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Beyond - Legends An End to a War (J/TK, J/J, A/T) Ch. 13 UP 9/22/2013 Jag's Self Loathing

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Valley_Lord, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Valley_Lord

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    Dec 2, 2005
    The gravitonic forces pilots experience within Earth's gravity well are affected by the earths gravity, but only marginally so. Gravity itself is such a weak force that the force felt by acceleration is nearly always a dominant for. The Absence of gravity is a more serious effect on a human's physiological health.
    In X-Wing series books, it mentions that both Imperial and Rebel starfighters have gravity compensators sufficient to maintain standard 1G at all times. At the same token, Wedge Antilles advocates setting the compensator to compensated for 95% of the G-Forces, allowing Kinescetic sense of their piloting, also so they are not at the mercy of gravity if they lose their compensator, which in the movies and in EU kills both Porkins in ANH and Jasmin Ackbar in Wraith Squadron.(In both cases each pilot dies from crashes due to being unable to overcome the inertia force from their Starfighter Engines.
  2. Valley_Lord

    Valley_Lord Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2005
    “You are finally well enough, and I am now well enough.” Tenel Ka said solemnly. Jacen smirked, but the smirk faltered slightly.

    “You know, we’ve only ever had one full contact spar.” Jacen said, toying with his light saber. Tenel ka glanced at her still too-perfect prosthesis.

    “I am not an arrogant and dismissive girl. And you are not a boisterous and hazard prone boy.” Tenel Ka said, igniting her blade and then ignited a newly
    made Lightsaber.

    “Two?” Jacen asked amused. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “Before the accident I hand trained using two swords. Until I lost my arm, I always intended to dual wield.” She said. Jacen shrugged.

    “Making it more of a challenge.” He said as both he and Tenel Ka checked the safety settings of their Lightsabers. The Safety settings disengaged the
    plasma emitter, leaving the force field used to contain the blade to an infinite edge. Without the ionized gas, the Forcefeild was little more than a soft stick. A
    low power laser emitted light, which bended slightly around the Force Field, making it luminate a far paler hue than their full power settings.

    “Is this wise?” Leia asked Jaina. “What if she is in the family way?” Leia asked. Jaina glanced at her.

    “She isn’t. You would know that if you trained yourself like you should have. And you can say ‘pregnant‘ Alderaan is gone, there is no point following their
    manners.” Jaina said. Leia glared. Beside them Han started to grumble. He loved his wife and his daughter, but the both had a nasty streak toward each
    other that really bothered him. Also he was sitting in between them, and didn’t like being in between their barbs.

    Somehow Baron Fel had ended up here. It was the Lightsaber fight. Yes that was it. The Baron had always been fascinated with them.
    “Why have the Lightsabers dimmed?” he asked.

    “Training safety.” Jaina said. The Baron’s brows lifted in surprise.

    “I was not aware that Lightsabers had a non lethal setting.” he said.

    “They are not quite non-lethal.” Jaina said. “They sting like hell, and can be used as a bludgeoning weapon.” she said. Baron Fel nodded pensively.
    They made their final salute and launched into action. Tenel Ka went on the attack, briefly taking Jacen by surprise at the speed. Launching countering strikes and whirling overhand flurries at Jacen she pressed him hard. Jacen recovered enough to use his larger mass and greater base musculature. He retaliated with earth shattering Force, striking so Forcefully that Tenel Ka’s palms began to sting from the blows. Tenel Ka countered by dropping to a knee and then sweeping Jacen’s legs out from under him. Jacen had a breath to cough at the unexpected loss of breath, he then rolled just in time to avoid the double bladed strike where he lay. Continue to roll he managed to spring himself to his feet and then Swung another hard strike at mid level, forcing Tenel Ka to fend it off with both blades. The strike still dropped her onto her back. She carried the momentum into a backwards roll and finished on her feet. Jacen smirked.

    “Show off.” he said. Tenel Ka offered a sexy smile that only he had the fortune of seeing.

    “You have been showing off much in my bed of late.” She said. Jacen glanced at her.

    “Behave woman. We have an audience.” Jacen said. Tenel Ka’s smiled broaden, and naked lust eminated from her. At unspoken agreement they stopped
    holding back.

    Baron Fel looked in near shock at the sheer athletic and vicious level of attack. Jaina chuckled at him.

    “I wasn’t aware humans could move this fast!” he said. Jaina smirked.

    “With Tenel Ka you can blame that in mutually beneficial muscle genes from Hapes and from Dathomiri.” Jaina said and then went on to explain. The
    Dathomiri, living on a world with low gravity, the Dathomiri had evolved a hyper developed fast twitch muscle tissue, In the men of that world nearly of the
    their limb muscles were fast twitch, making them capable of incredible exertion. The down side was that the muscles were horribly bad in terms of
    endurance. The women of Dathomir had much more slow twitch fibers. The net result being that the women of Dathomir only need to fight long enough to tire their males, resulting in the males very feeble after the first 5 minutes of the fight.
    The Hapans on the other had developed as a result of their numerous world with large ocean, extremely efficient slow twitch fibers, making the average Hapan superb long distance swimmers.
    When combined, as in Tenel Ka, It made her incredibly quick, and capable of prolonged periods of exertion. The main drawback being that Tenel Ka’s metabolism was nearly twice what a baseline human woman’s of comparable age, height, and weight. She was also very prone to cramps, but could prevent this through diet.
    Poor Jacen only had a better overall understanding of the Force. But what he did have, was much more and much more recent experience in melee combat.

    “So that is the reason . . . DUCK!” Jaina said, and then shoved Soontir Fel down before an extinguished light saber flew right where his head just was. Soontir lifted his head cautiously, finding that they had disarmed each other. They stared at another for a second and then resumed.
    The hand to hand spar lasted until Tenel Ka connected solidly with her left hand felling Jacen hard. Tenel Ka stared at him confused until she realized. Her left hand was prosthetic made of durosteel and synthetic skin. Jacen stumbled and fell twice. Eventually he raised a hand in surrender.

    “Jacen are you hurt?” she asked in concern.

    “Nnnphm!” Jacen managed working his jaw. Slowly he smiled.

    “You punch like a woman!” he said. Tenel Ka starred in disbelief and then growled and tackled him.

    “…” Their audience watched a brief moment before wordlessly getting up and leaving. None of them wanted to watch their private wrestling matches.
    Unfortunately Rayne had to interrupt yet again.

    “ . . . My Queen?” Tenel Ka and Jacen froze and Tenel Ka twisted under Jacen to glance balefully at her servant.

    “Rayne you a fast becoming an annoyance!” Tenel Ka said. Rayne dropped fully to her knee.

    “My Queen, Governor Narcis has arrived.” Rayne said. Tenel Ka tensed, Jacen got up pulling Tenel Ka by her artificial arm. Tenel Ka approached Rayne and gently urged her up by tipping her head up. She placed her hand on Rayne’s shoulder.

    “I apologize Rayne. I am sometimes too harsh toward you, and you have been my companion since birth.” Tenel Ka said softly.

    “I serve in what capacity pleases you my Queen.” she said. Tenel Ka seemed to sag.

    “I would have more of a life than mere Service for you Rayne. . . My half sister.”

    Tenel Ka said. Rayne’s eyes opened in shock.

    “How could you? . . .” she asked. Tenel Ka stared at Rayne’s flint grey eyes, through her own Flint greys. Tenel Ka pulled her forehead against her own.

    “How could I not see my eyes, my father’s eyes? Or that same presence that you and father carry.” Tenel Ka said. She pulled back and stared her half sister down.

    “You deserve better that to be my guard.” she said. Rayne stood to her full height, in a heartbeat her bearing became every bit as resolute and regal as Tenel

    “I have known but no other life. Little Sister.” Rayne said. Tenel Ka impassive stare did not change.

    “And I trained since birth to be a Dathomiri Witch and a Jedi Knight. I have proven that we can overcome our training. And you are too valuable to be wasted as a guard any longer.” Tenel Ka said. Rayne blinked.

    “And what duty would you have me perform . . . Sister?” Rayne asked. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “You shall be my advisor and confidant. I trust you sister. I spent these last 3 years ensuring that I can.” Tenel Ka said. She grabbed Jacen’s arm and beckon
    Rayne to follow.

    “Come Sister, We have an example to make.”

    The Court was full today. Fill with all 62 of Tenel Ka’s Vassals, and their entourages, servants and their personal guards. Some of this number were mere children as the Countess of Karyn was, barely eight years old, flanked by 6 powerfully built off world men from her sire’s home world. Tenel Ka gave her a bare glance, aware the child was most unfortunately terrified of her. Tenel Ka approached the girl. She knelt down so she could look the child in the face.

    “Treyes. I do not hold you accountable. In time you will rule your world. For now my Governors must suffice. I am sorry Narcis proved incompetent.” She said and gently hugged the girl. As she stood her eyes became stony.

    “A week ago a riot occurred on Karyn.” She said in a bone chilling tone. She glared at the woman who stood in the center of the courtroom.
    “Narcis, daughter of Elys, you stand condemned and damned as an incompetent, a fool, and a fomenter of sedition. Your foolish callous words incited the women of Karyn to assault hundreds of unsuspecting and undeserving men. That they would surprise our planetary garrison Four hours after the initial Riot in the Capitol city of Karyn is testament to your severe and vile incompetence.”

    “Your highness, I did not intend that the soldiers would . . .” Narcis started to interrupt. Tenel Ka glared and faced her fully lifting the woman clear into the air with the Force.

    “I did not give you leave to speak.” Tenel Ka said coldly and then dropped her. Narcis hit the floor hard and lay there trembling.
    “The rioters assaulted a divisional headquarters, killing combatants and any woman they found, and Forced themselves upon besieged soldiers. MY SOLDIERS!” Tenel Ka roared. Her courtiers seemed to shrivel and shy away from her rage.
    “You foolish actions Caused my soldiers to retaliate in kind. You are fortunate that it was Colonel Drassi capture you.” Tenel Ka said glancing at the Woman in full military dress, bracing herself for what she expected once the Queen was done with Narcis. Tenel Ka glared again at Narcis.
    “I am tempted, sorely tempted to sell you to the Hutts. But I am not so Cruel.” Tenel Ka said. She gestured at her guards and they pulled Narcis to her feet.
    “Narcis, I condemn you to death for your acts of treason and sedition and profiteering.” She said and gestured for her guards to stand aside.

    “I demand combat!” Narcis gasped as Tenel Ka approached. Tenel Ka took a gilded sword from Rayne’s offered hands and in a single sweeping movement, beheaded Narcis. As the head rolled to a stop Tenel Ka faced Lt. Colonel Drassi.

    “Colonel Drassi.” she said, the woman steeled herself.
    “You successfully put down a riot after fighting your way free of hordes of women and some of our enraged soldiers. How do you plead?” Tenel Ka demanded.
    “I plead guilty my Queen, and accept my fate honorably.” Drassi said. Tenel Ka smiled.
    “Kneel Drassi.” she said. Drassi flinched and knelt. She tensed when she felt the blade tap her shoulders.
    “Rise, Dame Drassi.” Tenel Ka said. Said woman stood in a state of shock. Tenel Ka smiled broadly.
    “I ‘punish’ my subjects as they deserve.” Tenel Ka said. “Do you not agree, General Drassi?” Tenel Ka asked. The elder woman, shocked, could only stare.
    “I have elevated you to brigadier General. It is not a ceremonial rank. I will be sending you back to Karyn to take control of one of 4 fresh Brigades I will be sending.” Tenel Ka said.
    “I expect you to have the civilian and military populace firmly in hand.” Tenel Ka finished. Drassi shakily nodded. Tenel Ka stepped away from her and faced her court.

    “What occurred on Karyn, was not a single isolated incident. Our losses have been grievous. In some of my worlds, nearly ruinous. We are now short of men in a way we never have before. I have no room, no tolerance for Indulgence, Intolerance, Ineptitude, much less Incompetancy.” She said.
    “We cannot return to our prewar culture. We cannot expect our old methods to work anymore. The old Hapan Culture is done. We must change, and we must adapt to our new position in this Galaxy. The time has come, for Hapan influence, Hapan Trade, and Hapan power to expand beyond our borders.” Tenel Ka slowly turned to gaze on her major Nobles.
    “I expect your energies, your ideas and attention in this issue.” she said. She took a breath.
    “On a more personal note. I am informing you that I, as Queen and Ruler of the Hapan Empire, will be marrying Jacen Solo of the Jedi Order later this year. I am also adopting a war orphan. Neither items are a debatable topic for discussion.”
    “I require your submission and cooperation. I will not tolerate insubordination.” She looked around her Nobles one last time.

    “Do not test or tempt the limits of my tolerance.” She said taking the Head of Narcis, holding it aloft by the braids.
    “This fate awaits those who criminally challenge their Queen. Ponder this well before you challenge me.” She said. And then left her Court in silence.
    Jacen watched Tenel Ka carefully as she played with Argent. Save perhaps Rayne and Isolder, no one but him would see the strain in her expression.

    “We’ll get that boy to speak yet.” he said making an obvious safe conversation. At this Tenel Ka smiled broadly.

    “He already has.” she said. Jacen’s expression took on mild shock. He knelt down on the floor.

    “What!” he said to the boy.
    “Have you been holding out on me boy?” he asked. Argent giggled and clamp his lips shut. Jacen sighed.
    “Fine you win boy.” he said. Argent giggled and cuddle with Tenel Ka. Tenel Ka grew serious when she turned to Jacen.

    “You do not need to dance around the subject Jacen. I am the Hapan Queen. I must uphold our laws. Especially those of my making.” She said.

    “The war has changed all of us Tenel Ka. Idealism is for the young.” he said, a little harshly. Tenel Ka’s eyebrow quirked.

    “We are yet quite young.” she said.

    “Not in years. In some ways I am already an old man.” he said seriously. Tenel Ka nodded. She did not need to be told. She was reminded that every morning she woke and saw his scars. She gave Argent a smile, finding him asleep again and looked seriously at Jacen.

    “We should discuss children.” she said. Jacen blinked. He thought for a moment and then nodded.

    “Fair enough. If we are getting married we do need to that among other things.” He said. Tenel Ka nodded and hefted Argent.
    “I was thinking two or three.” Jacen said cautiously, knowing he was on potentially dangerous ground. Tenel Ka’s brows raised. She smirked.

    “Two or three dozen or two or three of each gender?” she asked. This time Jacen was surprised. She chuckled.
    “I was an only child Jacen, and unlike my parents, our genetics won’t be in conflict.” Tenel Ka said bitterly. Jacen gave her a confused glance. Tenel Ka relented.

    “Dathomir was isolated long enough for some very unique gene sequences. And Hapes was no better and worse with a very limited male population. And unfortunately some of the major alleles in our males were shifted from their Y chromosome to the X chromosome. So every time my mother conceived a male fetus it would fail to develop and she would miscarry. In addition between my parents other competing alleles gave female embryos a 1 in 6 chance of surviving the first month of gestation.” she said. Jacen nodded somberly.
    “Let us say that I have no intention of limiting the number of our offspring.” she said.
    “Its strengthens my position, and I want many children. It helps that we love each other.” she said. Jacen stared, Tenel Ka was for once displaying a very vulnerable side to her. Gently he placed his hand on top of hers.

    “I’m all for a large family. We can afford it, and we’ll certainly have the time for it. I think we should stagger kids though.” he said. “Anakin and I . . .” he started. “ Well two boys within two years of another isn’t very pretty.” he said. Tenel Ka started to laugh.

    “Jacen this is Hapes, if there is any specific gender your should be worried about it will be our daughters!” she said through barely contained laughter. She sobered.
    “You are right though, I doubt I will want to be serially pregnant.” she said. Jacen nodded and then hesitated. Tenel Ka glanced at him studiously.

