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Beyond - Legends Alien (NJO- AU) [Chapter 6, Part Two; 10/11]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Overboard4aFel, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    (Part Two)

    He looked away from her, unable to see the hurt in Jaina’s eyes. Jaina tried to bring him back, asking for more information about Tahiri.

    “Why hasn’t there been any attempt of rescue? Even the Jedi would do that, I figure.”

    “That’s just it, Jaina. You’ve been away from the Force for so long, you didn’t even feel it. Not even a day after she was taken, there was a wave of anguish, and then nothing. Just a void. Most of the Jedi Masters agreed that she had been killed. She’s currently KIA on the military’s list.”

    Jaina found herself again speechless, “Anakin, I am …” She paused, knowing where that had led last time she said that. “Anakin, do you agree with them? That she’s dead?”


    “Why not? What makes you so confident that she’s still alive?”

    “Because it didn’t feel right. I know Tahiri. I know her like the back of my hand. There’s no way that she’s dead.”

    His sister nodded and Anakin could tell that there was no duplicity in the action. Jaina honestly believed and agreed with him. The fact that someone didn’t look at him with pity when he said that, feeling that he just needed to come to grips with ‘Ri’s death, comforted him more than any spoken word could have.

    “Baby brother, I have long back stopped trusting the Force to tell me with complete accuracy. Truth can be a matter of perspective. So why believe that the Force is going to tell me a yes or no answer? It’s all skewed by the person’s POV. So I believe that you are right. And I’m sorry that they don’t understand and won’t help correct it.”

    Anakin nodded, and thanked her.

    A sound caused Anakin to look behind his sister, to see Wedge’s door opening. Jaina didn’t flinch or move beyond taking another swig of brandy. Wedge and Jag entered, and Wedge moved to sit at his seat, Jag stayed standing to the side of the group, near the door. Anakin wondered if Jag stayed close to the door just in case his sister went off again. The thought of Jag being nervous—or as he would call it, cautious—around his sister brought a smile to his lips.

    Wedge poured himself a glass of brandy, and offered Jag some. The commander said no. Wedge shrugged and proceeded to lean back in his chair propping his feet up on his desk, copying the solo siblings. Finally, Jaina broke the silence.

    With raised brow, she asked, “Well? Was it who you were looking for?”

    Wedge smirked and nodded.

    “Oh goodie,” Jaina said, “Go ahead, kiss ‘em.”

    It took Anakin a moment to realize what she was talking about until he saw her elevated booted feet wiggling on the desk. Wedge laughed, and reached over to knock them off his desk. This motion dropped Jaina’s chair back to all four feet, causing her drink to splash up over the lip of the cup. This sent the other three in the room laughing at Jaina’s expense. After a look of mock outrage, Jaina joined in.

    "That's alcohol abuse!" Jaina protested.

    “When you get your own squadron, Jaina, and manage to fight off the Vong until they go crying back to their own galaxy, single-handedly, you’ll just have to accept this.” Wedge lifted his glass in her direction. Jaina and Anakin raised theirs, and all three downed the remaining contents at one time. Wedge picked up the flask and replenished the glasses.

    “So,” he said as he leaned back in his chair, “How did you do it?”

    “Well,” she began, pointedly leaning back in her chair and dropping her feet noisily on Wedge’s desk, “It’s actually rather easy.”

    Anakin interrupted, “Wait—wait. Who was that anyway?”

    Jaina’s grin could’ve lit up a room. “Does the name Vos Craten ring any bells to you?”

    Vos Craten was known in the back room circles as the current head of the Peace Brigade. Notorious in his hatred of the Jedi, and his single-minded determination, he was quite the foe to deal with. Anakin found his jaw slack, and his eyes wide.

    “There’s no way that that was….”

    “Oh yes.”

    “How in the nine Corellian hells did you manage that?”

    “I was getting there.”

    “Then please get there.”

    “Thank you.”

    Looking back to Wedge she smiled, “So. It’s actually rather simple to catch a Brigadier. And actually not too hard to catch a high-end one. All you have to do is give them what they want. So, I merely schmoozed my way up the ladder with a promise of a very prominent Jedi, but promising to each that I would not hand them off to any lackey with wristcuffs. They wanted proof, so I had already built a lightsaber to the specs of Octa Ramis’ one. It was enough to pass any sort of investigation. Guess that was enough, cause sure enough, on the day of rendezvous, here comes Vos Craten with not only a masquered Vong, but a voxyn. All it took them to believe that there was a Jedi on board was for me to reach out just slightly with the Force. Sure enough, that thing went nuts.” She shook her head, rueful, “Gotta say that was one of the most interesting fights I’ve seen in a while. Vos’ face was classic when he realized that I was the ‘Jedi’ he was coming to pick up. It’s real hard to not kill someone in amongst trying to kill two others. Chewie knocked out Vos before he could escape, but I had to take care of the other two. I was really glad that I had made the lightsaber functional.”

