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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by MCPO_John_117, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Laaht - Armory

    He had decided to leave the men, this wasnt their kind of battle, he got on the Vehicle and blocked everything out, but he moved out once they stopped, he ran into the complex, he moved into the Main Hall, finding a map, he attatched his gun to his back and worked on it, unsealing the doors and clocking down oxygen breaches, he rerouted everything that he needed to, and then brought up the Areas schematics, displayed it on the wall, and too a sample for himself, he headed for the Droid Controll bay.

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  2. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    IC: Spc. David Hollace

    The building had not been running its compressors in some time. Thereofre the air was stagnant and slightly dank. Mildew had begun to crop up as well. Hollace had to suppress a sneezeupon entering.

    A quick glance around confirmed that the initial hallway was clear. He took his team to the left and checked the adjoining two rooms. Offices. Clear. No contacts. Both offices had been thoroughly tossed though. All drawers on all desks were left wide open, their contents tossed all about. A coffee machine shone coldly as his lamp passed over it.

    They edged along the main hallway. Hollace's fire team came upon a storage closet. The door had been wrenched off its rails and lay nearby. The contents of the maintenance closet had been largely undisturbed, But there were deep gouges in the door frame, as though something with huge claws had seized the border for purchase.

    Hollace furrowed his brow. He passed his lamp over it, and made sure his camera focused on the ruts.

    "CP this is Hollace. Are you getting this? Over."

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  3. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Laaht - Computer Maintenance Area

    Laaht made it to the Maintenance area without a hitch, and began to work on bringing the lights and Air Compressors on, he got the Compressors on fine, but the lights had been cut somewhere, he shut them off incase a cut wire somewhere was sparking into someone, and then he proceeded to turn the Power Core on. As he was working, he heard a scraping sound, and span, Weapon at the ready, its bullets ready to impact. But nothing was there, as he turned, something moves inexpliccably fast in the shadows, and Laaht quickly overrode the Lights conduit for this room, bringing them on, he heard something of a screech, then nothing, he turned his helmets sensors on, and worked relentlessly trying to provide power wherever he could, he got in the data sotrage, the armory, most of the corridors and all of the Dorms exept one. He then turned on the air Compressors, hearing the humming he left the Online Core, and went to Sparta "Sir, Ive brought up everything I can"

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  4. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Corporal Scott Tracy, Private Deborah ?Deb? Gate, Private Devon Robie

    Tracy led his team along the dark corridor, boots silent on the slatted walkway where possible, avoiding the coils of dead wiring hanging from open slats in the ceiling.

    Strip lighting flickered on all along the corridor, from far behind them, over their heads and stretching ahead, lighting one after the other.

    Scott and his team dropped to one knee, making smaller targets now that they were more visible to an enemy.

    ?Sir, Ive brought up everything I can,? sounded across their helmet sets. He recognised Laaht?s filtered voice.

    The new illumination increased the amount of devastation they could see.

    Scott put a hand to his headcomm. ?Sergeant, Tracey here. My area is secured. We?re going to head to Medical. All this fighting and damage, someone had to have gotten hurt. Out.?

    He stood, the team following suit.

    ?What do you think, Deb??

    The young woman who kept Ashley company in the testosterone filled world of the marine corps, glanced about. ?Definitely more than a downed sat-link, Corp?. I think either Medical or the Base Commander?s office will be the best ways to find what happened here.?

    Scott nodded, agreeing. The lieutenant would likely want to check out the commander?s office himself, which left Medical.

    ?Okay, with lights, we should be able to find it a bit easier. Don?t let the lights distract you, stay frosty.?

    He continued down the walkway, searching the walls and intersections for signs to their destination.

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  5. RilasTyrinth

    RilasTyrinth Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 13, 2007
    IC: James

    James and his team sweeped the next corner and found the same things they had been finding every time they rounded a corner. God damn holes in the ground, wreckage, a little blood here or there. THe one thing that scared James was no bodies anywhere.

    "Musta been a hell of a fight," Pvt. Garcia, one of James team mates remarked.

    "Yeah...Jesus," the other member, Pvt. Banks agreed upon seeing a door ripped in half.

    "Anything on sensors Banks?" James said.

    "Not yet sir..."

