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Beyond - Legends All In The Family - NJO AU [ L x M, H x L, Solo Kids]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by ofikenobi, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. ofikenobi

    ofikenobi Jedi Youngling

    Nov 15, 2012
    Indeed! I really want to shine a light on the Jedi Masters who are seasoned and never get the action they deserve.

    OOC: I know! Another chapter but I'm on a roll. This one is kind of slow and it will take me a bit to build up to the action but I feel this was necessary. I'm still working on juggling so many characters in a chapter so sorry if things seem a bit jarring! I'm working on it. :p

    Chapter 6
    Jaina was so excited that her hands were practically shaking. She honestly hadn't seen this coming. She had hoped and she had prayed but she had assumed she'd be passed over for this mission. Her Uncle Luke knew she was a capable pilot but he viewed her as an apprentice. As a result it often meant she was supposed to stay on Yavin IV and do as she was told. Yet this time she was having more freedom. She wasn't running around with Tenel Ka and Zekk on junior jedi knight missions. This time she was working towards a legitimate goal with an important objective. She'd work extra hard not to dissappoint Luke or the order. She couldn't afford to. "You know, I get the feeling this room will be just as messy even if you are packing all your things."

    Jaina turned over her shoulder and smiled at the presence of her Aunt Mara. Sometimes she felt like Mara understood her in ways that her Uncle never could. Maybe it was because the woman had faced trials and tribulations that Luke hadn't had to. Or maybe it was because she was a woman and a Jedi. Either way Mara would be one of the people that Jaina missed the most. She wasn't sure how long she'd be running around in Chiss space but she'd feel better if Mara was with her. "You sure you can't come along? I hear that someone might be needed to keep Master Durron in check." Jaina stood to her feet as she grabbed her duffel bag and plunked it on her bed.

    "I'm sure General Farlander can keep him in check. You haven't met him but he was one of the pilots that flew with Luke during the attack on the first Death Star. He saved his life." Mara sat down on Jaina's bed and gestured for her to sit down next to her. "He'll be expecting great things from you and I'm sure you'll deliver."
    Jaina smiled. "It seems like everyone knows Uncle Luke."

    Mara laughed. "It does seem that way."

    Jaina chewed on her thumbnail before she decided to ask the question that had been on her mind. "Why are you going to Kashyyyk?" There were several opinions that had been bouncing around for the past three days. Some said that it was a vacation. Others claimed that there was a Dark Jedi in hiding. Jaina wasn't sure what it was. All she knew was that the likelihood of finding a Jedi Conclave on a planet as large as Kashyyyk would be difficult. Jaina also knew that the likelihood of Mara being upfront about it was slim. The woman had yet to rid herself of all her traits from her life as a spy.

    "Well...the reasons Luke said. Anakin and the other trainees are going to be constructing their lightsabers there." Mara paused. "I also think my real family might be there and there's a chance that my father or mother might have been a Jedi. Tionne is combing through the Jedi Archives to try and find any biological matches. I'll know for sure in a few days."

    "Right." Jaina was a bit stunned. As far as she knew Mara had never had any family. She had been a loner. Someone who had been tricked into working for Palpatine and then had found herself fighting on the right side. The fact that she'd finally learn her legacy was good news. She smiled. "I hope you find what you're looking for."

    Mara nodded. "Me too. Anyway, I've got a gift and a message for you." Jaina sat up a little straighter at the word gift. "First off, your family wants to send you off in Hangar B as soon as you finish packing. You'll be flying one of your Uncle's older X-Wing models." Jaina nodded. She had seen that coming. Her parents had promised that they'd look into buying her a ship when she turned 17. Unfortunately that wasn't for several months. "Secondly;" Mara turned and snapped her fingers. Jaina heard a whistling and beeping sound and seconds later a shiny white and green astromech whirled into the room. "You'll need this to help you fly."

    Jaina jumped to her feet and shrieked in surprise. "Aunt Mara! He's perfect!" Somehow she already knew this droid was a he. "Wait..." She bent down by it and checked its markings. "This is a R9 unit. They're only made for the newer X-Wing models."

    "Well Luke's older X-Wing has been retrofitted to fit the R9 model." Mara continued after a beat of hesitation. "Anyway, feel free to name him. He's yours for the keeping. Even when you get back. That means you can modify him, sell him, use him for scrap parts. It's up to. You deserve it kiddo."

    Jaina grinned. "I'd never sell him. I think I will take a hydrospanner to him though." The droid beeped indignantly. "Anyway, I really couldn't sense him in The Force and I didn't sense that you'd have a surprise for me either. So I'll call him Sneaker...or Sneaky. Tricky little bugger."