    Wedge interrupted, “Wait. You took out both the Vong and the voxyn?”

    “Yep. And yes, you can have both of them. They are in cold storage for your scientists. Figured they might come in handy.”

    “Oh, yes.”

    Wedge sat back, satisfied, “I’ll call the scientists once we’re done. They might just kiss your feet.”

    Jaina just laughed. She looked to the three men in the room, “So, enough about me. What are your plans for the day, now that you have it off?”

    Wedge shook his head, “The other two have it off. I get paperwork for your little prizes.”

    Anakin shrugged, “I don’t know. Sleep, probably.”

    Jaina looked crestfallen, “I can’t convince you to run some sims with me?”

    He shook his head, but looked pointedly at his friend by the door. “How about you, Jag?”

    Wedge’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, Fel. You should. You know Jaina, that Jag is very close to beating your records?”

    An eyebrow shot up, and she turned to look at the young pilot.

    “Is he now?” Standing she started to move towards him, “So, are you game to join me?”

    The Chiss in Jag reasoned that sleep was becoming a very rare commodity, and that every opportunity should be taken to act upon it. The Corellian heritage, however, was ready for the challenge. For the first time in many years, the Corellian won. Before he had even noticed it, he had agreed to meet her at the sims in a half hour, leaving enough time for him to shower and change before meeting her there.

    Jaina’s eyes were glittering. Butchering the young pilot was just the sort of bloody thing she wanted to do right then. And the idea of going back to her little brother with the experience, enough to say ‘I was right’, was more than enough to intrigue her.
  2. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    (Part Three)


    Three and a half hours later, Jaina emerged from the sim cockpit of an x-wing. For being sweaty, tired, and with the afterglow of the last explosion of her x-wing in her eyes, she was in a rather good mood.

    The first run had been surprising. Overconfident, she had run straight into the battle. It had taken all of her skill to prevent her from being destroyed almost instantly, and some extra skill to accomplish a mutual kill. Both had been fascinated by the results and wanted to run another one to see which way the tables would turn.

    Jaina was rather proud of her next run. She had taken him out within the first ten minutes. Jag insisted upon another run. That one was Jaina’s first death without mutual kill. Jaina was not one to let it sit. She insisted on another run. The sims continued in a similar fashion for the rest of the time, with the kill ratio against the other maintaining rather even. Finally, the last run ended with a mutual kill, and both agreed to call it a tie, and continue the battle another day. Jaina was very quick in getting out of the cockpit and on the ground. The commander took his time, and by the time he arrived on the floor, she was already leaning against her sim craft, arms and legs crossed. She was looking into the middle-distance, unknowingly allowing him a chance to appreciate her profile without her noticing.

    It was quite the sight to see, but was not to be long-lived. She recognized a presence and turned to look at him. However, instead of receiving the look of mockery or arrogance he expected, there was a look of kinship. She walked over and looked up at him.

    “You’re good, Fel. Really good.”

    Jag felt his breath catch. Her face was very close to his own, and her eyes were swimming in his view. She took a half-step forward, and he could feel the heat of her body so close to his. All control that he had been taught, all denial that had been ingrained in his mind and heart were beginning to feel ridiculous. His heart pounded in his ears. He had to strain to hear her next words.

    “Anakin was right about you.” She started to lean in, and Jag stood stock still, unable to move in to kiss her nor move back to escape her. He wasn’t even sure he knew which one he wanted. Almost as under a spell, he was as steadfast as a mountain.

    And then the door of the sim room opened, and a few other pilots entered. The spell broken, but still affecting his hearing, it took a moment for him to realize that they were applauding. Jaina had moved from in front of him, and was running to a young woman in the group. Almost instantaneously, his hearing returned and he could hear his friends and co-pilots expressing their amazement at their sims. They hadn’t seen flying that in a long time. His friends were talking to him, but he glanced back over to where Jaina was talking animatedly with a red-headed friend. It took a moment, but Jag noticed that there was something different with this friend. Not only was her hair plaited in long thick red braids, but an arm was missing just above the elbow. Amongst the New Republic, it was rare to see someone with a missing limb, let alone a pretty young woman, without a cybernetic replacement. As he watched, Jaina and the red-head moved towards the door. Jag expected Jaina to leave without anymore comment, and thereby gave his undivided attention to his friend, who was completing a joke that would require his humored response. He was rather surprised to hear Jaina call his name over the din of the pilots.

