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Alternate Story Line

Discussion in 'Attack of the Clones' started by xgeoff, May 21, 2003.

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  1. xgeoff

    xgeoff Jedi Youngling

    May 20, 2003
    I just re-watched AOTC today and I keep thinking that the storyline would have been much cooler if, in fact, Dooku would have been the good guy.

    Imagine if, when Dooku was speaking with Obi-Wan and told him about Sidious ruling the Senate, he was genuine?

    It would play out something like this...

    Nute Gunray does, in fact, feel betrayed by Sidious. He goes to the Jedi for help, but of course they won't believe his accusations, why would they?

    Except Dooku, who decides to investigate. His investigations lead him to uncover the dealings of the Sith and the corruption of the Senate. Frustrated by the Senate and his inability to convince the other Jedi, he leaves the Jedi order, intent on saving the Republic and the Jedi despite themselves.

    Dooku recruits the other systems that are fed up with the corruption of the Republic, idealists like himself. The repentent Trade Federation (flawed heroes if ever there were ones) work the business angle, recruiting forces like the commerce guild, techno-union, etc (although why each of these entities would have their own armies is beyond me. It would be like the teamsters having their own security force). All this in an attempt not to overthrow the republic, but to break from it.

    Anyhow Palpatine/Sidious is prepared. He either corrupted or duped Sifo-Dias into ordering a Clone Army (probably Cash on Delivery, I suspect), then killed him (or had him killed) to cover it up.

    Sidious then needs an excuse for the war. His efforts at getting the Republic to commission an army have been thwarted so far by Amidala. So he commissions the assassination of Amidala in an attempt to undermine the opposition and spark a reason for a war against the separatists. To do so, he need only frame Dooku for the deed.

    This makes the final battle one of both tragedy and irony. The Jedi are fighting for the Republic, fighting for good, yet ultimately they are being manipulated by the Sith. In this fashion the Jedi actually attack the true *good guys*, as unwitting pawns of the Sith.

    And Dooku is now faced with the fact that the Sith are onto him, and he must fight both the Sith and the Jedi.

    Anyone else like this?

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