    Mara nodded and stood to her feet. "Jaina." The brunette Jedi Apprentice stood to her feet. "Your the daughter I never had. Or at least I like to think so. Which means you have some of my traits. You're opinionated, headstrong and you never give up. Use these traits during your mission. Just be sure to balance it with the traits of your mother. Something tells me you'll need her skills if diplomacy and leadership more than you'll need mine." Jaina nodded. "And lastly...." Mara dug into her pocket and pulled out a small cubed device. "This is a holocron to record your experiences on." She tossed it at Jaina and she caught it. "Now, get out of here or you'll be late. I'll miss you." Mara stepped towards Jaina and embraced her.

    Jaina smiled one last time as she picked up her duffle bag and helmet before she left the room. As she did she had an odd feeling that she wouldn't be seeing her Aunt for a very long time.


    "You think she'll like it?" Zekk sat on the starboard wing of the brand new StealthX fighter as Anakin fiddled with the cockpit.

    "Of course she'll like it. She's my sister. I know what she likes." Anakin defended himself as he began to configure the nav-computer. Jaina was smart as a whip but she hated doing the hyperspace calculations. Anakin knew that the R9 unit Mara had purchased for her would be able to handle them fine but he wanted to leave his own mark on the ship. "I'm just configuring the nav-computer and adding a bunch of locations so she won't always have to plot a course." He was also going leave quite a few pranks in the X-Wing. Nothing too life-threatening. He had programmed the Stealth X to play jarring music by an awful pop mustic star that Jaina had proclaimed her of hatred of multiple times. There was also the fact that he'd slipped a stink bomb in her ship to go off when it first took off to hyperspace. Little things like that.

    "Alright, kids! Get out of her starfighter. Anakin, get rid of whatever you put under her seat. Zekk, quite frankly I'm uncomfortable with you being here. You're not quite what I call family." Han Solo marched into the room, C-3PO on his heels. "I know sir, but I'd really like to see Jaina off. I know I won't be seeing her for awhile."

    "Fine. No hugging. No kissing. Not even a hand shake. Just stand on the other side of the hangar bay and smile."

    Anakin pulled himself out of the fighter and jumped to the ground. He bent his knees to ignore the jarring landing on the ground. "C'mon dad." He said, giving his dad a pointed look. Han glanced at Zekk and then Anakin.

    "Fine." He growled. "Four second hug, no kiss. I've got my eye on you mister." Han tapped the blaster on his thigh. Zekk nodded as he too jumped off the wing of the X-Wing.

    "Yes sir."

    "You finish tying up her nav-computer?" Han questioned Anakin as he stepped towards the ship. "Your mother chose well. She has a real eye for ships. I wish Chewie was here...he'd know how to modify her 'till she was the best fighter in the squadron." He eyed Anakin. "I'm sure you did as a good job, son. Just so happens that you can't beat a Wookiee." He grinned as he rubbed Anakin's hair. Anakin chose not to take offense. Chewbacca was on Kashyyyk with his family and had been so for the past six months. Han had let him go but lately Han was so antsy to get back to his friend that he brought him up in every conversation. "Where's your older brother?"

    "He's packing and talking with Uncle Luke. He'll be back here soon."

    Han nodded. "Good, good."

    Almost as soon as he said that Leia and Jacen entered the hangar bay. Leia looked as beautiful as ever even thought she was dressed simplistically. She wore khaki pants and a white shirt. Her long hair was pulled into a tight braid. "Just got back from a work out?" He questioned. Leia nodded.

    "Luke challenged me to a run. It turned out to be another sneaky propisition to convince me to take some time off to train as a Jedi. Now I know how Mara feels."

    "Can't blame him, honey. You have just as much as power as he does. You just don't know it yet. I'm suprised he hasn't tried to convince you not to be a Jedi." Han retorted with a chuckle.

    "Luke isn't power hungry. Or maybe he's been hoping that if he keeps pestering me about it so I won't want to do it." Leia winked at him as she finally reached Han and quickly embraced him.

    Anakin grinned and motioned at Jacen to join them near the StealthX fighter. "Where is she?" He questioned, referring to Jaina.

    Jacen shrugged. "On her way now. She'll be here any minute. I can only stay for a few minutes though. I still have to talk with Master Skywalker before we leave."

    "Good luck." Zekk said solemnly. "It figures that you're the one who gets all the good missions."
    "I never asked for it." Jacen said with a shrug. "I don't know why he's sending me all the way across the galaxy for something like this. Uncle Luke knows that I'm not sure about my future here at the Academy."

    "Well, maybe he's trying to convince you otherwise. We all know you're going to become a great and famous Jedi Master. You just have to work out your own little quirks first." Anakin said with a grin. "I have to say, we may disagree on the purpose of the Jedi but I am going to miss you and our arguments. You always keep me on my feet." Anakin knew that he couldn't have beat Valin in that duel if it wasn't for his constant sessions with his older brother.