    “Fel! Thanks. We’ll finish this again later.”

    Jag’s still addled brain took a moment to realize that she meant the sims.
  3. Belle1214

    Belle1214 Jedi Padawan

    Sep 11, 2012
  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Squee on the chapter -- the banter - the sims - and Jaina's prizes. [face_nail_biting] over Tahiri. :( Glad Anakin gave Jaina a piece of his mind about keeping in touch. :p

    And ... Belle1214 - squeed over your ... comment about opening up to the Force again. Yummmmm! [face_dancing]
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  5. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    So now I'm sheepishly showing myself after almost 3 years... would anybody be interested in a continuation of this story? looking back, I have some errors in the writing that I have to fix no matter what, but would anybody like me to continue/finish this story? I have more sitting in my computer and would like to continue this and one of my older stories called To My Love. Let me know what you think...
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  6. Belle1214

    Belle1214 Jedi Padawan

    Sep 11, 2012
    Sure! I've been in need of some good J/J fanfiction recently ;)
  7. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    Oh, hi Belle1214! Alright! when I get done editing some of the old (grammatical and literary rubbish) errors, I'll post a new section! [:D]
  8. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    Chapter Five

    (part one)

    Moonlight transformed the room into an eerie landscape, morphing colors and shapes into grays and shadows. The only place where the moon’s altering power held no affect was on the red-gold of her hair as it spilled ray-like over their pillows. Never once had he intentionally moved a hair of her head, whether it tickled his face, or if it covered most of his pillow. Too often when he couldn’t sleep, he would lie beside her quietly, breathing in the scent, and kissing the top of her head lightly before falling into a contented sleep. That night, however, he lay unhappy beside her, and not even appreciating the effortless beauty of his wife was enough to quell the disquieting feelings.

    The evening before had been spent with Luke and Mara discussing the events of the past day including Jaina’s success in the capture of Craten. The apprehension of the head of the Peace Brigade allowed some new options but also created new issues. Luke was worried, and Mara agreed, and thereby the choice was made that it was necessary for someone to run the Great River again, reaching the Jedi that were now spread across the galaxy in multiple safe-houses. There was even some word of possible retribution on the younger, more inexperienced Jedi. After much frustration and reasoning, and even some bartering, it was agreed that Luke was to be the one to leave.

    While it was not something uncommon for one or the other to go on a separate mission, this was to be the first time that they were going to be apart for any significant length of time since their son, Ben, had been born. As much as Mara hated it, Luke only hated it that much more. He had grown so accustomed to their proximity, and become comfortable and spoiled by their company.

    Once it was decided that it was to be Luke to head this run, it was soon decided that someone else needed to come with him. Only one person came to mind.

    Jacen agreed far quicker than Mara had expected. It took Luke to point out that this was precisely the type of mission that Jacen was convinced all Jedi were to undertake, and would be quick to prove that true—especially since the council voted against his concern, and continued to affiliate with the military.

    Luke took every moment in his wife’s presence and soaked it into his soul and seared every moment into his memory. It was likely to be awhile before he’d find himself in this position with her again. Sighing, he rolled his head over to look at the chrono. If Jacen and he were to make it to the flight off of Borleias that morning, he needed to be getting ready now. He turned to his wife one more time and feathered her temple with a kiss, and left the bed as carefully as he could, not wishing to wake her.

    His bag was already prepared and his shower took only minutes. Luke was ready a good few minutes before he was expected to leave their apartment. He took the time to stand in the doorway of his son’s nursery and stare at Ben. He slept soundly, peacefully, as he had since the moment they had brought him home. Shaking his head again, he turned to find Mara standing outside of their door, arms crossed, dressed in an emerald silk robe.

    “Farmboy, you honestly expected to leave without saying goodbye to me?”

    Luke smiled. He should have known he could never escape her that easily. Not that he ever wanted to escape her. He reached out and pulled her into his embrace.

    “I thought I did that last night.”

    Mara smiled into his chest. “That’s true. And rather well, too.”

    She heard him chuckle and then go still, “Love, I need to go. I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t be,” she looked up at him, “You’ll be back. That’s all that matters.”

    Luke smiled, “Never doubt it.”


    Upon entering the moonlit nightscape, Luke took in a deep breath, savoring the smell of the crisp rain that had begun to fall only moments before. He peered out into the sky, and spotted the gap in the rain clouds, allowing the moon and a few stars shine through. A memory stirred in his mind, and he could almost see the vision as clear as if he was experiencing it again. He could almost see the shapes of the humanoid beings in the clouds.

