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    any one in the 501st heres some info just released:

    The following has just been announced, please forward to your friends
    in other garrisons or legion.

    All-Con has approved a new 501st legion discount for the 2007
    The discount is available towards the purchase of tickets, t-shirts, or
    Murder Mystery Dinner tickets.

    The new 501st discount page may be found at:

    You may use your legion discount to purchase additional tickets or
    for friends and family prior to March 1st, 2007. Please help us spread
    word to legion members who do not check into the forums.

    If you plan to book a hotel room online, the following address will
    you into an exclusive 501st wing at the hotel:

    If you book via phone, you must identify yourself as "501st All-Con" or
    cite the booking code of "SFC" for the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison.

    The booking code SFC is exclusively reserved for Legion members and
    families. Any "SFC" reservations not approved by the commander of the
    local garrison will be quietly moved back into the public roomblocks
    the general convention. If you wish to room with non-501st friends,
    use the booking code "ALC" when reserving your rooms.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.