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Beyond - Legends An End to a War (J/TK, J/J, A/T) Ch. 13 UP 9/22/2013 Jag's Self Loathing

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Valley_Lord, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Valley_Lord

    Valley_Lord Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2005
    Jedi_Lover: I'm glad to be back on Solid land myself. What I did to the Hutts in this fic is what I always wanted to see happen to them, but Star Wars is a G rated universe so it never happens.

    Jade_eyes: I've always had the view that Tenel Ka and Leia were in some ways reflections, albeit different and distorted, of each other(and if you follow Freudian theory of psychoanalysis, a manifestation of Jacen's Ediphus complex toward his mother.(misspelling, I know))
    Jag and Jaina, are always a little hard to fit in, since Jaina is the least consistently portrayed character in profic(or she is simply reinventing herself frequently as some young women often do).

    SiouxFan: It's bothered me a little how Luke and especially Leia gloss over their adoptive families in profic. Its as though Bail Organa and his wife cease to exist once Leia comes to terms with Her birth father, and ignored to the exclusion of a man who tortured both Leia and Han.
    Sorry it took so long, but I don't exactly have much free time(9500 hours worked in last 3 calendar years). I'm going to try to fit in some more time on this fic, but my posts are likely to be weeks or months apart.
    In addition to that, I've sorta backed myself into a corner, particulary with the ménage a trois relationship between Jacen, Tenel Ka and Rayne, And finding a way to work through the story without turning it into a 'harem' fic found in certain stories, and this is the first time I've done so where the involved parties were not under duress(as I did in Most Effective under my sock LeatherNeck) or where Jacen was not insane(The Illness of Caedus)
  2. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    You can have the three star in a polygamist holonet series called "Royal Hapen Big Love". Seriously, the easiest way to unknot that particular threesome is to get a mate for Rayne. I know they probably want to keep their Hapan blood as pure as possible, but maybe they should start advertising for men. Isn't there a Holonet version of eHarmony? Have an off-world single male guest worker program. The off-world man gets a job left by a dead Hapan male and while he is there...perhaps he can find love. :p
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  3. Valley_Lord

    Valley_Lord Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2005
    Jedi_Lover: Well now that I've thought about it, I'm going to just follow this vein and see where it takes me. Sometimes you just have to go with it.
    Tenel Ka waited anxiously for the shuttle carrying her second cousin and her soon to be husband. In the last four weeks Avine and Jacen, with admitted help from Jag and Jaina, had successfully demolished the Underworld Empire of the Hutts. She had originally feared it would take years or decades to fully subdue the Hutts, but even the Hutts had not come out of the war unscathed. Neither had the Weequay or Toydarians, who had lived among Hutts as employees, or had evolved with them. The Toydarians, for once being more prudent had quietly asked and received Jacen’s permission to leave Hutt Space. Jacen had never come across one before, and the ancient Toydarian who had met with him, he learned later that the Toydarian had dealt with unspecified ancestors of his, kept calling him ‘Ani’ by accident.

    The rest of the month had been spent bullying Hutts into revealing and releasing refugees and Hapan children. Once they were certain they found all of them, Jacen had a number of hastily constructed thermonuclear weapons detonated in high orbit, where the energy expended in the vacuum of space resulted in an electromagnetic wave. It was an ancient trick, so old that it took four tries and design remodification before it worked correctly. The Fleet had then scanned Nal Hutta and then targeted the remaining energy signatures, which would denote installations protected by ray shielding, and therefore shielded by from the electro magnetic attacks.

    Once certain that no device capable of generating or using electrical power existed on the Hutt worlds, they left, leaving sufficient Force to ensure the blockade while waiting for the Wookies to arrive and start building the Orbital facilities.

    This had all forced Tenel Ka to push their wedding back two weeks. It had also given way to a number of long conversations between herself, Rayne, Rayne’s mother, and Jacen’s mother. There were a lot of difficult and even painful considerations. Eventually she and Rayne had to respectfully, but firmly tell the two older women to back off.

    Han on the other hand had spent the time getting to know Argent. Tenel Ka thought he was spending his time much better than the rest of them were. She glanced at the boy who impatiently held her hand.

    “Do not worry Argent, he is nearly here.” she told him. Argent gave her a doubtful glance. Tenel Ka withheld a sigh. Argent had very nearly become her child, but these few moments told her that Argent did not quite trust and rely on her the way a child would a birth mother who had raised him since birth. But she had to take in in stride. She would have to get used to this. Argent was no longer the only Force Sensitive Orphan she would have to deal with.