    Suddenly a strike of lightning startled him out of his reverie, and he shook his head, trying to clear it. He looked back out at the horizon, and saw nothing but the rain clouds obscuring the vantage of the night.

    “Are you ok, Uncle Luke?”

    Luke rounded quickly. He had been so caught by the memory that he had not even noticed his nephew’s presence.

    “Um, yes.” Luke looked down at his chrono, “You’re timing is improving. We better get going.”

    Jacen nodded, but it was obvious that he did not believe his uncle’s assurances. As Jacen began to make his way off the front porch to the waiting speeder, Luke took one last glance at the skyline, and seeing nothing he moved to join his nephew. But the creatures seemed to hang in the corner of Luke’s sight as the ship took off later from Borleias, and they hovered on the fringes of his dreams as he slept.
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    Aug 16, 2010
    (part two)

    With a surprisingly mechanical sound, a pair of pincers extended into the membrane of the control center. A few deft clips and snips, moving one part over to another, and a couple of mumbled phrases, and abruptly a living screen came to life, and sounds of agony filled the dark room. The screen showed a young woman suspended from what appeared to be a table if it had been on the floor. As it was, it appeared as if the artificial gravity had been confused, allowing the floor to be the ceiling, and vice versa. The young woman’s blonde hair fell across her face, disheveled and dirty. It had been a while since she had been washed or taken care of and even longer since she had cared.

    Out of the sight of the transmitting villip’s view, a door membrane opened and closed and a master Shaper appeared at the bottom of the screen. It was only the back side of her head, but it was enough to for the observer to recognize them as Nen Yim. Moving forward, she began to move and probe the control panel near the creature holding the captive.

    “You’re doing very well, my dear,” Nen Yim reassured the young woman. “You have more resilience than was expected.”

    “Go suck an exhaust pipe.”

    The Shaper smiled, “And still spirited. Good.” She turned to leave the room, but paused by a pile of bones near the door membrane. “A shame your little furry friend didn’t last nearly as long.” Nen looked over her shoulder at the woman. The blonde’s head looked as far up as she could to look at her captor. Even across the distance and the distortion of the viewing villip, the hate was clear to see in her eyes. Nen pushed the woman a little harder. Toeing one of the freshly cleaned bones laying on the ground, “I see the Diptera maggots had their fill.”

    The observer leaned in close, curious to see the results of the prodding. Their hopes laid on this moment. Was this woman the one they would need?

    Almost as if not to disappoint, Nen Yim made to move towards the door, but stopped stock still as it appeared as if an invisible hand had reached out to hold her by a shrinking collar. The Shaper’s hands went to her throat, but there was nothing there to pry away. Turning around, the Yuuzhan Vong woman made eye contact with the suspended woman. Matching green eyes met, almost hauntingly familiar to the other. The prisoner seemed startled by this and shook her head. Nen Yim fell to her knees instantly, gasping. Slowly, she picked herself up and left the prisoner behind. As soon as the membrane closed, the young woman gave way to her emotions, allowing sobs to rack her already battered body.

    In a distant chamber, on another planet, the observer sat back in their chair, resting pleasantly in the darkness, allowing it to envelop them as they would a lover’s arms.

    “Good.” The darkness said, “Very good.”

    From the deepness of the void, two eyes-- one glacially blue, the other molten red—shined with pleasure.
  10. Force Smuggler

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    Sep 2, 2012
    NJO AU Fan-fic! Continue!
    So exciting.
    It's different.
    Tahiri better get out of this alive!
    Was that Iceheart at the end?
    Jaina and Jag will be fun to follow.
    Jag leaving the Chiss was the right thing to do.
  11. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    *blinks* Hello? Is it you? Is it back? [face_dancing] [face_dancing] Oh joy! Joy! There are new readers, Overboard for a Fel and returned authors, so yeah, something this good will have an audience! ^:)^ Awesome blend of L/M yum and ominous tones with the YV! =D=
  12. Overboard4aFel

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    Aug 16, 2010
    Thanks for reading, Force Smuggler ! Keep an eye out for more soon!! a
  13. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010

    Yes, it is!! Don't die of shock!! [face_skull]So glad to see you again! Glad you didn't give up on me.... @};-
  14. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010
    Next section to beta! It'll be up soon!!@};-
  15. Force Smuggler

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    Sep 2, 2012
    NJO era stuff is my favorite era to read.
    I love the series as is but a curve ball like this? Bring it on!
    That's not the answer I was looking for.
    Ever since Jag stiffed Borsk Fey'lya to visit Jaina, I've been a fan of both of them.
    Hmm. Interesting question.
  16. Overboard4aFel

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    Aug 16, 2010
    And, just like that- Chapter Six, Part One is up and ready!

