An Ancient Lesson-16 y/o Qui-Gon

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    This is my first fanfic. I've hidden in the shadows reading so many other wonderful stories I've been inspired to create my own.
    I know it leads to the dark side but I find myself a little afraid but here it goes.

    The two boys fought furiously, their lightsabers sizzling as they clashed. From their controlled breath and the sweat on their brows it was obvious they had been battling for some time now.
    At first glance one would have assumed it an unfair match. One boy, a human had short brown hair. The traditional padwan braid swung around him as he moved. He had a thin face with a long distinguished nose. Slender and very tall he towered over the other boy by nearly half a meter.
    His opponent was short but more muscularly built. Though humanoid he had the palest of yellow skin, his head topped with shocking white hair.
    They fought in the center of an arena surrounded by an assortmnet of onlookers. One one side others dressed in their identical training tunics stood watching as the boys battled heedless of their audience. Across the way chairs were occupied by the more prominent visitors.
    The smaller of the two parried and swung his white blade as he began to set himself up for a quick change of direction. His lightsaber held high he feinted a chopping movement as he twirled in a circle. Switching his grip the boy angled down and as he turned to face the other he swung up with all his might.
    His blow was instantly met with the glowing green blade of his opponent.
    "Ooomph!" Erin Del grunted at the sudden block. He's thought that this move would have finally brought about the end to this lesson as it had the last time he used it.
    "Good counter Qui-Gon", the Jedi instructor said from the sdielines. "One must always be prepared for the unexpected." This he directed at the other Padawan Learners that watched.
    Encouraged by the praise the larger boy pressed on. This time he would get it right. This time he would prove to his peers the wisdom of his master in choosing him as an apprentice.
    He allowed himself a quick glance to the area where his masster watched.
    For several short minutes he gained ground as he used the Force to read the moves of Erin's before he made them. Tapping into the Living Force of his adversary he could clearly see the outcome of this contest. If only his body didn't betray him.
    Though only sixteen Qui-Gon Jinn had long ago attained his full height of six foot four. The only problem was he hadn't yet been able to settle into his long frame. Many times he felt as though he were still an awkward toddler just learning to walk. It seemed the taller he grew the less control he had over his own body.
    Feeling a rare surge of confidence he thrust and swung at Erin placing him of th defensive this time.
    Deciding to use Erin's own failed move against him Qui-Gon readied himself to whirl around in the same manner he had seen Erin do. Gathering the Force he accelerated his motion. With the extra boost his body spun around faster then his legs causing his overly large feet to become tangled. Unable to stop as he swung up with his lightsaber his foward motion carried him off his feet, high into the air flying at the other boy.
    "Hey!" was all Erin could manage to say as Qui-Gon landed on top of him sending them both to the floor in a heap.
    Qui-Gon watched as his lightsaber flew out of his hand, disengaged and went skittering across the floor finally coming to rest at the feet of their Jedi instructor.
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    Great story so far, MOM!! Can't wait to read more.

    *starts mumbling to herself: Not fair, I have to wait till she posts to read more story, why can't I read it when she writes??*

    Now Post!!
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    Very good. I like it. Post more.
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    Thanks for the replies- they're greatly appreciated.
    ***Y_S_A perhaps if you had remembered your lessons in patience you would not have turned to the dark side. lol

