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    IC: Spc. David Hollace

    It was beyond Insane.
    One minute they were relatively safe amongst this horrific and unusual maze of twisted bio-resin. And the next they were being hunted by aliens that seemed all Chitin, tendons and teeth.

    Hollace and his team headed for the APC as quick as they could. They took turns laying down suppressing fire. There was only one flame unit amongs them, so the rest used their pistols. The fire team rotated furiously.

    It was Hollace's turn. he was at the rear, hodling his pistol at the ready. The ceiling above him became aboil with shifting sinew, he ducked back and fired at it immediately. The beast let out a keening wail and scuttled away across the ceiling, it's yellow ichor spattering the deck.
    Hollace kept firing until the magazine was empty.

    "Out!" He shouted, switching with the next in his fire team.

    This one had the flame unit. He let out a second-long burst and the advancing shapes shrieked and withdrew. But only for a moment. They regrouped as soon as the blast ceased and were coming forward. It was like trying to stop an avalanche with a fire hose.

    On they came, slavering jaws and slashing tails reaching for them. ANother burst from the flame thrower cast them back. One alien fell and rushed about in wild pain and fear as its body was immolated in jellied fire.

    Then Holalce saw the most welcome sight in his life behind him. The idling APC. He fired off four rounds from his pistol and the hammered his pistol butt against the door.

    "Hollace! Fire team 6! Open up!!!!"

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    IC: James

    "Hold fire guys, thats our Retreat! Lets get out of here!" James yelled to his soldiers.

    Suddenly James realized that the Lieutenant had ordered that pulse rifles and smartguns were not to be used. Dang. Thank god all the shoots for him and Banks were clean. A miracle otherwise ka-boom if some of the rounds had gone of target.

    "Retreat. Banks, grab your pistol and held suppress fire. Only shoot at stuff you know your going to hit."

    Suddenly a thump noise rocketed.

    James turned around. "Banks? Banks!"

    "He's gone," one of the flame unit marines said throwing James behind them. Flames spread everywhere while the rest retreated. James could here screeches of Aliens burning.

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    IC: Pvt. Dave Henton

    It had taken Henton a few minutes to get the APAC down to the troopers. Now he was wedged against the corridor waiting on the troops.
    He saw them coming, followed by the scariest things he had ever seen. He yelled over his shoulder.
    "Hank start up Elvis!"

    IC: Pvt. Hank Lowery

    "Hank start up Elvis!"

    Hank grinned. He strapped in to his turret and started up the duel 35mm M73 Vulcan Autocannons nick named Elvis. He sighted in on the incoming horde of nightmareish creatures, the Marines where green out lines easy to avoid. He squeezed the triggers.
    The heavy autocannons open up with brilliant gouts of muzzle flame. the heavy depleted uranium rounds rip through the creatures with ease. In a matter of moments the corridor behind the Marines was thick with acidic smoke from the all the dead or dieing creatures, and all of a sudden there were no more targets. Hank stopped firing.
    "Uh-hu thank-ya very much."

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    IC: Bragg

    After the APAC had opened up and cleared the way behind him Bragg lowered Eidos and patted the man on the back. He then spoke up loudy saying "Eidos, next time avoid those puddles. Looks like you wet yourself." Bragg grinned and headed to the APAC with Eidos in tow.

    "I swear Bragg..." Eidos whispered. Bragg only grinned. As they reached their ride Bragg looked back and watched the other Marines run past him. They had lost a few, the numbers were lower. Bragg frowned before turning himself and boarding the APAC.

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    IC: James

    It was a nice feeling when James and his squad mate Pvt. Banks made it back to the ACP. Hordes of black nightmarish creatures had invaded the area. James looked around for anyone he knew and a few faces were missing. Either they had been killed or weren't back to the ACP yet.

    "I can't wait to get out of here," James said. Clang! "Ahh!"

    One of the creatures crushed part of the ACP and made a hole where James was sitting. The creature wrapped an arm around James neck while he tried to pull James out of the ACP through the small hole.

    "Sorry, but I won't fit!" James said. "Shoot him!"

