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Beyond - Legends An End to a War (J/TK, J/J, Tahiri,post Unifying Force) Ch 3 " Duels, Back Pains, and Corsec" 3/18

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Valley_Lord, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Valley_Lord

    Valley_Lord Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2005
    Author: Valley_Lord
    Title: An End to a War
    Timeframe: 28 ABY
    Keywords: J/TK
    Summary: At the end of the Vong War, the galaxy is in shambles. Governments, Jedi and individuals begin to pick up the pieces.
    Status: Incomplete
    Notes: Idea came from studies I made in College on postwar Germany, Japan and Britain. Fic will contain story arc from multiple perspectives but Hapes and J/TK story will be the main focus.

    A Well Earned Vacation

    Dramatis Personae
    Jaina Solo
    Jacen Solo
    Han Solo
    Leia Organa Solo
    Tenel Ka Chume Ta?Djo
    Rayne Chief of the Guard.
    Adimine - Minister of Agriculture
    Audre - Minister of the Treasury
    Borghilde - Minister of Health
    Gunvor - Minister of War/Defense
    Hulda - Minister of Intelligence
    Ida - Minister of Commerce
    Ingrid - Tenel Ka?s Chief of Staff
    Runa - Minister of Justice
    Vendla- Director of Refugee Programs

    ?Your highness, we should-?

    ?I decide when we leave, we will leave before too long Ingrid.? Tenel Ka interrupted. Ingrid
    sighed, having served the previous two queens, she had known that she wouldn?t be able to
    persuade Tenel Ka to leave now. She hadn?t been able to convince her parents to do anything for
    the sake of political expediency, much less her grandmother. Ingrid fought an involuntary
    shudder. Her predecessor had been in league with the attempted coup shortly after Tenel Ka lost
    her arm. Treason was a capital crime, but the way

    Ta?a Chume had her executed was something she would never forget.

    ?Yes your highness but-?

    ?But we have many issues within our territorial borders that require your attention.? Gunvor
    interrupted. Gunvor was the sole male in Tenel Ka?s cabinet, he had also served in the Hapan Army
    for Thirty five years. As a result he had little or no concern for civilian matters. Tenel Ka
    gave him an impatient glare.

    ?Gunvor, my current directives to our fleet and army commanders will hold for at the very least a
    week. We will be home again with days to spare. For the time being, I have a personal issue that
    I wish to take care of, do not disturb me for the next three hours. That goes for you as well
    Rayne? she said and strode purposely away from them.

    When they were out of sight Tenel Ka breathed a sigh of relief. She had not been alone for three
    years now, even the privacy of her bed chambers or personal quarters were monitored at all time
    by the guard.

    ?You are never alone here.? Tenel Ka nearly jumped when Jacen?s voice spoke to her.

    ?You know, that is seriously disturbing when you use my likeness.? The real Jacen said.
    The ?other? Jacen gave him an annoyed expression and shimmered, becoming a twelve year old child
    with blond hair and blue eyes. Jacen frowned slightly but let it go.

    ?Very well Jacen, I bid you farewell.? the boy said. Tenel Ka frowned at the image, it reminded
    her of Master Skywalker somehow. Jacen?s smile was strained.

    ?Good bye Sekot.? he said as the image faded. He let out an annoyed grunt.

    ?That image brings up to many issues.? he muttered.

    ?Whose image was that?? Tenel Ka asked. Jacen glanced at her.

    ?Anakin Skywalker.? he told her. One of Tenel Ka?s eyebrows arched high on her brow.

    ?I had never considered Darth Vader as a child.? she said. Jacen snorted.

    ?Or Ta?a Chume?? he retorted. She gave him an amused look.

    ?They still sell holos of her as a young woman on Hapes, as well as some of my more ?illustrious
    ancestors?? Tenel Ka said. Jacen stared for a second and then shook his head.

