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Beyond - Legends Amethyst of Sernpidal (NJO AU; SkySolos, Psylocke, etc.; updated 3/11)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Onderon1, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008

    "That's why we're a team, remember? So our various abilities can compliment each other."

    - Betsy Braddock, assisting Alison Blaire (the Dazzler), Uncanny X-Men #221

    Chapter 9

    22nd of Fifth, 25 ABY: Solos' Apartment, Coruscant:

    I really need to stop assuming I'm going to get preferential treatment.

    Padme' didn't find Leia and Han's apartment to be unworthy of them - or her - just surprisingly small, at first; but after she'd reflected on its dimensions following the night she'd spent in the guest room, she realized it was positive that they were living comparatively humbly.

    We've no right to assume we're owed anything. I should be grateful I'm even alive ...

    She finished her shower, then dressed in a simple outfit - a white jumpsuit with short sleeves - and stepped into the living room, nodding respectfully at the bows the Noghri were giving her.

    Typho ... it seems we all have bodyguards, Padme' observed, touched by the loyalty the Noghri were showing - and more than a little troubled by the legacy of why they were serving her daughter's family.

    She looked at a holocube on the kitchenette counter, and bit her lip; it was the first time she'd seen an image of Anakin - her Anakin - since she'd been released from stasis.

    Part of her wanted to grab the holocube and dash it against the wall, but she resisted -

    then turned, as a somewhat familiar voice asked, "You really are conflicted, aren't you?"

    It belonged to a teenaged girl who looked more than a little like Leia - but with a fair share of Han in the cheekbones, also. And a glint of Padme's own fire in her eyes, as well as a measure of Anakin in her stance.

    "Jaina," Padme' asked, awed - it was one thing to hear she was a grandmother ... another to see a real, breathing grandchild in person.

    Jaina's wariness melted, then, and she hugged Padme', a little teary-eyed and laughing. "Grandpa confuses me, too," Jaina said, letting Padme' look her over before they sat at the dining room table.

    "He would have been proud of you, though - at least, the Anakin I knew and loved would have been. I hear you're an excellent pilot," Padme' asked, waving when Han and Leia appeared from their bedroom, and Chewbacca from his.

    "I'm sorry we didn't wake you when we arrived, but it took longer than we'd expected," Leia said, kissing the top of Jaina's head before she headed for the kitchenette. "Without Threepio here, I guess breakfast is on me."

    "You don't have to, Leia. I make a mean breakfast spiceloaf," Han said, winking, but Chewbacca wurffled a laugh.

    "I think we'd better take a rain check, Dad. I don't want to be sipping a pitcher of water while I'm telling ... Grandma ... about myself - wow," Jaina said, laughing a little.

    She gave Padme' an apologetic look, then said, "Sorry. It's just - I never expected to meet you."

    "Likewise, dear. But while we're waiting for your parents to figure out who's going to make breakfast, why don't you tell me about yourself - and these 'Yuuzhan Vong,'" Padme' asked.

    Luke and Leia had warned her about the newest threat to the galaxy, and if Padme' was going to support the Jedi - she certainly didn't see any reason not to - she needed to know what they were facing.

    The galaxy shouldn't be as divided as it is - the Jedi certainly shouldn't be marginalized. Another of your 'legacies,' Anakin ...

    For the moment, though, Padme' was content being with her family - and friends, smiling when she saw Kettch wobble out of the other guest room.

    "Yub. Kettch cook?" the Ewok offered, while Jaina laughed merrily and gave Leia and Han an amused, questioning look.

    "Just make sure we count the neighbors afterward, make sure we still have the same number we had before we left ..." Han said under his breath.


  2. Kidan

    Kidan TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jul 20, 2003
    two great posts here Onderon!
  3. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008

    Thanks, Kidan. :)

    The pace of the plot should pick up fairly soon; I've finally got everyone in place ...

    and history's changes aren't done yet. ;)

    - Onderon1
  4. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008
    Author's Note: I'd intended to continue this a LONG time back ... but, well ... life got busy. [face_blush]

    But what better night than Halloween to dig this out of the crypt? :p

    Chapter 8:

    25 ABY: Nal Hutta, Hutt Space, Outer Rim:

    The smell was what hit Betsy first.

    A measure of slime ... that, and perfume, and other things, she could tell, shielding herself as Tionne had shown her.

    Just because Hutts might not have a Force tradition didn't mean that this one couldn't have hired a Force-sensitive.

    "Purplice ... I'll just look for the refreshers. You ... uh, go dance for His Lordship Smorgasborga," Kyp said, nodding appreciatively when they were stopped by a male Twi'lek at the bottom of the stairs from the front entrance.

    "As you command, 'Master,'" Betsy cooed - she could do "air-head" quite well. She'd certainly known enough of them at her boarding school.

    She fluttered her lashes at the Twi'lek, who chuckled and said in Huttese - Betsy had picked up the language telepathically from some of the other Jedi - "You're quite eager. A little old, but His Eminence is open-minded. Come along, please."

    "Certainly, Lord," Betsy said, maintaining the vapid dancing girl routine as she followed the Twi'lek into the main chamber ...

    oh my word. It's almost exactly like Jabba's from Return of the Jedi, just ... bigger.

    Betsy had taken the time to learn most of the most common species in the galaxy, so even if she hadn't recognized the Hutt on the dais as such, she would've known to bow.

