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Hou, TX All About the Houston Fan Force

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by _erikstormtrooper_, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. _erikstormtrooper_

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    May 26, 2006
    What is the Houston Fan Force?

    We're a group of Star Wars fans who meet on a monthly basis to discuss Star Wars and other sci-fi. We're a very welcoming group, and we're always looking to share our various passions about Star Wars. The world of Star Wars fandom is a big place, and we want to meet you no matter what your interest may be (collecting, costuming, novels, comics, games, role-playing, or just plain old discussion). Although many of our members belong to the [link=]501st Legion[/link] and the [link=]Rebel Legion[/link], you certainly don't need to be a member of either to be a part of the Houston Fan Force.

    We're involved with local conventions, and we're hoping to get together for a big annual event as well.

    A "meeting" is a very casual affair where we sit around chatting, eating, and enjoying our beverages of choice. Occasionally, we sacrifice a newbie to George Lucas, but that hasn't happened in several months, really. ;)

    When and where do you meet?

    We typically meet once a month on a Saturday at around 6:30 PM, at Stag Head's Pub:
    [link=]Stag Head's Pub[/link]
    2128 Portsmouth St.
    Houston, Texas 77098
    It's located near the intersection of Richmond and S Shepherd ([link=]map[/link]).

    Stag Head's is an upscale English pub where families and kids are welcome. Because it isn't usually crowded, we get to pick a large table where we can sit and chat. We're open to other ideas on where we can meet, but places that are centrally located are the best since people are coming from all directions in the Houston area.

    Our meetings last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, so just drop in or leave at any time. Feel free to bring your significant other and kids (as long as they can withstand a couple of hours of geeky conversation :D).

    At the meetings, someone may have free Star Wars swag to give out. And new faces are always guaranteed a freebie.

    So how do I find you if we've never met?

    Look for a large table with people wearing Star Wars t-shirts. In the middle of the table we usually put a prop or collectible, such as a stormtrooper helmet, lightsaber, or toy. The meeting also serves as a group show-and-tell, so bring your own goodies and help spark an interesting conversation.

    We know coming out to meet a new group of people can be a little intimidating. Each of us has been that new person walking through the door, so we know what it's like. Just walk up and say hi. We'll find you a chair and make you feel welcome!

    So if you've never been to one of our meetings and are considering it, why not come out?

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