    Bank's pulled out his pistol as several other Marines did as well. A blast of green liquid exploded from the Alien's mouth hitting Banks. THe other marines fired and the creature died within seconds as I took heavy breaths.

    "What...happened!" Banks yelled. His armor had been almost completely burned through and it was burning his chest. James managed to get the armor of before it hurt Banks.

    "I didn't know the suckers could "spit" their acid blood stuff," James said. "I guess you learn something every day."

    "Unfortunately," Banks said.

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    OOC: ok, im kinda lost here, my internet was down yesterday...

    IC: Laaht - Bio-Maze Fight

    Laaht rolled away from something, withdrawing dual pistols and firing as the things legs that he had just edged away from "Do not fire the main Bat-" he was cut short by an explosion and screams, he turned to the Leiutenant, who he had been standing nexto, and nodded in response to his gaze. He turned, took something out of his belt and threw it at the Bio-Wall, it was a new, untested flare type, and it seemed to work well, lighting up their area and whole sections of the wall that it was into, it flooded round the maze, stopping somewhere in the distanse. "It might have repercussions, go, ill wait for the men" He turned, holding his pistols infront of him after reloading, he waited as he heard footsteps, they were boots.

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    OOC: Whoops, I misread the introductory post to mean that marines could only have one weapon, not civilians.

    IC: Fire Team Three ? Scott, Devon, Deb?
    Location: Alien Birthing Chamber

    Chasing after Devon in the darkness as if he had a sign on his back that said ?Follow Me?, Scott and Deb slid to a halt on the resin-layed walkway as something detached from the wall to their right and stood in their path.

    It straightened to it?s full height, long skeletal arms out to the right and left, and a glistening black-brown torso showed of hardened muscles and tendons like you would not believe.

    Deborah raised her weapon, but Scott quickly put a rough hand over the barrel.

    ?Are you nuts? We have to go that way; we?ll be stepping in acid.?

    ?Do you have a better suggestion??

    While they spoke, the thing was still straightening, finally untucking a smooth, banana-shaped head up from under itself, till, dripping a viscous fluid, double sets of steel-filled jaws opened and hissed steam towards them.

    ?Uh, leaning toward blind panic myself.? Blood drained completely from his face as he found himself looking up at the thing. ?They are gathering behind us, aren?t they??

    He sensed, and saw from his peripheral vision, that the private was turning slightly to look over her shoulder in their wake. She whimpered.
    ?Uh-huh. We?re fragged, aren?t we, Corporal??

    Scott nodded. ?Nothing left for us to do now, but to sling an inappropriate Star Wars phrase, un-pin a frag grenade each, and kiss our asses goodbye.?

    He hugged Deb? to himself, putting her face in his chest so she wouldn?t have to see the horror to come, and their fists met, each holding a fragmentation grenade.
    Scott looked over her head at the creature blocking their path.

    ?These are not the droids you are looking for!? He told it defiantly. ?Five. Four.?


    ?Thr-, duck? What duck?? Scott paused in his countdown as he heard Devon?s shouted warning. He?d take a small game bird over a hulking bio-mechanical killing machine, but unless the colonists had brought some birds with them, he suspected his colleague had just mis-identified something.

    He felt Deb?s small hands grab handfuls of his shirt to pull him down into a crouch.


    A sound like a wet towel on steroids broke the cloying atmosphere, followed by a scream from the alien before them, and then Deb was up and pulling Scott after her, dragging him past the distracted Alien and up to Devon?s side, where the soldier held his backup weapon?.a particularly nasty bullwhip!

    ?Ah yes,? Scott remembered as the three ran for the retreating sounds of their squad, ?for ?close encounters?, yes?? He looked back to see the xenomorph still reeling, elongated hands probing the line of steaming yellow down one side of its fluted back, before it disappeared in the masses of other aliens stampeding to get at them. He triggered his grenade and dropped it for them.

    "Fire in the hole!"

    An explosion of thunder behind caused a lot of ear-piercing shrieks from the horde, which Scott did not mind at all, then an unexpected flash ahead had Scott throwing an arm over his face to protect them from the glare, barely able to see the sought after stairwell, and almost colliding into Sergeant Laaht, standing with legs apart and his pistols towards them.

    ?My eyes, my eyes! Oh, hi sarge!?