    "Besides, Master Katarn knows a thing or two about the purpose of the Jedi. He can set you straight." Zekk said as Leia and Han approached them.

    "Look alive, people!" Han snapped as they gathered around the Stealth X.

    Jacen nodded towards the hangar bay. "3...2....1"

    The door to the hangary bay slid open and Jaina followed through it. She held two dufflebags and a helmet under her arms as a R9 dorid followed her. "Hey, I was told to-" She paused as she looked at her immediately family (and Zekk). They were all standing on front of an X-Wing. A brand new Stealth X. "Whose is that?" She questioned slowly.

    Jacen grinned, Anakin grinned bigger and Han shook his head. "Whose do you think it is? You really think I'd let my daughter fly a second-rate fighter on a mission like this?"

    Jaina dropped her dufflebag and her helmet struck the floor. It rolled slowly towards the ground and stopped at Zekk's feet. " Oh wow...This is great!" Jaina sprinted towards her dad and engulfed him in a hug. "Thanks daddy! Thanks so much!" Her other family surrounded her and patted her on the back and gave them her congratulations.

    "We know that you have to leave in a few hours, Jaina." Leia said. "So we figured you could give this ship a test a run before reporting to Hangar Bay D where the Dozen are. There you'll meet General Farlander. He's one of your father's oldest friends."

    Han nodded. "I flew with the guy at the Battle of Yavin. He's good stuff. Listen to what he says, follow his orders and he'll use you as best he can."

    "Good luck, Jaina. Zekk and I retrofitted the ship a bit for you." Anakin said as he hugged Jaina. "Happy flying."

    Jaina grinned widely. "This is the thing you guys could do!" She hugged Leia and then Jacen. Then she turned to her two brothers. "You guys be safe while I'm gone. We'll all be separated which means no arguments...thank the Force for that." She grinned again. "I'll see you on the other side."

    She turned towards Zekk and Leia subtly grabbed Han's arm and slowly pulled him away from the fighter. Han scowled but followed. Anakin showed no signs of leaving either so Jacen too grabbed him by the arms and pulled him away.

    "Have fun with all your adventures and stuff, I suppose." Zekk said, trying to act as if this didn't bother him.

    "I will. And don't worry, your time will come. The galaxy isn't a safe place and your bound to get involved in some adventure or other soon enough." Jaina stepped towards Zekk and hugged him. "I'll miss you."

    "I know." Zekk smiled and stepped back. For a moment they stared at each other before he stepped forward and kissed her, not caring that her father was there. Jaina returned the kiss before stepping back.

    "More when I get back." She said with a smile.

    "Knock it off!" Han yelled as Jacen and Anakin whistled and cat-called from the other side of the hangar bay.

    "I'll see you on the other side." Zekk said with a grin as he backed away from Jaina. "May the Force be with you."

    Jaina echoed the same phrase before Zekk turned and left the hangar bay. The remainder of the Solo Family said their goodbyes before Jaina used The Force to get Sneaker into his position on the X-Wing. As she jumped into her X-Wing and turned on the ship she suddenly grimaced as a sudden nauseating smell floated through the cockpit. "What the kriff is that?"


    Jacen held one dufflebag in his hands as he calmly waited for Master Katarn and Master Skywalker to arrive. They were talking about the last few details of this mystery mission he was supposed to be going on. He wasn't entirely sure what it was going to be about but he knew that it had to with some sort of dark side artifact. Uncle Luke hadn't told him but he had pieced together the clues by himself. He had the feeling that they wanted him to. He was fine with going on the mission. Anakin had been right. He did want to be a Jedi. He just felt that they needed to restructure how the Jedi Order was run. He agreed with his Uncle about a Jedi Council and organizing the Jedi more. He just felt that it needed to be done far more quickly and without fear of "adjustment issues".

    Anakin and Jaina were both more concerned with the glory and adventure. Jacen was fine with that. He liked adventures. But he knew that if he were to become a Jedi Knight he needed to grow out of his mindset of looking for the next thrill or mystery. He was hoping that this mission would give him the direction and purpose he needed. He had the feeling that Uncle Luke had sent him on this mission to show him exactly how the Jedi operated. He had the feeling that skirmishes he had been involved in were child's play compared to this. He was just glad he hadn't been paired off with Durron. Jacen had worked with Master Katarn in the past. The man was gruff, cynical and a bit rough around the edges. But he had experience that rivaled Master Skywalker and he had the feeling that he'd learn more about his purpose with him.

    As Jacen leaned against one of the landing ruts on the Raven Claw he sensed the presence of Master Skywalker and Katarn. He straightened to his feet and picked up his dufflebag as Kyle and Luke entered. "Hey, kid? Did I keep you waiting?" Master Katarn pointed out the Raven Claw and the landing ramp tot he ship descended to the ground.