    Gunvor, having somehow found the relation between midi-chlorians and Force Sensitivity had quietly tested the orphans and the Army and the Fleet. After a few missteps he had positively identified Force Sensitives. Tenel Ka had been greatly displeased. It gave her cause to be suspicious of her previously most trusted advisor. She resolved to watch him closely and ordered him to seal the files to secrecy and placed the medical staff involved with the Orphan Agency. The last thing she wanted was to give the Anti-Jedi camp a method and reason to isolate the Force Sensitives among her Empire.

    The other result was that Gunvor had delivered six more orphaned children who were Force Sensitive. That is what really put her into a bind. She had only a few options. The vast majority of the orphans brought to Hapes had some verifiable relatives, and most were readily accepted by their biological families, in many cases by their Fathers. A number of them had been identified by Gunvor as Force Sensitive. This was what had truly angered Tenel Ka. But several hundred thousand children out of the seven million they had already brought to Hapes had either no family at all, or no family that was willing to accept responsibility for the child. The fact that the majority were male was the likely culprit. Legally Tenel Ka remained the guardian, mother, whatever for well over a half million children. Queen Mother indeed.

    Argent let out an annoyed little grunt. Tenel Ka smiled softly. Gently she placed her hand on his head.

    “Feel for him Argent.” she said, making his Force Presence ‘big’ again. Argent’s eyes grew unfocused. For him, it was like being able to see again after being trapped in a pitch black room for days. She was glad she was finally able to get Jacen’s technique before he left.

    Argent’s eyes snapped into focus and he then eagerly pointed at the shuttle incoming.

    “Yes Argent he is here.” she said fondly and followed the boy’s eager steps.

    Jacen hadn’t been expecting this welcome in particular, but he was none the less pleased.

    “Daddy!” Argent screamed, and hurled himself against Jacen’s legs. Jacen chuckled and then picked the boy up, enabling the boy to hug tightly around his neck.

    “Hello Argent.” he said, flashing Tenel Ka a smile. Tenel Ka hugged him tightly and kissed him deeply in front of the assembled group. Before he could react she released him, and her sister quickly grabbed him close and kissed him, before releasing him. They had known he would be surprised, and had purposely block the view beyond the four of them.

    “We will discuss it tonight.” Tenel Ka said in a tone promising him exactly what she said.

    “Is what I think is happening happening?” Han asked Leia quietly. Leia, still upset glared at him.

    “What do you think is happening?” she nearly hissed. Beside them a very pregnant Tahiri looked back and forth at them.

    “Something happened between Tenel Ka and Rayne, and whatever they’ve decided, they’re trying to get Jacen to go with it.” Tahiri said. Leia visibly calmed herself.

    “Did they say anything to you?” she asked Tahiri. She shook her head.

    “I get most of my gossip from Clemene. What she said is pretty bad for the Hapans.” Tahiri said.

    “You’re the one who told The Alderaani refugees, they might have to consider their options, with the man shortage.” Han pointed out. Leia glared.

    “I did, but we were talking 5 men short out of a hundred!” she said angrily. Nearby Isolder retorted with a sour tone.

    “And we speak of having lost so many men, marriages involving 2,3 even 4 women to a single man.” Isolder quietly said.

    “Rayne does not have only herself to think of.” He added in reminder.



    “ So do you two want to fill me in?” Jacen said a little crossly. Rayne grimaced. She lacked the Force Sensitivity that told Tenel Ka that Jacen was at least finding some humor in his predicament.

    “Jacen, please just listen and consider.” she asked him. He stared at her for a bit.

    “Okay, I’ll listen.”

    “We want you to marry Rayne in addition to myself.” Tenel Ka started.

    “I don’t love her.” Jacen stated.

    “What of her child?” Tenel Ka said. Jacen faltered. For her part Rayne stood, her body language tense and alert, and to Jacen it felt as though she was preparing her psyche for a vicious blow. In truth Jacen was at great odds with himself. On one hand, he knew he had Tenel Ka, for better or for worse for a wife in mere days. He had grown up knowing, one man, one woman and no others. He knew polygamy existed, but never considered it before teenage fantasy.

    “Jacen, I admire you, and I do desire your presence in my child’s life.” Rayne spoke up. It had taken her weeks to make this decision. And considering her options there really wasn’t all that much choice. Hapan men may occupy the social position human woman had occupied for millennia, but they did so as men. Hapan men simply did not recognize children not of their blood as their responsibility. Even those who are siblings to their children.