    Beside him was a rather tarnished protocol droid, while a rather jealous-looking Twi'lek woman with red skin and a black leather bikini frowned at Betsy. Gamorrean guards were spaced throughout the room, while the occasional Weequay, Nikto, and Gran watched the newcomer, and a Bith band performed a jazz-like number.

    Fortunately, there were no signs of carbonited sentients on the walls, so Betsy felt a little safer than she might have.

    {Ah. A willing dancer? I am most pleased. Know, human woman, you perform in the court of Smorgasborga, Lord of the Dai Voorda Lands of Nal Hutta,} the Hutt rumbled.

    {I am honored, Lord Smorgasborga, most grand and beneficient of the Hutts,} Betsy dared to reply, hoping her Huttese was as thorough as she'd practiced.

    "Ho ho ho ho ho ..."

    Betsy looked up, smiling coyly, as Smorgasborga applauded, and his protocol droid threw its arms up. {Excellent inflection, female. You DO honor me. Now, show me what you've got,} Smorgasborga chuckled.

    {As you command, Great One,} Betsy said ... strictly speaking, she was counting on Smorgasborga never having seen any Terran music videos ...

    because if Alison ever saw this, she'd chide me for being decades behind the times ...

    And Betsy Braddock - Jedi trainee, mutant telepath, X-Man, espionage agent ...

    started into a disco groove.

    "OOoohhhh," Smorgasborga exclaimed, and his Twi'lek dancer's eyes widened.

    Yes, I think I can safely say they've never seen anything like this ...

    Betsy just hoped Kyp was keeping his focus on the mission, because she'd be mortified if he ever saw this ...


    Wow. She's GOOD.

    Kyp hid a chuckle, fading into the Force and searching for the Hutt's data den - Smorgasborga was on the Council of the Ancients, after all, the big bloat had to have some idea of where Rotta and Ahsoka had ended up.

    There ...

    He Force-tricked a Gamorrean aside, blurring his presence, and started to work on the computer he'd found.

    That was when he felt it - a Force-presence, unfamiliar but focused and keenly aware of being sought, not dark but very, very wary ...

    Kyp risked opening to the probe, and turned around slowly.

    There was a hooded figure in the doorway - probably female in shape, the robe was obscuring features, which was what any decent d
  5. whateveritis12

    whateveritis12 Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 29, 2008
    It's a good update that's been in the waiting for a long time. Nice to see Ahsoka, though I wouldn't mind seeing Ahsoka more prominent in Karrde Reign or Stoking Home Fires (there's been a generally unimpressive line of Ahsoka fics and you seem to be able to pull it off well enough). It could end up she died sometime during the various wars or she could still be the bodyguard of Rotta. She's just someone who's been underrepresented in good fics since her debut.
  6. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008

    Author's Note: Yep - it's back. For real. :D [face_peace]

    NOTE: A bit dark, although no more so than Leia's dispatching of Jabba ... just FYI.[face_peace]

    Chapter 9: 25.5 ABY: Palace of Smorgasborga the Hutt, Nal Hutta, Hutt Space, Outer Rim:

    Blast it all, Kyp, you'd better find that data soon ...

    Betsy would be the first to admit that she couldn't keep up a disco groove forever, but the sudden rush of life-signatures she detected through the Force (and, more acutely, with her telepathy) suggested that she wouldn't have to.

    Aggression, wariness, and a rush of damped anger quickly rising to outrage flooded the local Force, and Betsy stopped dancing as the Twi'lek majordomo raced to Smorgasborga's side. The Hutt crime lord's eyes widened, and he boomed in infuriated Huttese, <You! Dancer! Do you know anything about this insult to my demesne?>

    <Truthfully, my lord, I have no idea. What insult do you mean?> Betsy asked, looking around with surprise she didn't have to feign. Her plan with Kyp had been to have him slice Smorgasborga's data banks, then for the two of them to escape.

    But the sudden rush of Klatoonians, Vodrans, Niktos, and war droids into the fringes of the throne room cut that plan short - especially when Betsy noticed that the newcomers were wearing red berets ...?!

    <AAAH!!! Revolutionaries! TRAITORS! Troops, KILL THEM! BEFORE -> Smorgasborga roared, and Betsy dove for an alcove as blaster fire and melee combat erupted.

    What the bloody hell is going on?! Betsy wondered, not letting the chaos distract her from her backup plan. She surreptitiously opened the heels from her clog-like shoes, revealing two halves of a specially-modified lightsaber, and twisted the pieces together as Anakin Solo had shown her.

    An instant - and one depressed activation button - later, all eyes turned to "Purplice Enlyst" as a purple blade of light rose from her weapon.

    "All right, SOMEONE had better start explaining what this is about. I don't mind things going crazy - keeps life interesting - but getting in the middle of a rather strange Hutt political uprising is a little more than I'd planned," Betsy tried to quip.

    She arched an eyebrow at the far door, as a rather small - not tiny, but almost adolescent-sized? - Hutt wearing a red beret slithered in, holding a blaster rifle on Smorgasborga, who seethed at the sight of the newcomer. <That's my cue,> the younger Hutt said, giving Betsy a friendly nod.

    <I am Rotta, son of Jabba, believer in equality for all sentients, and I'm striking a blow against the Treaty of Vontor!>

    "VIVA LA ROTTA! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!" the red-beret-wearing non-humans in the crowd cheered, and Betsy blinked.

    "... well. A quasi-leftist insurrection against Hutt slavery. Being led by the very Hutt I'm looking for. Yes, the Force DOES move in mysterious ways," Betsy said, walking forward.