    "Not really." He said with a shrug. "Ready to pull off?"

    "Yeah. I'll get he primed and ready. You two have your heart to heart." Kyle gestured towards Luke before he walked up the ramp.

    Jacen grinned as he turned to his Uncle. "He certainly has a way with words."

    "I figured you'd want to work with someone who gets to the point. According to Mara I ramble more than I should."

    "That you do." Jacen said and they both laughed. "You really think I can handle something like this?"

    Luke nodded and placed a hand on Jacen's shoulder. "It's time for you to learn what it's like to be a true Jedi. Jaina is going to Chiss Space because it plays to her skills as a guardian. Someone meant to protect and defend. I'm sending you on this investigative mission because you have an open mind and the intelligence necessary to comprehend the impossible. It's time to get you on a mission that utilizes your skills. I feel like you're so restless because you haven't found the proper way to apply your unique view on The Force. Now is your time. Master Katarn felt the way you did once."

    Jacen nodded. "I won't let you down, Uncle Luke."

    He grinned. "I know you won't. Now I suggest you get up there. I can feel him getting antsy." Luke pulled Jacen into a hug before stepping back.

    "May the Force be with you, nephew."

    "And with you." Jacen replied as he nodded his head at his Uncle. He then turned and ascended the ramp. As Jacen began to walk up the ramp it ascended behind him. He soon found himself standing in the hallway of the advanced ship. He closed the door behind him and turned, heading towards his cabin. He had already had a tour of the ship and as a result knew where he needed to be. Jacen sighed as he tossed his bag on his bed and clipped his lightsaber to his belt. His reunion with Tenel Ka had been short. He hadn't exactly had the fond farewell that Jaina had with Zekk. Their relationship had never really taken the next step. Not that it mattered. Jacen wasn't supposed to have attachments. He was a Jedi.

    The teenager turned and left the cabin, heading towards the cockpit of the ship. There he found Kyle Katarn manipulating the controls of the Raven Claw. The ship was already taking off. It looked as if the Battlemaster had been in a particular hurry to leave. Jacen dropped down in the seat next to him. "We're certainly blasting off in a hurry." He commented with a grin.

    "Sorry, kid. I haven't been on a good mission in years. Training you youngsters can be a bit boring after awhile. To be perfectly honest." He glanced at Jacen before scratching his beard. "Anyway, it looks as if your my one-on-one apprentice now. I wouldn't worry about anything too big. For now we're going to gun it to our destination."

    "Next destination?"

    "Helska IV. There are a few people there who specialize in archaeological items. I want to know a non-Force User's opinion on our little artifact first. Until then we don't touch it. Got me?" He turned to Jacen and Jacen reluctantly nodded. Kyle laughed and shook his head. "You probably heard that as "touch it". I should know better than to tell a Solo Kid to stay away from something intriguing."

    "You should." Jacen agreed with a smile before he turned his attention to the viewport of the ship. Their conversation ceased as the two of them soon became involved in their own thoughts, wondering what dangers that tassle held for them in the future.
  2. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Love the revel on Mara's family and her fears that her natural powers were of the Dark Side. It is a real fear.

    Ben was cute in his statement that he wouldn't sleep with a girl or was it share a bed with a girl.

    Luke wasn't hard enough on Jaina. If she was under my care I would have done something more than have her scrub down fighters. In one of my fics she broke a rule and got sentenced to cleaning and then she's going to have to deal with people that she doesn't like too much.
  3. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Ha ha Jaina wouldn't have been amused by those little 'surprises'.

    Jacen has a point about the switch over.

    Everyone else in the world uses the metric system in the USA we use miles and what not. They have talked for years of just switching over gradually. My mom says just switch over and be done with it.
  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_nail_biting] over the feeling Jaina has of not seeing Mara for a long time -- :gasp: Did enjoy their talk though. =D= :) I doo feel they are kindred spirits in many ways :D
  5. ofikenobi

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    Nov 15, 2012
    Jaina has a few lessons to learn, admittedly. And you're right. Maybe Luke should have been harder on his niece. But she is his niece with his traits so I think he might have been to overcome with pride and nostalgia to do what he had to do.

    I know right? I'll have to be more careful to use the metric system in the future.


    Besides we never know what's in the future for Jaina...or Mara for that matter.
  6. ccp

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    Apr 29, 2005
    I like everyone getting into different adventures.
  7. ginchy

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    May 25, 2005
    Very interesting. Thanks for the tag and great to see another update so soon. I like how you're setting things up and focusing on the Jedi.
  8. ofikenobi

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    Nov 15, 2012
    OOC: Thanks for the nice reviews, guys! Sorry for the wait, my computer was broken and I had to take it into the shop. Anyway, here we go. There might be some spelling errors in there. Hopefully I'll be able to update again soon.