    “Last names?” she asked him. He grimaced and nodded.

    “Even though Tahiri has control of my brothers genetics, I am the only son left in my family.” He said.

    “I think our children will benefit being Solos outside the Cluster, and I think it carries less baggage than being known as royalty by name.” Tenel Ka said.

    “They can always pose as Dathomiri.” he said.

    “They boys can’t.” she returned. He chuckled.

    “Well if all else fails they can be smugglers or scoundrels.” he chuckled. He stopped at the contemptuous look she gave him.

    “Jacen, do not joke about our children’s future.” She said so dead pan seriously he thought for a moment she was serious. The minute smirk gave her away. He laughed.

    “Fair enough.”

    “How are you doing?” Leia asked. Tahiri clenched her jaw.

    “Leia I’m happy your being so supportive, but please stop smothering me.” Tahiri said in a back-off tone. Leia, becoming more and more aware and knowledgeful of Tahiri’s moods, gently backed away, giving Han a death glare as she left. Han smirked and crossed his legs on the arm of a couch. Jaina tried not to laugh. As it was Han seemed to be the only one Tahiri unreservedly tolerated all the time. She and Leia were prone to being blown up on all the time.

    “So what’s the plan Jaina?” he asked. Jaina blinked alert.

    “What Dad?” she asked.

    “What is your plan?” he asked. Jaina stared at him for a moment. Han sighed.

    “Come on Jaina, you have always done everything with a clear plan.” Han said.

    “Like the swimming hole checklist.” Tahiri chortled. Jaina glared.

    “I’m sorry, unlike Tenel Ka I had to bring a swimsuit with me.” Jaina flared.

    “What is it with you and Tenel Ka. You used to be so close-” Tahiri started.

    “We were never close. We were just the only girls our age! We didn’t have eight or nine other girls the same age as us.” She shot at Tahiri.

    Han sighed as the two started on one another, eventually dragging Leia into it. Han simply sat thinking as all three women in his life continued their spat. Unfortunately he was stuck for now. After all, Leia had decided to cook for them and he could smell it. In a perfect world. Anakin would be alive and he’d have someone to sneak off with. With the racket going on he would welcome Jag’s presence among them if it would get him away from the estrogen ocean the Millenium Falcon had rapidly become. At times like this he missed Chewie, who would have given him his impression of the pheromone cocktails humans emitted, or at least as Chewie used to explain it. Han smirked, ignoring Leia and Jaina boring in on another as Tahiri relaxed back down and watched.
    What was it that Chewie compared it to? Oh yeah fear pheromones on Scatter Birds. Chewie used to find that especially amusing, since female Wookies generally find Scatter Bird pheromones pleasant, and mildly an aphrodisiac. Male Wookies found them a little like laughing gas. Either way it kept Wookies amused, or randy.
    No wonder they liked humans so much. Now Trandoshans however. To Wookies of either gender they reminded Wookies of rotting fecal matter.
    Then there were Rodians who were merely an irritant generally causing sneezes of sufficiently Wookie Force.
    Don’t forget Twi’leks who’s scent and pheromones reminded Wookies of a spectacular tasting fruit on Kashyyk.
    “Hey Grandpa . . .”
    Hey! Ewoks. The one species Wookies set off the happy brooding emotions. An entire species that smelled like newborn Wookies-
    Han jerked as Jaina pelted him with a towel.

    “What?” he said, irritated they interrupted good memories.

    “Food.” Leia said impatiently. Han got up, giving his daughter a glare.

    “This used to be a grubby cargo ship. Not a gab fest.” Han groused. Jaina smirked.

    “And you used to be a scruffy Smuggler. Now your just a grumpy Grandpa.”


    “Are you certain?” Tenel Ka asked. Jacen nodded.

    “Yes, I don’t think it’s a good idea to name any of our kids after relatives.” Jacen said. He hesitated again.

    “There’s also the orphans.” he said. Tenel Ka frowned.

    “I doubt Argent is going to be the only Force Sensitive child we’re going to find

    Tenel Ka. Do you plan on adopting every Force Sensitive orphan we find?” he asked. Tenel Ka paused. She hadn’t considered all of the ramifications of adopting Argent. She considered.

    “I think we can safely find families, or rather mothers among Hapes or New Dathomir, but neither worlds are kind to boys. I believe that kind of environment . . . I don’t want Force Sensitives with mother issues wrecking havoc on my worlds.” Tenel Ka said. Jacen took a pointed look around their bedchambers. It like most of the palace was adorn with numerous fragile artifacts. He chuckled.

    “Well if you plan on having a bunch of boys, let alone Solo boys in this place, you might want to boy-proof your palaces.” he said.

    Jag and his father shook hands at the boarding ramp of the commercial transport.

    “Chasing after the girl huh?” the Baron said. Jag nodded.

    “I don’t have any excuses anymore, and I have four years of nearly unused pay to live off for now.” Jag said. Soontir smirked.

    “Go for it son. I’ve never managed a true vacation since I entered the academy. Any time I had with your mother was always on the sly.” Soontir told him.

    “Until now.” Jag pointed out. Soontir laughed.

    “I think I’m going to enjoy retirement.” he said clapping his son on the shoulder.
    “Go get that girl son.”
  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Enjoyed the sparring and the elevation for Drassi and Rayne. =D= on decisive, bold Tenel Ka with her court. She told them what was what and how it was all going to go down, politically and personally.

    Loved the J/TK conversations about kids, etc. :D

    This might be a :duh: observation/question. But Leia seems to have her panties in a perpetual wad and no one should really be asked/expected to put up with it. :p Everyone's grown as far as I can recollect. :p
  4. SiouxFan

    SiouxFan Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 6, 2012
    Holy cats, I expected heads to roll after the riot on Karyn, but I didn't expect it to be literal. I forgot how violent Hapan society can be!

    I like the way you have explained why Tenel Ka was an only child; you've added some depth to her family. I, too, like Rayne as a step-sister. Nice touch.

    Okay, you are really going to have to clue us in on what happened between Tenel Ka and Jaina. Something tell me that this is more than just a 'she's the best friend/girlfriend of my brother' problem.
  5. smash128

    smash128 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 9, 2008
    Bravo, caught up on reading this. I liked the touch of you explaining about Tenel Ka, that was nice. And also like SiouxFan said, did something happen between Tenel Ka and Jaina besides the whole calling out of the 'emotional depth of a ronto' thing
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  6. Valley_Lord

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    Dec 2, 2005
    Jade_eyes: I envision Leia a little bit like my mother acted when she realized my brother and I were out of her house and never going to live there again. For Leia it didn't have the natural build up that usually ends in the adult child leaving the parent's home. Intellectually she knows they are grown adults, but emotionally and instinctively she is still at the point where they are only 16 and the war was a time out for their collective development.
    SiouxFan: In Dark Journey, Jaina abuses the trust and loyalty Lowbacca held for her, tricking him into risking fellow wookies. I'm using that as the basis for Tenel Ka's overall weariness for Jaina. The other issue is that neither of them can escape the fact that Jacen and Jaina are twins who were, for lack of a better word, spiritually inseperable. The fact that the War severed that bond, and Tenel Ka's claim on Jacen makes it impossible for the bond to return is Jaina's problem. Also they're both dominant personalities, whose abilities don't overlap.
    Smash128: Jaina and Tenel Ka just don't have the fundamental common ground necessary to maintain a strong relationship. Both Being girls as teenagers might have been enough at the time may have been enough then. But as adults they are so dissimilar and opposing personalities, at best they can learn to accept each other as sister in laws, much the same way Mara and Leia appear to in EU(Mara and Leia do not appear to be friends on their own).
  7. Valley_Lord

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    Dec 2, 2005
    Its been a while, and I did take a small break from writing. Sorry this post took so long

    There were many days that Ingrid regretted the lot she had chosen for herself. She was a third cousin to the current Queen. As such distantly removed and recently distaffed Royalty she had found herself in a position to bow out of the wide reaching brawl between relatives to be closest to the throne. Her claim had always been weak, relying her line through her sire and grandsire as claim to the throne. Fortunately the shift from the house of Chume to the House of Djo, had allowed her to take the job that would have in other circumstances gone to the most senior First Cousin in the same generation as the Queen. Since Tenel Ka lacked any First cousins, what occurred when Tenel Ka took the throne was a mild free for all. It was not nearly as violent as the Scramble three centuries earlier, the last time the ruling family had lost control of the throne.

    Ingrid and a select few of her fellow Chume cousins had been prepared for a life of meritocracy earned bureaucratic positions. Ingrid herself had been an overseer of the Hapan Navy’s technology board. She was not nearly as qualified as she should have been for the position, but it was unglamorous for her more esteemed cousins, and even a distaff third cousin had enough pulled to land that job.

    Then Tenneniel Djo had arrived as Isolder’s bride. Ta’a Chume decided that the near primitive Queen to be would need technological assistance, and seeing that Ta’a Chumes most recent Chief of Staff was about to be executed for her failure to prevent the fiasco(from Ta’a Chume’s point of view) the old Queen had tapped Ingrid to be Tenneniel’s advisor, and Chief of Staff when the time came.

    Tenneniel had been intimidated by technology, and had needed Ingrid like a crutch, even in her final days Ingrid had provided much in the means of translation and explaining.

    Tenel Ka on the other hand had no deficiencies, she in fact made Ingrid incredibly uncomfortable as she could function without a Chief of Staff. And worse, even though Tenel Ka was a Jedi, or perhaps because of it, many Hapans including Ingrid had a gnawing fear. Fear that at some point Ta’a Chume would manifest in Tenel Ka.

    Fortunately Tenel Ka’s attention today was not on her.

    “Vendla, Hulda and Ida are still of child bearing age, yes?” Tenel Ka asked her. Ingrid nodded.

    “Yes, Vendla has a long running consort, and 4 children, 3 are male. Neither Hulda or Ida have a consort or children.” Ingrid said.

    “And my other advisors?” Tenel Ka asked.

    “Most have children, Audre and Borghilde are both grandmothers . . . Or rather Audre was, casualty report came on her grandson two weeks after Coruscant.” At this Tenel Ka’s head came up sharply.

    “Is she functional?” she asked. Ingrid nodded.

    “Yes my Queen, the three months since have been enough time for her to grieve.” Ingrid said. Tenel Ka nodded.


    “Your other female advisors, like Borghilde and Audre are beyond their child bearing years.” Ingrid said and hesitated.

    “Gunvor however . . .” she said. Tenel Ka sighed.

    “No Mistress and no children?” she asked.

    “Yes my Queen also he is 53 years old.” Ingrid said. Tenel Ka sighed.

    “I think the young men will be more than able to compensate for an old unproductive man.” Tenel Ka said. “We need him for the foreseeable future.” Tenel Ka mused.

    “What else in on my agenda?” she asked.

    “Your clothier will be here shortly.” Ingrid said, knowing she was on thin ice. The last two had failed miserably. The first had presented Tenel Ka with an absurdity of lacy and frilly nonsense that had no practical value at all. Her second had taken Tenel Ka’s penchant for Dathomiri Armor to be a permanent preference and an indication of her proclivities. Tenel Ka had not been pleased by the sado-mechanistic junk the clothier had thought was appropriate armor.

    “She had better not try to cloth me like my grandmother, or a dominatrix.” Tenel Ka said. Ingrid tried to suppress a grin.

    “Perhaps your . . . Male would be amused by the images.” She said. Tenel Ka whirled on her feet to look at her.

    “What images?” Tenel Ka demanded. Ingrid pointed wordlessly at the holo cams on the ceiling. Tenel Ka relaxed.

    “I told them to destroy those images.” Ingrid gave her a bored tired look. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “I know, that made them make personal copies incase they needed insurance.” Tenel Ka said. She sighed and made an imperious gesture.

    “Send her in.” she said.



    Jacen calmly walked with Argent half suspended over his shoulder. With Tenel Ka busy once again, he found himself tending to the brat.

    “Here we are Argent.” He said, setting the boy down on the training grotto mats. Placing his hand on the boy’s head he ‘made him big’ again. The boy jump as his senses returned, being young enough to have forgotten during the 6 weeks he had been ‘made small’. The boy’s eyes grew unfocused as he slowly sensed his surroundings.

    Jacen calmly watched the boy. The child was so young that guided learning would only bore and agitate him. He did smile when Argent noticed the nek puppy. He felt the boy reach out, both physically and in the Force for the puppy. Jacen carefully blocked the Force use directed at the puppy. After a moment of fairly rough handling Jacen felt Argent’s need to compel the nek to love him diminish.

    “Gently Argent. He’s just a puppy, he will bite if you hurt him.” Jacen warned. Argent ignored him, and yanked on the nek’s tail. The nek bit him promptly on the hand. Jacen sighed and grabbed the nek’s muzzle gently holding its jaws shut. The Nek pup whine and rolled over onto its back in submission.

    “Bad boy.” He told the nek while Argent clambered into Jacen’s lap, crying and showing him the bitten hand, all the while Sending a spike of need at Jacen through the Force. Jacen released the nek, which licked its chops and then shook its head.

    Jacen, expecting this outcome had brought a small med kit with him. Ignoring Argent’s telepathic entreaties he calmly cleaned the bite with alcohol, chosen more for the painful sting than its antiseptic properties. Argent of course screamed from the alcohol and Jacen ignored the cries as he bandaged the hand. Once finished he grabbed the puppy.

    “Now just pet him. Make him like you a bit before you play with him so roughly.” Jacen told Argent. Argent cowered against Jacen, for the moment afraid of the nek. Jacen continued to pet the nek, scratching the ears and neck until Argent got over his fear and reached for the nek. Jacen lifted the Nek close enough for Argent to touch and pet the puppy.
    “You can relax you know.” Jacen told Darec, Argent’s personal guard.

    “ . . .JedI Solo, I cannot-” Jacen silenced him by wordlessly hefting the decorative stones in the Grotto and making them rotate in a complex pattern around Darec.

    “Tenel Ka and I can sense any one and anything inside the palace. You function is to protect Argent when neither of us is present.” He said.

    “I would prefer to perform the job I have been trained and paid to perform.” Darec said. Jacen grunted.

    “I understand Darec. But for the moment relax, and let the nek learn your scent. This breed can be violently protective of their pack.” Jacen said. Darec stared for a moment and then complied. The man stiffly sat.
    “You are wondering why.” Jacen said conversationally. Darec stiffened.
    “Argent-” Jacen said, tousling the boy’s hair as the child hugged the nek.
    “ . . . Is Force Sensitive. What’s more he is highly empathic, as I am. For a child this young, and this strong in the Force, it is a legitimate danger for him to grow up able to influence others without much guidance.” Jacen said. He glanced at Darec.
    “For that reason, I am going to plant mental shields. I am also going to train you how to shield your mind from him.” Jacen said.

    “I can do that?” Darec asked.

    “All Force Sensitives can to some degree or another.” Jacen said. Darec stilled.
    “Did you truly think Force Sensitivity was so rare?” Jacen asked him.

    “There were only 10000 JedI in the entire galaxy.” Darec said. Jacen nodded.

    “10000, who were children parents were willing to give up as infants.” Jacen noted.
    “How often do Hapan women give up their daughters?” he asked rhetorically. Darec slowly nodded.
    “More than that, there is a degree of Sensitivity. You are not Sensitive to the Degree you would ever be able to do more than little tricks. Shielding your mind from a child however, is more than doable.” Jacen said. Darec frowned.

    “just children?” he asked. Jacen sighed.

    “I won’t lie to you Darec. I will most certainly be able to brute force your mind. On the other hand, you will be aware when someone is controlling you.” Jacen told him. Darec nodded. Jacen nodded back.
    “Good. Now when Tenel Ka collects Argent, you and I are going to spar. You had better bring you’re A game.” Jacen said. At that moment Jacen’s com beeped at him. He frowned, seeing Tenel Ka’s flash code in the display and she felt . . . Peeved? Girlish?
    “What happened?” Jacen asked warily.