    She bowed to Rotta and added, "My name is Betsy Braddock, Lord Rotta -"

    The Hutt waved his hand and interrupted, <Please, Ms. Braddock. Just Rotta is fine. I'm not like my father. My foster mother raised me to appreciate the rights of all species. Besides, as much as my father cared for me, I'll be the first to admit that he was a criminal. He hid me away on Nar Shaddaa to keep me safe, and I've worked for years behind the scenes to raise a force strong enough to fight the Council of the Ancients' cruel ways.>

    "Your ... foster-mother - Ahsoka Tano? She IS alive!" Betsy said, smiling, and Rotta nodded with a happy chuckle.

    They were interrupted as Smorgasborga's cruel laughter filled the air, and the older Hutt sneered. <Jabba's son, out in the open at last ... foolish whelp. You and the Jeedai there can become RANCOR CHOW! HOHOHOHOHO!> he cackled, reaching for a button.

    Oh, no. I remember Return of the Jedi, Betsy thought, frowning as she sliced through the chain of the female Tw
  7. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008
    Chapter 10: 25.5 ABY: Yavin IV, Apprentice Quarters, Jedi Praxeum:

    "So they really found ... Grandfather's ... Jedi apprentice? Alive, after all these years?" Jacen asked Threepio as they walked with Artoo down the main hall of the male students' wing.

    "Freweep! Dweet ardweeoot wbweet!" Artoo chirped happily, and Threepio nodded.

    "Indeed, Master Jacen. Although I do not remember Mistress Ahsoka, Artoo does, and he confirmed the encryption of Master Durron's transmission from Nal Hutta. Assuming all goes well, Master Durron, Lady Braddock, Mistress Ahsoka, and Lord Rotta anticipate returning to Yavin 4 within the next few days," Threepio said, stopping with Artoo outside Jacen's room.

    Amazing. Not only did Grandfather have dark-side apprentices, but a Jedi Padawan ... who helped raise Jabba's son, Jacen considered, standing in his doorway. It was still hard, sometimes, to imagine Vader having any redeeming qualities, but clearly, Anakin Skywalker hadn't been entirely evil.

    There is the little matter of him throwing Palpatine down that reactor shaft, sure. But Vader cast such a long shadow ...

    Jacen shook his head and clapped Threepio on his right shoulder, smiling. "Thanks for the update, Threepio. I think I need to consider all of this - the discovery of Ahsoka, and the news that Grandmother's alive. If you'll excuse me?"

    "Yes, Master Jacen. Shall we let you know when Lady Padme', Master Luke, and your parents arrive from Coruscant?" Threepio asked.

    "Please do. Or, if they don't return before dinner, please come and get me. I know I get lost sometimes in my thoughts," Jacen said, closing his door and looking around his room.

    Better make sure the menagerie's taken care of, he thought, tending to his animals. His collection of pets was smaller than it had been, since Jacen wasn't on Yavin as often as he'd been when he'd started his training; he'd released some of the less tameable ones back into the wild, or donated some to Coruscanti zoos. The ones that remained were better able to take care of themselves, and other students like Raynar or Lusa were kind enough to check in on them when Jacen was gone with Uncle Luke.

    Maybe Ahsoka, or even Grandmother, have more information on the old Jedi Order's training methods. Artoo had some, but the records he's revealed to us focus more on Grandfather's time during the Clone Wars ... and after ... Jacen thought, finishing his feeding, cleaning, and other duties for his pets before cleaning up and dressing in fresh Jedi robes.

    The distractions were only temporary, though, Jacen admitted. He was troubled, he had to admit - by the arrival of the seemingly Force-deficient Yuuzhan Vong, by his conflicting feelings for Danni Quee and Tenel Ka, by the discovery of his grandparents' disastrous breakup, by the arrival and strange claims of Betsy Braddock, and by Artoo's revelations.

    All the evidence I've seen these past few days suggests that the old Order's methodology was more destructive, not less, than our present-day wandering and surviving off of scraps of knowledge. Tionne's done a great job of piecing together the big picture, but it seems as if there are gaps ... dangerous ones ... in our knowledge, Jacen thought, sighing while he sat cross-legged on a meditation mat and tried to find some inner peace.

    He sank into a light trance, letting the Force refresh him, and used the lulling sensation to sink further. He'd hoped that with all the new information they had on the old Jedi Order (at least, it was new from the viewpoint that they were getting information from right around the fall of the old Order), there'd be some guidepost to what a proper Jedi was supposed to be like.

    They concentrated on the Force, like we do. But Artoo's records of Grandfather's wartime exploits suggest that Grandfather felt oppressed by the Order's focus on the Force ... Jace
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    Chapter 11: 25.5 ABY: Approaching Yavin 4, Yavin system, Outer Rim Territories:

    As soon as the Falcon came out of hyperspace, Luke could feel something was ... off, in the Force.

    "Jacen," Leia breathed, concern underlying her voice as she stirred from where she'd been napping - the trip out from Coruscant had been uneventful, but it had been night there before they'd managed to get going. Luke had wanted to let his sister get some much-needed rest, while Mother had reviewed more family records and talked with Elegos, and Kettch started remote training drills with a training lightsaber left over from Anakin's early training.

    Mother and Elegos glanced over from where they'd been discussing Caamasi of the Clone Wars era, and Kettch lifted the blast visor of the helmet he'd worn to train in. Luke nodded at Leia and said, "I felt it, too. He's not at the Praxeum for some reason."

    "I don't get a sense that he's in danger ... but he's focused. Even more intently than usual. And maybe a bit scared, not that he'd ever admit that. But why would he leave without asking permission ...?" Leia wondered.