    ?That is way more disturbing than when Sekot uses my image.? he observed. He took in her

    ?Still wearing Rancor hide.? he observed. Tenel Ka frowned.

    ?Did you think I would change?? Jacen shrugged.

    ?A lot of things have changed.? he said uneasily as Tenel Ka?s expression grew disappointed.

    ?Not everything.? she said and stepped closer. ?Some things will always remain.? she said, laying
    her hand on his jaw line. Jacen was surprised enough that he almost didn?t react when Tenel Ka
    abruptly kissed him. Fortu
  2. LexiLupin

    LexiLupin Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 27, 2011
    ?I?m sorry I-?

    ?I know, and I don?t blame you, I didn?t make much effort to reconnect when you returned from
    the . . . Dead.? she said. Jacen nodded.

    You know, this always bothered me a little - Jacen comes back and Tenel Ka, who never had any desire to rule, is Queen Mother, and he doesn't bat an eye?
    I guess the authors were still trying to decide if he had a thing for Danni. Romantic interests do seem to come and go in NJO, don't they? [face_laugh]

    ?Hey lets not get too extreme. Tenel Ka is one thing, I mean definitely a keeper, but keep Jag
    out of this outfit, he?s just bad news.? Han said. Jaina almost screamed her reply.

    ?The hell he is! That?s it, I?m finding Jag and I?ll leave what I?ll do next to your imagination

    [face_laugh] Oh, poor Jag. I'm with Jaina, I think he's a keeper... :p I'm sure Han most definitely does NOT, especially after THAT comment... [face_whistling]
    Though does it occur to any of them that, for Jacen and Tenel Ka to be together, Jacen sort of gets relegated to second-class? If they're going to be open about it, anyway.
    Regardless, Han is great. ;)

    Well this looks like fun- I'm always a fan of political intrigue. Will it be AU, or just sort of a post-NJO interlude before Jacen DOES go on his Force-journey?

    Can't wait to see some more!
  3. nostalgia

    nostalgia Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 6, 2011
    I like it. [face_thinking] It's been a long time since you've posted fanfic on here! I can't wait to see where this is going!
  4. Valley_Lord

    Valley_Lord Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2005
    LexiLupin: Presumably war and his experiences pushed everything not immediately relevent out of mind. Danni never seemed to go beyond friendship.
    The people of hapes probaly expect a subordinant consort for their queen, but Jacen won't care what they think.
    For the other questions you'll just have to wait and see.

    nostalgia: Glad you like it. I'm in the Navy so I will disappear for 6-8 months at a time for training or Cruises.
  5. Valley_Lord

    Valley_Lord Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2005
    Legacies, Prosthetics, and Duties

    Tenel Ka?s eyes snapped open as she woke.
    We fell asleep. She realized as she became aware of the male arms that held her. She lifted her head off of Jacen?s chest. Jacen was lightly snoring, deeply asleep. She quickly replayed the last events she could remember.
    Jacen had been more beat-up and nek-tired than she had realized, and found him starting to nod off mid conversation. It wasn?t like she wasn?t tired herself, so they ended up napping together on her bed. She started to shift but then stopped, realizing her right leg was intertwined with his leg.
    Correction, I fell asleep on him. Tenel Ka mentally chided. Jacen grunted, deep and rumbling before abruptly waking. He lifted his head and look at her. For once Tenel Ka had no clue what to say or do. Jacen seemed to be in the same quandary.

    ?Uh . . . Hey!? Jacen said in a forced suave tone. Tenel Ka smiled, ducking her head down and
    chuckling against Jacen?s chest.

    ?Hey yourself.? Tenel Ka replied, raising herself up to kiss him before settling back against his
    shoulder, feeling his grip around her shoulders tighten.

    ?Sorry I could only offer a . . . snuggle.? Jacen said, more than a little chagrined.

    Tenel Ka chuckled against his neck.

    ?It is fine Jacen, I would rather have you at top condition.? she said. She then frowned.