    Rayne knew with the extreme shortage of high borne or even low borne nobles, and the general scarcity of available males, she was looking at a full fledge power struggle. Just to be part of trio or foursome with a male who would certainly not care for the child within her.

    Jacen was a fine physical specimen, but there were even now more than enough men to chase after based on physical merit. And it wasn’t the ability to use and manipulate the Force. He had proven himself in battle, and endured months of torture, and then proved to be a strong positive presence for young Argent. And she was already pregnant with his child.

    “But what about yours?” Jacen asked. Rayne faltered a little.

    “I believe we can make an arrangement.” Rayne said with weak confidence. That was the problem, that male was stubborn, and born into a society where polygamy, while possible was almost unthinkable.

    “Jacen, please try.” Tenel Ka said softly. Jacen looked at her and then at Rayne. He decided to relent for now.

    “We will talk about it.” he said. Tenel Ka and Rayne exchanged glances.

    “No, we will talk now!” Tenel Ka said in irritation grabbing him by the arm and pulling him toward the Queen’s chambers, Rayne following swiftly on their heels.





    “Damnit.” Han swore again. Leia sighed and tried to ignore her husband’s hours long rant.

    “Han, trying to stop them will only make things more difficult for you.” Leia said. Han glared and paced around.

    “He will be a good husband to her.”

    “I know. Damn it. I know.” Han said angrily.

    Nearby Jaina and Jag watched Han pace out of the corner of their eyes.

    “What’s going on?” Jag asked Jaina. Jaina shrugged.

    “Dad was going to be mad for a bit, that’s why I didn’t let us elope like you wanted.” She said.
    “Plus I’m not doing that to your Mom, she’s had to bury your siblings, we can at least give her this one happy thing.” she said. Jag paled as the shame of what he had suggested washed over him.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t think about that.” Jag said. Jaina smiled and ran her hand down the scarred side of his face.

    “I’ll have you turned into a passionate Corellian, by the time . . .?” she stopped as Han’s tone shifted from bluster to downright sorrow. Glancing at her mother she saw that Leia was rattled, and so unsure of what to do, she was alternating trying to speak and getting up, but stopping herself half way.

    “. . .I’ve Failed them!” Han said, in an actual sob. He was crying! Jaina had seen her father in a variety of emotions and moods, but she had never, ever seen him to the point of openly sobbing. In front of another man no less. Jaina realized, she glanced at Jag. Jag watched warily, thought through the Force Jaina could tell there was no shortage of compassion.

    “Dad.” she said, standing up and approaching him.
    “Dad its okay.” she said, slowly hugging him.

    “No its not.” Han rasped. “I let you go to the wolves way too young. I let Anakin get himself killed. I let Jacen get himself . . . Ruined. And Danielle-” Han broke down again. Jaina froze, who was Danielle?

    “I was a stupid kid, trying to grow up too fast and alone. Loved them and left them. I didn’t find out about Danielle until Anakin was three.” Han choked out. Jaina turned her confused expression on her mother. Leia’s expression was rife with pain of her own.

    “Its my fault too Han, I should have tried to make you two get to know another. At the very least I should have let her meet Jaina and her brothers.” Leia said softly. Jaina’s eyes widened and she looked at her mother in realization.

    “I have a sister? An older sister?” Jaina gasped in shock.

    Tenel Ka knew a few things for sure. One she was deeply in love with Argent and the child she carried, and would grow to love the other foundlings she had recently taken it. Two, she loved Jacen in a way that would be enduring and self fulfilling, and that it was fully reciprocated. Three, She would in no way follow her Paternal line’s style of rule. Too much power had been allowed to rest in the Queen’s hands. And Finally she knew, surprisingly she was not jealous of the attentions Jacen had placed on her sister. Admittedly Tenel Ka and Rayne had to try for several hours to convince him, to fully enter into this 3 way relationship, but it was well worth it.

    She signed and snuggled more firmly against Jacen’s chest. She had almost fallen asleep when Jacen snorted and half rose. He reached over the slumbering Rayne and opened his comlink.

    “Jaina, whats going on? You’re projecting so loudly my teeth hurt.” he said irritated. Tenel Ka blinked. She hadn’t felt anything. It must be the twin connection. His expression grew confused.