    Luke didn't doubt what his twin was sensing - she was naturally more attuned to her children through the Force than Luke was, even with his own familiarity with the Solo children's Force signatures - but he still said, "Maybe there was a reason. Let's check with the rest of the Masters when we touch down."

    "Hey - getting a call from the temple. Solusar's sounding worried," Han called over the intercom. In the Force, though, his anticipation turned to parental frustration, and well-hidden concern, as he muttered, "What the stang is that kid up to now ...?"

    Oh, great, Luke thought, hiding a frown as Leia activated the holoproj feature Anakin had wired the game table for after the last time it'd needed maintenance. Leia maintained her "Senator" face - pure sabaac - but her concern turned to fear for her son as Kam Solusar's intense gaze appeared.

    "Luke! Thank the Force. Jacen snuck out of here a few hours ago. Tenel Ka said he had some kind of vision that shook him, badly, and he left a message with her that she'll only give to you. We've got no firm idea where he might be headed, but he took an X-Wing," Kam said.

    "Which means he's moving fast, wherever he's going ... is anyone hurt?" Luke asked, relieved when Kam shook his head negatively.

    "Jacen didn't attack anyone. From what Tenel Ka told us, he was desperately trying to prevent some kind of horrible future from happening. The sooner you can get down here, the better. We've got the analysis droids working on possible hyperspace routes Jacen might have taken, but you know how tricky that can be. The last heading we could verify for him was the Pinooran Spur, but that just goes out to Kushibah before dropping off. After that ... who knows?" Kam said, frowning.

    "Don't beat yourself up over it, Kam. Jacen's not given to recklessness without what he thinks is an extremely good reason. We'll be at the Praxeum in a few minutes, and we can discuss this more. Please ask Tenel Ka to meet us when we land, and also ask the quartermaster droids to prepare a private suite ... for my mother," Luke said, smiling at Padme' before looking at Kam's now-shocked expression.

    "Your - well. Right away. We got a similar request from Betsy - she and Kyp found Ahsoka Tano and Rotta the Hutt, and are inbound also. Does your mother need any sort of medical assistance?" Kam asked.

    "No, Master Solusar, but thank you," Mother said, moving within view of the holocam. A flicker of nostalgia ran through her Force presence as she added, "You do look strongly like your father. I spoke briefly with him once while we were evacuating Geonosis."

    I keep forgetting she knew so many of the old Order ... it's so natural, having here here, Luke thought, hiding a smile at Kam's shocked
  9. whateveritis12

    whateveritis12 Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 29, 2008
    Gotta wonder what you're going to do with Lyska now that you're putting her out in the open now instead of 15 years into the future. How that's going to effect your other stories. Of course I could be preempting this and you're not going to do anything with her (though Callista's legacy could only be Lyska). I'm looking forward to what you're going to do with the next few chapters.

    Also can I get a shout out for a Danni Quee sighting.
  10. Lady_Jedi93

    Lady_Jedi93 Jedi Knight star 4

    May 11, 2010
    Great story! I would love to be PM'd for updates. :)
  11. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008

    whatever: There'll definitely be a ripple effect down along the timeline, although Lyska's discovery by Luke at this point is the first of several changes.

    What Jacen saw, and what it means, will be explored more soon. It helps that the Order's been joined by another precognitive, one with a bit more experience in these matters ... [face_whistling]

    Lady_Jedy: Thanks for reading. :D I'll add you to the list. :)

    - Thanks again, [face_peace]

  12. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008
    Chapter 12: 25.5 ABY: Jedi Praxeum, Yavin 4, Outer Rim Territories:

    "One thing I know with absolute certainty: We can't sit here paralyzed by possibilities. The time for action is now," Luke said, finishing a quick meal as he, Leia, Han, Padme', Chewie, Betsy, Ahsoka, Rotta, and the droids sat around his office.

    Betsy nodded, nibbling at a patty of roast nerf in tik'kla sauce; she was grateful for a chance to rest and recharge, especially after the chaos of fleeing Nal Hutta. Hope I don't end up with a price on my head. Killing Smorgasborga wasn't an outcome I wanted for the mission to find Ahsoka and Rotta, the telepath thought, glancing as Leia watched Rotta with equal measures of guilt and curiosity.

    The adolescent Hutt smiled at the princess and said, "Cheboda abreska toodoo tormala, Mahdra Leiskaya. Norba abredee morda Jabba chooboodoo."

    "Mistress Leia, Master Rotta asks you not to feel guilty over the death of his father. He appreciates your concern, but recognizes that Lord Jabba was a criminal, and you needed to do what you did to escape," Threepio said, trying to be helpful.

    "Thank you, Rotta. I never meant to orphan anyone," Leia said, relaxing a little as Han squeezed her shoulder.

    "What I'm wondering is, where were you while Zorba tried to make a play for your dad's fortune?" Han asked Rotta.

    "Ah. Meborskooda a choodo torska mordu pedunkiee jabreeska," Rotta said, and Ahsoka nodded before speaking.

    "As a juvenile Hutt, Rotta wasn't eligible to represent himself in the kadijic courts. And my responsibility was to keep him safe, first and foremost. You know what Hutt clan warfare is like. Where there's money involved, especially the kind of cash Jabba had, the smart play was to keep our heads down and let the clan heads fight it out. Jabba skimmed enough off the top of his spice operations to leave Rotta a nice little trust fund funneled to a few different banks the Empire couldn't touch," Ahsoka explained.