    “I need you to come here.” Tenel Ka said.

    “Why what happened?” Jacen reiterated.

    “The clothier has clothes for you and Argent as well.” She said.

    “Got it, I’ll be there shortly.” Jacen said and bit off a curse.
    “Damnit, she’s a woman after all!” Jacen said, exasperated.


    Jacen walked into the Queen’s waiting room. He always hated it when his mother, or sister dragged him to clothing stores. He had no experience with a personal clothier, but it had to be bad.

    When he walked in what he saw was Tenel Ka. For a moment he had to stop and stare. Twisted his head for the best view. Because the dress she wore was proudly displaying that Tenel Ka had a spectacular rear end. He let out a breath.

    “Explain again what the idea was?” Tenel Ka said indulgently. Her clothier worriedly and rapidly explained that she was trying to show through clothing a Tenel Ka her people were not aware of.

    “Did you hear that Jacen? Apparently my subjects were not aware I had hips, or breasts or an ass.” she said dryly. When Jacen did not respond she turned to find Jacen borderline leering at her. She blinked and then smiled. At this Ingrid muttered.

    “Leather and silk!” for her part Rayne chuckled, having snagged some of Tenel Ka’s discards. At this Jacen blinked and took a fraction of a second to note Rayne had colored her hair to what he assumed was her natural color.

    Well now I know what Tenel Ka would look like as a blond. He thought. Giving Tenel Ka another look he thought.
    She looks better as is.

    “Well?” Tenel Ka asked, amused by Jacen’s various reactions. Jacen held up a thumb.
    “Good, now go try on what my clothier has made for you.” She said. Jacen’s calm smile dropped into a frown and he grudgingly grabbed the offered clothes. Tenel Ka smiled at her clothier.

    “Your majesty . . .” Ingrid said urgently.

    “That’s enough Ingrid.” Tenel Ka said in annoyance.

    “But you cannot appear in court wearing leather!”

    “I have done so in the past. The only difference is that this is nerf leather. And this is not even armor.” Tenel Ka told Ingrid.

    “It was during war. The people were encouraged by a Warrior Queen. This is a time of peace. A time for making children!” Ingrid said. Tenel Ka stopped for a moment to consider.

    “Its not even close to her Rancor hides.” Rayne argued. “If anything she looks like a barmaid on a backward world.” Rayne said.

    “Bar maids don’t wear silk.” Tenel Ka retorted. “And it makes Jacen randy.” she said defensively. Rayne snorted.

    “I don’t think he lacks of motivation.” she said. Tenel Ka smothered a giggle.

    “I like the way it looks, and how well it fits.” Tenel Ka said. “And more importantly, I have a belt to clip my Lightsabers to, and I can move freely in it.” Tenel Ka said. Whatever her half sister and her Chief of staff would have said was lost when Jacen came out, severely annoyed. All four women took a look and winched.

    “I think vests and sleeveless shirts are a no go.” Jacen said in a strained voice. The clothier stared in a horrified expression at Jacen’s scars. His scars told painfully what sort of torture he had endured, ranging from scars so faded they were the same soft tan of his skin, and angry vicious scars that were little better than welts.

    “ I . . . I . . .” The clothier stuttered. Jacen sighed.

    “Look, if its that important that I have to have something your clothier makes, tell her to go to Corellia and find something appropriate.” he said.

    “I’m sorry Jacen.” Tenel Ka told him. Jacen nodded and glanced at the clothier.

    “Get started on the boy.” he said.




    “I told you to sit down and wait for me!” Jaina snaked.

    “If your father had color coded his wires, Like every kriffing mechanic and electrician in the galaxy I wouldn’t have been shocked.” Jag raged. Jaina stiffened.

    “I wired the hyper drive last.” Jaina said in a steely voice.

    “Well your insane!” he yelled.

    “I’m insane!?” Jaina said nose to chin with him.

    “Yes you are!” Jag yelled, bumping noses with her.

    “I’ll show you insane!” Jaina screamed in his face. They stared at each other glaring angrily. And then started kissing each other fiercely, Jag grabbing her and Jaina tearing at his shirt as he moved them into the crew compartment.
    Han, eye twitching and irritated shouted after them.

    “You are not kriffing doing that on my ship!” He shouted running after them.
    Tahiri looked at Leia.

    “should we-”

    “No, let Han deal with it, and maybe we won’t have to walk in on Jag and Jaina again.” Leia said. Tahiri snorted.

    “I know, at least Jacen has the decency of doing that in a place were you have to pass guards to get to them.” Tahiri said. She sighed. Leia glanced at her. Tahiri had been agitated all day.

    “You alright?” Leia asked.

    “I’m fine, just getting sick of tasting my food more than once.” Tahiri said. Leia nodded.

    “It will pass.” She said knowingly. Tahiri glared.

    “I’m sick of you and Mara saying that.” she said irritably. “Maybe Jacen can make something that will help . . .” Tahiri thought aloud. Leia frowned. Tahiri was doing it again. Every time she felt ill or bad, or had morose thoughts, she turned to Han or Jacen, or even Luke. It was as though she was doing all she could to keep Leia or Jaina from helping her.

    “Tahiri. Have I done something to offend you?” Leia asked in a hurt tone. Tahiri looked at her like a Tauntaun in flood lights.

    “No! You and Jaina have been great! I’m just . . . Well it doesn’t feel right going to you and Jaina for help.” she said. Leia frowned.
    “Look. Mara has been the closest thing to a Mom that I’ve had.” Tahiri blurted.
    “She and Master Luke were newly married when I came to Tattoine, and she was the only human woman who was around regularly.” Comprehension dawned on Leia.

    “Its not about her, its about your mother.” she said. Tahiri nodded.
    “And since Mara knew nearly nothing about being anything but being the Emporers hand, she learn most of her child rearing habits from Luke. Who is from Tattoine.” Leia said. Tahiri nodded.

    “I want . . .” Tahiri said. “I want to raise my kids like my mother would have raised me. I don’t want them to be so badly handicapped at being human.” she said. Leia hugged Tahiri.

    “You won’t.” She said as they both cried. Han came back grumpily. Seeing Leia and Tahiri he growled in frustration and stormed into the galley.

    “This is a cargo ship damnit.” He roared. Tahiri gave Leia a mystified look before they both broke out laughing.



    Jacen sat in one of the many plush chairs. He knew he shouldn’t be so irritated. They were just scars . . . Just scars.

    “Jacen? Are you alright?” Tenel Ka asked. Jacen glanced at her and sigh.

    “I’m fine. Just irritated.” he said. Tenel Ka frowned.

    “Why?” she asked. Jacen bit off a snaky comment.

    “That damned clothier tricked me into showing my scars.” he said.

    “You don’t hide them from me.” Tenel Ka pointed out. Jacen stared at her.

    “You don’t hide your . . .” Jacen only just managed to control the outburst that was coming. Tenel Ka didn’t need him to speak his thoughts. She laughed.

    “No, I don’t hide my body at all from you.” she said. Jacen chuckled.

    “Your right. I just don’t like being pitied by anyone much less people I don’t know. I mean what do you see?” Jacen said ripping off his shirt. Tenel Ka’s expression grew grim as she attempted to look at his scars in a clinical fashion. She decided that what she truthfully thought was the best answer she could give. She gently sat on the armrest.

    “Jacen, I see your scars, and I know that they were given though a painful, torturous time of grief and perdition and subjugation.” she said and slid down into his lap. Her true hand gently traced his more horrific scars.
    “They are also bold proof that my male stood and defended his people and defeated an enemy that brought us within hours of annihilation.” she continued, her hands wandering and becoming amorous.
    “Every time I look at your scars, they tell me that I lay with a Warrior, and those scars make me want to mate with my warrior.” Tenel Ka said. For a long moment they stared at another. Abruptly they exploded out of the chair.

    “Darec! Watch the boy!” Jacen commanded as the Queen started to drag him to the nearest unoccupied room.



    “Leia sent more news.” Mara said, walking into the prefab shelter she and Luke now called home. Luke paused from the play wrestling he and Ben were engaged in to look at her.

    “Yes?” Luke asked, gently tickling Ben into hysterics.

    “Tahiri is definitely pregnant with three, no genders yet.” Mara said. Luke nodded. Unlike Leia or Han neither of them were at all wary about the legacy pregnancy. Course it wasn’t their grandchildren in the balance.

    “That’s great.” Luke said.

    “Jaina and Jag are leaving for Corellia in a week, and You sister, Han and Tahiri are heading to the Corporate sector.” Mara said as she sat down on the floor with her husband and giggling son. Luke sighed.

    “I guess we’ll have to come to them when we have the chance.” Luke said resignedly. Mara shrugged as Ben clambered to her.

    “Well they were the ones who had kids while we were off galvanating, one of us of course ran through seven girlfriends.” Mara said dryly.


    “Fine five girlfriends. Either way.” Mara said dismissively.

    “Its understandable. Jacen doesn’t want much to do with the Jedi right now, I expected that. Jaina and Jag have to get used to being people again and not military pilots.” Luke said.

    “I doubt Jacen will be much of an active Jedi ever again.” Mara said with raised eyebrows. Luke sighed.

    “There are worse fates.” He said dryly.

    “Other than Hapan royal stud?” Mara said with a laugh.

    “Your right, even if he never returns to the Jedi, Tenel Ka will keep him on the straight and narrow.” Jacen said. “And he’ll keep her from becoming too much like her forbearers.”

    “That and pregnant.” Mara said. Luke shrugged.

    “I’m not kidding Luke. The Hapan Queen literally has only enough work on her plate for maybe three hours a day, and Jacen has an abundance of time.” Mara said. Luke chuckled.

    “An abundance of time? That’s all it takes?” he chuckled. Mara smirked impishly.

    “Why do you think we have only Ben?” she said. Luke’s mouth opened and then closed. Mara also didn’t feel much like chuckling after the implications of what she just said fell on them. The fact that they almost didn’t have Ben weighed heavily in their minds. Mara had been 45 years old when Ben was born, Luke himself had been 47. At their current ages of 48 and 50 more children were very unlikely. Both knew that barring a deliberate attempt now or in the next year, Mara would soon leave her child bearing years behind. Mara sighed.

    “I should have just followed you after we kill C’Both and Luuke. Then I wouldn’t be bemoaning the fact that I did not flood the galaxy with little Skywalkers.” Mara said lightly, but Luke Knowing his wife so well, knew she was genuinely upset at her younger, cynical and distrustful self.

    “Mara there is still some time if you want to . . .” he started. Mara smirked slightly.

    “Oh well give a good try, but a 48 year old woman? And lets not forget you, your Fifty, your soldiers are not nearly as ripe as they once were.” she said. Luke affronted protested.

    “I’ll have you know my soldiers are as experienced, aggressive and mobile as they ever were!” he said. Mara looked at him with a raised expression. Then she burst out laughing. Ben giggled with her. Luke chuckled with them. Mara sighed and stood bearing Ben onto her hip.

    “Come now experienced one, lets feed this boy and give number 2 a try after he’s asleep.” Mara said with a laugh. Luke sighed as he stood.

    “I’m a Jedi Master, since when am I a foil?” he groused.


    Rayne tried to remember the endless patience only a week ago she held. Now a legitimized half sister of the Queen, she found herself irritated at the wait. And the reason why.

    “Not to worry Rayne I am here.” Tenel Ka said. Rayne gave an expectant look.

    “And your shadow?” she asked.

    “Sleeping off after a serious breeding attempt.” Tenel Ka said primly. Rayne gave her a baleful look.

    “Thank you for sharing.” Rayne said. Tenel Ka smirked.

    “And yourself, I know you have a lover somewhere.” she said. Rayne’s cheer faltered and died.

    “I received word last week. He was killed during mop up operations in our sector.” she said. Tenel Ka’s expression grew grim.

    “Rayne I’m sorry! Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked. Rayne sighed.

    “Because I’m much more Hapan than you are and he wasn’t my only regular lover.” Rayne admitted. “And since he died, I haven’t wanted to see my other paramour.” she said. Tenel Ka nodded and hugged her sister.

    “I’m fine Tenel Ka. They were convenient men. They were never what I considered breeding stock.” she told Tenel Ka. Tenel Ka nodded sagely.

    “Very well. I will not push it for now.” she said.

    “But at some point I must ‘produce?’” Rayne said balefully. Tenel Ka glanced at her.

    “I have heard that my entire life. Half the reason I choose Jacen when I was 16 was that he would be so anathema to Grandmother that she would be giving reasons to put heirs off.” Tenel Ka said.

    “You decided so early?” Rayne said interested. Tenel Ka sighed.

    “For better or for worse, Being able to read people’s minds, especially at 16 when you don’t understand male thinking, makes you know all too well which men want you for your body or your ranking alone.” Tenel Ka asked. Rayne snorted.

    “Never hindered a Queen before.” she said. Tenel Ka nodded. Ta’a Chume was publicly known for having ‘sampled’ over a hundred lovers before their deceased uncle had been conceived. When Isolder had been born, no one save Ta’a Chume knew who was likely to be the father, or fathers of either young prince. Most of those particular suitors were still alive. And unfortunately most still thought they were the father of one or both men. Isolder himself did not know, though Tenel Ka did.

    “Do you want to know who our paternal grandfather is?” Tenel Ka asked. Rayne looked at her sharply.

    “You know?” she asked in surprise. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “Tell me!” Rayne actually demanded.

    “Davin.” Tenel Ka said.

    “Davin.” Rayne repeated excitedly searching her memory. Her memory brought up a formerly blond, now fox grey man, tall and roguish, only now in advanced age showing the paunch and sagginess of old age. Rayne smiled.

    “Does he know?” she asked. “Never mind that how do you know?” she further demanded. Tenel Ka smiled.

    “The Force. He and father are so alike through the Force that its impossible to notice. Jacen pegged him the moment he saw him. For his part Davin is confident that he fathered my father, though your father he is unsure.” Tenel Ka said. Rayne nodded. Rayne hesitated and then spoke.

    “Sister, there have been incidents lately.” she said. Tenel Ka glanced at her.

    “What sort?” Tenel Ka asked.

    “The constabulary districts have all reported a rise in murders, and violent fights between the young women.” Rayne said. Tenel Ka closed her eyes and with held the well spont of rage.

    “It is not unexpected. It is better than the disaster on Karyn. Hopefully it will smooth out when the first of our soldiers return.”

    “How many and when?” Rayne asked. Tenel Ka sighed again.

    “next week, Three full army groups. Three million males quarter on Hapes for two months before being sent to their home worlds. Another two will arrive on Galinore the week after than and then sent home two months after.”

    “Out two most populous worlds.”

    “The two worlds alone lost thirty million, mostly male. Hopefully enough will contribute to the local genetics before they go home.” Tenel Ka said.

    “That is only a temporary measure.” Rayne said. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “Somehow, my cabinet and government needs to convince roughly a hundred million women across my Empire to openly share consorts. Even if it is only necessary for a single generation.” Tenel Ka said. Rayne scoffed.

    “Only a single generation? Tenel Ka we had a gender disbalance well before even grandmother was born. And it was not from infanticide like some believe. Our female to male ratio is endemic, not a fact of chance or war.” Rayne said. Tenel Ka blinked.’

    “What is this?” she asked. Rayne groaned.

    “Tenel Ka, this is why you should have at least studied our people’s culture, history . . . Genetics.” Rayne said.

    “I think I am very well aware of my genetics and the problems they caused father and my mother.” Tenel Ka said. Rayne nodded and continued.