    "Do you mind?" Erin asked, his tone edged with irritation. From the other young peple that watched quiet laughter and snickers could be heard.
    "Sorry." Qui-Gon apologized rolling off the boy and onto his back.
    Involuntarily he craned his neck to see his master's reaction to this fiasco.
    Yoda had already turned away, engrossed in conversation with the slim, non-descript man that had accompanied him into the arena.
    Expelling a heavy sigh Qui-Gon closed his eyes letting his head fall back. It struck the floor with a distinct *crack*. He relished the pain that exploded in his head, grateful to have something else to think about than yet another embarrassment.
    For perhaps the third time that day he felt totalyy inadequate as an apprentice. Though he tired to banished the negative thoughts, knowing they could lead to the dark side, he was nevertheless overcome with fear.
    Fear that he would never be able to master control over his gangly body. Fear that the ever patient Jedi Master Yoda would lose hope and have to finally admit that not even he could train such an inept student. Fear that what he wanted more than anything else in the world, to be a Jedi Knight, would never come to pass.
    "Qui-Gon, are you injured?" Master Derek Nor interrupted his brooding thought.
    "No Master Nor", he replied forcing himsself to a sitting position. "Only my dignity." he added under his breath.
    "Well enough for today." Master Nor said handing him back his lightsaber. "We will meet again tomorrow at ten hour", he told his class.
    "Yes Master." came the unfied response as the other Padawans filed out of the room.
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    Sorry had to feed a starving Sith.

    Leaving the rest of the group a tall dark-skinned youth walked over to the still seated Qui-Gon.
    "Come on Qui. That wasn't really so bad. You would have had him if it wasn;t for that little uh,miss-step. He was totally surprised." The boy offered his hand pulling Qui-Gon to his feet.
    "Thanks Mace", he was glad for the positive words.
    Mace Windu was his closest friend. They had known each other since small boys in the temple and had literally grown up together. Both boys had open, inquisitive minds and became fast friens. They were practically inseperable up until the time they had been chosen as Padawan Learners.
    "Why is it I always manage to make a fool of myself when the most people possible are around to see it?" Qui-Gon bemoan as he straightened his tunic and distangled his braid from around his ear.
    "Just lucky I guess?" Mace laughed out loud.
    Qui-Gon chuckled at his friend. He knew Mace wouldn't allow him to wallow in self-pity. Only he had the knack to erase the self-doubts that constantly plagued the taller boy by seeing the humor in most circumstances and making him laugh at himself.
    Through their training bond Qui-Gon felt the approach of his master before he heard the *click*, *click*, *click* of his walking stick.
    "Harder must work to push your fears aside", Yoda stated gruffly.
    Qui-Gon respectively hunkered down, cutting his height to a third as he spoke with his diminutive Master.
    "Yes, Master. I didn't mean to let my mind wander to the dark side" he said dejectedly. "It's just so frustrating to be such a disappointment to you."
    "Hmmph, disappointment you are not Padawan. Patience must you have. "Grow into your body with time you will." The small green Master patted his apprentice's arm comfortingly.
    "Yes, Master. Qui-Gon answered obviously relieved.
    "Now go you must to classes, but know that late meal must you make." Yoda turned heading back to the adults that still lingered in the arena. "A guest will shall have for dinner", he added slowly hobling away.
    A mental picture was flashed into Qui-Gon's mind. Yoda tied and trussed like an Aldaarian piglet lying on an elaborately decorated table. A purple jeba fruit protruding from his mouth.
    He shot a shocked look at Mace who was trying desperately to maintain a neutral face.
    "See that I did, Padawan Windu",Yoda suddenly called calmly over his shoulder. "Amusing you are not."

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    Bravo!! This is really wonderful.
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    love the thought of yoda trussed like a pig! this is really good! POST!!!
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    Teehee! I have to most wonderful mental image of Yoda! ::lapses into another laughing fit::
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    Hi! A couple of inches of smow last night.
    A dead starter on one car, busted hose on the other . . .POODOOH!!! Don't ya hate it when life interrupts! Well the story must go on.