    "Thats a good thing from my perspective. Whoever did this must be serious bad ass," James replied. "These holes look like they've been melted through."

    "Yeah...odd," Banks replied.

    Suddenly a noise sounded from somewhere. A hissing noise.

    "What the hell? Did you hear something?" James asked his teammates.

    "Yeah..." Banks replied.

    "Check the sensors."

    "Sure thing...nothing...wait...I got something!"

    "Let me see," James said and walked over to the sensor reader. "It's gone?"

    "Gone just like that...damn. Maybe this place is playing tricks on us or something."

    "I don't know but I sure don't like it. This is Santiago to Lieutenant. Do you read. We had some slight movement but it disappeared before we could get anything. Over."

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  6. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Laaht - Hallways

    Laaht had decided to go after one of the Teams, as his main function was done, he walked along the lit passages, hearing voices ahead, he walekd, his gun on his back, he walekd toward the noise, they were talking about the Sensor Readout. Larty entered their corridor, seeing James, he moved up to him, Laaht's white armor relefting the light "Can i have a look at that? might be able to intesify the range a little" he took the Sensor, modifying it a little so it would do a larger field of Scan by drawing on the Stations unlimited power via satalite-type function. Laaht wlaked beside james, handed him back the Sensor and moved into one of the room that had a broken door, he looked at his map "This is supposedly the...mourge bay" the strange thing was, there were no bodies, but the System had logged more than half the Complexes Staff onto it. He showed it to James, when another sound like he had heard in the Power Core room happened. Laaht, bent over, causing his Rifle to fall down, he took ahold of it and primed it "I'm with you, James"

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    OOC: James, u can controll my guy like walking into rooms and stuff.
  7. Corbec637

    Corbec637 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 28, 2007

    The corridor was long and tight. Some of the lights worked and others just flickered in and out. Bragg and the two others asigned to him moved along slowly. The air was stale and thick, wires hung fron the ceiling and there was signs of small arms firing everywhere.

    "I don't like this..." one of the troopers piped up. It was his first assignment. he was green but had spirit.

    "What ya whining about? By the looks of it we missed the party" Bragg snorted. He stopped for a second and lit his cigar that he'd had with him all this time. Once he got a good few draws from it he opened his comm link. "Yo boss, Bragg checking in. No sign of civilans or whatever done this. Continuing sweep and moving towards sleeping quaters." Bragg flicked off the comm and then lifted his smart gun up and started moving along. Have a bad feeling about this

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  8. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Lt. Sparta, Pvt. Duncan, Pvt. Gregory.
    Command Center

    Sparta had been listening to the reports coming in. Damage to the decking and doors, barricades that didn?t hold, melted holes in the floor, but no bodies.
    ?Duncan, how?s it going with the main computer??
    Duncan looks up from the terminal he was working on. ?Computers up and running, Sir.?
    Sparta nods. ?Good. Start looking for PDTs.?
    Duncan turns back to his terminal. ?Yes Sir.?

    "Yo boss, Bragg checking in. No sign of civilans or whatever done this. Continuing sweep and moving towards sleeping quaters."
    Sparta clicks the mic on. ?Roger that, stay alert and use your motion detectors.?

    Sparta turns toward Duncan. ?Yes??
    ?Sir, I am not finding any PDTs in the main complex.?
    Sparta looked at the Private for a second. ?Alright widen the search to the outlying complexes.?
  9. Corbec637

    Corbec637 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 28, 2007

    Smoke formed at the end of his cigar as he moved along. The two others with him moved slowly behind him checking the corners and other "holes" were everywhere. They were nearing the sleeping quaters.

    "MOVEMENT!!!" Bragg jumped as the younger trooper yelled out. He was so focused on the sensor.

    "Idiot, be quiet!" Bragg snapped. "You trying to get us killed? Damn, well where is the movement?"

    "Its..I'm sorry...its...13m ahead and to the left. Two rooms down."

    "Alright then, lets be smart about this. Don't fire until we know we have a hostile." Bragg looked at both the Marines with him and they nodded. "Lieutenant this is Bragg, got movement here checking it out." Bragg waved the first trooper forward, Eidos Bragg thought his name might be, he couldn't recall. The first trooper, Eidos, made ready at the door where the movement had been detected.