    "And you've been using that money to fund your efforts to fight the Treaty of Vontor? It's a 25,000-year-old agreement binding the Klatooinians, Vodrans, and Nikto to the Hutts Council of the Ancients. Overthrowing a tradition of slavery that old isn't a simple matter," Leia asked.

    Rotta nodded, frowning as he replied, "Arudooa shagla trebooskie lybardara totomosta abrunkie."

    "Rotta knows that, Your Highness. But he and I have both seen the cruelty of the slavery system the Hutts practice. You've worn a gold bikini - you know just because a practice has been in place for millennia that it doesn't make it right. And ... I guess I tried to help Rotta to try and keep fighting for the principles of a Jedi, even when I couldn't safely take up my lightsaber," Ahsoka said, growing a little sad by the end.

    Padme' patted her shoulder, smiling a little. "You have to do what you can, where you can, Ahsoka," she encouraged, but Ahsoka looked guiltily at the former senator.

    "Even if it meant not having the courage to confront Anakin when I could? Obi-Wan said he understood, the day he came to Nar Shaddaa to sell Grievous' bomber and get passage to Tatooine, but ... I've been haunted by what-ifs. Still am, sometimes," the Togruta woman said, finishing her plate of roast thimiar.

    Luke looked intrigued, and Ahsoka smiled at him before saying, "Like I said, 'little Skyguy,' I bottle-fed you while Obi-Wan visited. I think you've turned out OK - a little sloppy, here and there, with the new Jedi, but better that than Master Windu's attitude or the old Order's stuffiness."

    "I've read up on the 'no attachments' philosophy, both in the holocrons and this - I'd like to ask that it remain here, but you're welcome to look at it," Luke said, reaching for a book with somewhat frayed pages and a blue-leather-looking cover, marked with a silver spike and wings on either side of
  13. Lady_Jedi93

    Lady_Jedi93 Jedi Knight star 4

    May 11, 2010
    :eek: Me thinks Mara is not going to be pleased [face_mischief] I have never seen X-Men but I really like this story. That was a nasty cliff hanger by the way :mad: :p Thanks for the PM.
  14. whateveritis12

    whateveritis12 Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 29, 2008
    Really don't think that Mara will really mind, she'll be annoyed but she won't flip. But I fully expect Lyska to be welcomed with open arms to the SkySolo family. There's going to be some trepidation on her part, and I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't end up being a Jedi, instead doing something similar to what you have her do in your later timeline stories. I don't think you're going to be changing things up too much in terms of your future stories (same pairings and everything major going down the same way), but some things will obviously have to change with Lyska coming into the picture sooner.

    Now you got me wondering just how Luke's going to react to Lyska after the initial shock is worn off.
  15. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008

    Lady_Jedi: Mara's more understanding than circumstances might suggest at first. :) In fact, she and Lyska might get along surprisingly well ... and give Luke a headache in the process. :p

    whatever: Some things will remain the same - L/M, H/L, A/T - but other details will be closer to canon than in "Braddockverse 1.0."

    Some characters, specifically, whose backgrounds were retconned, will be unchanged, while others will be facing changes in Braddockverse 2.0. [face_peace]

    Like finding out they've got kids they never knew they had ... :p

    Chapter 13: 25.5 ABY: Hweg Shul, capitol of Nam Chorios, Outer Rim Territories:

    There weren't many times in Luke's life that he'd been shocked into total silence - even when he'd learned that Vader was his father, he'd been able to say something, although his reply had leaned more toward screaming than conversation.

    But finding himself face to face with a girl who might be his daughter by Callista Ming left the Jedi Master trying to find something to say.

    Well, maybe you might want to focus on her and her feelings? What she's going through? Luke reprimanded himself, while he looked at the girl's eyes. There was hope and wariness and hurt and confusion, mirroring her Force-presence - and Luke was able to sense her, now, almost as clearly as he could sense the Solo children when they were nearby.

    If she's not my daughter, I'll be dipped in bantha flea-bane, Luke thought, returning the girl's faint smile as she looked at him.

    "I ... I'd like to find out whether I'm your father, ah -?" Luke said, glancing at Governor Arlshard to introduce them.

    "Lyska Chad. 12 standard years, in custody more for her own protection than for actual punitive action. She unintentionally ... ah, touched off a Force storm a few days ago," Governor Arlshard said, nodding for Lyska to sit down on a chair near Luke.

    Tears brimmed in Lyska's eyes while guilt filled her expression, and Luke felt a surge of protectiveness and sympathy. "I ... I didn't know I was - I mean, I've had feelings and stuff, but I can't read minds or move rocks or anything," the girl said in an Oldtimer accent, thanking the governor as he pushed a box of tissues toward her.

    "We believe Lyska when she says she didn't know she was Force-sensitive. She's been raised by foster families, a ward of the state - she was left with a note at our medcenter on what we believe was her birthdate," Arlshard said. He gave Luke a datapad displaying a biography of Lyska, and Luke read through it before looking at the girl again.

    "Foster families ... no one adopted you? One of the Therans, maybe?" Luke asked, aghast at the idea of anyone being bounced from home to home, no one stepping in to give Lyska a permanent family.

    Lyska finished drying her eyes and shrugged - a little defiant, a little more wary, and Luke winced inwardly as he recognized the signs of emotional defensiveness. She's had to learn to rely on herself, he realized.