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    IC: Laaht - Confrontation

    "Get back, the others are up the stairs" he called, taking the grenades from Scott and his teams belts and putting them on his own, he primed his pistols again "Thats and order!" he shouted. He waited, looking down the hallway as another of the things suddenly rode down the corridor. "GO!" he shouted, firing rampantly at the Alien, he hit it leg, toppling it, then filled its cranium with hot Bullets, it lay still. "Make sure James keeps his pet in that Jar and safe...I want to have a look later" he said as more footsteps were heard.
    He saw as more Aliens rounded the corner, he reloaded, throwing the empty clip at Alien whilst gunning down the other, he refilled the clip and emptied the older pistol clip into the second Alien, then he backed up the stairs himself, he Clipped his Pistols to his legs and primed two grnades, throwing them both on a timer count, infront of the pack, he took out a pistol and fired on them as the Aliens reached them, collapsing part of the tunnel. He saw the Bio-Maze Rip and Dozens of Aliens pored out "Now! Move!" he screamed, incase anyone was still there.
    He careered up the stairs, pressing a console on the way there, it closed the door while Laaht reached the top, he fired another pistol shot, so upstairs they would know it was him. "Theres millions of them" he said finnaly.

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    IC: Corporal Scott Tracy
    Location: Sub-level C

    ?Get back, the others are up the stairs? Laaht instructed as Scott caught his breath.

    ?No way,? Scott countered forcefully, ?we are not leaving you to face them alone.?

    Deb and Devon shoved past him frantically and pounded up the shaking metal-framed stairway.
    Scott stared up after them a moment, a bit embarrased. ?That was the ?royal? we, you understand.?

    ?That?s an order!?

    ?Sir! Yes, sir!? Scott saluted and raced up after the rest of his team, hearing a multitude of shots from below, then the twin explosions of two detonating grenades, followed by the hollow sound of another set of booted feet pounding after him.

    Grasping onto the greasy railing to haul himself up into Sub-level A, Scott quickened his pace, suddenly fearful of having the sarge overtake him on the way up to safety.

    He burst into an open area, spying the shapes of Devon and Deborah against the welcoming sight of their APAC, and the even more welcoming sight of the main turret, Elvis, facing their way.

    There was another shot behind him, then Laaht skidded up to the carrier seconds after himself.

    ?There?s millions of them.? he reported.

    That was better than Scott could do; he couldn?t even speak! He gulped air, and nodded his agreement.


    Scott glanced fearfully up at the heavy door sealing the aliens in as it BOOM shuddered again.

    ?We have canisters of TN20.? Deb? reminded those of the squad still outside the APAC. ?I say we roll them in and nerve gas the whole fraggin? nest!?


    Scott looked at her like she was loco. ?I veto any action that involves opening that door.? He looked across at Laaht for his opinion, ?Sarge??

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    OOC: unfortunately due to previous responsibilities and projects that keep stacking up, and shift changes at work I am unable to keep two games running. as this game is the youngest of the two I am going to shut it down. If anyone wants to take over as GM then let me know by Monday. After that I'll have a Mod lock the thread.

    Again I am sorry this has to happen. If I can get more time freed up I will try to start it again.

    Until then May the Force be with you all.
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    OOC: ill take over!!! =) i am Co-GM after All. Say if i can or not, if so,. ill say u get hit and need 2 stay in medbay and im promoted.

    IC: Laaht - Top of Stairs

    "The door on ttheir side will keep for awhile, get those Canisters, Scott, get our survivor to me, i want to make sure those are all were dealing with" Laaht Primed his pistols again, aiming them at the door, one head and one calf-height. "And make it quick"

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    OOC: where is everyone else?
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    OOC: I second M-D taking over as GM! I was considering it, out of desperation, so relieved someone got in before me, phew.

    Will try to post over weekend.

    Happy Christmas or personally relevant seasonal event to everyone. :D
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    OOC: Ok it is settled Dmentae is the new GM of this game. Thanks for stepping up Dmentae.
    Again Sorry I had to do this.