    "This room right?" Bragg whispered to the second Marine and he nodded back as he got his pulse rifle ready. Bragg changed to his flamer thinking it best for the tight room. Hell he could burn the room out if there was an hostile in there.

    "Alright on three, one.....two.............THREE!!!" The first trooper kicked the flimsy door open and entered, Bragg was right behind him. The first trooper moved to the right and gave Bragg an entrance. Both stood near the door entrance and started scanning the room. There was no light and it smelled bad.

    "Lights" Bragg ordered. The first trooper turned on his flash light which was attached to the bottom of his rifle and flashed it around the room.

    "See anything in there?" Came a shout from the second trooper who guarded the hall.

    "Shut up....god damn rooks....." Bragg grumbled. He watched as the light was moved around, and then he saw something. "Wait, go back". There in the far corner of the room was a lump. It was shaking. "Slowly" Bragg moved up with Eidos. The lump in the corner turned. Eidos took aim.

    "Hold it!" Bragg grabbed the top of Eidos' pulse rifle and pushed it down. "Its a civilian"
    Bragg moved up on the figure and sure enough it was a person who was shaking.

    "Hey, hey there calm down we are here to help. Names Bragg where are the others?"

    "Black!!! Sharp, no escape...through the walls!!! Acid Acid everywhere!!! No escape NO ESCAPE!!!" The civilian jumped at Bragg holding a knife. Bragg side stepped and grabbed the mans hand and twisted it till the knife was dropped then swung the man around and laided him out with right to the man's chin. "Idiot..."

    "Lieutenant, Bragg here again. We have found a civilian. Hes in bad shape, looks like hes been living in this one room for a long time. What do you want me to do order."

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  10. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Corporal Scott Tracey, Pvt Deborah ?Debgate? Gate, Pvt Devon Robie
    Location: Main Complex. Corridor 17, leading to Medical.

    Scott?s group, Fire Team Three, or FT3, had found signs leading to Medical, and picked up their pace a bit, which would look to the observer like very slow, careful, creepage.

    The corporal nosed the barrel of his pulse rifle round the left corner into Corridor 17, at the end of which, a rising low angled ramp led up into the sick bay and adjacent areas.

    He looked carefully round the corner. All clear, then easing his body, legs bent, he lead the way round.

    ?Ribbit.? Devon intoned gutturally from the rear.

    In spite of the situation, Scott felt his face straining as he tried to contain the grin; Debgate, coming up behind him, had ?frog fear?, and Rule Two for cops and marines had to be, ?do not reveal your deepest, darkest fears to your squad, cos? and this is a given, they will rip the wee out of you?.

    Actually, Scott recalled, still leading Fire Team Three in a crouch, his training sergeant hadn?t used the word ?wee?. And Rule One, if it mattered, had been ?Always sleep with your weapon! And no, Private Ashley, not in that way. Yes, Private Hudson, I know we have armouries now. Thank you for pointing that out. For being cheeky, you can give me sixteen laps of the quad! Find that funny, do you, Tracey? You can join him!?

    They had reached the ramp, and Scott raised a fist, halting the other two so he could scout the short distance ahead. Lights flickered and sparked overhead, and thick glass windows on the metal-plated double doors ahead, led into a darkened area.

    If frogs could do all this, he would have probably been scared of them too, but they generally made bubbles and went-


    ?Knock it off, Robie.? Scott had to say, fighting to keep his voice serious.

    ?Sorry, Corporal..?

    ?Everyone stay on full alert. Robie, watch our rear.?

    ?Copy. Ribbit..?

    The team leader really had to hold it in now; given a stark choice by an Earth-side judge, hard time for Grand Theft Astro, or a stint with the USMC, Devon was a ?hole, but funny with it.

    He shook his head and crept up to the doors, rising do that he could look over the bottom rim of the window into Medical. No lights inside, except what was emanating from a group of transparent vertical cylinders. He couldn?t make out anything from here though.

    There was nothing for it to go inside. He did the quick deft hand signals that brought the blonde girl up to him, crouching on the other side of the door, then, using his fingers to count, one, two three, they barged both doors with armoured shoulder pads and stepped in, him high and checking left, her low, pulse rifle sweeping to the right.