    “We are royals Tenel Ka, we are the only breeding group who has had any gene transmission with the main human population. Most Hapans are on the cusp of full speciation from the rest of humanity. Something your advisors and fellow royals and nobility forget too often. We cannot depend on new stock.” she said.

    “Then why have we allowed-”

    “Allowed? Hape’s fate was sealed when only the Queen bred out of our population for three thousand years, and only occasionally at that. Enclosed in a cluster of thousands of stars and the radiation and the mutation resulting from it. The average Hapan is so dissimilar, genetically, than standard humans that they cannot interbreed.”

    “Why have I not heard of this?” Tenel Ka asked. Rayne chuckled.

    “It was discussed at length the first year you spent on Yavin 4, Your mother and grandmother and the leading geneticists debated and discussed for three full months. The geneticists eventually determined that, because you did not inherit the contour productive genes from your parents, you would have no trouble interbreeding with either a standard human, like Jacen, or with a Hapan, especially a noble Hapan. And neither would your immediate descendants.” Tenel Ka absorbed this for a moment.

    “Wait! How can there be any war orphans if Hapans have speciated?” Tenel Ka demanded.

    “Because it was our males who interbred, If you had noticed, the majority, vast majority of the orphans are male. Only a few out of a hundred female fetus’ would have survived to full term. Hapan X chromosomes rarely are compatible with standard X chromosomes.”

    “So in both directions, interbreeding will produce nearly all males, and a few females.” Tenel Ka rationalized. Rayne nodded.

    “And that is why I have had only foreign lovers.” Rayne said. Tenel Ka looked at her.

    “I’m already the bastard half sister of the Queen. Imagine I had produced daughters in abundance and you only sons.” Rayne said. Tenel Ka’s expression grew hurt.

    “Rayne, you are my sister, I could never.”

    “But your son, or daughter might find in them rivals.”

    “Rayne, I say you are my sister, no bastard and no half, but my sister.” Tenel Ka said firmly. Rayne’s eyes shimmered with tears for a moment as they hugged. They broke apart and collected themselves.

    “We must find a way to convince a large portion of our young women to tolerate sharing men. I will leave the legislation permitting such polygamy firm, and require an Act of the Queen to rescind it. In the mean time, you go find some prominent actresses or war heroes to serve as an example.” Tenel Ka told her sister.

    “Me? But I am-”

    “The Queen’s sister. Go and convince them, the actresses should be easy enough, they have strange proclivities as it is.”

    “I fear I may come off as forceful.” Rayne said. Tenel Ka snorted.

    “They are actresses, they brought fame and fortune onto themselves. And you are a granddaughter of Ta’a Chume. It is expected to be vile and forceful.” Tenel Ka said with a smirk. Rayne snorted.

    “Very well, I’ll play the evil sister for now. Don’t torment your male too much, you will have your heir soon enough I’m sure.” Rayne said, leaving. Tenel Ka stared after her for a moment.

    “From your lips be it so.” Tenel Ka said, well aware that the base biological drive to reproduce, had been striking her like a turbo laser barrage since she convinced Jacen to follow her to Hapes. It occupied her dreams, sometimes a boy, sometimes a girl, sometimes both.

    She was also painfully aware that children had not been an inkling on Jacen’s part four months ago. Indeed the fact that he often had nightmares of his captivity had explained much. He still wanted to wait, but he wasn’t opposed to the idea anymore.

    And he had a point. That first full night they shared a bed, Jacen had a nightmare so powerful that he had nearly strangled Tenel Ka when she tried to wake him. She had since learned to either pin him before hand, or hold him until the nightmares abated before waking him.

    It was getting better, especially since Argent entered their lives they had almost completely ceased.

    Tenel Ka sighed and left the room, she felt the need to ‘torture’ Jacen yet again.
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    Squee squee on the L/M banter and the bit about the soldiers [face_rofl] [face_mischief] Loved the Rayne/TK talk. =D= =D= Your Tenel Ka is one of the most brill I've read. @};-
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    I just started reading this story and just caught up. Nicely written. I am enjoying it.
  10. SiouxFan

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    I know that I want to see Tenel Ka in her 'dominatrix' gear. And the barmaid garb. ***pauses at mental image of TK in barmaid outfit*** Jacen, you are one lucky guy!

    I enjoyed Jacen's conversation with Darec; you are doing a great job with making the Palace staff likable! I see that Jacen is starting to warm up a bit to Argent.

    I didn't expect Jacen to have such a problem with his scars; as you brought up with Tenel Ka's prosthetic, both he and her could use their 'deformities' as a way of forging a common bond with the Hapan soldiers that are sure to be returning with similar such issues.

    Poor Han, he'd better find Lando or something for some quality 'male-bonding' time!
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    Jedi_Lover: Glad you enjoyed it.
    Jade_eyes: Well look is old or almost old. THe fact that Mara and Luke took 10-11 years to get married from first meeting, and even longer before they had kids has to be an issue on some level.
    SiouxFan: I felt like having fun with that scene so I ran with it. Regarding Jacen's scars, they really are a much different issue psychologically than Tenel Ka's prosthesis. Tenel Ka lost her arm in an accident, when she was still little more than a child. Children generally deal with serious trauma like that better than an adult. And Jacen undergone months of torture. Tenel Ka would likely get used to the lack of arm and not even think about it. Jacen however, brushed off his torture in the short term and had a war to distract him. Now, during times of peace and a lack of a time consuming job. All he had is time to brood over his torture.
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    For the majority of her life Tenel Ka had hated being the princess and later the Queen. But on the rare occasion, it allowed her proud happy moments like now.

    “My subjects.” She intoned softly to the hand picked crowd of nobles and distaff royals. They were all very weary women, and few males. All of them were older, in their early forties at the youngest.

    “I am pleased to have you here today. I admit it is mere whim that this reunion occur her today . . .” Tenel Ka said the gathered Hapans looked at each other in confusion. Tenel Ka smiled broadly.

    “Welcome home your sons and daughters.” she said, cueing the doormen to open the doors, allowing hundreds of young men and women of various age stream into the Queen’s Court. Tenel Ka turned to gauge Ingrid’s shocked reaction.
    “Go Ingrid, your son is among them.” She urged, smiling as her flustered advisor scurried off to find her son, trailed by the two daughters that were still but children. Tenel Ka contentedly watched and felt the onrush of emotion. It was not often she ever saw her more traditional Hapan subjects show much emotions beyond greed.

    “Sometimes it is good to be Queen.” Tenel Ka said to Jacen. Jacen smiled back, both quietly basking in the storm of elation and near sickening relief.

    “Not all of this will be happy.” Gunvor said. They glanced at him. Tenel Ka sighed and nodded.

    “Nor is this the best move, but it is the best available. I cannot hold nobles and my distaff relative in my armies and navies. As it is we are at serious risk of riots each day our less ennobled soldiers remain in my formations.”

    “Be that as it may, I am very reluctant with the troops we have deployed. None of them have seen battle!” Gunvor said wearily.

    “This was your plan.” Tenel Ka pointed out.

    “I know my Queen. I decided that veterans in combat should have preference to return, and so they have. Only the Forces sent to Coruscant, minus the Queen’s Fleet remain, and our Green units have replaced those who have returned.” he said. Jacen nodded.

    “But there will still be casualties.” Jacen noted. Gunvor nodded.

    “Just through accidents and illness alone, our Billion man army will those over a thousand men per day.” Gunvor said. Tenel Ka nodded. Natural accidents were something she could accept.

    “Has the Peace Brigade detachment been dealt with?” she asked. Gunvor grimaced.

    “They have, they left low orbit of the pulsar and tried to escape. Your esteemed cousin slaughtered them.” he said.


    “Honestly I doubt they had enough healthy men to even man their weapons stations, they didn’t deploy star fighters either.” he said. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “How did the Vong among them far?” she asked. Gunvor shrugged.

    “It appears the Vong did not know the dangers of pulsars until too late. Theirs ships are either drifting dead in space, or destabilized and crashed into the pulsar.” Gunvor said. Tenel Ka nodded and then stood.

    “Very well Gunvor.” she said and took Jacen’s arm in an uncharacteristically feminine manner.
    “Come Jacen, I have relatives and vassals to welcome home.”

    “So you came after all.” Corran said.

    “I am considering your offer, Officer Horn.” Jag Fel said. Horn raised his brow.

    “Director Horn.” Corran corrected.
    “Well I didn’t expect you so soon, but I think I can rustle something up for you two.” He told Jaina and Jag. He pressed on a speaker com.
    “Miss Anson, bring in two Indoc packages, and have the Training chief come over here soon.” Corran said.

    “An administrative assistant?” Jaina asked with a smirk. Corran shrugged.
    “How’d you get that by Mirax?” Jaina teased

    “I hired one of her cousins. That’s how. And may the gods or the Force teach this girl how to make caf!” Corran said with a groan. The door opened and Corran’s secretary walked in. Corran mostly ignored her, used to her and having known her since she was a little imp, was not floored like Jag nearly was.
    Miss Anson, was borderline gorgeous. Jaina’s good nature dimmed as she quickly realize Jag was quickly succumbing to more base instincts.
    Just because she is stacked and I am . . . Athletic. Jaina mentally groused.

    “Welcome to CorSec!” Miss Anson said in a bubbly tone. Jag sort of woke up, and to his credit felt ashamed and irritated. He nodded politely, Jaina stood and shook the offered hand, Miss Anson grimaced at the amount of force being used.

    “We are glad to be here.” Jaina said before leaning close to Anson’s ear.

    “That man belongs to me, purge any thought of my man out of your mind. I will kill over him.” Jaina said in a sweet tone that the two men could not fully hear.

    “I understand. Threaten me again and I will have him and gut you like a fish.” Anson said in a sweet soft tone. The smiled falsely at another and Jaina sat down and Anson left Corran’s office. Jag gave Jaina a mystified glance. Corran merely smirked at the younger man. Jag couldn’t be blamed, he had only a single female adult human on his homeworld when he grew up. He could be excused for not knowing that Correlian women were among the most territorial among human women when it came to their husbands or lovers.

    “Nice to see you really are a Corellian Jaina.” Corran said. Jaina smiled at him.

    “Just as long as she knows what is mine.” Jaina said. Corran snorted.

    “Just think of her as a teaser Nerf.” Corran told her. Jaina gave him a confused glance.
    “Right, you grew up on Coruscant. When Nerf Herders breed their nerfs, they find a young female, often first time in season, and parade her in front of the male’s cages, making them very ready when the Herder put them in with the herd.” Corran said.

    “I’m just a teaser nerf?” Anson asked, affronted. Corran smirked, he had always enjoyed yanking Anson’s chain, or any of Mirax’s relatives.

    “Since Jag is a honorable man , and won’t pursue women when he is already involved with Jaina, you may as well be.” Corran said.

    “Do you think of her that way?” Jaina pressed. Corran belatedly realized that he had said enough to get him in trouble with Mirax. And Force knew what Mirax would do, and whom she would blame.
    “Come on Jag, we’ll study this in our hotel, among other plans I have for tonight.” Jaina said. Anson smirked at her.

    “Is that how you keep your man faithful?” Jaina glared, still strongly disliking this mere girl, this coward who had not fought.

    “If I had to, I’d **** his testicles dry every night.” Jaina said. Jag and Corran squirmed at the direction this conversation was going. Jaina glanced at Jag.
    “But Jag is inherently unable to stray. So I don’t have to.” she finished.

    “Enjoy your empty and cold bed Anson. Come on Jag, you won’t have a single gamete left when I’m done with you.” Jaina said. Anson glared after them and then stormed to her desk, and sulkily worked. Corran sighed and put a hand over his eyes.

    “Yes, the Corellian is strong in that one. Force help Jag tonight.” Corran muttered.

    “How’s that?” Mirax asked, coming into the office. “And why is my cousin in such a catty mood?” she said. Corran chuckled.

    “Lets just say Jaina did not like the moment of attention Jag gave your cousin.” Corran said. Mirax sighed.

    “I figured something like that would happen. She and my younger cousins are just so aggressive that way.” Mirax said. Corran nodded.

    “I know, its probably going to get worse.” he said. Mirax frowned.

    “I know Corellia and the other worlds lost millions to the war, and I know that’s part of the reason Anson’s generation of women are so much more aggressive than we were.” Mirax said. Corran sighed.

    “They will publicly release the casualty figures next week. I don’t know what to expect.” Corran said tiredly. He gestured to the mountain of data pads and memory cores on the corner disk.
    “Those over there, those are just one week of post-war anger, and competition over our remaining men.” he said. He picked up one on his desk.
    “This file, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with it. The Mayor, the Sheriff and virtually the entire town in the Whyren Delta rounded up known Peace Brigade members and hung them.” He said and picked up another.
    “This file is a serial kidnapper and rapist, who lured young women in the invasion path, and kept them captive. The only good thing is that he didn’t favor killing them, and that is a mixed blessing.” Corran said.

    “Children?” Mirax guessed.

    “And Kidnapper identification syndrome.” Corran groused. “We might have to drop the case because his victims are actively defending him.” He pointed to one pile on the corner desk.
    “That pile is Jealousy killings. “ he said and then lifted the one file that had been in his hand the entire time.
    “And this . . . This is the worst. A soldier returned home, had a wonderful coming home party and went to sleep. He had a post traumatic incident. Apparently his wife didn’t know that she shouldn’t touch or wake him during his nightmares, and . . . Well he killed his wife before finally waking up.” Corran tossed the data pad down roughly and sighed, rubbing his face.
    “Why did I take this job?” He moaned.

    Tenel Ka had a very strange relationship with her cousins. That is to say, neither she, nor they often knew how to feel about each other. Beyond her sister and their father, these five women and two men were her closest relatives. Her male cousins Artus and Torvin had always been respectful, and had a fairly strong relationship with her father. These two she had greeted with a hug. Artus had commanded a Battle Dragon squadron, and Torvin had invaded Coruscant with his Battalion. Both had suffered minor wounds throughout the war.

    Eris was Torvin’s younger sister, and unfortunately, strongly disliked Tenel Ka. Eris’ grandmother was next eldest of Ta’a Chume’s sisters. Under the laws that had existed 300 years ago during the dynasty before the Chume, Eris, not Tenel Ka would have been the heir, because her mother was of Royal blood. Until Tenel Ka had been born, Eris had been for the first five years of her life, the Royal Heir, should Isolder die before producing an heir.

    Clemene was only sixteen and had grown up in the palace with Tenel Ka, her mother being the very youngest of Ta’a Chumes sisters, so young that Isolder was actually older. She alone had no true agenda for or against Tenel Ka, and Tenel Ka was happy to maintain that relationship.

    Avine Commanded the War Fleet Tenel Ka had sent to deal with the remnant Peace Brigade and Yuuzhan Vong. As such she was not there, and had departed for Ord Sonatus, where the Vong garrison had been so resistant that the Corellian Army requested a fleet to bombard them. Avine was loyal to the crown if not Tenel Ka. Tenel Ka and Avine had built a level of mutual respect, but only just.

    Halen and Harla were the twin sisters of Avine, and were continual members of
    Tenel Ka’s court and were Hapan to the core. While they did not dislike their cousin, they would work against her if it benefited them. They and Avine all but hated each other and yet loved each other in a strange vicious passion. For the moment Tenel Ka was irritated with them, because they had made a pass at Jacen, going so far as to touch him much further than Jacen tolerated. And Jacen had humiliated them, angered by the intrusion on his personal space and his body, Jacen had used the Force to compel them to pursue Darec and the other male guards.
    Tenel Ka knew that Halen and Harla’s sexual exploits bordered on absurd and had not been surprised when the twins had laughed it off and told Jacen he could compel them any day. Jacen left that day feeling very perturbed and annoyed.
    Halen gave Jacen a wink, knowing it would disturb him and anger her cousin.