    Chapter Six

    Part One

    A crash and clatter echoed across the hanger bay, bouncing off concrete floors, durasteel walls, and empty fighters. The few inhabitants of the room turned toward the source of the noise, and quickly turned away as they recognized who it was. Meanwhile, retribution was given on the offending piece of machinery that caused the anger. This retribution was accompanied by various curses in multiple languages. At that point, the hanger door opened to reveal Jagged Fel.

    The young commander took only a moment to search out his target, and only a moment more to recognize that it was the source of the dubious repair. He hesitated, but was bolstered by memories of camaraderie of the last few days, as well as the Corellian stubbornness that was inherent to his genes. Decidedly, he moved towards the Falcon undeterred by a new burst of angry curses. One of the mechanics in the bay noticed two things—One, that he rather pitied the young man moving towards the ship; and two, he was rather surprised by Solo’s vocabulary. The words she used were completely different than her last burst. He even learned a few listening to her, deciphering their best usage due to her grammar in using them.

    Once Fel arrived at the Falcon, he gave himself a moment to once again steel his nerves, and then knocked on the landing strut nearest the entry ramp—no answer. Another burst of clamor inspired him to search a little further and gave him a general area in which to search. Ducking under the Falcon, he didn’t take long to find her. Jaina Solo’s lower half hung down, dangling above the ground about 3 meters away, with her upper body embedded in circuitry and machinery inside the guts of the ship. The motion of her repair (if it could be called that) had hitched up her shirt, allowing Jag a full look at the tattoo that he had gotten a tease of when he first met her. A vine wound around itself with small Corellian roses in various states of bloom peeked out. This vine wound from her lower back somewhere Jag couldn’t see, and traveled the front across the tops of her hip bones and disappeared down the front of her khakis. The young commander physically ripped his eyes away from the sight to calm his mind and clear his thoughts. Clearing his throat, he called out her name, purposefully looking at her dangling booted feet. She didn’t acknowledge that she had heard him. He tried knocking softly on the hull. Still nothing. Finally, he moved closer and knocking slightly harder on the hull.

    Jaina jumped, surprised, while still inside the cramped crawlspace in the hull. This unfortunately lead to a very violent blow to her head, only angering her more than she had been. Jag heard the collision, and backed away, allowing her to fall back down to her own feet, without hitting him. She came out cussing, and only increased in her scolding when she recognized Jag. The young pilot was startled at the vehemence of Jaina’s anger, and the seeming defiance in his face fueled her even more.

    “What the kriff do you want, Fel?”

    “I…” He took a moment to swallow and gather his thoughts, drawing himself to his full height. “I had finished my run, and thought that you might like to continue our sim runs this evening, as we have been the last few nights. I assume that is not the case.”

    She looked him over, and he could feel the color her composure.

    “Whatever gave you that idea, Fel?” she said, mockingly sweet. “Me, covered in grease, or that I cursed you out thoroughly after you startled me?”

    “In any case,” Jag continued, seemingly unscathed by her sarcasm, “I will leave you to your repair, no matter how dubious it’s results will evidently be.”

    “Well, don’t let me hold you here.” She bowed deeply, far more than necessary. Jag nodded, and turning, left the young woman behind him, not even glancing back. Jaina threw a rude gesture toward his retreating backside. She turned to climb back inside and stopped. She had had every intention of finishing the repairs before she ran the next load Wedge desired her to take. Jaina should have realized this to be a futile act she spotted Kyp barreling. As he approached like a small hurricane of activity, Jaina let out a sigh. The man had no tact, and had yet to figure he was severely dissuading Jaina from ever seriously considering changing her course of life.

    “What’s your issue, Jaina?” he had asked.

    “What’s yours?” she had dismissively shot back.

    “Listen, you’re already doing your uncle and hold-father’s errands. Why not do more for the war? Why do you insist on being distant?”

    “I’m not running Luke and Wedge’s ‘errands’ as you call them,” she had rounded at him swinging a hydrospanner under his nose. “I only do what I can when I don’t have a run already planned otherwise.”

    “Must be slow in the smuggling business.”

    She sneered at him and turned back to the circuitboard she had been working on.

    “Come on, Jaina. You don’t have to be a Jedi to help. You’re an unbelievable pilot. Become a fighter pilot.”

    “There’s not a war yet, Kyp.”

    “Then evidently you’re not listening or looking around, if you believe that.”

    “Go away.”

    “Not till you explain why you won’t help.”

    “Then you’ll be standing there a while.”

    “There’s a reason why I’m a Jedi Master, love.”

    “Go away.”


    Suddenly a growl had echoed through the hanger bay, startling Kyp. Chewie pounded down the entry ramp, glaring at Kyp. The Jedi turned to look at him.