    "Life's still hard, living off of the water seams. Nobody's hurt me or anything, but there's still not a lot to go around, y'know? One extra mouth to feed makes life harder. I've learned to do repairs and stuff, and I'm a decent pilot - well, OK, just with speeder bikes, but I'm getting better. I'd thought about trying to catch a ride with one of the shipping freighters ... but then I went and listened to one of the spookies. It scared me, and ..." Lyska trailed off, hanging her head.

    Luke looked at Arlshard, who was watching Lyska with a sympathetic expression. "No one was injured, Lyska. We believe she heard some of the tsils near the spaceport, and the resultant storm did a little damage to some of the hangars. It's nothing that can't be fixed," the governor said, while Lyska looked up with a resigned expression.

    "I understand if you'r
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    May 11, 2010
    Great update! I feel so sad for Lyska. Thinking your parents didn't want you, :_| too much for any child.
    I didn't mean Mara would be that mad at Luke but at Callista. Can't wait for more. :D
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    Mar 18, 2008

    Chapter 14: 25.6 ABY: Belkadan, Outer Rim Territories, Extreme Galactic North:

    Much as Jacen had expected, the voids in the Force that he'd come to associate with Yuuzhan Vong were obvious even at orbital distance from Belkadan, although there also were flickers of life.

    What he hadn't anticipated was that the world's atmosphere would read as breathable to his X-Wing's long-range sensors.

    Is it actually possible that they've restored the biosphere to something human-compatible in just two weeks? That's an amazing degree of biotechnical control ... or a scary degree ... he thought, making sure the X-Wing's reentry pattern looked as natural as possible. He wanted to try and allay any danger instincts from the Yuuzhan Vong who were almost certainly looking for incoming craft.

    THIS IS A TERRIBLE LANDING, R2-RP complained, but Jacen just smiled and shook his head. The astromech's complaint was valid - the descent would've been better if he'd exerted a little more effort, but that would risk drawing attention he didn't want.

    "Would you rather deal with Yuuzhan Vong ships?" he replied, chuckling at the electronic BLAAT of a reply over the intercom and bringing the X-Wing to a halt near the former ExGal facility.

    Scanners suggest it is breathable ... still, better not to take any chances, Jacen figured, removing his helmet and trading it for a breath mask. He popped the canopy and climbed down from the ship, telling RP, "Stay close if you do disembark, and keep gathering atmospheric and energy data. We might have to blast out quickly."

    "Frewedwoot," the grey and white R2 unit replied, a little gloomily. Jacen didn't deny the droid had a point - especially when the young Jedi learner approached the ExGal facility and found a grim sight awaiting him.

    Someone had destroyed a large amount of electronic equipment, not just communications gear, but also personal items. The most disturbing part of the debris was a ruined R5 astromech, with its head missing ... and replaced with a human skull, that had rainbow wires coming out of its eyes and mouth.

    Someone definitely doesn't like technology ... Jacen figured, a little calmer once the atmospheric scanner confirmed there were no exotic viruses or trace poisons in the air. He removed his breath mask and half-closed his eyes while he moved into the facility, trying to get a better sense of the local Force.

    Jacen's unsettled sensation returned when he sensed what he thought were humans ... but their Force-presences were diminshed, like they were ill, or blurred. Strangely enough, Jacen almost thought he recognized the sensation.

    Frequency shift - like two overlapping frequencies distorting each other? he wondered, wishing that Anakin or Jaina were on hand to help him make more sense of the feeling. What Jacen could be sure of was that there were Yuuzhan Vong out in the distance.

    He headed back to the X-Wing, calling, "RP? Start offloading the supplies. We're going to camp out for a while, and try to get a better sense of what's going on."

    "Dwoooo reweep freweetweedt," RP complained, but the little droid obeyed nevertheless, leaving his socket while Jacen started to dig out the camping gear. He blinked at a sudden, distant spike in the Force - happiness, a positive sensation and strangely familiar - but didn't reach back to it, since he wasn't sure what had caused it.

    It almost felt like ... family? But that doesn't make any sense ... I think I know where everyone else is ...

    Jedi Praxeum, Yavin 4, Gordian Reach, Outer Rim Territories:

    "By the Great
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    :cool: How do you update so quickly? Not that I am complaining. :D
    I loved the Luke and Lyska parts and Kam and Tionne's surprise made me snicker. Also, you definitly have some talent for cliffhangers? Why is it authors must leave their readers hanging? :rolleyes: Great post though!=D= Thanks for the PM.
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    So now you are pressing the "RESET" button??
    Lord, You put out so much stuff how will ever remember whats V1 rather than v2

    Are you redoing Karrde reign and home fires?? (I hope not,=....I like them as they are)
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    *pauses at Cilghal's medical report on Betsy...*

    Katarn as a test subject... [face_laugh] (Extra analgesics! Extra analgesics!!!)

    She also claims that there, the life story of Anakin Skywalker - including critical points in his existence as Darth Vader - is a celebrated, if sometimes mocked, fictional series of works.

    As is much of our history.

    Cilghal seems to be taking that rather well... (Oh, honey. You have no idea...)

    now, can we talk about increasing the funding for icepacks?


    However, that body's genome was altered by a global mutation wave, leading to her then-solely telekinetic manifestation.

    So... Bestsy is sane, but her world definitely isn't?