    “Dad what? We have a what?! Tenel Ka is doing what? Slow down Jaina, your about to run out of oxygen.” Jacen said, giving the awake Tenel Ka a mystified expression, and giving Rayne an apologetic glance. Rayne merely raised an eyebrow at the male hovering over her.

    “Okay.” Jacen said.

    “No, I am not going to leave my bed over this. I’m not going to do that to Dad, the last thing he wants is that right now. I’ll take Jag and him someplace quiet and we’ll get drunk.” Jacen continued. Jacen continued to listen, slowly getting more irritated.

    “Jaina, they made that decision for a reason, I’m not going to harang Mom and Dad about this now. I am in bed with my fiancés it can wait until morning.” He said, and then listened to the response before shutting off his comlink in annoyance. He glanced at Tenel Ka.

    “Didn’t think the existence of Danielle Keiran was important enough to tell me?” Jacen asked.

    “It was your father’s right to tell you.” Tenel Ka said. Jacen slowly nodded.

    “I am not mad at you. My parents though . . .” He trailed off and shook his head. A soft snore interrupted them. They glanced at Rayne, still clutching Jacen’s arm in her sleep. Jacen chuckled. Tenel Ka smirked.

    “I’m glad you listened to us.” She told him. Jacen’s smile died and his reservations flared in his presence.

    “There was not much in the way of verbal communication.” Jacen stated dryly. Tenel Ka blushed.

    “Actions speak far louder.” she said softly. Jacen compressed his lips and nodded.

    “I can’t claim I did participate . . . In fact.”

    “I know Jacen. You are quite the stallion.” Tenel Ka said. Jacen blinked.

    “What is a stallion?” he asked in confusion. Tenel Ka blinked and then burst out laughing.

    “Of all people you fail to know an animal related label!” Tenel Ka chuckled. Jacen frowned. Tenel Ka’s mirth fell when she realized that she felt genuine sorrow from Jacen.

    “I don’t feel living things the way I used to Tenel Ka.” Jacen said, for the first time in years he spoke with an openly fragile expression. Tenel Ka hugged him tightly.

    “When did this happen?” she asked. Jacen was silent for quite a long time. Tenel Ka let him take his time, idly tracing the scars on his chest while he considered his answer.

    “I think it was Ithor.” He said quietly. Tenel Ka’s eyes tightened painfully. This she remembered from her own experience.


    It was so painful. Tenel Ka’s chest heaved painfully as she watched Ithor burn. The abomination of the destruction hammered her through the Force, like the incessant screech of fingernails on a chalk board, broadcasting at deafening levels. Bile rose and fell within her causing her to alternatively feel as though about to vomit, or about to belch painfully.

    “No!” The Anguished cries of Jacen Solo were even worse. Leaning against the viewport he pounded on the transparisteel. His face, arms and muscles all over his body twitched in violent cramps. As bad as this was for Tenel Ka, It was striking Jacen far worse than her. Tenel Ka suspected what she felt for Jacen was at least the beginnings of genuine love. But she was barely more than a young girl now, And shielded herself as much as she possibly could.

    Nearby Jaina stood with Lowie. Jaina did not feel it the way her brother and Tenel Ka did, she did have the equivalent of a splitting migraine. Lowie crooned a mournful note, but unlike his human friends, the Force was not manifested a physiological reaction to the great tremor in the Force. But Jacen’s reaction was the worst. Even through her shielding Tenel Ka knew Jacen was being assailed by the deafening wave upon wave of life being snuffed out as the Planet-wide fires consumed everything. Jacen staggered and fell, clutching his ears. Tenel Ka jumped to his side and caught him before he completely fell over, clutching him protectively against her breast.

    “Jacen, please stay with us.” she almost begged.

    “Jace.” Jaina said, kneeling down in from of Tenel Ka. “You could link with me, I don’t feel it like you do I could take some of the pain.” Jaina offered. Jacen shook his head.

    “No . . . Way . . .” Jacen protested.

    “There has to be something we can do.” Jaina said frustrated. Jacen managed to open his eyes.

    “Not you, but there is something Lowie can do.” he said eyeing the much larger Wookie.

    [I don’t want to Jacen.] Lowie said gently placing his hand on Jacen’s.

    “Please Lowie, I don’t know how much more I can take!” Jacen pleaded. Lowie sighed.

    [I do this only because I know you are in pain.]. Lowie said, and then punched Jacen firmly on the chin. Jacen’s eyes rolled up and he slumped on Tenel Ka’s arms.


    “I remember Jacen.” Tenel Ka told him, catching his gaze.
    “It was one of the most unpleasant moments of my life.” she added.

