudden appearance of a sister in the family line, he couldn’t be completely certain—had pulled on some stuffy bureaucrats and their parents at a formal dinner, Jag reached forward to palm open the door to the bay.

    “--I don’t give a kriff about your mistakes;” came echoing through the almost empty hanger, emanating from the small woman standing at the base of the only freighter in the bay. Upon second glance, Jag realized that the hanger wasn’t empty, just eerily silent as all the pilots and mechanics maintained a frightened distance. “I don’t care about your sithspawned Carida. I don’t care about your stanging Exar-Kun- episode. You deal with your personal anger issues, and I’ll worry about my kriffing own. Even better, how about you just take your personal interest and shove it up your exhaust. Is that clear enough for you, O, Great Jedi Master?”

    Anakin stopped in his footsteps, eyes wide, uncertain. Jaina turned away from Jedi Master Kyp Durron, to head towards the door the two pilots stood, shell-shocked. She stopped short.

    “Anakin?” Her voice had mellowed from the menacing and flippant tone she had used to the Jedi Master. This seemed to snap Anakin out of his reverie.

    “Hey, Jaya.” They both moved forward to embrace each other warmly. This gave Jag a moment to gather his thoughts about Anakin’s older sister.

    Despite her obvious lack of tact and tendency towards the rather crass, she was rather fascinating to the pilot. A definite head shorter than Anakin, her milk-chocolate hair was generously streaked with gold, auburn and dark cocoa, all appearing to be the result of being under multiple suns instead of a chemical. This was accentuated by the warm olive tone of a tan that covered all visible skin. Her hair was pulled up and away from her face. Her face looked innocent, a rather sweet appearing face, but there was steel underlying it; it gave the impression not to push her too hard. She wore rather tight Corellian blood-stripes, and black boots. A small white tank was under the black vest she wore above, accentuating the very pleasing curves of her body. Her shirt was just small enough that when she moved, Jag caught a glimpse of an exceedingly intriguing tattoo.

    Jaina and Anakin extracted themselves from each other’s embrace,

    “So little brother, how have you been?”

    “Relatively well. But right now, I can’t really chat. Supposedly, according to the General, Jag here,” he gestured to the young military man standing to the side of him. Jaina couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, fascinated herself, “and I are to be the security detail for your cargo.”

    Jaina nodded, “Ah.” She extended a hand to the young commander standing at her brother’s side. “Jaina Solo, Captain of the Millennium Falcon. Anakin’s notorious for forgetting to actually introduce people. Just assumes that if we know him, we know each other.”

    Jag took the hand, “Commander Jagged Fel.”

    “A pleasure.”

    When Jaina said that it was a pleasure, she meant it. Tall, with dark hair and light emerald eyes, she was rather taken. That scar over the right eye, and the following white streak in his hair just added to the intrigue. He filled his flight suit quite nicely, too, she noticed. Not that she had any sort of weakness towards flyboys, or anything.

    Turning back to Anakin, and forcibly taking her mind off the young commander, she spoke with him.

    “Chewie’s asleep in his cabin,” she chuckled. “He’s been out for three days.”

    “He’s trying for the record, isn’t he?”

    Jaina nodded, “Yeah, that and he wants to force me to stay for a while, since he knows it’s a lot easier to do my work with an extra set of hands.”

    Anakin smiled, “Good. It’d be nice to have you around for a little while.”

    “Yeah, well, we’ll see about that.”

    Anakin’s smile faltered a bit, but he maintained his façade. “So Jay, where’s this great security risk?”

    “Sleeping like a baby in my cargo bay.”

    “This should be easy then.”

    Jag shook his head. Jaina looked at him quizzically.

    “Whenever Anakin says ‘This should be easy then’,” Jag explained, “I get a very bad feeling about it.”

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    (part three)

    As soon as Jaina entered the cargo bay, she knew something was wrong. It wasn’t the missing prisoner/cargo. It wasn’t the wristcuffs lying empty on the floor. It wasn’t the rearranged boxes of true cargo. What triggered her concern was the lack of snoring. The entire time the prisoner had been tranquilized, he had been snoring like a rancor. The first few minutes, it had been entertaining. For the first hour, it was manageable. After that, Jaina did everything in her power to drown out the noise in the near silence of a ship in hyperspace. She did everything from playing Durasteelllia and BD/ED at high tempo and bass, to running every tap in the entire ship. And after that, she did both of them together. That finally drowned it out to a manageable level. After three days of listening to those two bands, however, at earsplitting levels, she was certain she would not be listening to either for a good few years.