    Chapter 7
    The festive beating of the drums boomed across the forest and seemed to perfectly harmonize with the distant roars of banthas. It only served to remind Luke of how much of the galaxy he had seen...and how much he hadn’t. Yet it more specifically told him that he was amongst friends and could be himself. He didn’t have to be a stoic Jedi Grandmaster; always in dark robes and with a lightsaber on his belt. Tonight Luke was simply wearing tan pants, a dark green tunic and a tan jacket he had kept in his possession during his time as a military officer in the Rebellion. He had opted not to wear his lightsaber though the weapon was being kept in Artoo’s spare cartridge in case he needed it. Tonight he was simply Luke. His jedi duties would come later but not now.

    “Luke! Kid! Get over here.”

    Luke had been standing by a massive oak table pouring himself a drink when he glanced up and noticed one of his best friends Han Solo gesturing at him. Mara Jade was somewhere with Leia, Ben was playing with Chewbacca’s son Lumpy and the Jedi Apprentices were exploring the Wroshyr Tree. Luke had decided that he’d enjoy the feeling of intoxication tonight but he had the feeling that Han was enjoying it anymore. Luke set the pitcher down and strode towards the Corellian. Once he stepped towards him Han gestured at three Wookiees standing in front of them. “Tell ‘em.”

    “Tell them what?” Luke question as he brought the cup to his lips and took a sip of the drink.

    “I dunno if you met them...this is Sirrakuk. She’s Lowbacca’s older sister. This is her mate and her mate’s brother. I’m not even gonna bother trying to pronounce their names...anyway tell them about Lowbacca and all the adventures he’s had. How he’s brought honor to his family and all that.” Han raised a bottle to his lips and drained the last of his Corellian liquor. Instead of tossing the drink away he wheeled around searching for a trash can. With a tiny “Aha!” he turned and strode off towards a massive can.

    “Oh; Lowbacca is an incredibly skilled pilot and has saved my nephew and niece’s life many times. He has brought great honor to your a matter of fact.” Luke smiled as he searched for a story that he knew Lowbacca’s sister would want to here. “Yes, as a matter of fact I remember a time when...” Luke launched int a story when he recalled Jacen and Jaina getting trapped in an ancient temple on Yavin IV. Luke had been off planet at the time and Lowbacca and Zekk had set out to find them. They had been able to bring Jacen and Jaina back safely. If anything it only reminded Luke of how proud he was to have found Jedi like this to train in the ways of The Force. Eventually Han wandered back towards him and the Wookiees Luke had been speaking to floated back into the crowd to get some more refreshments.

    “Luke.” Han punched Luke on the shoulder with a grin. “I ever tell you how much you mean to me? I thought you were a little naive kid who didn’t know anything about the galaxy. Next thing I know you’re tossing around Sith and training my kids to become protectors of the galaxy. That’s quite a change. Hic. After all these years.” Han shook his head. “Thanks. I never get to tell you that enough.”

    Luke smiled and shook his head. “Don’t mention it. If it wasn’t for you and Ol’ Ben I’d still be on Tatooine dusting crops.” He raised his cup to his lips and drained his drink in one draught. “Where’s Chewie?”

    “Oh, he was showing Mara some possible areas on the planet where Jedi could have taken refuge from the Empire...I hope she finds what she’s looking for.” Han frowned as he rubbed his chin.

    “Me too.” Luke said with a sigh. “I just want her to find out her past. All she’s known is the Empire. She deserves better.”

    “Let’s just hope she doesn’t lose her arm and I don’t wind up in carbonite for half a decade in the process.” Han said with a chuckle as he began to walk (or rather stumble) towards the edge of the massive deck surrounding the Wroshyr tree. He sat down on the edge and watched as his legs dangled over the edge. After a moment of hesitation Luke sat down next to him. “I never thought this would happen.” He muttered.

    “What happen?”

    “Just this?” Han jabbed a thumb behind him. “People happy to see me. Being able to go to planets where species are just dying to throw a party and throw me more liquor than I can drink. Having a family. It’s the exact opposite of what I’ve always wanted and you know...I couldn’t be happier.”

    “You’re drunk.” Luke commented with a smirk. “I won’t tell anyone that you’ve gotten soft in your years.” As he said this he felt a gentle presence embrace him and glanced to his right. He saw that Mara, Leia and Chewbacca were crossing a bridge from one Wroshyr Tree to another. As they did Luke realized that he needed to speak to Lowbacca about something before the night was over. He slowly pulled himself off of the edge of the deck and pulled himself to his feet. He helped Han up as well and the two men strode through the crowd and towards the bridge to meet them.

    As Mara approached her eyes narrowed. “You two have been drinking.” She said, not trying to keep the amusement out of her voice.