    Scott stood up, giving Devon permission to follow. ?Alright, check around to see what happened here. Deb?, check those containers.?


    She headed in the indicated direction whilst Robie made a beeline for a desk strewn with papers and clipboards.

    Scott decided to call in, standing and pressing a finger to his headset, all the while turning so that the white glowbeam from his suit light could play over the surroundings.
    ?Lieutenant? Fire Team Three. We have reached Medical. Looks clear, and ... hello...??

    He stopped, his light having found the familiar shape of a metal-framed gurney. An entire third of it, at the top end, had been melted away!

    He made sure his camera was looking in the same direction.

    ?Are you seeing this, sir??

    This wasn?t the first sign of molten damage they had seen since entering; there had been lots of holes melted in floors and what looked like splash damage on other surfaces.
    One early speculation that Deb? had voiced, was that this place had been taken
  11. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    Looking beyond their reflections in the glass liquid-filled container, lit by a low light in the base, he could see inside, something laying on its back. A sickly pale yellow in colour, it looked like a cross between a pair of lungs and a, well, a vagina basically, with eight jointed spindly legs, curved in towards itself, like that of a spider that has met its Maker. And lastly, a long,coiled tail.

    ?What in the Original Frag is that?? He looked sidelong at her, she was a full head shorter than himself, so he was looking down at the top of her head, strands of yellow hair pulled back into a tight bun. ?So, this Dali character, how many legs did he have??

    She turned to him, hands on hips like an annoyed vase. ?How are you a student of human history, sir? How far back did you go? He was a famous Surrealist painter, back in the twentieth century..?

    ?So you?ve known this guy a while?.? Robie quipped without missing a beat, stepping back with a grin as she rounded on him.

    Scott put his hands up, silencing them both. ?Alright, there?s the teeniest chance that we are getting slightly off-topic here. Deb?, watch the door. Devon, anything in the paperwork say what happened here? Surely ?Salvador? here-? He paused to silently shoo the reluctant girl back towards the entrance, ?- didn?t take down a sat-link and disappear a planet full of colonists all on his lonesome.?

    The marine waved the clipboard, the curved corners of ink-scrawled pages catching the air and swinging. ?There was more than one U.M.F., and they killed the colonists taking them off. Molecular acid for blood. Umf? What kind of word is ?umf??.?

    ?Is there a key? Or a little star by the word?.?

    ?Qué? Oh, hold on..? He flipped back to the front of the pack of papers, to the front page.

    Scott wasn?t listening. Them?
    He moved along the grey plastic counter, checking the other containers, glad to return of the subject at hand. To tell the truth, he had always considered the Twentieth to be his century, and he had never heard of her artist.

    ?Check the page footer.? Debgate called from the door, glancing in for a moment. ?Or look for a key. Should say what it means..?

    ?Oh yeah, gracias. Got it, means 'Ugly Mother-', uh, nevermind.? Robie stopped there. For all his faults, he had a few virtues. One was that he absolutely refused to swear in front of a lady. Unless he was seriously, badly, frightened. Hadn?t happened yet.

    Tracey ran his suit-cam over the liquid-filled canisters as he moved, so that Lieutenant Sparta would see what he was seeing, but he had the sound off, as the El-Tee probably didn?t need to hear his troops conversing with each other.
    Most of the remaining five containers had just one of the alien critters inside, while the last one was a horror!

    ?Ho!? Tracey stepped back from it, startled. Inside, the organism still had it?s legs and tail secured to a human head and neck, covering the face completely. Everything beneath the shoulders, was dissolved away!

    Scott looked round at the gurney they had found, while Devon crowded round him for a look.

    ?Sweet Honey Iced Tea! Oh that?s nasty..?

    ?What have you found?? Deb called from the door.

    Scott spun towards her to stop he seeing the sight. ?Trust me, you do not want to see this.? Then he heard the filtered voice of their flamer,Bragg, on the lieutenant?s channel:

    ?-got movement here checking it out.?

    The corporal snapped his fingers to attract his team?s attention, ready to move if they had to go assist.
    Bragg?s voice continued after some tense moments.