    ?We?re about to be interrupted.? she said.

    ?You head guard.? Jacen said. He chuckled. ?She afraid of you?? he said laughing lightly.

    ?She?s more afraid that she is interrupting . . . Queen making.? Tenel Ka said.

    ?If I wasn?t so bruised, and it didn?t hurt so much when I breathe, we might have been.? He
    chuckled only to find an annoyed glance his way.

    ?Do not downplay injuries again.? Tenel Ka said in an aggravated tone. Jacen nodded.

    ?I promise.? he said.

    ?Do not, If you do again, I will punish you.? Tenel Ka said, her voice angry enough to emote how
    worried she was. Jacen bent down and kissed her forehead.

    ?Don?t worry I won?t do it again.? he said.

    Tenel Ka laid her head back down.


    Rayne Astarta found herself cursing her luck. It was bad enough that she had to interrupt her
    Queen?s privacy, even worse it was during the night. And far worse that according to entry/access
    logs of the doors, the Queen had male company.

    While the Queen so far had proven far more capable of self control and restraint, she was none
    the less someone that Rayne had no desire to annoy. And she was Jedi, if the Queen reacted
    violently, it would be extremely painful for her. And that was ignoring the fact that she could
    possibly be interrupting the Queen?s sexual adventures, though she and the Guard knew that Tenel
    Ka had refrain from sex, or male companionship her entire life.

    ?Enter!? The Queen said loud enough for Rayne to hear. Fortunately it appeared that the Queen was
    not occupied, or not occupied sufficiently that she was unaware of her approach.

    Rayne squared her shoulders and privately hoped that the Queen, like most of predecessor, did not
    consider her furniture while she was sexually occupied. She opened the door and stepped into the
    unlighted room.

    ?You can relax you know, Tenel Ka wouldn?t Force Choke you for disturbing her even if we were
    having sex.? he said. Rayne hadn?t seen the man up close before. The Scars were shocking, and she
    was impressed by the musculature of the Jedi man. His facial features was however, to her mind
    far too brutish for her tastes.

    The Queen lay on her side resting comfortably on his shoulder. She still managed to maintain a
    serious demeanor and expression.

    ?What is so pressing Rayne?? Tenel Ka asked, her cold choice of words indicating that she was

    mildly irritated.

    ?Apologies my Queen, the JedI Tahiri is requesting permission to board. She has indicated
    interests in traveling to Hapes.? Rayne said uncomfortably. Jacen Solo exchanged glances with
    the Queen. Tenel Ka lifted her head.

    ?Knight Veila has permission to board, give her quarters in on th
  6. Valley_Lord

    Valley_Lord Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2005
    Any comments?
  7. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    Love it! Just love it! More please!=P~
  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Your dialogue makes me [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] especially the senior solos ribbing on J/J [face_laugh]

    The Tahiri bit was touching and funny both - soldiers rofl!

    The J/TK was marvelously in character.

    I love this gentler sane Jacen :p

    You pegged it Valley Lord, 3 months is about as long as any Solo can go without DOING something - [face_frustrated]

    I'll keep up with this for sure and get on ATN or PM after the move - yay [face_dancing]

  9. Valley_Lord

    Valley_Lord Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2005
    Book-Geek Glad your reading this.

    Jade_eyes Well I did plan for humor, and I'll keep adding some in. in fact you'll probably find the next segment amusing.


    ?Are you sure you want to do this?? Tahiri asked igniting her light saber. ?Its been quite a while since you?ve used that.?
    Tenel lifted her hand and pulled the light saber into her hand with the Force. She ignited her blade and saluted with flourish.

    ?Arrogance is a virtue that belongs to those who can defend it, Tahiri.? Tenel Ka told her.

    ?You were good once Tenel Ka, but you?ve been stagnant.? Tahiri goaded.

