Beyond Alien (Repost!) (NJO- AU) [Chapter Four is Up! 11/16]

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    (Part Two)

    He looked away from her, unable to see the hurt in Jaina’s eyes. Jaina tried to bring him back, asking for more information about Tahiri.

    “Why hasn’t there been any attempt of rescue? Even the Jedi would do that, I figure.”

    “That’s just it, Jaina. You’ve been away from the Force for so long, you didn’t even feel it. Not even a day after she was taken, there was a wave of anguish, and then nothing. Just a void. Most of the Jedi Masters agreed that she had been killed. She’s currently KIA on the military’s list.”

    Jaina found herself again speechless, “Anakin, I am …” She paused, knowing where that had led last time she said that. “Anakin, do you agree with them? That she’s dead?”


    “Why not? What makes you so confident that she’s still alive?”

    “Because it didn’t feel right. I know Tahiri. I know her like the back of my hand. There’s no way that she’s dead.”

    His sister nodded, and Anakin could tell that there was no duplicity in the action. Jaina honestly believed and agreed with him. The fact that someone didn’t look at him with pity when he said that, feeling that he just needed to come to grips with ‘Ri’s death, comforted him more than any spoken word could have.

    “Baby brother, I have long back stopped trusting the Force to tell me with complete accuracy. Truth can be a matter of perspective. So why believe that the Force is going to tell me a yes or no answer. It’s all skewed by the person’s POV. So I believe that you are right. And I’m sorry that they don’t understand and won’t help correct it.”

    Anakin nodded, and thanked her.

    A sound caused Anakin to look behind his sister, to see Wedge’s door opening. Jaina didn’t flinch or move beyond taking another swig of brandy. Wedge and Jag entered, and Wedge moved to sit at his seat, Jag stayed standing to the side of the group, near the door. Anakin wondered if Jag stayed close to the door just in case his sister went off again. The thought of Jag being nervous—or as he would call it, cautious—around his sister brought a smile to his lips.

    Wedge poured himself a glass of brandy, and offered Jag some. The commander said no. Wedge shrugged and proceeded to lean back in his chair propping his feet up on his desk, copying the solo siblings. Finally, Jaina broke the silence.

    With raised brow, she asked, “Well? Was it who you were looking for?”

    Wedge smirked and nodded.

    “Oh goodie,” Jaina said, “Go ahead, kiss ‘em.”

    It took Anakin a moment to realize what she was talking about until he saw her elevated booted feet wiggling on the desk. Wedge laughed, and reached over to knock them off his desk. This motion dropped Jaina’s chair back to all four feet, causing her drink to splash up over the lip of the cup. This sent the other three in the room laughing at Jaina’s expense. After a look of mock outrage, Jaina joined in.

    “When you get your own squadron, Jaina, and manage to fight off the Vong until they go crying back to their own galaxy, singlehandedly, you’ll have to accept this.” Wedge lifted his glass in her direction. Jaina and Anakin raised theirs, and all three downed the remaining contents at one time. Wedge picked up the flask and replenished the glasses.

    “So,” he said as he leaned back in his chair, “How did you do it?”

    “Well,” she began, pointedly leaning back in her chair and dropping her feet noisily on Wedge’s desk, “It’s actually rather easy.”

    Anakin interrupted, “Wait—wait. Who was that anyway?”

    Jaina’s grin could’ve lit up a room. “Does the name Vos Craten ring any bells to you?”

    Vos Craten was known in the back room circles as the current head of the Peace Brigade. Notorious in his hatred of the Jedi, and his single-minded determination, he was quite the foe to deal with. Anakin found his jaw slack, and his eyes wide.

    “There’s no way that that was….”

    “Oh yes.”

    “How in the nine Corellian hells did you manage that?”

    “I was getting there.”

    “Then please get there.”

    “Thank you.”

    Looking back to Wedge she smiled, “So. It’s actually rather simple to catch a Brigadier. And actually not too hard to catch a high-end one. All you have to do is give them what they want. So, I merely schmoozed my way up the ladder with a promise of a very prominent Jedi, but promising to each that I would not hand them off to any lackey with wristcuffs. They wanted proof, so I had already built a lightsaber to the specs of Octa Ramis’ one. It was enough to pass any sort of investigation. Guess that was enough, cause sure enough, on the day of rendezvous, here comes Vos Craten with not only a masquered Vong, but a voxyn. All it took them to believe that there was a Jedi on board was for me to reach out just slightly with the Force. Sure enough, that thing went nuts.” She shook her head, rueful, “Gotta say that was one of the most interesting fights I’ve seen in a while. Vos’ face was classic when he realized that I was the ‘Jedi’ he was coming to pick up. It’s real hard to not kill someone in amongst trying to kill two others. Chewie knocked out Vos before he could escape, but I had to take care of the other two. I was really glad that I had made the lightsaber functional.”