    “Jedi can get drunk too, you know.” Luke said defensively. “Besides, Ben is playing with Lumpy. He’s fine.” You couldn’t exactly turn off your responsibilities as a parent like you could with a Jedi but they had nothing to fear in Kashyyyk. Well not as long as they were in a Wroshyr Tree thousands of meters above ground.

    “Well, I figured we could begin searching in a couple of days. Chewbacca said that he could procure an air speeder for us but it’ll take a day or two to get here.” Mara said. “And don’t worry about Ben. I put him to bed while you were getting sentimental with your ol’ drinking buddy here.”

    Han glanced up at Mara and then glanced back down at the ground. Luke could have sworn he said something along the lines of “Damn Jedi” but he couldn’t be sure.

    “Are you ready to get some rest, farmboy?” Mara said with the slightest hint of a purr in her voice.

    “Er, yes. Soon. Definitely.” Luke bobbed his head a little too eagerly. As much as he wanted to get some “rest” now he needed to speak to Lowbacca. “I’ll meet you on the ship?”

    Chewbacca roared indignantly. Luke turned his head towards him and though his Shyriiwook was a little rusty he did pick up on his friend’s message. “No, Chewie. I don’t want to impose.” Chewbacca snarled and Luke smiled. “I don’t want to entreat on your honor but we’ve got perfectly fine beds in-” Another snarl. This time with a defiant shake of the beast’s shaggy head. “No; I’m sure yours are more comfortable but...if you insist than yes. I’ll be happy to take one of your rooms.”

    “I’ll be waiting.” Mara winked before she gave Luke a little shove and walked away. Luke glanced at Han and Leia who were both staring at him as if he were the same virginal farmboy they had met 20 odd years ago.

    “What?” Luke demanded as his cheeks inflamed.

    --- ​

    Belkadan was teeming with wildlife. Despite Jacen Solo’s relative young age he had visited more planets than he could remember. Many of them had massive forested regions and if you opened yourself up to The Force you could be overwhelmed with the perspectives of other living beings. Jacen had encountered this on Yavin IV multiple times. Yet on Belkadan it was even more evident. He wasn’t sure if it was because he had never been here before or that the only significant human presence on Belkadan in the past several thousand years was the Ex-Gal outpost. At any rate he had to admit he wouldn’t mind staying here. Yet there was a mission that he and Kyle needed to complete.

    Jacen stared out the window as he calmly waited for the specialist Kyle had been looking for to arrive. They had been welcomed warmly by one of Kyle’s old friends but at large the scientists didn’t seem to mind one way or another that the Jedi were here. Jacen wasn’t sure what he had been expecting. Whether it was distrust, celebrity status or simple indifference. Either way he didn’t like his mind dwell on the topic too long. The Jedi didn’t dwell on the opinions of others unless the mission depended on it. Jacen would like to think that he was going to focus on the mission at hand but he wasn’t entirely sure about it either. He knew they were trying to find the origin of a Sith artifact but he wasn’t even sure what it was. During the week long trip here Kyle had focused on lightsaber combat training and had introduced Jacen to information on Dark Jedi Cults and various Sith Orders. The mission hadn’t even been mentioned.

    Master Katarn was currently seeking their specialist while Jacen stood in the lab simply focusing on the planet itself. If he had time there was nothing more he’d love to do than go exploring and maybe take some samples of the wildlife and maybe adopt a pet or five. Unfortunately there wasn’t time for that. He was a Jedi Apprentice now. Not a padawan. The door behind Jacen opened and he turned. Kyle Katarn walked through first. The man stood tall and held a leather bound item in his hands. Jacen couldn’t help but be reminded with the differences between Kyle Katarn and Luke Skywalker. Kyle was more direct. Luke tended to be more elusive in his studies and allowed Jacen to reach his own conclusions. Kyle was tall and powerfully built. Luke was shorter than most and initially didn’t seem that intimidating. Kyle didn’t wear traditional Jedi Robes. Luke did. Jacen already had an idea about the type of training he’d have and he wasn’t sure if he was going to like it or hate it. So far he respected Master Katarn and his struggles so he had a feeling it’d be the former. One could never tell.

    Following Kyle was a tall and graceful woman. She wore brown shorts, a brown button up shirt and a side bag that was seemingly packed with instruments. From the looks of it she seemed to have come from some expedition. Her hair was blond and as she turned to glance at him Jacen noted that her eyes were bright green. Jacen blinked once as his mind finally told him that a pretty young woman only a few years older than him was in the room. He blinked again and cleared his throat. The woman smiled and walked towards him and extended her hand. “I’m Danni Quee.”

    “Jacen Solo.” The words came out in a rush as he extended his hand and shook her own. “How do you know Master Katarn?”

    “Before I joined Ex-Gal I was kidnapped by an organization known as the Diversity Alliance. Somehow they figured out I was Force-Sensitive. Kyle saved me and taguth me a few tricks about The Force before helping me get here from Belkadan. Ever since I’ve been studying the flora and fauna while keeping an eye on the outer galactic rim.”