    “Hello my cousins.” Tenel Ka said, pinching Halen sharply with the Force. Halen glared. Clemene had questions she could not wait to ask.

    “Cousin, is it true we’ve lost so many men?” she asked. Torvin answered for Tenel Ka.

    “Its true little cousin. Now forget about it for now, your cohort was not shredded by the war, there will be plenty of young men your own age.” he told her.

    “But not enough.” Eris said spitefully. “Especially low royal and nobles.” she added glaring at Tenel Ka.

    “Why did you let noble men go to war, we needed them here.” Eris demanded. Torvin glared at his sister.

    “It was that or capitulation sister. Perhaps you think you would have been better served as a Vong’s sex slave!” he said harshly. Artus put a calming hand on his cousin’s arm.

    “Calm down Torvin.” He said and glanced at Eris.

    “We know the real reason you are angry Eris. I’m am sorry he is dead, but that is not Tenel Ka’s fault.” he said. Eris bristled.

    “It most certainly is. She and her barbarian mother dragged us into that war, and what did we get for it? 65 million dead and so depleted of males that she made polygamy legal and encourages our women to tolerate sharing males! As co-wives!” Eris said.

    “You say that as though you have never shared a man for a night.” Harla said knowingly. Halen grinned deviously at Eris. Eris sniffed.

    “That was a common man. Royals don’t marry or breed with Commoners. Chume royals that is.” Eris sneered at Tenel Ka. Tenel Ka grasped Jacen’s arm.

    “Jacen is by birth heir to the Duchy of Alderra.”

    “But not by blood!” Eris hissed.

    “Enough!” Tenel Ka said firmly. Eris shrunk in on herself.
    “Our male shortage is the worst since the Jedi purged the Laurel raiders.” Tenel Ka told them.
    “We cannot maintain the old ways anymore. We cannot tolerate a collapse of our population. Our young women must compensate for our losses, and to do that, yes some of our women must share a man, even if only procreativity. And yes it means many of the males you consider eligible will soon marry and ideally be unavailable for your orgies.” Tenel Ka told Eris harshly.

    “And what about you Tenel Ka, will you share your man? Halen and I approached him. And he turned us down. Fair enough, he has character, good for a long term partner and Sire for your children. But are you going to keep him for yourself and expect us to double or triple up on the few Nobles not dead?” Harla said. Jacen answered.

    “I choose who I sleep with. And my cultures vows are monogamous.” Jacen said.

    “What give you the call to speak-” Eris started to say before Jacen gestured at her. Eris continued to move her mouth, but no sound issued.

    “Your words are dissentious and poisonous. I will tolerate your topic and tone for only a short time.” Jacen said.

    “But she does have a point Jacen.” Clemene said. Jacen glanced at her a nodded before enabling Eris to speak again with a gesture.

    “Beside there is his brother’s ghost wife. I hear she is with child, perhaps the Queen already-”

    “Tahiri bears the legacy children of Jacen’s deceased brother.” Tenel Ka interrupted, gently touching Jacen’s arm, knowing speaking about Anakin was still painful for him.
    “Jacen would never betray the memory of his brother in such a way.” Tenel Ka said.

    “Very well, but that still leaves us at a quandary. We only have so many men in the high born gene pool left, and the commoners hate it when we elevate their men and take them as consorts or husbands. And while we and the common women are expected to share men, here our queen, imperiously has her man to herself.” Eris said.

    “Enough!” Tenel Ka said angrily, having had enough of her already injected the Force into her voice. It carried with a thrum her cousins unconsciously felt.

    “This is an Empire and I am its Queen. If I wanted a hundred men as my personal harm, I would take it as my right, But I have my man, and that is what I want. Remember that I rule here, and I tolerate your nonsense far more than a Chume Queen would.”

    “And we remember it cousin.” Halen said, seriously for once.
    “Now, can we expect an heir soon?” She continued, changing the subject. Tenel Ka softened. A childhood accident had nearly robbed Halen the ability to have children, and made natural conception doubtful.

    “Not yet cousin, and you should find yourself a male of good stock and bring your own into the world.” Tenel Ka said, teasing as gently as she could, knowing that Halen could be a time bomb concerning her reproductive difficulties. She and Harla nodded. Tenel Ka glanced at Harla.

    “How is Dylis?” Tenel Ka asked her of Avine quite young daughter. Harla and Halen brightened. As annoying as they could be, they had become more and more found of their sister lately and even more so of their niece.

    “She is speaking now!” Halen said. Tenel Ka smiled as Harla continued, assuring Tenel Ka that Avine’s child was growing fast and was a wonderful child.

    “Torvin, Artus tell me what woes you have inflicted on our women?” Tenel Ka teased. Artus blushed, having been quite the wild and promiscuous young man.

    “I shall marry next month, our child will come soon after.” Artus managed to say. Torvin, was more restrained.
    “I was contacted by Uncle Isolder, apparently I have a son at the Orphanages, I go tomorrow to claim him.” he said.

    “Had fun on leave did you?” Eris said nastily. Torvin nodded.

    “I did.” he said brushing off Eris’ barb.
    Later Tenel Ka and Jacen sat with Rayne in the Queen’s quarters.

    “Is he asleep?” Tenel Ka asked Jacen. Jacen nodded and sunk into the seat with Tenel Ka, tossing The Little Lost Bantha Cub onto the table, narrowly missing the wine glasses. Jacen gave one of the filled wine glasses a sniff before scowling and getting up, to return with a bottle of Whyren’s Reserve and a tumbler.

    “Hapan wine not enough?” Rayne asked. Jacen glanced at her.

    “Too fruity.” he told her. Rayne grabbed the bottle and spiked her drink with some of the whiskey. She tenderly sipped it. She grimaced.

    “burns.” she said and then sipped again. Tenel Ka snickered at her and pour some into her glass. And then downed the glass.

    “Smooth.” Tenel Ka corrected her with a strained voice. Jacen chuckled. He glanced at Rayne.

    “How did the memorial go?” he asked. Rayne sighed.

    “He was remembered well and by many. He had several lovers, I did not care to count.” Rayne told them. Tenel Ka nodded. As long as they were not married, Hapan women generally considered men fair game.

    “About halfway through, I realized that I didn’t actually love him. Or my other lover for the matter, who is getting married and informed me that we cannot continue.” Rayne said.

    “I’m sorry Rayne.” Tenel Ka told her. Rayne nodded.

    “It wasn’t your fault sister. He died honorably, I’m told it was a quick and painless death.”
    Unseen Jacen grimaced, knowing that most died slowly and in pain. Vong weapons, while lethal, did not generally kill immediately. Tenel Ka got up and brought back two more tumblers.

    Jacen awoke to the sight of an empty whiskey bottle. He groaned as the dull ache of a hangover brutalized his brain. He heard a female groan. And then another. Jacen stopped still. He was on his side, holding a female body . . . And there was someone else in the bed. Slowly, almost fearfully he looked down at the women in his arms. He was relieved to find Tenel Ka there. She stared at him with a worried and reluctant glance. Jacen turned and Tenel Ka lifted her head, and found Rayne staring back at them.
    “Oh no.” Rayne said in shock.

    “And you roll them like this.” Sera Feluer Darklighter told Tahiri. Tahiri nodded and tried, miserably to copy Sera’s more practiced movements. Leia watched.

    “She’s a much better student than Mara.” Sera told Leia. Both Tahiri and Leia snorted. Tahiri sighed, she didn‘t know how she got roped into cooking with Sera, and she didn‘t like it, her back was killing her.

    “How long until Gavin and Han get back.” she asked almost plaintatively. Sera chuckled.

    “three hours, it takes a lot of time to get anywhere by land speeder. Especially that old relic Gavin insists on using.”

    “It was the Owens.” Leia said. Sera gave her a surprised look.

    “I didn’t know that! If I had the boys would have complained a lot less if they knew Luke Skywalker used to own it!” she said. Her two daughters seemed to light up. Leia shook her head and sighed. Every time she came to this dust ball of a planet, Luke’s
    pull on Tattoine seemed to grow. Luke had all but achieved godlike status among the Tattoo. Leia frowned remembering that her father was remembered as a god of vengeance amongst the Tuskens.

    “Are you sure you want to visit Silven?” she asked. Tahiri nodded.

    “He deserves to know. He is my father after all.” she said. One of the Darklighter girls shivered visibly.

    “They scare me.” she told Tahiri. Tahiri nodded.

    “They should. Silven’s old tribe killed my parents. Aside from Silven, only his daughter tolerated me, and only because she had her own kids to deal with when Silven took me.” she said.

    “But is it safe to go there in your condition?” the other sister pressed.

    “I grew up wandering the Dune Sea, I’m only waiting for Han because I don’t want to walk hundreds of kilometers. Too bad really, they’d see me from kilometers away.” Tahiri groused. Leia withheld a chuckle. Tahiri had started showing early, and now at five months, it was very obvious she had more than one child growing within her. Tahiri flinched and put her hands on her torture belly.

    “Are they kicking?” Leia said. Tahiri nodded, gently rubbing her belly.

    “Taurus is.” Tahiri said and then grimaced. “And he is kicking my kidneys.” she said in a mildly vexed tone.
    “At least he’s moving, helps to know they’re alive in there.” Leia said. Tahiri grunted.

    “They are all jumping around.” Tahiri said. Sera and Leia chuckled mildly.

    “May I?” Sera’s eldest daughter asked, holding a hand near Tahiri’s belly. Tahiri smirked.

    “Go ahead, don’t blame me if they bite you.” Tahiri smirked. Sera chuckled.

    “They won’t bite, or you won’t notice until they have teeth.” she said with a laugh. Tahiri winched.

    “Feeding three babies, that’s going to be fun.”

    “Gods I hate this dust ball.” Han groused. Gavin chuckled next to him in the old land speeder.

    “No offense.” Han said retroactively.

    “None taken General.” Gavin said. Han groaned.

    “Damit Darklighter, you’re a general yourself.”

    “Just a Brigadier.”

    “Just a Brigadier! Hah! There was only the old Admiral over me when I was General. We had no brigs, no major and no Lueys, only Generals, so don’t play rank backwards on me boy!”

    “Alright Han.”

    “You bet I’m damned right!” Han said. Gavin snorted.

    “Been around women too much lately?” he asked. The Glare he got from Han was enough of an indication. Gavin chuckled.

    “Tell you what Han, while Tahiri’s out with the Tuskens, we can find some quality entertainment.” Gavin said. Han frowned.

    “I’m a little old for El Ray’s.” Han said. Gavin gaped and swerved the Landspeeder.

    “I’m not taking you to a Hutt’s brothel!” Gavin said, perturbed. Han gave him an annoyed glance.

    “Gentlemen’s club. There’s a difference. You can look but never touch.” Han said.

    “No, the current El Ray’s is a brothel, and a bad one at that.” Gavin said.
    “One of their slugs started sniffing around anchorage for new ‘talent’. Local boys knew better and sent that damned Hutt scuttling home through the Dunes.”

    “You ought band up and drive them off planet.” Han said. Gavin sighed.

    “No, there’s just not enough power. There’s not enough of us, and Tattoine has no value except as a trade routes stop or a gambling den for them. The only thing they really fear is Luke, or maybe your kids. Unless one of them want to settle here and scare them off, Hutts will just keep being a fact of life here.” Gavin said.

    “You have a lot of pull yourself.” Han pointed out. Gavin glanced at him.

    “Han, I’m old now. I may only just be 40, but I’ve been a combat pilot since I was 16. That’s 24 years, and barely a 4th of the allotted leave I was supposed to have. It was okay in the 5 years I had between the end of the War and the Vong. I thought I’d get my twenty years and retire cashiered as a General. But those Vong . . . That war was just different Han, it wasn’t like fighting the Empire. The Empire was brutal but they were still human. Han I’m just too worn down and tired.” Gavin said. Han sighed and nodded.

    “I understand you Gavin.” Han said.

    “The Hutts will just have to be a fight for my boys.” Gavin said.

    Rayne Astarta was torn between fear and instinctive defiance. Rayne was an intelligent women. And intelligent women did not find ways to greatly aggravate a Force Sensitive Queen. Especially when she had the background and what Hapan’s would consider justification to sabotage Tenel Ka’s relation ship with her Consort . . . Fiancé whatever.
    But she was not the vindictive sort of women, and once past the early years of puberty, had been fond of Tenel Ka. She was her sister, even if her mother and Tenel Ka’s parents had pretended otherwise. Isolder was at least a good enough man to feel guilt around Rayne, and even she could tell it.
    Still, the breach she had made between Tenel Ka and Jacen was just too damaging. Rayne had grabbed her clothes and scurried out before either Jacen or Tenel Ka could say anything. They couldn’t even pretend they didn’t know what happened. They all remembered enough, too much.

    “There you are.” Tenel Ka’s voice said. Rayne froze and looked at her. Tenel Ka stood there arms crossed. She had taken to her new wardrobe today. Some how she portrayed dominance and sexuality.

    “You say that as if I hid from you.” Rayne said. Both had spoken in strong, proud tones.

    “Were had all drunken far beyond rational thought. I bid you to join us, and you did. You slept with my fiancé . . .” Tenel Ka stated.
    Twice Rayne, thought unconsciously. Tenel Ka blinked and then smiled acidly.

    “I am not blaming you Rayne, I just want an understanding between you and I. Jacen is mine. He does not belong to you.” Tenel Ka said.

    “And what do you plan on doing with me?” Rayne asked.

    “Nothing, it was a mistake, but a pleasant one. None of us were harmed, and our relationship, as far as I am concerned, undamaged.” Tenel Ka said firmly.


    “But nothing Rayne, I am Hapan, I have been conditioned to tolerate occasional straying. I do not like it, and would not tolerate and consistent rival or mistresses. Jacen shall be mine none the less, himself, his heart and his children shall be borne of me.” Tenel Ka said. Rayne stilled at the last. She nearly came into a combat stance. Tenel Ka held up a hand hastily.

    “Forgive me I spoke rashly. What I meant to say, is that last nights mistake is not to re-occur, not ever.” Tenel Ka said. Rayne nodded and then hedged.

    “And if I . . .” Rayne started. Tenel Ka took on a pained look. Tenel Ka took a deep breathe.

    “I do not know Rayne, I just do not know. I wish I could say such a consequence I could handle and accept, but I do not know.”

    “For what it is worth I am sorry Tenel Ka.” Rayne said, painfully through a tight throat. Tenel Ka glanced at her.

    “I think we all are Rayne.”
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    Still working on this fic, and my other fics are taking a backseat position for now. I have chapters for the fics that were turnacated, but I don't have the original chapters(on old computers that got infected).

    Tenel Ka was happy. Very happy. The past four weeks had little cheerful about it. Aside from Argent, Tenel Ka was on shaky ground with her sister, and Jacen seemed to have withdrawn on everyone but Argent. Her father was the only other family she had, and he was spilt. Rayne was his daughter too, and he had never forgot it. He was actually angry, an emotion considered inappropriate for a man with grown daughters.
    But the last month’s difficulties were, for the moment over.

    “Rayne!” She called, spying her sister, in a cheerful voice. Rayne glanced at her in a very guarded and wary tone.

    “Hello sister . . .oof!” Rayne said before finding herself in a bear hug.

    “Hello indeed sister!” Tenel Ka said. Rayne stared at her.

    “What happened?” she asked. Tenel Ka beamed.

    “I’m pregnant!” Tenel Ka said in a victorious tone. Her cheer was short lived as a reprehensive and guiltful look crossed her sisters face.

    “I’m sorry Tenel Ka.” Rayne sobbed. “But so am I!”


    Jacen Solo brooded over a tumbler of Whyren’s Reserve.

    “I believe this is how the situation started.” Isolder said. Jacen turned his inebriated eye one Isolder.