    Slowly returning to actively reading stories, and am now going to Pampered Chef party because my sister demanded it. Good story, Onderon. :)

    Edit: wbsaw, I think he simply jumped backwards in the timeline. This part hasn't been told before. :)
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    Psychic knives leave a rather nasty headache. :p

    Cilghal seems to have a very sensible view of things, most of the time ... I have to say, I really like how she's been written in FOTJ, and her moral stance in DNT. =D=

    Even Jedi Masters can do with a bit of rest and relaxation. :p

    QFT. This is something I plan to explore more with the reboot - something I don't think I addressed very well before: Just how wild, and frankly primitive, Marvelverse Earth is compared to the GFFA (and not just tech-wise, but philosophically) ... [face_thinking]

    Thanks, Daena. :D I did jump backwards ... I think I didn't set enough of the foundation, and the future of the timeline got off course from what I'd intended for it. [face_thinking]

    There will be changes, but I think - I hope - they'll better reflect what I'd intended for the Braddockverse in the first place. One thing I definitely won't lose is the sense of fun ... :D

    - Thanks again, [face_peace]
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    Yea, mostly; except Luke and Callista's daughter is found here at 12 rather than later at 25. Version 1 had her found at 25. Now is before Mara and Luke have ANY children. It would certainly change both of their thoughts on kids from the original..

    And I like Karrde reign. But its Ok if Hope is their 3rd or 4th long as she happens....
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    wbsaw: Hope will definitely still be in the future. :) (Just maybe sooner than before ... [face_whistling])

    And now, a short update ... (I'd meant to update sooner; more, and lengthier, soon ... [face_blush])

    Chapter 15: 25.5 ABY: Dantooine, Outer Rim Territories:

    Anakin still wasn't entirely sure how he was going to pull this off - Mara was tired, her sickness still taking a lot out of her, and the rain was falling heavier now ...

    A Jedi doesn't despair or make excuses. He gets the job done, the youth reminded himself, standing tall and saluting the Yuuzhan Vong standing at the center of the trio across the clearing. The alien warrior nodded, almost respectfully, and smiled, chilling Anakin's blood as he angled his lightsaber in a ready stance.

    Then the Yuuzhan Vong warrior rushed forward, bellowing something in his language, and Anakin had no more time to do anything but block a rain of blows.

    Those snake-spears really can block a lightsaber?! part of him realized, still surprised when he saw the weapon not even scorch at his purple blade's intersection with it. The Vong chuckled, and Anakin had to jump as the warrior tried to kick his feet out from underneath him.

    Fine. You want to play dirty? Anakin thought, frowning. He couldn't sense the Vong in the Force, other than as a blurry shape that the Force seemed to go around, but the rest of the landscape wasn't blocked to Anakin.

    He managed to hold his ground, and even concentrated enough to pull a rock telekinetically from behind him toward the warrior. The Vong's eyes widened, and he was able to block the stone with one thick arm before it could smack him in the head - but Anakin did notice his opponent's left gauntlet crack.

    The bad news was that the Vong was through playing. Anakin made a WHOULFF-ing noise when the air was knocked out of his lungs by a fist that felt like it was the size of a shockball, and the Vong slapped Anakin's lightsaber out of his hand while the boy dove aside.

    I won't give up -! Anakin swore, grabbing for his lightsaber. He managed to swing just enough to scorch the Vong's foot, making the alien howl, and the youth took advantage of the opening to drive his lightsaber up into the Vong's left armpit.

    It was enough; the Vong shuddered, once, and Anakin barely had time to withdraw his lightsaber before his opponent keeled over, dead. The other two Yuuzhan Vong, who'd been watching and chuckling, snarled, and started toward Anakin.

    This time, when a rock struck one of them in the breastplate of his armor, the Vong dropped and stayed down. Anakin looked behind him, smiling gratefully but worrying even more when he saw Mara leaning against a blba tree, feeling more tired yet through the Force.

    Her exhaustion turned to aggravation, then warning, as Anakin spun in time to block the third Yuuzhan Vong's wild, angry swing. Stupid, Solo ...

    Anakin didn't mess around, but instead concentrated, summoning a large blba log and striking his opponent with it. The Vong dropped, and Anakin gave a sigh of relief.

    Unfortunately, that was when a series of razorbugs slashed at his jumpsuit, and something like a runaway freighter slammed Anakin to the ground.

    I didn't even see him?! Anakin thought, trying to focus as another trio of Yuuzhan Vong approached - well, two of th
  24. Onderon1

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    Author's Note: Had some computer issues - fortunately temporary [face_peace] - but back to this ...

    Chapter 16: 25.5 ABY: Dathomir, Outer Rim Territories:

    "Not that I'm ungrateful, but what are Nagai doing working with NRI and a somewhat-wanted Wookiee on a backwater prairie world?" Mara asked cautiously, thanking one of her rescuers as they gave her a field kit meal. She was sitting on a field chair, watching as Bey tended to Anakin's injured right wrist at a hastily-raised encampment near the strike team's Lambda-class shuttle.

    "Senator Plif is, as I'm sure you know, a friend, and he contacted me about your and Anakin's plight. Given that I have a certain degree of ... allowed improvisation ... in interpreting orders in the field, I felt it would be a good idea to reconnect with old friends, and get to know the next generation of Solos in the process," Bey said amicably enough, nodding when the green light activated on the bacta splint he'd put on Anakin's wrist.

    "Thanks for showing up - ah, Uncle Bey," Anakin said, returning the tall man's smile. Mara resisted the urge to roll her eyes at her nephew, given that the boy was still wary - and that Bey was, technically, his uncle.

    Family isn't just about blood. Besides, Anakin did good out there ... better than I did, she figured, hiding a frown at the sense of exhaustion that had overwhelmed her while she'd tried to fight the Yuuzhan Vong. It seemed like there really was a connection between her disease and the extragalactic invaders.