    “Can you convince her to do something with her life, beyond just salving her conscience with a little help here and there?”

    “[No. That’s her choice. And I’m pretty sure she told you to leave.]”

    Jaina snorted.

    Kyp sighed, “Don’t think this conversation’s dead, Jaina.”

    “Oh, it is. You just haven’t figured that out yet, that’s all.”

    Even after Kyp had left, Jaina found she couldn’t calm her mind, his words playing about in her head, beating her. It didn’t help that the young pilot had shown up today too. Jaina had been having a very hard time getting her mind off of him the last few days anyway, and despite her usual ability to get whatever she wanted with men, she found that it held no attraction for her in this case. Her feelings were becoming very hard to decipher, a jumbled mess of conflicting thoughts.

    Shaking her head, Jaina put her hydrospanner back into the toolbox, resigning herself to not being able to complete any more repair that day. Belatedly, she realized that she had just sabotaged her chance to run sims with Fel. Jaina reconciled herself to finding a good novel to read and a quiet corner to read it in.


    Deep into the evening, most of the inhabitants of the base on Borleias lay sleeping in their respective. The only ones awake were the few unlucky whose shifts had been selected for late night patrol or control tower.

    Laying in a cot in her brother’s sleeping quarter’s Jaina tossed and turned, haunted by memories twisted in the way of nightmares.

    Playing on Yavin IV, Jaina and her brothers raced up the sides of the pyramids, trying to beat the others to the top to see the Falcon as it arrived. Reaching the top first Jaina let out a whoop, and turned to see her brothers. Instead of her brothers, though, were a multitude of Yuuzhan Vong racing up the side of the building. At the same moment, Jaina realized that her violet lightsaber hummed in her hand, almost purring, readying for battle. The Falcon had changed velocity, now coming to hover directly above her head, and the entry ramp had been extended, waiting for her. She turned, expecting to see her brothers, holding out their hands as they had been then. However, Zekk and Tahiri jumped down to join her, and she found herself unable to help them let alone move, as two of her closest friends entered the melee. Zekk turned to her, and with a gesture pushed her up and into the Falcon. As soon as Jaina’s feet hit the durasteel of the ramp, an amphistaff blossomed through Zekk’s chest. Still keeping eye contact with her, his mouth formed words that Jaina couldn’t hear, but knew already what they were. Tears filled her eyes as she watched the last word died on his lips as the staff was pulled from him and he fell motionless on the ground. Jaina’s watery gaze turned to Anakin’s fiancé in time to see her being hit and pulled deep into the mass of Vong. Almost as if the ship had waited for her to see all this, the Falcon pulled away, giving her a long view of the horizon. The twilight sky had clouds gathering in the horizon. Jaina recalled that the Vong had been slashing and burning as they had conquered. However, different from the memory, these clouds seemed almost alive themselves. Jaina gazed through her tear-streaked eyes, as the clouds moved and grew until they became almost humanoid in shape, moving to blot out the dying sun, encouraging the encroaching night.

    Jaina shot up from bed, sheets wrapped around her form, her eyes wide, her breaths coming in choking gasps. Her heart pounding, she remained sitting up for a time, allowing her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Just barely she could make out her brother’s sleeping form. The reassurance of his living presence calmed her down, but it was obvious she would not be sleeping any more that night.

    Dreams like these had been plaguing her for a few months, but were becoming progressively more intense. Enough of the dreams were of real memories that she would often take a few hours to analyze to make certain what was real and what was of her sleeping mind.

    Realizing that laying in her uncomfortable cot without sleep was not how she wanted to spend the next few hours till daylight, she raised herself and took a shower, hoping the sanisteam would help wash away some of the shudders she still was feeling. Once she was done, she quietly tiptoed out of Anakin’s quarters, trying to avoid waking him.


    Anakin had been awake for the last hour, awoken by the sound of Jaina’s dream. He had long ago found that to wake Jaina during those dreams was not the wisest thing to do if one desired to keep from injury. Waiting till she was done, he had listened to her get up and shower, and then change and leave. He desired to help, but Jaina would never have accepted. He also knew that when Jaina had any sort of scare—whether a dream or a memory or an honest-to-goodness scare—she would shortly leave, if not at that moment, it was only a matter of hours. Anakin would not be surprised to find Jaina already gone by the time day had risen.


    Jaina entered the cafeteria, hoping beyond all hope, that there might be some caf she could commandeer. She found the remnants of something hot in a canister in the common area, that might at one time have been caf. She shrugged and poured—or rather, scraped—out some of it into a cup and added a plentiful amount of creamer and sugar.