    “Do you know a better cure for sleeping with your fiancé’s sister?” He said and then downed the whiskey. Isolder’s face went stone-like.

    “Those are my daughters you are talking about.” Isolder said stonily.

    “I was aware. It was a mistake, I don’t know why it happened but it did. Tenel Ka isn’t angry with me, but I am.” Jacen said. Isolder sighed.

    “Well its done and over with and they’re both pregnant. Congratulations Son.” Isolder said bitterly. Jacen turned on him, his eyes and voice sobered.

    “They’re what!”



    “What’s wrong?” Jag whispered harshly. Jaina shook her head and motioned for Jag and the assault team to continue on. Jaina took a second to block of Jacen’s storm of emotions and followed them as they made the breach.
    “CORSEC! GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!” One of the assault team shouted as they burst through the door. Blaster fire erupted, Jaina coming in last ignited her light saber and blasted one of the hostile men into a duroplast wall. He crumpled and fell as Jag and the Assault teams blasters cut down the vile men.

    “North room clear!”
    “Bank vault! I’ve got two bottled up!”
    “Lobby clear!”
    “Teller’s Desk clear!” The assault team reported as they methodically moved through the room. Jag stayed in the lobby, hunched over a body. Jaina joined him, ignoring the continued blaster fire in the Vault. It was a woman, pregnant and the Hostage takers had . . .

    Bastards!” Jaina hissed and stormed off toward the Vault, running over the assault team as she went. She entered with all the fury and might of a Goddess of Vengeance. Flicking away blaster bolts she whirled into the two men with scalpel like precision, severing one Perp’s arms off, and bisecting the second at the waist.

    When it was over there was silence. The Assault team exchanged wary glances.

    “So what exactly were you thinking when you stormed into that vault?” Corran said coldly. Jaina stood tight faced.

    “I wasn’t after what I saw in the lobby-” Jaina started. Corran slammed his palm against his desk.

    “CorSec is a body of law! It is not a place to play ‘Goddess’!” Corran roared.

    “Jaina violated no laws.” Jag pointed out coldly.

    “Both men opened fire on her, and she could have used far more disturbing methods. She struck each man only once.”

    “And killed one of them. Killing Perpetrators is an absolute last resort. We cannot have you falling among low and mid grade criminals like a spirit of Vengeance.

    “Those men took hostages, raped, and murdered a pregnant woman.” Jag said.
    “What action would you have taken?” Jag asked. Corran started to calm down.

    “Emotion cannot factor.” He said at length. He looked at Jain.

    “You need to learn to put your heart and your emotions away. And you need to deal with your ghosts Jaina. You have enough discipline and experience that your vigilante actions should not have happened."

    “Killing men firing blasters at CorSec is self Defense.” Jag said. Corran glared at him.

    “She is also a Jedi.” Corran said. He narrowed his eyes and then sighed.
    “Alright. Jaina, I’m not going to discipline you or suspend you, you are on forced vacation until our internal affairs division clears you of wrong doing.” He looked at the two of them.
    “I think some of our problem here is that the two of you view the galaxy in black and white. Right and Wrong, good and evil.” Corran said.

    “I disagree.” Jag said.

    “I did not finish, do not interrupt me Agent Fel.” Corran said sternly. He glanced at them.
    “I’m sending you two to the Anti-smuggling task force. There you’re going to learn that the galaxy is not black and white, but gray, and a multitude of shades of it.” He said looking at Jag. He shifted his gaze to Jaina.
    “Your father might not like it Jaina, but I think you need a break from death and more violent forms of crime. You might even have fun.” he said and then dismissed them with a gesture, before remembering something.
    “Oh, if you find Mirax flying around, don’t spare her searches, just because she’s my wife. Knowing her she’ll try to get away with something.” He said with a chuckle. The two exchanged glances and then left. Corran sighed and hoped he wouldn’t regret the last comment later.

    “I told you I’m fine Jaina.” Jag said a little angrily.

    “You are not fine Jag, you’ve had nightmares three nights in a row! You were shaking so hard last night I though you would have a heart attack!” Jaina said. Jag glared.

    “You’re one to talk. You keep waking screaming!” Jag said. Jaina stared and then sighed.

    “Jag, we’re a mess.” She said and buried her head into his chest. Jag, gently wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

    “We’re not, we just need so time, that’s all. I’m sure we’re not the only ones.” Jag said.

    “That’s true, Tenel Ka told me Jacen’s dreams have gotten worse, after their accident that is.” she said.

    “At least you don’t have a sister for us to make that mistake.” Jag said. Jaina pulled back and stared. And then burst out laughing.

    “No, I don’t have to worry about sisters like that.” she said. She sobered.
    “It really not funny though, especially after the message Tenel Ka sent me.” she said. Jag frowned.

    “Why isn’t he writing you?” he asked. Jaina rolled her eyes.

    “I don’t know, we were almost the same person before the war, and now we’re almost strangers. I stopped trying to connect with him, Force-wise that is, it like trying to hug a man made of razors!” she said. Jag nodded and hugged her tightly.

    “So what was her news?” Jag asked. Jaina frowned.

    “What and who?”

    “Tenel Ka.” Jag supplied. Jaina blinked.

    “Oh, well I’m going to be an Aunt the natural way, twice actually, both Tenel Ka and Rayne are having babies.” she said. Jag’s eyes became pensive. Jaina didn’t need the Force to discern where his brain was going.
    “Later Jag, when I’m 23 we’ll talk.” she said. Jag nodded.

    “Usually people marry before having children.” Jag said. Jaina smirked.

    “Was that a proposal?” she asked. Jag chuckled.

    “Why not?” he asked. Jaina’s grin faltered.

    “Jag, we just-”

    “Jaina, I love you and want to live my life with you. And for now I am entirely content with being just husband and wife. I know better than to want something you are not ready for.” he said.

    “And you think I’m ready to be your wife?” Jaina asked.

    “You didn’t say no.” Jag pointed out. Jaina thought about it.

    “Yes.” she said. Jag nodded. Jaina waited expectantly. Jag realized he missed something. Jaina sighed.
    “Jag, I’m telling you yes.” she said. Jag stared before swooping her up in the air, Jaina laughed gleefully. He started for their bedroom.
    “Jag don’t forget!” Jaina said urgently. Jag held up a finger and quickly opened a drawer and took the box full of their prophylactics.
    “I wish the Starfighter corps hadn’t used those contraceptants on us. Even when they‘re being metabolized out after a year it still reacts badly with other forms of Contraceptants.” Jaina groused. Jag gave her a perturbed glance. He knew all he needed to make their trysts pleasant for Jaina, and he didn’t care to know the details.

    “Jaina for the love of the Force shut up.” he said Jaina laughing from her perch hung over his shoulder as he shut the door.


    “Leia, good to see you!” Luke said and hugged his sister. She hugged back and then entered Luke and Mara’s family quarter’s on Ossus.

    “He kid, this place is really starting to come together.” Han said Before Ben hurled himself against Han’s legs. Luke nodded and chuckled. Ben didn’t know Jacen, so Han was all the patriarchal family he had for now.

    “Hi to you too kid jr.” Han said tousling Ben’s shaggy hair. Then Tahiri came into the quarters. Luke took a moment to take it in.

    “Tahiri, you look beautiful.” Luke said, knowing from experience what he needed to say.

    “And nothing like a Gammorean right?” Leia said with gritted teach. Tahiri snickered. Luke shrugged.

    “I call it like I see it.” he said. Leia gave him an appalled expression.

    “Why you!” she said and gently punched him while laughing. Mary came into the room. She took a look at Tahiri and let out a breath.

    “Wow, you’re not so much having a baby as having a small army.” she said. Tahiri smiled.

    “I know, I just don’t know how I’ll feed them.” she said. Mara smirked, and hugged the young woman.

    “Of course you do, nature gave you hooters for a reason.” she said, causing Han to chock and cough. Tahiri grinned.

    “I’m going to make sure he know you said that once he gets to dating age.” she said, gesturing at Ben, still wrestling Han’s leg, while Han tolerantly ignored it. Luke shut the door and beckoned them into his living room.

    “How's the Temple building?” Han asked. Luke shrugged.

    “As well as expected, after our difficulties on Yavin when we first set up, I decided we didn’t need to settle on Sith worlds.” he said dryly.

    “Especially when your people are all over the place right now.” Han said. Luke nodded.

    “Right now, half our people are recovering, the other half are trying to bury themselves in work.” Mara said. Han shook his head knowingly.

    “Aint going to help.” Han said. Luke sighed.

    “That is true, and it is troublesome. The Old order hadn’t faced a major war in over a thousand years, and they were destroyed in their final war. Chilgal is on her toes, we just have no playbook for Jedi with battle fatigue. Your two kids I’m least worried about. Jacen is in great hands, and Corran is on hand in case Jaina, or Jag for the matter starts to have problems.”

    “Good.” Han said in a mildly relieved tone. Corran may have been CorSec a lifetime ago and yet again, but Corran was a man Han knew and respected, and liked to a certain degree. If Soontir Fel wasn’t Han’s flipside, it was Corran. Mara nudged Tahiri.

    “So what are their names, I haven’t heard yet.” she said. Tahiri smiled, and put Mara’s hand on the left side of her belly. Mara felt Tahiri’s presence gently glaze over the unborn.

    “There is Taurus. . .” she shifted the hand to the middle.

    “ . . .Saul . . .” she continued, pulling Mara’s hand right and then downward.

    “. . . And Nina. Who apparently likes to put her feet in her brother’s faces.” Tahiri said. Mara smiled.

    “They are certainly healthy and content.” she said, briefly passing her own presence over the babies. Across the room, Luke was in conversation with Leia and Han.

    “So is it true?” Luke asked. Han snorted.

    “Jacen used to joke a lot but he wouldn’t joke about impregnating his fiancé and her sister.” Han said. Leia bristled.

    “I don’t know what he was thinking.” Leia said angrily. Han sighed.

    “Leia, they were all drunk.” Han said.

    “That’s not an excuse.” Leia said bitterly. Luke and Han exchanged glances. Han and Leia had tried not to have favorites, but they had them. Jaina and Anakin to a lesser degree had been his favorites. And Jacen had been the apple of his mother’s eye. Seeing him a grown man through pain and torment and good years lost was almost worse than Anakin being dead. As it was she and Jaina had a very tentative and pride-hurt relationship, but Jacen was almost a stranger wearing her son’s skin. Leia sighed.

    “Sometimes I wish we were just moisture farmers.” She told Luke. Luke smiled.

    “I know, if things had gone differently, my life would have been very different.” Luke said, looking at Mara tease Tahiri. Beside them Han quietly regretted that he didn’t remember his father and mother aside from the names the Corellian hall of records had supplied him.



    “I’m sorry.” Jacen said. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “We know Jacen, none of us planned for this, but its not something we can ignore.” Tenel Ka said. Rayne uncomfortably listened.
    “I value your input as well Rayne, and I apologize for what I said last month.” Tenel Ka said. Rayne nodded.

    “I know, and just so you know I am keeping my child.” Rayne said in a tone daring them to object.

    “Good, I did not desire for my children to be without companions.” Tenel Ka said. Jacen’s head turned sharply.

    “Companions?” he said. Tenel Ka nodded.
    “It has been observed, that I am asking my people to make sacrifices while not being willing to make them myself.” she said.

    “Whoa let’s back up here.” Jacen said. “Rayne is a fine woman, and I like her as a person, but I do not have that kind of love for her.” Jacen said. Tenel Ka’s eyes blazed for a second.

    “And yet you mounted her like a-”

    “Tenel Ka!” Rayne said sharply. “Look I don’t want to cause any problem for you two, I will go away if-”

    “You will not! You are my sister!” Tenel Ka said firmly. She sighed.
    “Jacen, We marry in three weeks, that is not changing now, unless you changed your mind . . .?” Tenel Ka asked, trying to bury the worry she felt.

    He shook his head.

    “No, its going to take a lot more than that for me to abandon you.” Jacen said. Tenel Ka smiled faintly and hugged him tightly. Rayne however watched her sister warily.

    “If you think for a second that I will marry him as a second wife . . .”

    “I know you won’t and I won’t ask you to, I do believe that at some point both you and Jacen will be forced to recognize your child as Jacen’s.” Tenel Ka said. Rayne nodded.

    “I understand Tenel Ka, I would never try to hide, my child’s parentage from them.” She said, passing a look at Isolder, who had until now sat quietly to the side. Beside him, Rayne’s mother looked away.

    “And does Jacen acknowledge the child in question as his?” he asked. Jacen bolted to his feet and advanced on the older man. Isolder stood, regretting that he may have pushed a little too far.

    “That was never in question!” Jacen said in a tightly restrained voice. Jacen slowly calmed. Isolder nodded and sat back down. Jacen glared at him and then returned to his seat with Tenel Ka.

    “I assume you want this to be a public acknowledgement?” Rayne asked. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “If I could help it, I would prefer your private affairs to remain private Rayne, but with our current situation, it may prove a stabilizing influence.” Tenel Ka said. Ingrid nodded.

    “Hapes follows the Queen. If the people see the Queen tolerate sharing her husband, and with her sister! It would do much to settle the unrest over the under manning issue.” Ingrid said. Jacen bristled.

    “I am not a political baton.” he said darkly. Tenel Ka placed her hand on his knee, trying to restrain and reassure him.

    “You are not, and I am not using you as a gift to my sister.” She said. She glanced at the others.
    “I think we have reached an agreement. Jacen will acknowledge Rayne’s child, and be his or her father in every way.” She said. Jacen nodded. Tenel Ka continued.
    “And I will not oppose your relationship between yourselves, should it arise.” Tenel Ka said. Jacen looked at her in shock. Tenel Ka did not quite meet his gaze. Rayne spoke up.

    “I think we have exhausted this subject.” Rayne observed. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “Father, what news have you to report concerning the Orphan’s Ministry?” she asked. Isolder nodded.

    “We have recovered abandoned and orphaned children from over a thousand worlds now. The recovery has been complicated by the fact that a significant portion of the children’s mothers were refugees and thus scattered to every arm of the galaxy. So far we have recovered Fourteen million children all of whom are between newly born and just shy of 4 years of age.” Isolder said. He chuckled.
    “We had a minor mismanagement with our first custody drafts, they mistakenly named you as the legal guardian of the children, as opposed to a ward ship which is what should have been done.” Isolder said with mild mirth.

    “So through a mistake, I am the adoptive mother of . . . How many children?” Tenel Ka asked. Isolder chuckled.

    “Only a little less than half a million. They caught the mistake early on and fixed it.” Isolder said. Tenel Ka gave him a thin look. Jacen chuckled.

    “Really gives a new meaning to ‘Queen Mother’.” he said. Tenel Ka managed a slight smile. Isolder continued.

    “Thirty odd worlds have outright refused to cede the children to us without a blood relative to claim them. I have not contested as they are all worlds sufficiently intact to care for the children. Another hundred worlds refused to cede the children, citing near extermination of their population. We do have a major problem.” Isolder said.

    “What is that?” Tenel Ka asked feeling dread enter the pit of her stomach.

    “Our records indicated that roughly 3 million refugees and a number of Hapan children ended up on Nal Hutta.” Isolder said. The room suddenly Boomed with an angry report as Jacen slammed his fist on the table in front of the couch.

    “Hutts.” he growled angrily. Beside him Tenel Ka was angered, though not nearly as livid as Jacen. Tenel Ka glanced at Jacen.

    “I think the Hutts require a visit by the Home Fleet, and the King Consort.” Tenel Ka said. Ingrid, Rayne and Astarta started at the title Tenel Ka had just declared for Jacen. Jacen nodded. Isolder sat down having finished his report. Ingrid stepped nearer to the center of the room.