    Not that I trust our rescuers ... but at least Bey's got a connection to our galaxy. For that matter, at least we know where the Nagai come from. And none of the Nagai - or Vargi - are Vong hiding in masquers, Mara thought, doing a subtle Force-sweep of the area. She half-smiled sardonically when Vargi glowered at her, and the exiled Wookiee lumbered over.

    <I'm just delighted to see you too, Jade. Saving Solo's son doesn't mean I'm any happier toward his kin. I just happen to owe the Nagai for giving me a home after ... things,> Vargi grumbled.

    "Subtle way of putting it," Mara allowed, drawing a bitter chuckle from the black-and-white-furred Wookiee. Vargi was Mallatobuck's brother, and through Malla, Chewbacca's brother-in-law - but Vargi had also tried to kill Chewie, and had led slaving operations on Kashyyyk years earlier when the Nagai had first tried to take territory in the galaxy.

    Anakin's wariness spiked through the Force as Vargi glanced at him, and the Wookiee growled, <You did well ... for a Jedi ... fighting against those things. But tell your uncle to start having his Jedi carry blasters?>

    "I'll pass it along, thanks," Anakin said, respectfully but not blinking as Vargi stared at him. After a moment, the Wookiee chuckled again, and shuffled off.

    "Not bad. You didn't let Vargi intimidate you," Bey approved, and Anakin smiled gratefully - but also just shrugged, and Mara approved. The boy wasn't being egotistical, which was good - he'd barely handled the first set of Vong, and the second set had snuck up on both of them ...

    "Hey, Bey - why are you setting up shop, anyhow? Shouldn't we be hauling jets?" Mara asked.

    Bey accepted a datapad from one of the full-blooded Nagai, shaking his head as he smiled that annoyingly-familiar (Solo-esque, Mara would describe it) smile and turned to Mara. "The weather's getting worse, and trying to break atmosphere is ill-advised. Not to mention the little problem of Yuuzhan Vong being this far Coreward, just a matter of weeks after Dubrillion, Helska, and Sernpidal were attacked. We're not just here to rescue you - we're here to get as much intel as we can," he said.

    He glanced at the datapad, then looked over his shoulder and said, "Besides, we're about to have visitors, both of whom we're intrigued in talking
  25. Onderon1

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    Chapter 17: 25.5 ABY: New Aldera, New Alderaan, Outer Rim Territories:

    The master of the house looked up from the morning intel report - even after his homeworld's annihilation decades earlier, he still maintained access to his bloodline's resources - and asked his wife, "You know what this means?"

    "I'm wary of it, myself. But even without this news, I agree, we have to help the Dubrillion settlers. Want me to raise the alarm?" she asked, glancing over at the other person in the kitchen, whose tense eagerness for action brought a knowing smile to his parents' faces.

    "Definitely. I'll also talk to our houseguest - and we might as well let our proxy go join the evacuation efforts," her husband said, turning to the couple's son with a serious look. To the youth, he said sternly, "No games. You know you're still getting used to this."

    "Understood," the boy said, nodding. That annoyingly familiar grin - the one the boy's mother had all too often, the one made famous by a family member the youth had yet to meet - crossed the youth's face as he headed for the landing pad, and called, "I'll tell them hi for you!"

    His father sighed, leaning back in his seat, watching his son's mother watch the boy leave with unmistakable worry in her eyes. She tried to hide it with her usual bravado as she sat down to breakfast, but her husband reached over and squeezed her hand, saying, "He is smart. And he's as good a pilot as you are, even with less experience."

    "He has too much of his grandfather in him," his wife said before she smirked at her own statement.

    "Better that grandfather than another," her husband replied, shivering a little before he commed their houseguest.

    "Lieda? We have a development. Possibly a very good one for our cause."

    Theed Palace, Naboo:

    Queen Kylama looked up from the intelligence report, her eyes widening, while her Minister of Defense nodded with undisguised excitement. "If this is true - we must assist Dubrillion anyway. And if we can confirm these reports -!" the young queen trailed off, excitement undercutting her usual poise.

    "I agree, Your Majesty. But I must encourage caution. While it would be a wonderful event for Senator Amidala to be alive after all these years, spreading false hope won't assist anyone," Gorthan Typho - nephew of the unfortunately deceased Captain Typho, great-nephew of the deposed Moff Panaka - said, clasping his hands behind his back as he considered the report Senator Binks had filed.

    We have no reason to doubt the Senator's observations, but neither is he really objective. The Polis Massans are remarkable bioengineers ... but to believe my ancestors buried a clone of Senator Amidala? Even if it's true, why is she being so circumspect now? Gorthan wondered, turning to the investigator waiting to be addressed.

    The 20-something lieutenant in the Naboo Defense Forces was a human male, fairly typical of the volunteers for the militia. His blond hair was crewcut, and his blue eyes were alert as he snapped off a salute. "Corporal Kyler Ardem, reporting for duty, sir - Your Majesty," Ardem said, bowing to Kylama as she nodded.

    "Corporal. We are already coordinating a fleet of freighters and other craft to join in the Dubrillion evacuation efforts. Your mission is more specific - we must know if former Senator Amidala has somehow survived, and if it is her, why she is being so quiet about her 'return.' Do not assume there is malign intent, or that this is an impostor - Senator Binks' report was thorough, and corroborated by testimony from Senator Plif and former Senator Bel Iblis. But neither can we dismiss Minister Typho's concerns," the Queen o