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An Analysis of the ROTS Trailer --SPOILERS--

Discussion in 'Augusta, GA' started by Jedi_TaganCalera, Nov 20, 2004.

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  1. Jedi_TaganCalera

    Jedi_TaganCalera Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 10, 2002
    1: Luke walking to the top of the Lars homestead on Tatooine from Ep. IV

    2. Obi-wan Monologue taken from parts of conversation from Ep. IV.

    3. View of Ep. IV Obi-wan

    4. Image of Qui-Gon from Ep. 1, Alec Guiness Obi-Wan (henceforth refered to as AGObi) continues with monologue.

    5. Ep. 2 ending, Clone troopers loading into Star Destroyer-like transports, AGObi continues.

    6. Anakin and Palpatine walking toward a window on Coruscant (don't recall this specific scene from Ep. 2, could it be 3?)

    7. Anakin just before the Tusken slaughter looking angry.

    8. Anakin on Swoop looking for mother Ep 2.

    9. Look of Anikin turns to the screen, yellow and red eyes like Darth Maul's. I've heard tell that the eye color change was for effect in the trailer and isn't in the movie. Any thoughts on this either way?

    10. Sound of Vader breathing, views of the lava pit world. Either battle droids or geonosians riding some kind of beetles.

    11. Emperor "Lord Vader", Vader "Yes Master?", Emperor "RISE!". This sounds new but I'm not sure if its taken from the origional trilogy or not. Also, this doesn't make sense, Vader is strapped to the table and can't make himself rise, someone has to do it for him. Also I've heard the Emperor isn't present for Vader's awakening. Not sure. Any thoughts?

    12. Ewan McGregor (EWObi) looking up with hood up, ships and/or hangar in teh backgrond. Browns and wood colors are pronounced. This may be Kashyyyk but I didn't think EWObi went there in this one.

    13. Palpatine face, looks more like his face from Ep. II. Is this from Ep III for certain? You'll see why I wonder later in this post.

    14. Gold 3PO with R2-D2 in the what is obviously the hallway of a Corellian Corvette (reportedly the Tantive IV). Someone with grey uniform in the forground, light grey stripe...roughly the same uniform as the troops who battled Vader's Storm Troopers in Ep IV.

    15. Padme looking scared and looking at EWObi, Pruple-frill and mutli-colored top, background lacks the elegance of Naboo and doesn't fit the harsh apperance of Coruscant. I'm guessing Corellia or Alderaan here.

    16. Mace reading his purple blade on Coruscant. Very obviously the Chancellor's office. SOmeone in foreground. Rumor has it this is a fight between him and Anakin.

    17. Chewing and another wookie (Tarith? or Tarrif?) in battle armor with dredloches and much bigger than chewie.

    18. Yoda whipping open his cloack, revealing saber. Corscantian hallway in background, possibly leading to chancellor's office. Red foot of dead Imperial Guard on ground.

    19. Fighter zooming away in the midst of a fight. Unknown capital ship in foreground. Obvious Droid Control ship in background. Smaller capital ship in between.

    20. Worried Padme and Anakin kissing. Could be anywhere.

    21. Yoda pulling out lightsaber. Again another red cloaked body on the floor, different side of hallway. This indicated two Imperial gaurds at the hallway is typcical or Red Guards seen in Episode VI.

    22. Anakin's Jedi starfighter flying over a capital ship of unkown type. Bridge type indicitive of a Victory Class Star Destroyer. Edge of another Victory Class in midground (didn't realize the indentations on the sides were so pronounced based on drawings from the RPG!). Droid Control ship in far background.

    23. Mace doing a spin attack at an oponant wielding a red lightsaber. Is this Anakin with red saber (doubtful) or the Emperor or another foe?

    24. Mass or wookies in a variety of head-dress, armor and bandoleers and wieldinga variety of weapons either making battle cry to enter the fight or proclaiming victory. All are rising from their knees or crouching. Ground vehicles and walkers in the background. Atypical landscape for Kashyyyk. Must be a different world.

    25. EWObi facing a grey-skin huminoid with red clothing up around head. Lines down his face and red coloring under eyes. Mishappen teeth as he hisses toward EWObi. I've seen drawings of this person before. Who is he?

    26. Firefighter craft attempting to put out the flames of
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