    “My Queen, Borghilde has sent reports. She believes there has been a steep rise in pregnancy rates. Still much lower than normal, but four times the rates last years this time.” she said. Tenel Ka nodded. This was the first good news they’d had population-wise in four and a half years.


    “You won’t oppose a relationship between myself and your sister should it arise.” Jacen said darkly as they returned to the playroom they had left Argent in. Tenel Ka glanced at him.

    “I meant what I said Jacen.” she said. Jacen looked at her.

    “Why?” he almost demanded. Tenel Ka grew angry and grabbed him by the collar.

    “My population is on the verge of ruin from this war. Even I feel the shortage of men on a primordial basis. I cannot help but notice how desperately and viciously my courtiers are competing for what few Noble men survived. Our prewar Navy was rife with them, and much of the Navy was annihilated at Fondor. I lost eleven 3rd cousins there, all male!” Tenel Ka said, angry tears in her eyes.

    “My cousins will have no problem finding husbands, especially Celeste. But I would have to be blind to not notice that my lower ranked courtiers are almost knifing each other over the remaining men!” Tenel Ka said.

    “You have me.” Jacen said. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “I know, but the fact remains that we have already introduced Rayne into our relationship, even if unintentionally and inebriated. And you are permanently bound by it.” She said. Jacen glanced at her.

    “We made a singular mistake, I will care for the child, but Rayne is to me your sister and nothing beyond that!” Jacen said. Tenel Ka frowned.

    “Jacen, your guilt is a waste of emotion. You did not cheat on me. We both made the mistake and we both with have to bear the consequences, literally in my case.” she said. Jacen allowed a slow smile. The happy news of the day boomed in his head.

    “I’m going to be a father.” he said genuinely happy.

    “Twice over.” Tenel Ka reminded him. Jacen sighed.

    “Yeah.” Tenel Ka let her hand drop from his chest.

    “Hapes has changed and the high borne’s propensity for having entire pools of paramours is over and gone. Rayne and you may develop a loving relationship, or you two may only share the child. Either way I will not interfere.” Tenel Ka. Jacen sighed.

    “Tenel Ka, I have been raised to have affections only for the one woman I love. You are it, and no others.” Jacen said. While it was contrary to the point she was trying to make. Tenel Ka smiled broadly. Sometimes Jacen told her exactly the right thing.

    “That is your choice Jacen.” she said. She paused. After what he had just told her, there was only one logical response.

    “Jacen, we have hardly spoken or shared anything since it happened. I just want your attentions today.” she said. Jacen, still angry wanted to keep arguing, but looking at her, realized she was having a fragile moment. He looked at her in thought. He loved her, that he knew without a doubt.




    “Jaina, Jag!” Corran shouted from his office. Jaina and Jag turned from their pushed together desks. They saw Corran beckoning. They exchanged glances as Corran yelled at other Agents to come to his office.

    They were crammed tightly in Corran’s office. Jaina was perched on the chair Jag had managed to snag before on of the other twelve agents did.

    “Alright as of 30 minutes ago this is the situation. The Queen Mother of Hapes has discovered that the Hutts have enslaved a number of Hapan orphans, among others. Either her, or the King Consort-”Corran started, a wry grin on his face despite the seriousness of the situation. Jaina and Jag exchanged an amused glance.

    “. . .realized we would have solid information on the ruling Hutt clans and the major crime lords. In roughly Eight Hours The King Consort will depart Hapes with the entire Hapan Home Fleet to Nal Hutta. The intent, on arrival, to demand the immediate release of all slaves.” One of the Agents raised a hand.

    “What will he do when the Hutts refuse.” Corran grimaced.

    “The Hapan Home fleet has Four hundred Capital ships including 35 Star Destroyers, mark 3’s mind you and an 3rd generation Super Star Destroyer. I seriously doubt the Hutts are going to anger the Commander of that Fleet, especially when it is Darth Vader’s grandson. The Hutts suffered whenever they stumbled onto Vader. As to what Jacen Solo will do . . .” he trailed off and looked at Jaina. Jaina sighed.

    “I don’t know Corran, he’d have no time problem burning their orbital facilities to the ground. But it really depends on what the Hutts have done to the children and the other Refugees. If the children are . . . Well Jacen might prove we are related to our Grandfather.” She said with a shiver. Corran grimaced.

    “Jag, Jaina, Nal Hutta’s too far for an X-Wing to travel, take aYT 3000 and intercept Your brother. You will deliver what intelligence we have on the Hutts, and hang around. Try to prevent your brother from bombarding them from orbit if it comes to it.” Corran said. They nodded and then left.

    “Do you think he would bombard Nal Hutta?” Jag asked from the pilots seat. Jaina shrugged.

    “If he does, then the Hutts did enough to deserve it.” she said vehemently. Jag was taken aback by the open hatred she showed to the Hutts.

    “You shouldn’t be surprised Jag.” Jaina said. “My Grandfather was a slave to Gardulla, according to these records we found. For all we know they might have caused him to become what he became.” Jaina said. Jag nodded.
    “Uncle grew up on Tattoine and the Tattoo people would wipe them out if they could. And lets not start with my father.” Jaina finished.

    “So you have no intention of stopping your brother if he goes too far.” Jag surmised. Jaina glanced at him.

    “Jag, Hutts are inherently evil. They could be vaporized for all I care about Hutts.” Jaina said bitterly. Jag decided to keep his tongue still for the moment.

    “So . . . King Consort.” Jag started, sending Jaina into hysterical laughter.

    “King Consort!” Jaina crowed. “What a ridiculous title. The should have called him the Royal Breeder!” she snickered. Jag chuckled.

    “Majestic Impregnator.”

    “His Highness the Regent Sperm Bag.” Jaina added. Jag winched. Jaina chuckled.
    “Okay maybe a little too far, I mean, your dad is a Baron.” she said.

    “As am I now, though I have yet to acknowledge Imperial peerage.” He said and his eyes gleamed.
    “I suppose that makes you ‘Her Ladyship, the Baronial Brood Mare.’” he said. Jaina’s eyebrows raised in shock. Jag tensed, realizing he went too far. Then Jaina cracked.

    “Jag that was horrible!” she said and then hopped the divider between the pilot and copilot chairs and settled herself on his lap.
    “Just remember Jag, I’ve agreed to marry you, but were not going to be bird hatching anytime soon.” she said. Jag nodded, though Jaina could tell a large portion of Jag’s psyche was disappointed. She suddenly felt guilty reminding him.

    The truth was that Jaina was seriously worried about having children.

    First she had been injured during the fall of Coruscant and she had been scared the poisons the Vong generally used might have stuck around in her body.

    Second, the war was so fresh that she knew for a fact that she, her brother and Jag were almost nightly woken by their nightmares. Though Tenel Ka claimed the minor disaster she and Jacen and Rayne had engaged in had put a stop to it temporarily. She didn’t feel she was in the best shape, mentally and physically to be pregnant and to have a child.

    Lastly, Jaina was afraid, deathly afraid that she would be a terrible mother. She loved her mother, and knew Leia had been deeply constrain by her position during Jaina’s childhood. But Jaina considered her mother one of the least able mothers among her mother’s generation. Jaina could not help but feel her mother’s limited involvement with herself and her brothers when young had severely limited Jaina’s potential as a mother. How could the Jedi’s Sword be a Mom?

    “Jaina are you alright?” Jag asked. Jaina was silent for a moment before answering.

    “Jag, I’ve been thinking. I’m going to be a terrible mother.” she said seriously. Jag grabbed her head and stared into her eyes.

    “Bantha Rodder!” he said. His response was so crass and uncharacteristically crude that Jaina smiled.

    “Jaina if I thought otherwise I would have never persued you. I have no doubt that you will be an exemplary mother. I’ve seen you with your cousin.”

    “That’s right, my cousin. Not my Baby.” Jaina said. Jag almost glared.

    “Do I have to get you pregnant just to prove a point?” he demanded. Jaina sighed and smiled.

    “Okay Jag, you’re probably right, but not kids, not for another two years at least.” she said, pointing insistently at the tip of his nose. They smiled and kissed.
    “So we should probably figure out how to control the Hutts.” Jaina said. Jag shook his head and kissed her.

    “To hell with the damned Hutts.” Jag said between kisses.
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    Ha! That was funny. Nice update.
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    I understand what Tenel Ka is trying to show her people; that 'desperate times call for desperate measures', but I can't really see her as the 'sharing' type!

    I'm hoping that Jacen and Leia can restart their relationship somehow; I've always thought that he and her had the same sort of relationship that we often see between Jaina and Han.
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    Alright...this really needs updating. :D
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    This story has really captured my interest. ^:)^

    I started it around noon today at work and ended up using a spare chance I had in between things to read it.

    Your character depictions are excellent! ^:)^

    The raw emotion you convey in scenes like Jacen grieving over Anakin are simply tear inducing. =D=

    I anxiously look forward to the next installment.
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    “Reversion in one minute.” Jag told Jaina from the pilot’s chair. Jaina had told him to take the controls, in Corellian ships, the co-pilot controlled everything but roll, pitch, yaw and thrust. The co-pilot could adjust the shields, fire the laser turrets, and a dozen other functions, leaving the pilot free to fly.

    “If we’re lucky the Hutt haven’t provoked Jacen.” she said seriously.

    “If we’re lucky he wouldn’t need a reason to.” Jag said, reminding her of the reason Jacen had parked the Homefleet in mid orbit of Nal Hutta.

    “They shouldn’t. that fleet alone is big enough tha-” Jaina stopped midsentence.

    “Oh Kriff!” Jaina swore as Jag violently hurled their ship away from Cartel star fighters.

    “Uglies!” Jag shouted. Jaina scoffed.

    “Relax they’re DIE-Wings.” she said. DIE-Wings were a mottled together model of fighter, based on a TIE cockpit, welded to Y-Wing engine Nacelles. They only had the twin lasers a TIE Normally carried, and underpowered at that. Gavin Darklighter had spoken sadly of combat with DIE-Wings, both he and Corran Horn had over a 300 Imperial kills, but Gavin had shot down nearly as many DIE Wings in only 15 strike missions against them.
    “If the Hutts have any useful fighters the Hapans have already slaughtered them.” She said, seeing Wasp Fighters chase down the flight of DIE-Wings.

    “Wasps?” Jag asked, to busy piloting to notice.

    “Yeah, the interceptor variant I’ve heard about.” she said.

    “How are they doing?” Jag asked. Jaina winched.

    “The fighters are okay, but I think some of the pilots are green.” she said, observing some sloppy flying, by the wing mates of the wing pairs she saw. Jag snorted.

    “If you’re going to bloody your green pilots, might as well against Uglies and Hutts.” Jag said. The Comm sputtered.

    “Jaina, Jag, rendezvous on my ship.” Jacen said. They exchanged glances.

    “Which ship is that?” Jaina asked. She didn’t have to, the only ship visible due to distance was the Super Star Destroyer.

    “You know which one, her name is Grand Dragon.” Jacen said as the comm channel closed. Jaina smirked.

    “So that’s what they renamed her to.” she chuckled. Jag glanced at her.

    “Jacen returned before they finished her. Tenel Ka was going to call it Friend Jacen.” she said. Jag blinked.

    “Friend Jacen?” he said incredulously. Jaina shrugged.

    “I’m getting my information from Lowie. He said they were pestering her about the name while she . . . While she was grieving over Jacen.” Jaina said.

    “She didn’t change it until after he returned?” Jag asked. Jaina glanced at him.

    “Jag they’ve been in love with each other since probably the accident.” she said. Jag nodded.

    “Hopefully your brother will be in a forgiving mood when the Hutts run out of fight-ready vehicles.” he said as an ancient Battle Cruiser blew up.

    “The Hutts responded to our demands by firing at us with Long range missiles and Planetary Ion Cannons. The . . . King Consort Order the destruction of their military, space and land based.” A Hapan Commander told them.

    “Colonels, I’m afraid your information may be irrelevant now.” he said.

    “We are both currently retired from our respective militarys, we are now both Agents of CorSec.” Jag said stiffly. The Commander nodded. He turned to Jaina.

    “I am Dareth, third cousin to Tenel Ka.” He said holding his hand to Jaina.

    “Oh.” She said and shook his head. Jag chuckled.

    “Are we to be surrounded by her other cousins?” Jag asked with mirth. Dareth’s good cheer died.

    “Just myself and her second cousin, the Admiral. Her other Cousins in the Navy were lost at Fondor.” he said. Jaina blanched. Dareth managed a rueful smile.
    “Do not worry, I’ve had a few years to get over it.” he said and stepped out of the Turbolift and into the Grand Dragon’s bridge.
    Jacen sat in the Command chair, a Hapan admiral Jaina assumed to be Avine, Fleet Admiral of the Hapan Navy, stood calmly nearby.

    “Hello Jaina.” Jacen said. He glanced back at them.
    “You too Jag.” he said, he paused and then glanced back at them.
    “When’s the Wedding?” he asked.

    “Are you kidding?” Jaina said in surprise. Jag chuckled.

    “Jaina, even I would not fail to see that ring.” Jacen said and turned his attention back to the Battle, or rather lack of one.
    “The Hutts launched fighters Corvettes and what passes for Battle Cruisers in Hutt’s space.” Jacen said.

    “They attempted to ram the Corvettes, but the King Consort knew what they were up to. We have destroyed three hundred fighters and 35 starships. Nine of them surrendered. Our losses have been minimal.” Avine said.

    “How many?” Jacen asked.

    “29.” Avine said. Jacen nodded.

    “Congratulations Avine, you have won the Battle of Nal Hutta.” Jacen said standing. Avine started.


    “But nothing, my presence saved maybe one ship. Beyond that I did not contribute to the battle and do not argue with your King.” Jacen said. Avine managed a small smile.

    “Of course my King.” she said ironically. Jacen sighed and glanced at Jaina and Jag.

    “Come on.” he said.

    “What cause have we given for this invasion, Jedi?” The Hutt Lord demanded.

    “Hapan children.” Jacen said coldly. “As King Consort of the Hapan Empire I inform you that all Hapan children owned by any Hutt or residing on any Hutt planet is to be turned over to Hapan custody Forthwith.”

    “Hutt laws apply here, we are not going to turn over property to mere pirates.” the Hutt Lord said.

    “Property?” Jacen asked and then let the word hang before angrily terminating the connection. He glanced at Jag and Jaina before punching the wall comm.
    “Avine, the Hutt Lord rejects our demands on the basis of losing property.”

    “It seems he can stand to lose property my King.” Avine said. Jacen snorted.

    “Burn their orbital industries. Lets see if they are so concerned after that.” Jacen said.

    “It seems we came here without purpose.” Jag said. Jacen shook his head.

    “No, you will be useful in checking the Hutt’s lies.” Jacen said.

    “How far are you going to go?” Jaina asked.

    “If it comes to it, I have an Army with this Fleet, if need be I will invade.” Jacen said.

    “You will take casualties.” Jag observed. Jacen sighed.

    “We would, but in the balance is somewhere between 300 and 400 thousand children, and 3 million other refugees.” Jacen said.

    “And we are not leaving.” he added. The others froze.


    “Tenel Ka and I have decided to initiate a blockade against Nal Hutta and their other Worlds.” Jacen said. Jaina was almost speechless.

    “How can you. . .”

    “Hapes is not a democracy Jaina. Tenel Ka rules absolutely, and myself now to a lesser degree.” Jacen said.

    “Hapes is part of the Galactic Alliance.” Jag reminded him.

    “And the Hutts are not.” Jacen returned.
    “If I have to I will burn their worlds one by one until every single child is returned.” Jacen said.

    “That’s . . .” Jaina started.

    “I know Jaina, but it is necessary.” Jacen said impatiently.

    “How does this fit with Jedi Ideals?” Jag asked. Jacen looked at him uncomfortably.