    Jaina would have realized the change instantly upon entering her ship, if she had not been chatting with her brother. However, it took her entering the cargo bay, not even looking, to suddenly recognize the lack of obnoxious noise. By that time, though, she recognized instantly that she had walked straight into the place he had wanted her at.

    Her senses entirely on high alert, she was rather glad she had left the two men out in the hall way, the only way in or out of the cargo bay without alerting every alarm in the ship. She heard a sound to her left, but recognized it as a diversion, so quickly turned to her right and looked up to the top of the pile of crates stacked there.

    In that moment, the prisoner had jumped down, aiming his foot at her head. His plan had probably included her turning towards the diversion, and him coming down on the back of her neck, probably killing her. His plan misfired, and he ended up hitting her nose instead of her neck. Jaina fell back hard, but was back on her feet in a matter of seconds. However, it only took about two seconds for the prisoner to spring forward through the door, and out into the hall.

    While at any other time, Jaina would have let the boys have their fun, and allowed them to catch the runner, she was too angry. She shot through the door, not even a second behind the once-prisoner. This unexpected action of both the first runner, the once-prisoner, and of the now bloody-faced Jaina, caught both men unaware. While they might have caught up with the first runner, the sudden angry appearance of Jaina startled both so badly, that they both froze in their motions, which was directly in the path of the rather furious young woman.

    “Get the kriff out of my way, you stanging nerf-herder!” she yelled as she yanked Jag, who happened to be the most obstructive of the men, roughly out of the way.

    In the ten seconds it took for the men to reassert themselves, Jaina and the runner had disappeared from sight. Anakin and Jag looked at each other, and quickly decided to follow. As they neared the distant runners, they heard a meaty sounding concussion resulting from a body being slammed into the metal floor with force. They rounded the corner to find Jaina now on top of the man, her arm cocked to punch him.

    “This is for me putting up with your snoring over eighty decibel music.” She hit him once on the nose.

    “And this,” She raised her fist again, and made contact with his jaw, placing him solidly in the black oblivion of unconsciousness, “this is for screwing up my nose!”

    Jaina picked herself up, and brushed herself off, and patted at her nose with the back of her hand. Looking at the blood on her hand, she shrugged.

    “Guess I’ve had worse.”

    Anakin shook his head, and moved to pick up the cleanest rag from the pile next to the door they were beside, and handed it to Jaina. Jaina looked at her brother’s friend, and began to laugh.

    “Anakin, I think your friend is a little thunderstruck at the moment.”

    At that moment, Chewie opened his cabin door—the one with the pile of rags sitting beside it—and stared angrily at the three conscious and one unconscious being in the hall outside of his door. He growled something, and promptly groggily stormed back into his cabin and shut the door.

    The siblings began to laugh hysterically. Jag merely looked from one to the other.


    It took a few minutes for the two other conscious beings to control themselves enough to answer him. Jaina was the first,

    “He was slightly put out with us waking him up.”

    “Ok.” Jag looked at the mirthful look in the sibling’s eyes, and realized he was missing something. “Ok, wait. What did he say exactly?”

    Jaina once again answered,

    “Leave an old man to his beauty sleep! You just broke my record!”
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    Tall, with dark hair and light emerald eyes, she was rather taken. That scar over the right eye, and the following white streak in his hair just added to the intrigue. He filled his flight suit quite nicely, too, she noticed. Not that she had any sort of weakness towards flyboys, or anything. Oh yes...... quite true :) =P~
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    Oh I like this! Can't wait to see more!
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    Quite. :D I'm assuming you liked this meeting.... ;)

    Thanks!!! :D Enjoy- there's definitely more to come....;)
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    Oh, yes. I was quite satisfied. Very happy indeed...
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    Hi, I enjoyed the J/J meeting as did Bell1214. For the same reasons [face_laugh]