    Jacen nodded and sighed.

    “I still have to get my head around this.” he said, gesturing between himself, Tenel Ka and Rayne. Rayne, having woken up during their conversation raised an eyebrow.

    “You now have two women as permanent breeding partners. We carry no animosity between us and none toward you. We’ll raise our children as if full siblings, along with the Orphans we choose to personally raise. And neither myself or Tenel Ka will be satisfied with only one natural child.” Rayne said bluntly while settling herself closer and more comfortably with Jacen. Tenel Ka smirked.

    “I agree.” she said. Jacen sighed in defeat.

    “I guess ‘our’ mind is made up.” he said. They both laughed at him and kissed him near the jaw line before settling snuggly with him before going to sleep. If Jacen hadn’t been so thoroughly exhausted by those two earlier, he would have had a lot of trouble trying to sleep with both women, frankly beautiful women, snuggled against him.



    Jag had been glad for the interruption. Normally he enjoyed sharing a room with Jaina. And not just sexually, admittedly he knew his sex drive was much lower than most human males his age, and Jaina was not particularly needy. That wasn’t to say they didn’t go at it like persons their age should, it was simply that they didn’t need as much sex to maintain their relationship, and unlike Jaina’s brother and quasi sister(sister in law), they had no intention of having a child in the near future.

    It had been amusing to see Jaina’s reaction to Jacen’s comm. She still seemed to be in a surprised state.

    “He sensed my emotions.” Jaina said, sounding almost shocked.

    “I thought that’s just what you Jedi do.” Jag observed. She gave him an amused glance.

    “Jag, you might be able to convince Chiss you are as emotionless as they are. But any human can see it in your face what you are thinking.” She said with a laugh. She sobered.

    “It just that… He felt it through the bond. We haven’t done that since he was captured.” Jaina said.

    “When we were kids, we knew what each other was thinking. Obviously it got weaker as we grew up. Its really disconcerting when you start feeling male emotions and feelings or vice versa for Jacen.” Jaina rambled. Jag relaxed. It was good that Jaina started rambling. She did that when she was becoming sleepy, and Jag was glad her anger toward her mother was calming. He couldn’t understand it, from Jag’s point of view, Han was the one who kept all the information quiet about her older half sister. Jaina flinched.

    “You’re right, I should be more mad at Dad, but then I’d really anger Mom.” She said. Jag frowned at her in confusion.

    “Dad’s not play acting at all about Danielle. He is just a huge ball of guilt and sorrow right now, and as limited as my Mother is with the Force, she can feel it. And attacking him right now will get her riled up worse than anything I can think of.” Jaina said. Jag nodded.

    “He is most vulnerable now because of it. And he seems nearly indestructible.” Jag said. Jaina sighed.

    “He’s really not Jag. Dad just has a lot of Armor, but underneath it Dad has a lot of emotional trauma he’s tried to bury.” Jaina said. Jag nodded and thought.

    “Are you able to do that with me? Sense me that way?” Jag asked. Jaina shrugged.

    “To a degree. It’s not going to be like Aunt Mara and Uncle Luke where they are almost literally connected at the brain stem. And I don’t want to know how Jacen and his weird relationship is going to function. I can sense a lot off of you actually. You pig!” she said with a lascivious grin. Jag frowned at her.

    “What?” he asked incredulously.

    “Your not paying attention to what I’m saying!” Jaina accused. Jag gave her a mystified.

    “I heard what you said, I was paying attention to you.” he said. Jaina gave him an annoyed look.

    “Look, I don’t know what twisted Chiss teaching your following. You were just staring at my throat when I was taking. What is so sexy about my throat? Its starting to make me paranoid!” Jaina burst. Jag flushed guiltily.

    “I . . . uh . . .” Jag stammered. Jaina continued to stare suspiciously.

    “What is it some kind of domination stick?” Jaina demanded in amusement.

    “Your already hugely tall-”

    “-Shorter than your brother-”

    “. . . And are twice my mass, your sufficiently the male as far as I’m concerned.” Jaina finished, crossing her arms under her chest. Jag considered.

    “You’re capable of killing me with a thought.” he said. Jaina’s eyes widened in shock for a long moment before she understood.

    “I’m dangerous.” She said with a slight grin. Poor Jag looked like he was going to burst. Jaina laughed hysterically when she realized the full thought.

    “I’m that dangerous, and you are hitting that. I didn’t realized how much of a normal pig male you are.” She said with a laugh. Jag coughed uncomfortably.