    “They don’t, and neither does being even the subordinate monarch of an Empire. Jag I doubt I’m going back to the JedI anytime soon.” Jacen said, glancing at Jaina. Jaina sighed and nodded in a sad way. She had been expecting this.

    “Welcome Princess Leia.” Tenel Ka said with a soft smile, trying to ignore Argent’s attempts to escape. Leia returned the smile.

    “Lets drop titles we’ll be family in less than three weeks.” Leia said. She then laughed as Argent finally managed to break away and scurry off to his toys in the corner of the room. Tenel Ka sighed.

    “I am still getting used to the prosthetic arm. It was not correctly adjusted at first, I nearly broke Jacen’s jaw the first day I had it.” Tenel Ka said. Han snorted.

    “Luke had the same problem when they replaced his first prosthetic.” Leia told her. She nodded at Argent.

    “Does Argent remember us?” she asked. Tenel Ka smiled and shook her head.

    “He does. Argent! Come meet your Grandmother!” she told the boy. Argent looked up before turning back to his toys. Han burst out with laughter. Tenel Ka sighed.
    “it’s a work in progress.” she said before speaking in a commanding tone.

    “Argent, come here!” she said. Argent looked up and scurried to her. Tenel Ka scooped him up and held him to face Leia.

    “This is Leia, your father’s mother.” Tenel Ka told the point. The boy looked at her uncertainly. Tenel Ka sighed.
    “Jacen made him small before he left. He still tries to draw on the emotions of others, though it is lessoning. He also seems to have been recognizing people by their presence in the Force.” she told Leia. Leia nodded and then drew close.

    “Come here Argent, how about a big hug for Grandma.” she asked the boy. Argent cautiously held out his arms and let himself be pulled from Tenel Ka’s arms.
    “That’s not a hug! I can’t feel your arms.” Leia told the boy, who promptly squeezed tightly.

    “That’s better.” She said and then turned to Han. Han eyed the boy warily.

    “How about we play a game Argent.” Han said. Argent perked up in Leia’s arms.

    “Down!” he insisted and Leia reluctantly let him down. The boy ran right up to Han and looked at him expectantly.

    “How about . . . Hide and Seek?” Han asked. Argent grinned and burst off out of the room. Runweld quietly followed. Han flashed the two women his trademark grin and followed the guard. Leia sighed.

    “I sometimes wish I had been the stay at home parent.” Leia said. Tenel Ka glanced at her.

    “Jacen believed that it was the most beneficial arrangement the two of you could have.” she said. Leia smiled.

    “He always understood me. Jacen and I used to think on the same wavelength . . . I miss being that close.” Leia said. She was in such a low moment that Tenel Ka felt her sadness full force before closing herself off from it. Tenel Ka placed her hand on Leia’s shoulder.

    “I’m sorry Leia, I didn’t realize-” Tenel Ka started. Leia waved her off.

    “He had to grow up at some point Tenel Ka. That means reducing the relationship he had with his parents. This is normal. Every human mother goes through it at some point.” Leia said. Tenel Ka sobered as she grasped her meaning.

    “And Han does not goes through this as well?” she asked. Leia sighed.

    “He’s going through it. When Jaina stops stalling Jag and marries him, Han is going to have to face that he’s lost her in some way.” Leia said.
    “He already has one daughter who he didn’t discover until after Anakin was born.” Leia said. Tenel Ka looked at her sharply.

    “I didn’t realize Jacen had other family.” she said. Leia grimaced.

    “Danielle Keiran was happy enough to make sure Han knew about her. She had no desire to immerse herself into our family, especially since she is only six years younger than I am.” Leia said.

    “Then Han would have been.”

    “Fifteen.” Leia confirmed.

    “And Jacen and Jaina do not know about her.” Tenel Ka said. Leia sighed and closed her eyes.

    “A problem that will be corrected. I was only thinking about her because Han hasn’t heard anything about her for years.” Leia said. Tenel Ka frowned.

    “I can contact Talon Karde, he owes Hapes a favor.” Tenel Ka offered. Leia’s eyes widened.

    “No I could not . . .” Leia started to say. Tenel Ka silenced her with an imperious look.

    “Nonsense. Since Jacen informs me a Consort price would be an insult to both your and Han’s cultures. Consider this my welcome gift to new family.”
    Tenel Ka told her. Leia calmed herself and stared into the taller woman’s eyes.

    “Thank you Tenel Ka.”

    “Don’t thank me yet, Karde may have bad news for Han.” Tenel Ka cautioned. Leia nodded.

    “Thank you none the less. Han has felt guilty about her for years. He can’t ignore that he has a daughter he has seen only twice.” Leia said. Tenel Ka nodded and choose to change the subject.

    “Where is Tahiri?” she asked. Leia sighed.

    “She wanted her children to ‘meet’ Anakin.” Leia said sadly. Tenel Ka nodded thinking how fortunate she was that she did not have to travel the same route Tahiri did. Leia didn’t want to brood over it. She didn’t want to start crying again.
    “How are you and Jacen going to deal with the Hutts?” Leia asked warily. Tenel Ka frowned.

    “That depends on the Hutts and what support I can garnish from the Mon Cals, Bothans and the Remnant.” Tenel Ka said. Leia nodded.

    “If asked, the Remnant will support anything, short of genocide, they can be seen going that far. Not since the war anyway.” she said. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “The Wookies have already pledged their support. I have no doubt the Mon Cals will follow. The Bothans will attempt to wheedle some concession out of me, but since we have no dealings and an entirely Hapan population, they have no interest in us.”

    “What do you plan on doing with the Hutts? How far will you go?” Leia asked. Tenel Ka’s eyes hardened.

    “The Hutt Empire collaborated and profiteered off of a war and enslaved Hapan children. Short of genocide, I have every intention of destroying their empire and their ability to travel the stars.” Tenel Ka said. Leia suppressed an urge to step back, Tenel Ka’s glowering form towered over her. The younger women seemed to realize what was happened and calmed down.
    “Sorry.” she said, embarrassed. Leia managed a smiled.

    “You’ll need to learn to control those hormones.” Leia smirked. Tenel Ka sighed.

    “I know, that is why I sent Jacen to deal with the Hutts. Even though he has a much higher capacity for anger. And the fact that he has your family’s history with Hutts.” she added. Leia grimaced.

    “Jacen sees the bigger picture. And he’s still so . . . Volatile after the war.”

    “Not so much now, he has relaxed much since we told him about the babies.” Rayne observed. Leia flinched at Rayne’s appearance. She managed a smile.

    “Of course.” Leia said with a strained smile.

    “Leia? Are you alright?” Tenel Ka asked with a slight edge. Leia sighed.

    “Yes, it’s just difficult to accept my son sleeping around like that.” Leia said, anger evident in her voice. Rayne’s eyes narrowed. Tenel Ka did not fail to notice her sister’s reaction. The last thing she needed was her soon to be husband’s mother crossing swords with her sister. Especially when she knew Rayne’s temper could be much worse than her own.

    “Leia, what happened, has happened. And at no point did Jacen cheat on me.” Tenel Ka said. Leia simply stared at the sisters. She then sighed.

    “You are right. If the three of you can live in a this sort of relationship, I can accept it.” Leia said. Rayne and Tenel Ka exchanged glances.

    “About that . . . .” Tenel Ka began.

    “My King.” Avine said with a hint of wry amusement. Jacen suppressed a grimace. This regal stuff was starting to seriously annoy him.

    “Yes, Fleet Admiral?” he asked.

    “The Hutts have responded. They said ‘May you knot your tail’.” Avine quoted. Jacen and Jaina’s expression flashed furiously before they both calmed themselves. Jag merely gave Jaina an expectant look.

    “As dumb as it would sound to a human, it’s the Hutt equivalent of telling someone to procreate with themselves.” Jaina said. Jag inclined his head in recognition. Jacen glanced at Avine.

    “Patch me into the Marine frequencies.” he said. Avine gave a silent command by looking at the nearby com officer.

    “Marines. As your King . . .” Jacen began. Jaina’s eyebrows rose in surprise as Jacen’s voice ceased being its usual calm rumbling Corellian and assumed a regal bass more in kind to their mother’s clipped Alderani tones.
    “ . . . I command you to fall upon the Hutts like rain. You will smash any armed or organized resistance, you will free any enslaved being you come across. You shall give no quarter, you shall give no mercy to any Hutt or their minions that oppose you. . .” Jacen said coldly. Jaina shivered as she felt Jacen press his will through the Force, endowing the Marines with an almost manic purpose.
    “ . . . They have dared to enslave refugees, some of them children of Hapan Soldiers and Marines. I command you to treat them now as they deserve.” He said and commanded the Com Officer to cease the transmission. He glanced at Avine again.

    “Deploy the troops, slag everything in orbit, and get my shuttle ready.” Jacen said rising. Jaina, pale spoke up.

    “Jacen, where are you going?” she asked. Jacen glanced at her. She flinched from the cold hard gaze of her brother, her twin half.

    “I am going to storm the Hutt House of Lords, and bring those damned Slugs to heel.” Jacen said, storming off to his quarters.

    Jaina’s unease had abated when they hit dirt side. Jacen’s shuttle had come under attack almost immediately after Jacen stepped onto Nal Hutta’s soil. A long time ago, Jacen might have taken cover and spread weak humor. That Jacen was a mere boy. The man Jacen had become merely glanced at the old Imperial Walker the Hutts had acquired and then crushed it with a gesture. Jaina suppressed the urge to gulp. But there wasn’t time to ponder this now, and Jaina quickly ran to catch up to her brother who calmly marched to the House of Lords.
    They came under attack again, this time Weequay with Vibro-Blades and blasters ambushed them. Jaina ignited her blade, and charged into the fray, slicing, dicing and skewering Weequay in an eloquent dance of death. Jacen however didn’t bother to draw his blade, he simply seized the attackers with the Force and hurled them against rubble or into each other.

    Nothing could have emphasized the differences in their natures more. Jaina thought. She had always been more precise, more refined. To the point where her Lightsaber skills seemed mechanical, programmed even.

    Jacen had always been more base, his affinity with living things only a reflection of his nature. His sister’s precision balanced by his raw strength, her refinement with a more natural dexterity. A light saber for him seemed more an extension of his harm. A part of him as opposed to a mere weapon or tool it had seemed in both Anakin and Jaina’s hands.

    Even now, in their choices and they way they individually fought, they were almost perfect reflections of each other.
    Male, Female.
    Natural, Trained.
    Raw strength, Refined Skill.

    “Anything I can do?” Jag observed.

    “Just keep us covered.” Jacen said, batting a Hutt with the Force as one would swat an insect.

    “Right . . . I got that.” Jag said.

    The house of Lords had a strange majestic feel, for a massive slime pit. But it was well defended none the less. Against normal attacks or assassinations. A pissed of pair of JedI however . . .
    The main door was blasted off its hinges haphazardly into the pit. Angered Hutts shouted in the confusion.
    Jacen Solo stepped through the door in modified Stormtrooper armor that was gilded with gold and platinum inlays. He quickly glanced around, finding Hutts on the balcony, in the pit, laying on hover sleds surrounded by non-Hutt retainers. With an annoyed gesture Jacen damaged the repulsors in the hover sleds, making them all fall with their massive passengers with shuddering booms. In an enraged shout he screamed.

    “Release the children, release your slaves!”

    “My Queen.” Gunvor said, interrupting Tenel Ka, lounged in conversation with her sister, Leia and Tahiri.

    “Yes? What is it Gunvor.”

    “The . . . King has seized the Hutt house of Lords. He has secured the release of the children, and some of the slaves. He is negotiating for the rest of them now.” Tenel Ka nodded.

    “Good. Complications?” She asked. Gunvor grimaced.

    “A number of . . . Dancing slaves had their bomb implants detonated by their owners. Our soldiers reacted violently.” Gunvor said. “The Kings sister found the frequency used by the Hutts for bomb implants and is jamming it now. In addition, the King saw fit to obliterate every power generating device, and every vehicle capable of powered movement.” Gunvor reported.

    “Good, casualties?” Tenel Ka asked. Gunvor sneered.

    “ The Hutts have no standing army, they like to rely on personnel retainers for everything. Our Navy obliterated any serious resistance from orbit, and our Army fell on them like a swift wind. However, once on the ground we took some casualties when they entered sectors occupied by low caste and young Hutts. Apparently Hutts are only massive and nearly immobile when old or wealthy enough to overindulge. Fortunately We deploy more than enough troops to overpower the Hutts.” Gunvor said. Tenel Ka nodded.

    “And what of the Gravity well projectors?” She said.

    “The Empire claims they will need nearly a year to come up with enough gravity well projectors. The Wookies are currently working on designs and promise a work force to install the Gravity Well stations.” Gunvor said. Tenel Ka nodded again.

    “And the children?” she asked.

    “They are being scanned before boarding shuttles and taken to the Swarm Troop carriers we took with us.” Gunvor said.

    “Once they are all loaded, they should arrive with the King in a week.” Gunvor said.

    “Good.” she said and dismissed him with a regal wave. She returned her glance to Leia.

    “You were speaking of Alderaani weddings.” she said. Leia nodded, reaching for her jacket pocket.

    “Yes, it reminds me.” she said, pulling out a flimsipaste envelope.
    “My father, Bail Organa had given this to Winter, to prove bona fides to Garm Bel Iblis. She never found him until after he had already met me. As my first born son, it belongs to Jacen now.” Leia said.

    “What is it?” Tahiri asked as Leia opened the wax seal, with obvious reluctance. The others winced, recognizing the Duchy of Aldera’s seal on the wax before it was broken.

    “I have a stamp that makes that seal.” Leia told them before taking out a platinum ring, simple and adorn only in a Large Emerald Stone with the Seal etched in Platinum on its surface. Leia let out a heavy breath.

    It is my father’s sigil.

    I have not seen this since last I saw my father.” she said softly.
    “Should Jacen choose to accept my father’s title, it is his.” she said. Tahiri frowned.

    “Is he able to? I mean, you’re, not, I mean . . .”

    “Not Bail and Brehe’s natural born daughter? No, but among Alderaani that was never an obstacle.” Leia said, handing the ring to Tenel Ka for closer inspection.

    “It is very male. No wasteful decorations, It will need to be resized though.” Tenel Ka said, returning the ring to Leia. Leia smiled.

    “I know, Jacen is quite a bit bigger than Bail was.” Leia said. “I never told Jacen this, but he walks and has the same build as . . .”

    “Anakin Skywalker.” Tahiri finished for her.
    “It was hard enough for Anakin to have the same name.” Tahiri said. Leia grimaced.

    “Jacen had his own issues with his grandfather to deal with as well.” Tenel Ka said. Leia and Tahiri looked at her in surprise.

    “I never heard anything from him!” Leia said with a hurt expression. Tenel Ka sighed.

    “You wouldn’t. He barely has admitted fears about it to me.” she said.
    “He has nightmares only rarely now.” she said. The expression on Leia’s face made her look her full fifty odd years.

    “I had hoped my children would not have faced war.” she said.

    “Well he’s a Solo.” Han interrupted from the door.

    “Sprout put the Hutts in their place?” he asked.
    “They did, the plan is to reduce them to a pre-industrial state.” Leia told him.

    “Good.” Han said enthusiastically. He gestured to the sleeping boy on his shoulder.

    “Where do I dump this one?” he asked. Tenel Ka smiled.

    “I will take him. Thank you.” Tenel Ka said, gently laying him on her lap, and cradling his head against her real arm. She smiled at Han.
    “I think you are his favorite person.” she told him. Han snorted.

    “I doubt that, he spent the whole time asking me when ‘daddy’ was coming back.” Han said and then left. Tenel Ka could only regard that bit of news with a soft smile.
    “I love that man.” She said, gently smoothing Argent’s wild hair.
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