    I do like your Kyp; he's very much in character and shows his genuine concern and he really has been there and done that. He's also grateful for those who kept him from the abyss and also gave him second chances. @};-

    It couldn't have been easy for him to say those things, just because they are hard things to tell anyone but also due to his and Jaina's personalities. I do think Jaina is working overtime to convince everyone that I have no prob and I'm one carefree lass. :p Not working. :rolleyes:

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    :D You're welcome. ;) there's more where that came from, lol

    I'm sure you did... ;)

    And this is far from the last time Kyp will make an appearance... :D They've all got pretty active roles to play. :)

    Chapter Four Incoming!!
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    Chapter Four

    “So,” Jaina began, propping her feet up on the edge of Wedge’s desk. The prisoner had been moved, practically boneless, out of the Falcon by the two young men, Anakin Solo and Jagged Fel, and at the General’s approval, Anakin and Jaina were allowed to invade his office while Jag was currently assisting his uncle with the prisoner. Jaina sat leaning back in a chair in front of her hold-father’s desk, balancing its entire weight on the back two legs. Her head was resting on the back of the chair, as her nose continued to bleed, and she held a fresh cloth to it. She seemed to speak with a new nasally accent. Anakin found this very amusing. Jaina did not.

    “So,” she continued, pulling a long swig of the Corellian brandy Wedge offered before he left to proceed over the prisoner’s official incarceration, “who is this friend of yours? What was it, Commander Jagged Fel, or something like that, right?”

    Anakin nodded, “He’s a good friend and an amazing pilot.”

    Jaina snorted, and then winced at the motion, “He better be a good pilot, to make up for the personality. Really, Anakin- I’ve seen durasteel with more personality. In fact, who needs Captain Durasteel when we can have Commander Cardboard?”


    “No really, are you sure he’s not an android? Oh, wait—The Chiss don’t use any sort of robotics like that, I forgot. So, no, I guess that means that is just his personality. If you can call that a personality.”

    “Jaina, come on. You don’t even know him!”

    “You’re right. I don’t know him. I’m sure if I get to know him, I’ll see his personality, right?”

    “Of course.”

    Jaina laughed, “I’m sure. I feel for his girlfriend.”

    Anakin shook his head, “He doesn’t have one.”

    “I understand why.”

    Anakin just sighed.

    “Ok, ok, I’ll leave the poor sap alone.”

    “Just promise me one thing, Jaina.”

    Jaina was slightly hesitant, “Do I have to?”

    Anakin gave her a look. “At least fly against him once before you utterly slay his personality in front of anyone else.” Jaina reached out with her empty hand. Anakin shook it.


    “Oh, speaking of significant others, how’s the fiancé?”

    Anakin suddenly became very still, and found his booted feet to be of great interest. Jaina’s stomach plummeted. It took a few minutes for Anakin to speak, and when he finally did, his voice was thick with emotion. Jaina fought the urge to reach out in the Force, in the way she hadn’t in years.

    “Jaina, she’s a prisoner of the Vong.”

    “What? The treaty’s been in place for three years! There’s no way they would risk breaking the treaty to take one more prisoner.”

    “They would if she was undercover in Vongspace.”

    “What? When was this?”

    “She’s been in captivity for the last month and a half.”

    Jaina couldn’t find her voice. Anakin and Tahiri had been lovers for years and friends for years before that. Everyone knew it would only be a matter of time before the two of them would marry. So when the announcement was made it came as no surprise. However, this mission was. Taking a brief moment to reorganize her thoughts, she looked up to see her little brother looking at her with tears in his eyes.

    “I’m sorry Anakin.”

    Anakin’s face suddenly changed. “You’re sorry? If you really ever cared Jaina, you would have been here. If you cared, you would call every now and again. But guess that’s too hard for you, isn’t it?”

    “Anakin, I…”

    He shook his head, forestalling any protest or apology. A silence descended on the office, Jaina unsure of what to say and Anakin regretting what he had said. Finally Anakin spoke up.
    “Forget this, Jaina. Forget what I said.” Jaina shook her head to protest, but Anakin held up a hand. “Please Jaina, just do.”