    “Relax Jag, I’m not mad.” she said calmly. Jag breathed out a sigh of relief.

    “I’m might have to tattoo ‘Property of Jaina Solo’ on your ass though.” Jaina said nonchalantly. Jag edged away and stared at her. She shook her head.

    “Jag, I know I shouldn’t expect your to realize this, but you are handsome, It’s bad enough when we’re on Corellia, but here its ridiculous. I’ve been real tempted to attack all those Hapan brats who’ve been staring at you.” she said. Jag blinked.

    “They have?” he asked. Jaina stared.

    “So when that Blond twit with . . . Planetary cannons asked you for personal lesson in flying, you didn’t pick up the blatant request for genetic exchange?” Jaina asked sarcastically. Jag’s eyes widened in shock. Jaina sighed.

    “Jag I love you but you are seriously thick when it comes to being a human.” she said. She immediately flinched when she felt the self doubt the statement incited in Jag.

    “Jag. . .” she said in concern, grabbing his arm. Jag didn’t meet her eyes for a moment.

    “You and others joke about it a lot Jaina, but you are not right . . . And you are not wrong. I really do not know how to be a normal human.” he said finally looking at her. Jaina wanted to slap herself for the shame and self loathing evident on Jag’s face.

    “Jag that’s . . .”

    “It is true Jaina!” Jag exploded, well exploded for Jag. He didn’t shout, jump to his feet and tower over her like her brothers would have, he simply spoke in a slightly raised tone.

    “All I have ever known Jaina is war. I had a childhood, yes, but without friends, among aliens and soldiers and mercenaries. Mother had too many children to attempt to fill the gap, I entered military school when I was 12. I’m not suited to be a civilian. Every time we chase a smuggler, I can feel it Jaina. I keep thing it would be simpler to shoot them down and broadcast the holos as a warning.”

    “Jag your not the only one.” Jaina said softly. Jag didn’t seem to hear her.

    “And what happens when we have kids?” he said softly, still not looking at her. Jaina stiffened, more at the fact he said ‘when’ and not ‘if’.

    “What kind of father can I be? I was afraid of my father, he only came home for dinner and to sleep. How can any child feel any sort of emotional attachment to me as I am?” Jag said.

    “Jag.” Jaina said in a sufficiently insistent tone. Jag stopped and looked at her.

    “Jag your crying.”

    Jag stiffened in surprise and touched his cheek below his eyes. He felt Jaina’s hands on his shoulders.

    “Jag look at me.” she said. He obeyed.

    “Jag you are a man. You share your fears with your wife, you feel that same bit of gooeyness that you fools all stamp down on and pretend you don’t feel when Argent approaches you. And you cry when you are sad. You are no less a man than my father, or my brother.” Jaina said.

    “More than that you are my man. A man I choose to love because you are full of honor, dignity, and if ever called for you would die for your children.” Jaina said and kissed him softly. When she pulled back, Jag sat speechless before saying.
    “We’re not married, yet, and we don’t have children . . . Yet.” he said. Jaina huffed and smiled.

    “Details, details.” she admonished.
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    Mar 6, 2012
    I don't know...I think the three 'Royals' have bitten off more than they can chew. I'm interested to see how you solve this!

    I actually like the emotion you bring to Han and Jagged. Most write them as being brusque or unemotional...Jag especially. Good stuff.
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  5. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Oh, the J/J stuff was deliciously in character and your characterization of Jag is real!!! Whew, Jacen and his marital situation is rife with complexity to say the least :p Han sure landed a bombshell on Jaina--Danielle, a beautiful name. @};- Will she make an appearance?
  6. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    I hope Jacen does not die from exhaustion before they get all these problems solved. He's going to be a busy boy.:p
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    AZURASKYE Jedi Knight star 1

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    Up soon?
  8. Valley_Lord

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    Dec 2, 2005
    Sorry everyone, My ship has been in and out and in and out of port for the last few months. Christmas is coming up and I have leave, but after there is a short slack period I hope to do some writing.
  9. Valley_Lord

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    So a short update. The computer I had my story files required a reformatting and replacement of the hard drive. So the files I had written are now lost. This is not a terrible blow. I will continue my fics, but it may be sometime. I have reached a fairly tricky part of the plot, and have to work my way through it without too seriously commiting the story in a direction.
  10. SiouxFan

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    Ouch! Well…I'll make sure to keep an eye out for the update when you get there!