    Wedge interrupted, “Wait. You took out both the Vong and the voxyn?”

    “Yep. And yes, you can have both of them. They are in cold storage for your scientists. Figured they might come in handy.”

    “Oh, yes.”

    Wedge sat back, satisfied, “I’ll call the scientists once we’re done. They might just kiss your feet.”

    Jaina just laughed. She looked to the three men in the room, “So, enough about me. What are your plans for the day, now that you have it off?”

    Wedge shook his head, “The other two have it off. I get paperwork for your little prizes.”

    Anakin shrugged, “I don’t know. Sleep, probably.”

    Jaina looked crestfallen, “I can’t convince you to run some sims with me?”

    He shook his head, but looked pointedly at his friend by the door. “How about you, Jag?”

    Wedge’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, Fel. You should. You know, Jaina, that Jag is very close to beating your records?”

    An eyebrow shot up, and she turned to look at the young pilot.

    “Is he now?” Standing she started to move towards him, “So, are you game to join me?”

    The Chiss in Jag reasoned that sleep was becoming a very rare commodity, and that every opportunity should be taken to act upon it. The Corellian heritage, however, was ready for the challenge. For the first time in many years, the Corellian won. Before he had even noticed it, he had agreed to meet her at the sims in a half hour, leaving enough time for him to shower and change before meeting her there.

    Jaina’s eyes were glittering. Butchering the young pilot was just the sort of bloody thing she wanted to do right then. And the idea of going back to her little brother with the experience, enough to say ‘I was right’, was more than enough to intrigue her.
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    (Part Three)


    Three and a half hours later, Jaina emerged from the sim cockpit of an x-wing. For being sweaty, tired, and with the afterglow of the last explosion of her x-wing in her eyes, she was in a rather good mood.

    The first run had been surprising. Overconfident, she had run straight into the battle. It had taken all of her skill to prevent her from being destroyed almost instantly, and some extra skill to accomplish a mutual kill. Both had been fascinated by the results and wanted to run another one to see which way the tables would turn.

    Jaina was rather proud of her next run. She had taken him out within the first ten minutes. Jag insisted upon another run. That one was Jaina’s first death without mutual kill. Jaina was not one to let it sit. She insisted on another run. The sims continued in a similar fashion for the rest of the time, with the kill ratio against the other maintaining rather even. Finally, the last run ended with a mutual kill, and both agreed to call it a tie, and continue the battle another day. Jaina was very quick in getting out of the cockpit and on the ground. The commander took his time, and by the time he arrived on the floor, she was already leaning against her sim craft, arms and legs crossed. She was looking into the middle-distance, allowing him a chance to appreciate her profile without her noticing.

    It was quite the sight to see, but was not to be long-lived. She recognized a presence and turned to look at him. However, instead of receiving the look of mockery or arrogance he expected, there was a look of kinship. She walked over and looked up at him.

    “You’re good, Fel. Really good.”

    Jag felt his breath catch. Her face was very close to his own, and her eyes were swimming in his view. She took a half-step forward, and he could feel the heat of her body so close to his. All control that he had been taught, all denial that had been ingrained in his mind and heart was beginning to feel ridiculous. His heart pounded in his ears. He had to strain to hear her next words.

    “Anakin was right about you.” She started to lean in, and Jag stood stock still, unable to move in to kiss her, nor move back to escape her. He wasn’t even sure he knew which one he wanted. Almost as under a spell, he was a steadfast as a mountain.

    And then the door of the sim room opened, and a few other pilots entered. The spell broken, but still affecting his hearing, it took a moment for him to realize that they were applauding. Jaina had moved from in front of him, and was running to a young woman in the group. Almost instantaneously, his hearing returned and he could hear his friends and co-pilots expressing their amazement at Jaina and his sims. They hadn’t seen flying that in a long time. His friends were talking to him, but he glanced back over to where Jaina was talking animatedly with a red-headed friend. It took a moment, but Jag noticed that there was something different with this friend. Not only was her hair plaited in long thick red braids, but an arm was missing just above the elbow. Amongst the New Republic, it was rare to see someone with a missing limb, let alone a pretty young woman, without a cybernetic replacement. As he watched, Jaina and the red-head moved towards the door. Jag expected Jaina to leave without anymore comment, and thereby gave his undivided attention to his friend, who was completing a joke that would require his humored response. He was rather surprised to hear Jaina call his name over the din of the pilots.

    “Fel! Thanks. We’ll finish this again later.”

    Jag’s still addled brain took a moment to realize that she meant the sims.
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    Squee on the chapter -- the banter - the sims - and Jaina's prizes. [face_nail_biting] over Tahiri. :( Glad Anakin gave Jaina a piece of his mind about keeping in touch. :p

    And ... @Belle1214 - squeed over your ... comment about opening up to the Force again. Yummmmm! [face_dancing]
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