    Jacen nodded. “That’s interesting. You’re choosing a career in science over the Order.” He didn’t say that in an accusatory or judgmental tone. He actually wished that it was a decision he was capable of making. Jacen wanted to be a Jedi Knight but he often wondered if it was because he really wanted to be a Jedi or because it was slaved into his family history.

    “Anyway, I have some experience in historical artifacts so I might be able to decode what you’re looking at. Master Katarn?” She gestured for Jacen to sit down at the metallic lab table and did the same. Kyle pushed the covered tassel towards her.

    “Be careful not to touch it.” He warned. “I have a feeling it could end badly for us if you did.”
    “First rule of archeological studies.” Danni reached into her side pack and pulled out two gloves. “Never touch something you don’t know the origin of.” She tugged at the string tying the leather cover of the tassel together and revealed the knotted lump of leather. She frowned and picked up a single eye glass and screwed it to her right eye. Three lenses slid out of the eye glass and focused on the tassel. “I see..all types of symbols here...presumably all from different cultures. And Master Katarn? This thing is pretty recent. It’s been made in the past twenty years.” She paused. “Maybe in the past five.”

    “Can you translate them?” Jacen questioned as he squinted over Danni’s shoulder. As he did he suddenly felt his body go cold. He closed his eyes for a moment to try and clear his mind but actually kept them closed. That thing was calling to him. Without any control over his body Jacen suddenly thrusted his hand past Danni and touched the tassel. Almost immediately Jacen was thrown clear across the room and slammed into the wall. As he was thrown through the air he almost felt as if he was thrown through time. As he struck the wall and slumped down he found himself staring up at a woman who looked to be in her late twenties. Her hair was drawn into a tight ponytail and she wore red and black armor. She held a silver lightsaber in her hand. As Jacen stared up at her he was struck by just how similar she looked to his sister. He swallowed hard.

    I thought it would never come to this. She said and her voice was seemingly amplified by The Force. She then raised her lightsaber and struck Jacen down.

    “Hey!” Something slapped Jacen hard against the face followed by a splash of water. Jacen blinked and sat up, rubbing at his red cheek. “You off your rockers, kid?” Kyle snapped in fear poorly disguised as anger. “I said don’t touch the damn thing. What the kriff d’you think that means?”

    “I’m a Solo. We don’t just not touch things.” Jacen cracked as he pushed himself to his feet.

    Danni leaned in front of him and gently pushed him back down. “Don’t move. Not yet. You look sick.” She paused and pursed her lips as she slowly examined his face before taking his pulse. “You were out for about five minutes. What happened when you were unconscious?”

    “I was unconscious, I guess.” Jacen tried and failed to grin. “I’m alright. Really.” He stood to his feet. “What’s next?”

    Danni and Kyle exchanged looks at each other. “Well...I can decode some of the messages on the tassel. I’ll just need more time. Which is why I think I should go with you.”

    Kyle paused as he stared at Danni and then at Jacen. He then ran his fingers through his silver streaked hair and sighed. “I don’t see why not...maybe you can brush up on your training in the meanwhile.” He paused. “We’ll leave tomorrow. Until then I need you to report to sick bay, Jacen. You’re getting a full diagnostic and after that you’re going to tell me what really happened when you were out.”

    Jacen sighed. “If you insist, Master.” He stood to his feet and grinned cockily. This time he fared better than he had before. Yet all he could think of now was Jaina staring down at him with that silver blade.

    --- ​

    Lightsabers clashed against each other furiously as the two duelist sought to gain an upper hand against the other. This dueling session wasn’t exactly what you would call fair. One man was a Jedi Master and the other was a Jedi Apprentice. Yet the latter was putting up quite the fight. Jaina twisted her blade upwards and blocked Kyp’s strike towards her forehead. She knew he was going easy on her but that didn’t count for much. Kyp’s height and natural swagger meant that he approached his duels with a competitive edge. Regardless of it being a training session or not. Jaina understood the feeling and had no problem with acting the same. Yet that didn’t mean she was winning. Far from it. Jaina spun away from her attacker as Kyp disengaged.

    She did have one advantage.

    Kyp was a grounded fighter. He didn’t employ many acrobatic moves in combat nor did he rely on speed. His height and strength meant that she could avoid many of his moves without even meeting it with her blade. Jaina had never seen Kyp in actual combat so she wasn’t certain how he actually fought against a live opponent. Yet she did know how he was fighting now. Jaina stepped back and beckoned at Kyp with her lightsaber. Kyp sighed and she felt a twinge of frustration from him. Good. Kyp stepped towards her in two long strides and slashed at her shoulder. Jaina danced behind the blow and spun around, slashing at his knees. She felt a surge of power from The Force and suddenly her lightsaber wasn’t in her hand. Instead it was spinning away across the training center. Then Kyp advanced and suddenly she was underneath him with his now extinguished lightsaber pointed at her heart.