    At that the boys demeanor reversed. Mace' eyes widened in fearful embarrassment and Qui-Gon was the one to smile at his discomfort.
    "Come on, Mace." The taller said grabbing his friend's arm. "Next class is Political Science."
    Mace brightened at this. It was his favorite class though Qui-Gob was at a loss to why. He saw it merely as a necessity, knowing the importance of all the many classes they took as fledgling Jedi.
    Mace acted as though it were the most interesting topic in the galaxy and more often then not would monopolize most of the instructor's time and energies with endless questions and comments.
    "Great!" he exclaimed, "let's go."
    Walking to the door Qui-Gon spared a quick look across the room where Master Yoda and Master Nor where in discussion with the unknown aquaintance of his Master.
    A tingle in the Force projected the impression that he was the topic of conversation. This was confirmed when the stranger gestered and glanced in his direction.
    "So, do you really think I surprised Erin with that move?" he asked his friend as they left together. He pushed the growing trepidation out of his mind. Tonight was soon enough to find out what this was all about.
    "Yeah! You even surprised me." Mace answered with a glint in his eye.
    "Even I didn't know you could fly!"
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    I've been getting very discouraged with this story lately but if anyone's out there here's more.

    The rest of his day passed bissfully uneventful with barely a thought paid to the unfortunate incident in the training arena. Of course that was largely due to the fact that as a Jedi Apprentice his days were filled with countless hours of classes, lessons and training and that was in addition to any missons he accompanied his Master on.
    Aspiring to be a Jedi Knight was no small matter. There were those in the galaxy that assumed all it took was a high midi-chlorian count and to be Force sensitive to make you a Jedi, but Qui-Gon knew different.
    Each and every Jedi Knight and subsequent Master had only achieved that title after long years of arduous training. Each had earned their status through unwavering committment and personal sacrifice.
    Qui-Gon was aware it was not an easy ife for any of the initiates. His own difficulties were of no greater consequence then anyone else's. It was just that, of course, they were his own.
    As he stood outside the door to the living quarters he shared with Master Yoda he could sense even before entering that the apartment was empty.
    Since a change of mealtime was not specified he could assume that late meal would be expected at the usual hour. This meant he had plenty of time for preparation.
    Before entering his room he paused in the doorway. Closing his eyes he reached out to the Force and was immediately rewarded with the warm glow of the many lliving things that occupied his room.
    There was a sleep couch against one wall. One that he had long ago out grown yet never seemed to have the time to replace. A desk was next to it covered with a score for projects in various stages of completion.
    The rest of his room was filled with an incredible amount of growing plants and a number of creatures he was caring for.
    Upon opening his eyes he quickly scanned the room making sure there had been no unwanted escapes. The half dozen animals were all in their enclosures. Most of these were rescued after being injured or orphaned in some way. These were allowed to stay until healed or old enough to be returned to their natural enviorments.
    There was one though that would probably been considered more of a pet. This one had been discovered when he was only five years old.
    He remembered it had been during a class trip to Zigra Cun, a small, unspoiled moon void of any inhabitants other than the indigenous wildlife.
    This was his first excursion away from Coruscant and he was astonished by the amount of fauna and foilage. It was a drastic contrast to the cold metal world he called home.
    Sitting on the muddy banks of a great swamp he had felt an unusual vibration in the Froce. Placing his hands on the cool surface of the mud he was amazed to feel an incredible signature of the Living
    Oblivious to all else he began to dig through the mud, scooping handfuls out of the way.
    It was only the demanding voice of one of the Jedi chaperones that brought him back to reality.
    "Qui-Gon Jinn, what are you doing?" she asked.
    Looking up he was surprised to see not only Master Mina Crioux standing before him but gathered around her legs were the rest of the young initiates.
    "Yes, Qui-Gon", a very young Mace Windu repeated in a mocking voice, "what are you doing?"
    This caused an eruption of giggles among the children.
    "Mace." Master Crioux said disapprovingly, looking down at him with a frown. Her tone was enoough to silence all the children and she turned her attention back to the boy in the mud.
    "Look what I found!" the muck covered lad stated with elation.
    Pulling his hands out of the rather deep hole he held them out for all to see.
    There in his small, cupped hands lay a large, fat worm. Its gray-segmented body squirmed slowly in his palms.
    "That's very nice Qui-Gon, but we mustn't disturb the wildlife.", she lectured.
    "But you've got to feel it!", he implored with wide eyes.
    Qui-Gon ros
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    That was awesome! Why do little boys like bugs and worms so much? (wild applause). Keep going! Don't get discouraged! You're doing great!
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    Don't get discouraged. I'm here, and I'm very interested to see where this is going. I really liked the idea of Yoda as the main course! You've really done a good job of showing us inside Qui-Gon's mind and how he responds to the Living Force (in comparison to Obi-Wan's "pathetic life forms".) Keep posting and I'll keep reading!
  14. HealerLeona Jedi Padawan