    ?We have found a civilian. He?s in bad shape, looks like he?s been living in this one room for a long time. What do you
  12. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Laaht - Comm Channel - With James

    Laaht was patched through to Scott's Armor-Cam, as he looked over the damage, he took a few screenshots of the jars, noting one was not empty, altohught it looked that way "Scott, go back to the third one, dont do anything with it, just hold it up so I can see" he waited, and then the tube appeared infront of him "I knew it" that is Saliva mixed with Cyanide, it looks like it's made an explosive compund from my scans, ill come to you, take a sample to be sure, well ill just take the damn tube" He told James, and after awhile he arrived at Scotts location "Pass me it" he said to Scott, looking around the damage in the Med Room. He took the offered tube, scanning the contents, Yeah, this is definately Saliva of some kind, its got enzymes, but twice as much as a human amount of this size. It must be alien, or bred" Laaht then inspected the other element. "Thats Hydrogen Cyonide, at least a modified version of it, pass me the tube" Laaht took the tube, cutting off the area with the substanse in, and places it in a secure and vaccumed plac ein his armor, he then closed it. "Ok, well it wont kill me, ad nothing will get o it in there, its the same temperature as that Tube, so nothing sohuld happen" He looked up, and turned the Comm on "This is Sergeant Lartimus, Echo-737, Report all units, Status, Task and Location. Over" He ended the message, and waited for a response, waving away Scott to make sure he diddn't pull any sarcastic ' in a white room...its got some tubes, and Deb is here, and Devon...and oh you sir!!'

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  13. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Corporal Scott Tracy, Medical.

    While Deb' watched the entrance corridor beyond the door, Scott and Devon looked on as the sarge took samples and talked saliva and compounds.

    Laahty turned away to use his headcomm, putting Scott in his blindspot, "This is Sergeant Lartimus, Echo-737, Report all units, Status, Task and Location. Over."

    Behind him, Scott opened his mouth, the air filling his lungs to respond, when the sergeant waved him away.

    Deflated now, Scott shut his mouth, noticing across the room, Private Robie trying unsuccessfully to control an amused smile.

    Damn. He knows me too well.

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  14. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Laaht - Medical Lab

    Laaht began scouring the room more, looknig at the tube with he head "hmm, it looks almost as if the area wfrom below the head a sense...thats strange" Larty stood up, looking at Scott "You can report if you really want" he granted.

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  15. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Corporal Scott Tracy

    "It's alright, Sarge." Scott acceded, "You've taken the fun out of it now."

    Amusement over, he looked at Lartimus.

    "What do you want to do now?"

    Over at the last tank, the one containing alien and head, Devon was tapping a fingernail on the toughened glass, "Coochy-coochy-coo! Corporal, can we keep him? Can we? Pleeese. I always thought a dog was the thing for unconditional love, but come on! The man is dead; all that is left is his head, and it is still tonguing him!"

    "Probably French." Deb' put in from the door, gaze and gun still aimed outside.

    Devon and Scott looked at her.


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  16. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Larty - Med Room

    "I will stay here until i havre reports and need to go somewhere, and i think Deb means French Kissing" Laaht examined the thing on the head "Uhh, hold" He opened the jar, quickly zapping the creature with a tazer, remove dit from the head and then left it in the jar, thrwoing the head away "there keep it" he said, closing the lid "Just dont open it, might want your head next"

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  17. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Lt. Sparta

    ?We have found a civilian. He?s in bad shape, looks like he?s been living in this one room for a long time. What do you want me to do over.?

    "Lieutenant? Fire Team Three here. I don't think Base Medical is fit to deal with any patients in its current state. Over."

    Sparta nodded to no one in particular.

    ?Ok, bring him to the Command center.? Sparta checked his display. ?Corporal Tracy I want a report on medical right now.?

    Everyone jumps as Duncan cries out triumphantly. ?Hah! Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen! Found 'em.?

    Sparta turned his attention to Duncan.


    Duncan shakes his head

    ?Unknown. But, it looks like all of them. Over at the processing station...sublevel 'C' under the south tower.?

    Sparta stands straight, and hits his mic.

    ?Alright people we found the colonists. There in the processing station, sublevel ?C? under the south tower. All fire teams form up, and head to the APAC. Lets move people, they ain?t payin us by the hour.?