    Thank you all, and have fun!
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    OOC: ok, well ill get John outta the Picture until u can return

    IC: John Spartan - Top of Alien Stairway

    John stood with his men "Laaht, we need too seal off that stairway, even if there are survivors, there wont be for long" He watched as Laaht nodded to him and moved off to do something, John turned, and he noticed a shadow move rapidly. Drawing his gun, he snuk round the corner, finding a room full of Aliens, it seemed they had broken through this bit. They all turned to him, and Spartan fired his gun at them, rapidly but accutately, he took down a few, as these were all babies, or at least small ones, and then He threw a grenade in, he put his back against the side of the wall near the door and waited, suddenly, something lblotted out his sight and tried to prise his mouth open, it was gauging at his face, trying to open it somewhere. Spartan screamed a bit, but still diddn't open his mouth, firing at his face, then thing flew off, dead. But it had brought with it some of Johns flesh.

    As he lay on the stretcher carried by the Medics on the APAC, he told them to bring him to Larty "Lartimus, You are in charge now, base had promoted you to Leiutenant, and Scott to Sergeant" he nodded to Scott (this is because he posts the most and is only a rank below Sergeant) "Keep them from leaving life" he hinted, and then closed his eyes and was sent to medbay, the room had been destroyed by the grenade, and so nothing was coming from there anymore, which was all he wanted.

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    OOC: I am still playing. And will post over the weekend.
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    IC: Fire Team Three ? Scott, Devon, Deborah, Atmospheric Processors, Sub-Level A.

    Scott grimaced at his promotion to sergeant; that wasn?t the way he would have wanted to get it, at the lieutenant?s expense.
    He knew he was fooling himself though; how the heck else had he expected to get it?
    Of all of United Systems? services, the Marine Core was the one that had more attrition-related field commissions than formal, back-at-base promotions.


    The noise of an alien skull ramming the heavy blast door drew him from his reverie and he noticed Private Robie gabbling into his radio in Spanish; clearly the man was panicked.

    ?Evacuacion de alta prioridad!?

    ?High Priority Extraction?? Scott questioned, ?Don't bother calling in the dropship, not while we still have the APAC.? He paused, patting a palm against the warm armoured hide of the armoured personnel carrier.

    As if in response, Private Gate hopped lightly out of the APAC?s open side door, with a stuffed grey rucksack clutched in her arms, trotting up to Laaht.

    ?Sir, ten canisters of TN20. The Lieutenant Sparta asked for them earlier.?

    Scott looked towards his former sergeant: ?Lieutenant, who was it mapped this place? We should get them to check if these... processors, have more than the one exit; we don?t want those fraggers getting out and outflanking us.?

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    Gm Approved

    Name:pete Stacker
    Rank:Gunnery Sergeant
    Weapons of choice:Sniper Rifle
    Armor:Marine Special Forces Assault Armour
    From Back(with gun)
    From Front
    Bio:pete joined the Marine Corp. at the age of 19 and slowly rose through the ranks untill he reached the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.He was always a violent one but when he got into a fight with a drill sergeant and narrowly lost, he was sent to train milita's.
    His captain was apart of the same Division, the 105th Death Division, and they used to constantly reminice about past days.
    One day he was requested on ST-124, after a squad of marines sent there lost communication he and his squad of 4 were sent there.
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    OOC: Alexanderlagrande, welcome to hell. :D
  19. Alexanderlagrande Jedi Youngling

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    OOC:Hey thanks, lets hope I wont join them in hell.
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    IC:Sargeant Stacker

    Sargeant Stacker and his marines walked out of the transport slowly watching for any kind of hostile.
    "Butkis you take point, dont let anything leave your sight. Remember boys if it moves and it's not human shoot the thing."Stacker said as they cautiously moved forward.
    A rolling boom rolled across the field, it was dark but Stacker thought he saw something move.
    "Sir look at this." Gregs said pointing to a thing that could have been a dinosaur with a over sized head.
    "What do you make of this thing Porter?"Stacker Said
    "It dosent register in the known animal banks.What do you think of it?"Private Porter said
    "Me I think it could be some kind of......"Stacker said being cut off.
    The beast rose up and took Porter out with a swing of its tail.
    "Open fire!!!"Stacker said
    Rounds hit the beast in the head and body, blood poured out of the wounds, spraying Butkis with its blood.
    "Aaaaaaaaaargh!"Butkis said as his assault armor melted and burned his flesh.
    Stacker rose his rifle and fired right into its eye, the beast fell with a blood curdiling screech.
    "Take him aboard the transport, we leave no man behind." Stacker said.
    "Porter are you able?"
    "Yes sir."Porter said getting up
    "We need to find those marines, they may be dead but I'm not about to leave them."Stacker said as they moved out toward the boom.

