All-Con: Dallas, Feb 4-6 2005

Discussion in 'Lubbock, TX' started by TI1420, Aug 31, 2004.

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    Mark your calendars!

    Some of the Fan Force and 501st members in Dallas have put together a really great sci-fi/fantasy convention for next year: All-Con. This is going to be a really nice event full of stuff to do, see, and buy. They have been working on this for a couple years at least and want it to grow into a Texas-style DragonCon.

    All the details are available at . You can find out who the special guests are (there will be a Star Wars actor among them), and what activities are going on when.

    I plan on going, and may even be a musical act one night. If anyone wants to ride along or convoy out to Dallas, PM me or post and we'll get this road trip worked out.
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    We are working on making this one by the fans, for the fans...and by that I mean for fans of ALL interests.

    As Ian posted, check out our website and if any of you will be in the DFW area in September, we'll be having a special mixer to show off the location and drum up support, exact details tba.

    See y'all in February, can't wait to hear Ian's musical act!
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