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    Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement. I've just spent the morning
    (oh, is it really almost 4pm) catching up on other stories and realize why I'm disappointed in my story. There's no real action or excitement, which I'm afraid is what everyone wants. Sorry, this is more just a little history story than an adventure story. Hopefully there will still be readers.
  15. Mekial Jedi Master

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    I like it! Qui-Gon has a pet worm? HEHE! Please keep writing! I'm really enjoying this thus far!
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    I really like the story. Keep posting.
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    After showering he began his work in the kitchen area. Cooking had been a duty learned out of desperation. He had quickly learned as a Padawan that his Master preferred his meals in the solitutde of his living quarters. That meant they prepared their own meals. Now that would have been fine had it not been for the fact the Dagoban Master cooked only one dish.
    A thick pasty gruel that though it provided all the nutrients needed it left something to be desired on the palate.
    At first Qui-Gon simply ate what was put in front of him. After a number of months he began adding different things to enhance its flavor. He experimented with an assortment of spices, fruits and other ingrediants. Some with favorable results and others that caused him to become intimately familiar with the refresher.
    One particular spice he had discovered off world while on a mission with his Master.
    At first the shop's proprietor was not only reluctant to sell him anything, assuming Qui-Gon was merely an annoying adolescent, he would not even speak with him. Finally after proving to the man he had the necessary credits to pay, the man warmed up to him.
    "Comes from a far away galaxy this spice does." the man said pulling a dust-covered canister from a high shelf.
    Qui-Gon had meant to dismiss this offering, obviously the man was having trouble getting rid of the product, until he smelled the sweet, orange spice.
    After questoning the owner as to the safety of the spice he bought the small container.
    That same night he added it to the gruel. Eating late meal by himself since Master Yoda had Council matters to attend to, he had woken three days later in the infirmary.
    Confused and disorientated he opened his eyes and looked around. He knew where he was instantly, only the answer of how he got there eluded him.
    "Back with us are you?" came the familiar voice of his Master.
    "Master . . .", Qui-Gon croaked dryly. "What happened? Why am I here?"
    "Eat things unknown to you you must not." Yoda warned.
    Understanding came quickly. It had been the spice.
    "I was told it was a harmless spice" Qui-Gon defended. He was not a baby in the creche, prone to putting everything in his mouth. He had questioned potential danger.
    "Not for Jedi melange is." Master Yoda told him. "Lost in the Force you can become."
    Yoda sent waves of assurance through their bond letting his apprentice know he was not angry.
    "Relieved I am to have not lost my Padawan."
    That was one of many culinary lessons learned that years.
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    Yay!!! I can finally post again!! Leona, I really like your story. Please keep posting!
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    Don't worry about lack of action, it's not an action story. Discouragement happens to the best of us, just keep going. This is cute! I look forward to seeing more.
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    This is very warm and touching so far. I am enjoying it emmensly and please don't be discouraged. Hope to read more soon, so please post.

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    Hmmm, as much as I hate Qui-Gon with all my sithy little heart, and as funny as it is to read about him in the infirmary........I have a liking to this story. I don't enjoy the feeling I have for this story, or for Qui-Gon right now. I certianly do not find him as attractive as you do(I prefer Maul over him any day) but this story makes Qui-Gon seem cool. I can only think it's due to the saying, "Like mother, like daughter".