    ?Careful Tahiri, Tenel Ka is not someone you want to challenge so seriously.? Jacen told
    her. ?Annoy her too much and she might give you a serious lesson in pride.? he chided. Both women
    glared at him.

    ?If you think I?m being arrogant, why don?t you give me that lesson then?? Tahiri said in
    annoyance. Jacen glanced at Tenel Ka in a plaintative manor.

    ?No. Not until my doctor says you are functional. And not until you?ve proven functional.? Tenel
    Ka said with a mild leer.

    Jacen?s eyes seemed to glaze over for a moment.

    Tahiri sighed, she could accept them as a couple, and intellectually as a sexually active pair,
    but she didn?t want to see even this little bit of foreplay.

    ?Are we going to fight or are you going to work on an heir?? she asked Tenel Ka.

    Tenel Ka gave her an arched look.

    ?My male is living and virile, I am in no hurry. You on the other hand . . .? Tenel Ka said.

    Tahiri?s expression darkened and launched herself across the room. Tenel Ka raised her blade,
    batting Tahiri?s aside and jumped, kicking Tahiri in the stomach, launching Tahiri back to her
    original position. Jacen got to his feet.

    Tahiri gaped and gasped like a fish until recovering enough to stand. She glared at

    Tenel Ka and set herself into her stance. Tenel Ka stood balanced evenly on her feet, with her
    left shoulder facing Tahiri.

    ?Let us continue.? Tenel Ka told her. Tahiri visibly calmed herself and slowly advanced.

    Tenel Ka had other ideas and swiftly circled around to Tahiri?s right. Tahiri shifted to meet the
    threat, but Tenel Ka pivoted and reversed direction, allowing her to attack before Tahiri could

    Tahiri uttered a grunt as she tried to hold her blade. Tenel Ka continued to press in, exerting
    more force with her single arm than Tahiri could with two. Tahiri broke contact and dropped to
    the floor in an attempt to kick Tenel Ka?s legs out from under her.

    Tenel Ka leapt over the sweep and brought her blade down, but found that Tahiri had rolled away.
    Tenel Ka slowly turned to face Tahiri.

    ?You?re stronger than me. I can?t meet you blow to blow.? Tahiri admitted. Her opponent smiled.

    ?Not only stronger . . .? Tenel Ka said and then swarmed Tahiri in high speed, rapid attacks.
    Tahiri was able to parry and block, but Tenel Ka was too fast and too strong for Tahiri to go on
    the offensive. Tahiri used telekinesis out of desperation.

    Her moved worked, striking Tenel Ka unexpectedly and launching her hard enough that Tenel Ka
    dropped her Light saber, Tahiri stood. Tenel Ka sprang to her feet, mildly incensed and yanked
    Tahiri?s light saber from her hands with the Force.
    Tahiri stared first at her blade and then Tenel Ka?s as they lay on the deck of the hanger bay.
    The Light sabers abruptly hurtled toward Jacen who caught them. Both women glared. Jacen smiled back. Tahiri faced Tenel Ka again.

    ?Guess I?ll have to fight dirty.? She said, closing her fists. Tenel Ka bent her knees to lower her gravity and give her better positioning for kicks. She was at a disadvantage in hand to hand, being with only one hand. She could not allow Tahiri to get her to ground, Tahiri was a grown woman now, the severe reach, weight and leverage advantage
    Tenel Ka held over the girl before the war was gone.

    ?You always have Tahiri, though before it was because you were but a child the last time w
  10. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    ROFL at Tahiri and Tenel Ka's duel, and I barely stopped with Jacen being their pack nerf. [face_laugh]

    ?He does not know women that well, a good thing I think. I can train him to my preferences.? Tenel Ka said. Jacen frowned.

    ?Thought I wasn?t property.? he said pulling them into the turbo lift.

    ?Only when it suits me.? Tenel Ka said.

    Admit it, Jace. You like it that you're her property.[face_devil]