    She sat at an empty table, with only a handful of military and civilian workers scattered in cloisters around the room. None desired her company anymore than she appeared to desire theirs. Staring down into her thick cup of caf, she had failed to notice a new arrival.

    Jagged Fel had finished half of his reports, and had decided that this accomplishment deserved some sort of reward, and figured a cup of caf would satisfy that perfectly. Upon arriving at the mess, he had seen Jaina sitting by herself in a corner seat, staring down her cup. After making his own paste of caf, he turned to find her in the same position, only with what appeared to be tears running down her face, and her not moving to remedy this. He came to her side hesitantly.

    “If you stare at it long enough, it might just answer whatever it is that’s bothering you.”

    Jaina jumped slightly, but this time there had been nothing to hit when she did. This thought brought a slight smile to her face. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up at Jag.

    “Kinda hoping it will.”

    Jag gestured at the empty seat next to her, and she shrugged. Sitting next to her he turned to look at her. The look of concern on his face caused Jaina to chuckle.

    “You’re brave, Fel. I give you a hiding, and yet you have enough balls to come and sit next to me with a look like I’m a fragile piece of glass that’ll break under enough pressure.”

    “Are you?”


    “Under that much pressure.”

    Jaina shook her head. “Why do you care? I’m pretty sure I’ve given you enough of a reason not to.”

    Jag shrugged and looked at his caf and took a swig. “Maybe I am one of those people who don’t like to see other people upset. Maybe cause you’re Anakin’s sister. Maybe cause I would like to hear that my sims opponent is still on the top of her game.”

    Jaina smiled, “Or maybe you’re just one of those poor saps who can’t see a woman cry.”

    “Oh no,” Jag said, shaking his head, “That’s definitely not it.”

    “Course not.”

    “So, honestly, are you ok?”


    “Would you like to talk about it?”

    Jaina’s mouth opened with a response easily coming to her head, immediately shutting him out. Something stayed her though. It was the same feeling that stopped her from using him like she often did with other men. It was the same thing that prevented her from telling him to get lost like she had with the rest. Looking at his face, she realized something she had never felt before. She wanted to tell him. So her original snarky answer died on her lips. Instead she answered with one word.

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    Superb intensity and on-spot characterization! Jaina is full of tangled emotions and struggles. [face_thinking] Jag is just the one to untangle them. =P~ Talking is good first step to unburdening and finding a sympathetic friend. :)
  18. EGKenobi

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    This is a brilliant story, and I can't wait to see how it develops. Please let me know when you update this!

    Quite a shocking start, which I thought was written brilliantly!
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    Finally caught up! Nice updates! Kinda worried about Tahiri...being tortured by both Nen Yim and whomever the other lunatic is can't be any fun.

    Good to see Jaina talking to someone...her 'angsty' act was wearing a bit thin. It's not as if BOTH of her brothers suffered the same loss, or anything. '...scraped the caf into the cup....' =D= Nice visual! 'Bout what the stuff looks like in a chow hall, too.

    Hooray to the Tenel Ka sighting! Even if it was just a cameo appearance.
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    Love Jaina and Jag. Just had to say it again.
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    That it is! I'm currently rewriting that scene. Trying to make it a hair more believable. ;) Should be off and up soon! Thanks, lady!
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    I can most certainly let you know! :D and thank you so much!
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    Anytime you want to, feel free... I love them too.=D=
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    (Part Two)

    Jag awoke stiff, sore and chilled from his dampened clothes. As his eyes slowly pried open, the surroundings stirred him, and the previous night’s experience came flooding back. He carefully supported himself as he sat up, looking for his fellow companion. The only evidence of her missing presence was the dry patch on the ‘crete where she had lain. Honestly, he was amazed she had stayed as long as she did to talk the night prior. It had started simply, talking about the day. Then she started asking a little more personal questions. It was nothing he was hesitant to share, so they talked about family; first with his, then she began to speak about hers. This was obviously uncomfortable, and Jag remembered wondering if she had spoken of them with anyone else before. Even with what was left of them.

    Anakin had mentioned before that Jaina was the only one to have actually seen her parents die. He also said that who she was immediately after was not the woman she now portrayed herself to be. Talking with Jaina, he had begun to see it. At one point in the night, he hesitantly asked her a question that lead to some revelations, that Jag was sure she hadn't been expecting to share..

    “From what Anakin has told me, you left only a few years ago. What changed? Why did you decide to leave?”

    Jaina had stopped fiddling with the now-cold mug of caf, and it was obvious to see the wariness in her eyes. Suddenly she sighed, and turned to look at Jag full on.

