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Oceania An Aussie Army

Discussion in 'Oceania Discussion Boards' started by beezel26, Dec 25, 2004.

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  1. beezel26

    beezel26 Jedi Master star 7

    May 11, 2003
    Thats right An aussie army is here to behold,
    A story of which I was told.
    I wrote it as best as my yank mind could remember.
    I hope you like
    On this cold December!

    Twas the night before Fathers day and Darth Sapient was quite giddy.
    For he knew what what lay in store for him from his dear kiddies.

    But Alas others were joyous because they knew
    The time was right, And they had things to do.

    For Kimball Kinnison had hatched and planned.
    To overthrow Sapient and rule the land.

    He knew it was easy but he knew well.
    That the modsquad wouldnt allow it.
    Especially if things went to hell.

    So instead of a virus, Instead like before
    He chose to raise an army and make his big score.

    But who would he get.
    Who has the power!
    For Katya was still locked in her tower.
    The Brits, The Germans, The weekday work slackers
    They didnt have the right backers.
    It was up to the Aussies to raise the red flag.
    But they needed a general, perhaps Sir Dags.
    A simple PM Thats all it took.
    For Dags to join to get on the hook.

    For Dags would raise the army,
    And Kimball would lead.
    To take over the JC and call it the KKC.

    The aussies would raise in the middle of night.
    When all were asleep, and cause a terrible fright.
    Word was sent out on all Aussie boards.
    They gathered in strength from East to West,
    With all Aussies pledging their best.
    They would be lead by Sir dags.
    A forgotten hero, but a hero nonetheless!
    They gathered together with the Cheer
    OZ rules!
    Down with Northerners,
    Down with their rules.

    The Army gathered at midnight board time.
    While Sapient slept and the JC unwind!
    It started slow with but a inkling of to come.
    No one notice Not even SOME
    For he was busy making icons.
    He didnt much care.
    he wasnt going to stop an army. Not even on a dare.
    So off they marched filling the JC with Spam.
    Filling up the WNU with Strawberry Jam.

    The JCC itself didnt much look different. The Aussies ruled the night. That was Certain.
    But nobody thought they would be controlling the curtain.

    For the Show was over. The Pink was back thats no Joke.
    Not even to that English Bloke.
    For Malkie was calmly typing when he saw.
    The begining of Sapients Fall.

    He sat up and looked quite shocked.
    No not again.
    It cant be, he wouldnt be mocked!
    The Aussies wanted this board and thats a fact.
    I wont let them have it.
    Come join me Zac.
    but alas Zac wasnt scared.
    He didnt run. He was a Kiwi, he didnt much care!
    For the Kiwis were in League with the Aussies.

    They had been planning all along!
    To take over the UK boards.
    And send the queens english running for the door.

    Malkie was shocked.
    How could this be.
    Take a seat, Pom This isnt a greek tragedy.

    The army of Aussies approached Comms.
    Definetly not stopped by the English Poms.
    With KK at their head and ready for a fight.
    He found Sapients throne Empty with no one in sight.

    He sat on the throne and declared himself king!
    And the Aussies yelled, what about our thing.
    What do you mean!
    You have your boards.
    We want more You better not show us the door.
    For Kimball had won but forgot to share power.
    For the Aussies were strong.
    They could let Katya out of her tower.
    She could Wreak havoc on KKs plan.
    Especially if she was free upon the land.

    For no one was around to stop KKs plan.
    But he had forgot the lay of the land.
    The Aussies wanted more.
    They deserved to be paid.
    But what, he thought. He must not delay.
    So he asked they wait.
    They grumbled and griped.
    And give me a break Mate.
    I am trying my best,
    You better try harder!
    Or else your army will not be here to barter.

    For the Sun was coming up and the Americans were waking.
    And Soon KK knew he would be baking.

    he had to act fast, he had to act quick
    But he couldnt ban that fast with his ban stick.

    As time ran out,
    The army sighed a loud.
    We're thru
    We're tired.
    Your on your own now.

    As Sapient turned on his computer he saw something strange.
    It said KKC and all his glory.
    But then it disappeared and thats the
  2. stinrab

    stinrab Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 9, 1998
    tl, dr.
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