    The APAC roars across the stygian landscape, traversing the causeway which connects the colony to the atmosphere station a kilometer away. Behind it the Huey settles to the ground at the colony landing field.

    The vast structure towers above the parked personnel carrier. Deploying in front of the APAC, backlit by its lights, the troopers cast long shadows. They look ominous like hulking techno-samurai. The base of the station is a depthless maze of conduits and pressure vessels, like an oil refinery, or a Dantean version of one. The thrum of functioning machine systems echoes through the labyrinth.
    Sparta takes point, following Duncan?s directions.

    ?Forty meters in. Ramp on axial two-two. Access to sublevels.?

    The troopers start down the open rampway. Light filters down through several levels of steel mesh floor, catwalks and pipes. Below that is darkness.

    ? B-Level. Next one down.?

    The thrumming of machines grows louder as they descend.

    The group stands before a bizarre tableau. Among the refinery like lattice of pipes and conduits something new and not of human design had been added. It is a structure of some sort, extending from and crudely imitating the complex of plumbing, but made of some strange encrusted substance. It vaguely resembles the chambered nests of swallows on a much larger scale, and it attenuates so gradually into the original hardware that it is hard to see where one ends and the other begins. The alien structure seems to extend far back into the complex of machinery. The plant thrums loudly, its functioning seemingly not impaired.

    Duncan stares at it in awe ?What is it??

    Sparta shakes his head. ?I don?t know. Lets proceed.?

    They enter the organic labyrinth, playing their lights over the walls. Revealing a bio-mechanical lattice, like the marrow of some vast bone. The air is thick with steam, and the sound of trickling water. The place seems almost alive.

    Ashley gasps ?Oh God...?

    She had been studying the walls and she finally made out what it was. A bas-relief of detritus from the colony: furniture, wiring, human bones, skulls...Fused together with a translucent, epoxy-like substance.

    ?Looks like some sort of secreted resin.?
    That was Duncan. He rubbed some of the epoxy-like substance between his fingers.
    ?They ripped apart the colony for building materials.?
    There was a tremble in Ashley?s voice. ?And the colonists too.?

    Steam swirls around them as the troopers move deeper inside.

    ?Damn its hot as hell in here.?
    ?Yeah man but it?s a dry heat.?
    Sparta slashes his hand in the quiet down signal. ?Knock it off.?
    He didn?t care who it was, as long as they shut up.

    Duncan whispers to Sparta.
    ?Sir we may have a problem.?
    ?We?re right under the primary heat exchangers.?
    ?Yeah? Maybe whatever these things are they like the heat, that's why they built...?
    Duncan cuts him off.
    ?That's not what I mean Sir. If we have to use our weapons in here, we'll rupt
  18. RilasTyrinth

    RilasTyrinth Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 13, 2007
    IC: James

    "What the hell is that thing!" James yelled as he fired his M-41A Pulse Rifle into the insectoid body of one of those dreaded creatures. "Ahhh!"

    Some of the creatures blood splattered onto James arm. "****, the acid burns must be their blood. There blood might be acidic everyone!" James yelled over the comm. Screams could be heard as the marines fought for their lives against creatures only told about in scary stories.

    "****!" Garcia yelled. "It's got me! Shoot the thing!"

    One of the creatures had its tail wrapped around Garcia's legs and was pulling it back towards it and a trio of other creatures.

    "No..." Garcia yelled as the couple creatures pulled his body away.

    "Lieutenant they got Garcia," James said knowing the Lieutenant probably couldn't hear anyways. The comm was filled with screams of horror, hellish gunfire and other noises.

    "Banks, get your ass up here. Get that Smartgun ready!"

    "Time to kick some ass," Banks said reading the Smart Gun.

    "Let's get moving!" James yelled. Eradic blasts of bullets shoot from the Smart Gun. Several creatures exploded in yellow-greenish eruptions.

    James quickly released an entire clip into another one of the damn creauters.

    "Orders sir," James said trying to get ahold of the LIeutenant."