    “Good job, but this isn’t a dance.” He said with a cocky grin before he stood to his feet. “You get do distracted with waving your glow stick around like you’re a Mon Cal at the opera that you forget you have access to The Force.”

    Jaina scowled as she gestured at her lightsaber. With some difficulty she managed to summon it into her hand. “For someone who just ended the attack with such flourish I’m surprised that you didn’t think it was a dance.”

    Kyp shrugged as he walked towards a nearby table and pulled off his shirt. “Hey, you can’t blame me. You’re so graceful you make everything look like some type of heavily scripted holodrama. I can’t help it that you trapped me. I’m just saying that if you spent less time focusing on a form of lightsaber combat and more on The Force itself you wouldn’t have so much difficulty.” He pulled on a new shirt as Jaina clipped her lightsaber to her belt.

    “Right.” She echoed sarcastically as she placed her hand on her hips. “The guy who spends most of his time thinking with his joystick and blasting his way through trouble is telling me to focus on The Force.”

    Kyp laughed as he turned towards her and leaned against the table. “In combat I don’t have much time to think about strategies or whether to use a proton torpedo or a ion cannon. All I have time to do is call upon The Force and allow it to direct my movements. Naturally I do rely on my skill to win battles. I can’t use The Force all the time. But sometimes there are these split seconds where I have to let my supernatural instincts kick in....not decide to follow through a predictable kata just because I saw Master Katarn do it.”

    Jaina sighed and shook her head as she tucked a string of hair behind her ear. “You’re a real piece of work.”

    Kyp laughed. “Maybe so but I’m not the one one who lost.”

    “Give me a few years to at least gain the rank of Knighthood and we’ll see who the loser is.” Jaina turned and began to walk out of the training session. “In the meantime are the Chiss even aware we’re here? The only contact we’ve had with them is the leader of that fighter squadron who intercepted us and they haven’t even boarded yet.”

    Kyp shrugged as he followed her down the hallway. “General Farlander has been talking to Soontir Fel for the past week. Just count your blessings. We’re lucky we haven’t been blasted out of Chiss Space yet but...” Kyp’s voice trailed off. He was playing the role of Jedi Master. Which meant he couldn’t voice his own frustrations or allow this to get into a rant. “Nevermind.” He said. The Jedi had been able to board a Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser that had been named “Force Flight.” The Dreadnaught ships had a somewhat negative stigma and for some reason that’s the only ship that General Farlander had been able to get his hands on. The fact that the New Republic had allowed this mission to be a joint effort from the government and the Jedi Order was a good thing. The fact that they had given them a ship that had such a negative reputation was a bad thing. “We’re supposed to have a sit down with Commander Jagged Fel at 1800 if you’re interested. The last time I spoke to him I sensed that he was getting as annoyed as we are now.”

    “Sounds like a plan.” Jaina said. She didn’t ask him why he wanted her to sit in. Lately it seemed as if Kyp Durron had become her interim Master. If that was what her Uncle had wanted he definitely hadn’t mentioned it. Yet despite any misgivings from either side she didn’t mind so far. As a matter of fact she enjoyed his presence. She’d take Mara back in a heartbeat but Kyp was different from the other Jedi. His brush with the dark side gave him experiences with The Force that gave him a unique view on training. “Want to head to the mess and get some lunch with me?” She suddenly questioned on impulse. Almost immediately she wondered why she would ask a man over a decade older than her for a meal but pushed that feeling away. She wasn’t some impertinent school girl.

    “I don’t see why not.” Kyp said and as he did Jaina suddenly felt as if the temperature in the hallway had dropped by at least fifty degrees. She leaned against the wall of the hallway and frowned as she felt a sudden surge of surprise and pain from her twin Jacen. It was almost as if he was reaching out to her. Not intentionally but by reflex. She blinked once and shook her head. “Something wrong?” She opened her eyes again to see that Kyp had grasped her by the elbow firmly but gently and was helping to her feet.

    “No...nothing. It’s...nothing.” Jaina frowned and turned on her heel. “Excuse me. I need to contact someone. Let’s head to the mess some other time.” With that she turned and walked down the hallway. When your twin brother was in pain you didn’t just shrug off that feeling easily.
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    And also when you said of the older Jaina with red and black along with the silver lightsaber. I couldn't help but think, 'Imperial Knight Jaina'?
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    Me too.” Luke said with a sigh. “I just want her to find out her past. All she’s known is the Empire. She deserves better.”

    “Let’s just hope she doesn’t lose her arm and I don’t wind up in carbonite for half a decade in the process.” Han said with a chuckle...

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