    Now if you would please post. It would be much appreciated.
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    Thanks to all of you for the kind replies.(even you YSA) It's amazing how inspirational it can be.

    Here's more. P.S. // // denotes Force


    Befriending the Jedi Temple's cooking staff Qui-Gon became quite the chef over time.
    Busy in the kitchen preparing their meal Qui-Gon reached out tentively to the Force.
    //Master?// he sent, working as he waited for the response that would come when his Master was available.
    Not wanting to overstep any cultural or religious taboos it was necessary to verify the menu with his Master.
    //Yes, Padawan?// Master Yoda answered shortly.
    //Are there any special requirements for our guest this evening?// Qui-Gon inquired.
    There was a short hesitation as he sensed his Master speaking with another.
    //No special requirements does our guest need.// Yoda sent back and after a moment added //Something sweet after the meal perhaps.//
    Qui-Gon smiled. It was not for himself that Master Yoda requested a dessert. Undoubtedly it was for the mysterious guest.
    This piqued the young Jedi's curiosity. If this man was just a friend of his Master's there was no reason to feel concern. Though it was not customary practice for a non-Jedi to be allowed in the training arenas it certainly wasn't beyond reason that an exception could be made, especially for Master Yoda.
    This person being here has nothing to do with me, he thought as a dozen possible explanations swam through his mind. Time will tell, time will tell.
    By the time he sensed the arrival of his Master, Qui-Gon had their meal done. He had just placed two steaming cups of tea in the common area as the door whooshed open.
    "Thank you for the tour, my friend." the stranger said to Yoda following him into the room.
    "Too many years has it been, Sin Tu since to the temple have you been." Yoda
    "And yet, after a message from you I come at a moments notice." Sin Tu bowed amiably.
    Qui-Gon listened to the exchange from the kitchen wondering why his Master may have sent for this man.
    Patience he told himself, patience.
    //Master// Qui-Gon sent through their bond. //Dinner is ready at your leisure.//
    //Thank you, Padawan.//
    "Ah ha!" the man exclaimed, lifting the cup and inhaling deeply. "Molta root tea! I haven't had this since we were last on Dagobah."
    Yoda motioned his friend to a large cushion seated next to a low table.
    "Sit we must, eat here we shall." Yoda stated.
    Though his voice was not raised above normal, Yoda had also pitched it through the Force for his Padawan to hear.
    Within seconds Qui-Gon came out of the kitchen with a large pot, bowls and utensils.
    "So this is your apprentice." Sin Tu said with obvious enthusiasm.
    Qui-Gon could sense the man's apparent interest in him and his heart sank at the remark. Suddenly all his concerns rose to the front of his mind. He raised mental shields in hopes of at least dampening his fears from his Master. It was virtually impossible to totally hide his thoughts from Master Yoda.
    Outwardly he offered a friendly smile as he took the man in.
    A human of average height. The man was darkly tanned, his face heavily lined giving the appearance of advanced age.
    "And our cook as well." the man said.
    "Yes, sir." Qui-Gon answered as he placed the food on the table before them.
    "My Padawan Learner, Qui-Gon Jinn." Yoda introduced.
    "Good evening ,sir." the young man said politely.
    "This is Master Sin Tu." Yoda continued.
    QuiGon promptly dropped to one knee, his head bowed in the position of contrition.
    "Forgive may lack of respect, Master." he asked.
    "A Jedi he is not" Yoda said, "but well earned the title is."
    Sin Tu stood holding out his hand to Qui-Gon.
    Getting to his feet, Qui-gon was slightly embarrassed, having no knowledge of this greeting. Acting on instinct he held out his own hand parallel to Sin Tu's.
    Laughing, Sin Tu grasped the young Jedi's hand and shook it vigorously.
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    You may be deemed sith if you keep up this display of cliffhangers. Great post by the way looking forward to more soon.

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    Now you've got my interest piqued! Keep going!
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