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  19. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Lt. Sparta

    ?Who's firing? I ordered a hold fire, dammit!? Sparta was looking about trying to discern targets.
    The battle of phantoms unfolds. Voices blend and overlap.
    ?Let's get the **** out of here!?
    ?Not that tunnel, the other one!?
    ?You sure? Watch it...behind you. ****ing move, will you!?
    Sparta hears more gunfire.
    ?I said HOLD FIRE! Secondary Weapons Only!?
    He fires, His shotgun blaring in the darkness. Banks, nearby, is laying down a horrendous field of fire. Strobe-bright flashes sear the darkness. He pivots, firing mechanically in controlled bursts. Scoring points in his own private video game.

    He spins as Sparta approached laterally. WHAM! He fires at him. Sparta see a nightmarish figure right behind him, catapulted backwards by Banks?s blast.

  20. Lilly_Kasei

    Lilly_Kasei Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 16, 2007
    IC: Ashley

    She stuck close to Hernandez and Ricky They were firing at the Nightmareish creatures that looked like they just materialized out of the smoke. She grabs a spare mag from her pocket and slaps it in to her Pulse rifle.
    ?Screw orders.? She said she fired at a creature to her right, its elongated head exploding in a shower of acid and exoskeleton. She turns back to Ricky just in time to see a spear erupt from his chest?no wait not a spear it was a tail. Those things had stingers or blads on their tails!
    Ricky?s eyes glazed over, Ashley knew he was dead. She fired through him, the creature dropping into a pile of hissing steaming goop that started to eat through the floor.
    ?We gotta get out of here!?
    Hernandez grabbed her by the arm, and started to hustle her back the way they came.
  21. Master_Dmentae

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    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Laaht - Battle

    Laaht had only just affixed the Ammo sack to his back when they were attacked, heeding the Leiutenants warning, he retreived dual Pistols from his holsters and fired at the head-ish thing on the beast. He relloaded, calling everyone to retreat behind him, he moved next to the Leiutenant "We need to aim for its heart or lungs or something, not sure it had a brain..." he commented, seeing it flail aobut, ripping at things "Well, sir"

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  22. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Corporal Scott Tracey, Private Deb? Gate, Private Devon Robie, Sublevel C.

    They faced a wall of living horror. The colonists have been brought here and entombed alive... cocoons protrude from the niches and interstices of the structure. The cocoon material is the same translucent epoxy. The bodies are frozen in carelessly twisted positions, a macabre image of frozen agony. Many are desiccated, and skeletal. Rib-cages burst outward, as if exploded from within. Paralyzed, brought here, entombed in living death. Ashley moves close to get video of one of the figures, perhaps the most "recent." A woman, ghost-white and drained. The WOMAN'S EYES SNAP OPEN.
    Ashley screams.
    The woman's lips move feebly. ?Please...God...kill me.?

    Scott rubbed his hands together, looking around at the trapped colonists that, if he was any judge, needed rescuing.

    ?Not that?s what I?m talking about.? He moved towards her, looking over the hardened resin that plastered her to the wall. ?International Rescue, ma?am. It?s okay we are here to rescue you.?

    The woman started convulsing, a bloom of red liquid spreading across the visible part of her torso.

    ?What the-?!? Scott halted as Devon?s hand closed over the top rim of his body armour and hauled him from the doomed colonist as a flame jet from Sparta played over and engulfed her!

    A shrill screeching begins, like a siren made from fingernails on blackboards. Behind the troopers something begins to emerge. Dimly glimpsed, a glistening bio-mechanoid creature larger then a man. Lying dormant, it had blended perfectly with the convoluted surface of fused bone. The troopers don't see it. Smoke from the burning cocoon quickly fills the confined space. Visibility drops to zero.

    ?Movement!? Eidos was looking at his motion sensor trying to get a lock.

    ?Go to infrared. Look sharp people!?

    ?Multiple signals. All round. Closing.? Eidos?s voice started to sound frantic.
    "Maybe they don't show up on infrared at all."

    A nightmarish silhouette materializes out of the smoke behind him! It strikes like lightning, and grabs him. He fires reflexively, wild. The jet of flame engulfs Eidos nearby. Sparta spins as the double scream, but he can't see anything in the thick smoke.

    None of Fire Team Three had backup weapons, just pulse rifles. And if the El-Tee had ordered firing pins removed, his three would probably be dead, but magazines could be replaced.

    Scott was already slotting a spare into his gun and about to order his people to do the same when Devon rounded on a huge shape that appeared to be stuck inside the wall to his right.