    “I’m not used to this, in all honesty Fel. I don’t talk about stuff like this very often,” She snorted,
    “Actually, I don’t talk about it ever. But, I guess I should.

    “For the first three-ish years, I was the epitome of loving sister. I took care of my brothers, my responsibilities as a Jedi Apprentice, and as a pilot in the New Republic’s fleet. My brothers tried to get me to talk about my parents- anything about them. I just didn’t. I refused out and out. Guess it just kinda built up inside. Then the battle of Yavin… the Academy. Gone. So many friends, just gone. One of my closest friends… Well, he died right in front of me. He died for me.

    “So many friends—“

    She stopped, choked up and turned away. Without even thinking, Jag reached out and grabbed her hand. Jaina’s head whipped around to look at him, and she had a similar look on her face as he must have had. He swallowed but forced himself to keep a hold of her hand.

    “I understand,” Jag began. “and you have no need to explain. But if you wish to, I will listen.”

    And she had. Jaina opened up, telling him about her old friends, the ones distant, the ones gone, and the many she had just lost track of. Then she told of the moment she realized she was done with it all. That her desire to fight anymore was gone and she had no desire to care for the responsibilities she had taken on to her shoulders. How she and Jacen went toe to toe over it, and how it strained their relationship.

    “Do you still want to live like this?” Jag had asked in a lull. Cautiously, he added, “It seems a very lonely way of living.”

    Jaina surprisingly didn’t jump to defend. Instead, kept her head bowed over her new cup of steaming caf and took a deep breath in through her nose. When she didn’t respond, Jag began to worry he had overstepped his small boundaries, until he heard her almost whisper, “It is.”

    “Then why not change it?”

    She shook her head, “Who would really want me? I’m not sticking myself under Kyp again, and besides I’m not sure if I would even want to go back to being a Jedi.”

    “Then don’t. Become a pilot. Work as a mechanic. Whatever you want.”

    “I’ve burnt so many bridges,” Jaina said with a sniff.

    “It can’t hurt to ask.”

    Jaina shook her head again, and this time, Jag chose not to push it.

    The conversation took a turn to the superfluous, and decidedly never returned to the subject. Somewhere along the lines, Jaina had nodded off first, and Jag let her. He wasn’t quite sure when he joined her in sleep. But now, as he woke up and found that she was nowhere to be seen beyond her dry imprint on the ‘crete, he found he missed her company already. Jag allowed himself the luxury to admit it and feel a small bit of melancholy in association with it. As the sky began to purple, hinting at the day’s start only a few minutes away, he sat up to appreciate it.

    Jag practically jumped out of his skin when Jaina spoke behind him.

    “Hi, Fel,” she said, a chuckle under the words, “How are you this morning?”

    He lightly smiled, “I was going to ask you that.”

    Smiling too, she responded, “I am doing much better. Thank you. I can’t say that enough.”

    “There is no need.”

    “No, really Fel.” She sat back down, handing him a new steaming cup of caf. “I feel like I can think clearly again. I haven’t felt that way in years.”

    “It is what friends are for, I have been told.”

    Her head turned quickly to him, a question in her eyes. The smile in his eyes betrayed the humor in his statement.

    Tears came to her eyes, and she quickly ducked her head, not wanting him to see it. “Is that really how you view me? A friend?”

    “Of course,” he responded, without a hint of sarcasm.

    “I could use a friend.”

    “I think you have more than you realize.”


    A comfortable silence fell between them. Jaina started to stir.

    “Guess we should head back, huh?” she asked.

    Jag shook his head. “If people are going to have ideas, that’s their problem. I’d prefer to enjoy the sunrise.”

    Jaina laughed, “Fel, you’re up here in the middle of the night, with me.” She snorted, “Most importantly, with me. They already have ideas. “


    As Anakin got ready for his day, resetting his flight bag and pouring a cup of caf, a feeling of resignation and sorrow settled over him. He took another glance at the spare cot in his cabin, tousled and empty. With a defeated sigh, Anakin set about putting away the cot, fully expecting to find The Falcon gone. Just as he finished, he heard the door open. Thinking it was one of his fellow pilots, he didn’t even bother to turn.

    “Just a minute,” he said, “finishing this up real quick.”

    “Wait a sec—“ Jaina said, “Just what do you think you’re doing to my cot?”

    Anakin rounded to find his sister standing in the door of his cabin, smiling. She had circles under her eyes, but for an indefinable reason she looked rested. He was completely out of words, and Jaina could tell.

    “I’ll leave you to fixing this mess up yourself then,” Jaina continued a smirk forming, “I’m going to be in the sims with Fel again.”

    As the door shut with a hiss, Anakin sat down completely at a loss, his jaw slack.
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