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    OOC: Sorry sorry sorry; I am still in this, but every time I set some time aside to post here, something that HAS to be responded to, happens in my other game.
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    its ok, im kinda busy with xmas stuff still, namely hal o3, but i got bored and went on this ^_^ (joke)
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    IC: Blue Queen, USMC Transport, Trandolin.
    Location: ST-124

    Hidden holographic imaging lasers swept back and forth across a small area of the command bridge, forming a translucent image of a little girl, frilly party dress, plumy English voice.

    This was the representation of the Blue Queen, the starship?s resident artificial intelligence. The rigmarole was unnecessary, but hey, it?s a free galaxy.

    Dropship from Trandolin, come in. She called into the ether, Drop ship, do you read?

    Only an ominous crackling white noise echoed on that frequency.

    The AI manipulated the frequency dial, listening for any other survivors apart from the ones she she were in trouble and asking for help.
    Just then, her receivers picked up something faint. But coherent.
    Slowly, ever so slowly, she backtracked. There!

    "Take him aboard the transport, we leave no man behind."

    "Porter are you able?"

    "Yes sir."

    "We need to find those marines, they may be dead but I'm not about to leave them."

    This sounded promising. She transmitted on the frequency of the new set of voices.

    This is USMC Transport Trandolin calling new contact. A marine force is in trouble under the atmospheric processors due west of your position. They have requested high priority extraction, and I am unable to raise our drop ship. Over.

    Tag: Alexanderlagrande, whoever was playing the dropship pilot, anyone still playing
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    IC:Sargeant Stacker

    "This is Sargeant Pete Stacker we are on our way to rescue them as we speak, my pilot has hooked me up with a conection, over."He said seeing another one of the creatures not to far away.A deafening crack soon followed and the creature was down.

    TAG:Blue Queen
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    IC: Sergeant Scott Tracey, Fire Team Three.
    Location: The most unimaginatively named planet since LV-426.

    Scott was certain that the new lieutenant?s idea to open the barrier separating them from these giant bug things would doom them all, and with a palm to one ear, so he could hear his communications set better; and looking skywards like that would help, Scott was trying to make contact with the Blue Queen, his carrier?s onboard artificial intelligence.

    ?Blue Queen, Blue Queen, do you copy??

    Suddenly, her little girl tones sounded in his ear: Your call is important to us, but all our operators are busy.

    ?Stop messing about, Blue Queen. You are not very funny.? He thought he was being extremely patient under the circumstances.

    Help is here. She informed without preamble.

    Scott frowned. She could only be referring to the backup marine team led by Sergeant Pete Stacker. Scott didn?t know the origins of the family name, but assumed ? yeah, I know, never assume ? that someone in the family tree had worked nights at local Somerfield.

    ?What do you mean?? He asked, since the relief team shouldn?t really have been despatched until the Trandolin had been declared overdue.

    There was a pregnant pause from the AI.

    Well, you know what ?help? is, right?

    ?Yeah, hard guys,?

    Deborah?s diminutive, pony-tailed form, coughed meaningfully.

    ?and girls, with big guns.?

    And you know where ?here? is, right?


    Close enough. Stacker and his men are on the way; stand by.

    Scott looked down at his subordinate, and gestured to the sack of metallic TN20 nerve gas canisters cradled in her arms. ?Deb, put the canisters back into the APAC, and strap in.?

    ?Yes, sir.?

    Clipped response. He liked that, a smile forming on his face. He decided to call his opposite number in the reserve squad, though Pete would know him as a corporal.
    ?Fire Team Three to reserve team, Stacker! What are you doing here so soon? Did I leave with tv remote again??

    Tag: Pete Stacker
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