    ?Ya Mum!? He bellowed at the struggling creature, then hastily backtracked Scott?s side. ?Harsh language is not working! Recommend we escalate to-?

    Scott chambered the first round and opened up on the beastie as someone else death screamed from nearby!

    ?Who's firing? I ordered a hold fire, dammit!?

    Sparta?s voice.

    ?Frag that! Spare magazines!? Scott countered, shouting and shooting above the chaos, ?Disengage, disengage, begin retreat action!?

    ?Hold fire? Can you think of a more stupid statement??

    ?How about, ?The Death Star plans are not in the main computer???

    ?We have a winner! Drokk, look out girl!? Devon pulled Deb? towards him and aimed his M41A over her shoulder, adding a blinding spear of light from his weapon to the bedlam, throwing another of the dark creatures against a nearby balcony. ?Where are the stairs?! Where are the stairs?!?

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    Feb 28, 2007
    IC: Bragg

    Grinding his teeth Bragg opened up with his flamer and started pouring liquid fire down one tunnel. The sounds of hissing and then screaming brought a slight smile to his face. "Mmm cooked meat....". Everyone else was falling back in a hurry and Bragg tried to keep up. Eidos was screaming like a mad man firing his shotgun of down a side tunnel. To Braggs left the other trooper that had been with him when they found the colonist was dead. Head missing and body slumped to the side. Bragg hadn't even seen what had got him.

    "Move it Eidos get your ass back to our ride!"

    "I ****ing will in a sec. Little busy!!!"

    Bragg grinned as he cooked two more aliens that rushed him. The creatures were tough though. It took the fire of the flamer a good time to cook em till they stopped moving. The creatures were inclosing to fast for the flamer to hold them off any longer. "Alright Eidos you go I'll hold till your clear."

    "Frag that! I've gone and wet myself. I ain't showing the other Marines that! You go!"

    Sure enough the trooper was displaying a nice wet pair of combat pants. "Well, we'll say you fell in a puddle." Bragg grabbed the smaller man and started pushing after the others. "Our ride ain't that far." Bragg turned once more back to the horror behind and fired off another burst from his flamer and filled the whole tunnel with a firey death. It was his final burst, his flamer was out of fuel. With that he dropped the unit and grabbed Eidos and ran faster than he ever had before.

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  24. MCPO_John_117

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    OOC: I have to tell you guy's that I am thrilled that this game is getting some good action, but it has been brought to my attention that our game is a bit graphic and there are too many Stared out words (****)like that. so to keep this game going lets clean it up a little. Also lets tone down the graphic descriptions a little (I am at fault with this too, I get too wrapped up in writing sometimes.) Lets try to keep this to a PG rating.

    IC: Lt. Sparta

    Sparta looked around creatures were everywhere. He hit his mic.

    "Everyone FALLBACK! I repeat FALLBACK! Regroup at the stairwell and lay down suppressing fire with the incendiary units."
    Sparta fires his shotgun at a fast moving insectoid form. The blast sends it hurtling away.
    He reloads and continues laying down suppressing fire.
  25. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Fire Team Three - Scott, Devon, Deb'.

    "I think I'm over my frog fear now!" Debgate yelled as she slammed a spare magazine into her pulse rifle, balanced it onto her right hip and lit up the chamber!

    "That's good to know!" Scott acknowledged, squinting into the darkness to judge where the flashes of gunfire were coming from, so they could follow them. "Frag this, I'm calling the ship. Blue Queen, Blue Queen, I need a heads-up display showing where the stairs are, over! Do you copy?"

    "Everyone FALLBACK! I repeat FALLBACK! Regroup at the stairwell and lay down suppressing fire with the incendiary units."

    "Fallback to where! Look out!" BBRRIIIIPPP!!!

    Another alien went pin-wheeling away from her firepower, yellow acid blood spraying free.

    "Where the frag are we?!"

    "This way!" Devon waved a bare arm, glistening with sweat at them.

    "Are you sure?" Scott wanted to know; it was kinda important.

    "What do you want, a Sat-Nav? Come on." The Private ran off, firing his gun sideways as he went.

    Scott and Deb had no choice but to follow, thankfully sighting glimpses of gunfire ahead as they continued.

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