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Ohio An invitation from Columbus FF - Re:SW Fan Film

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by DarthFloyd, Sep 1, 2002.

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  1. DarthFloyd

    DarthFloyd Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 29, 2002
    Dear dellow felligates (OK, please do not kill me for the jar jar reference...and no, this will
    not lead to the formation of an empire, so please continue reading...),

    My name is Chris, otherwise known as C.J., and I am a member of your bretheren from
    the Columbus Fan Force. As some of you may know, our group here has put forth the
    initiative to create a fan film, which is currently titled Star Wars: Predator and Prey. This
    is a script that I have created in the past three months, and one that most of those around
    me who have read it are extremely interested in creating. The problem we face is that we
    are still a fledgeling group, and have recently observed the loss of a few members, each for
    their own reasons. While many of us have talents in many different areas, and we can
    combine our forces with the students in the Ohio State University Star Wars Fan Club(of
    which some of our members are also a part), we still will not come close to the resources
    that will be needed to pull off a project of this magnitude. That is where you come in,
    should you choose to help. I am offering to you, our neighbors and fellow midwestern
    bretheren, a chance to help create this fan film. I believe that, with the talents of many of
    us combined, this can be a great film...not the best by any means, but definitely
    considerable. I would like to take this chance, and to create the best fan film that we have
    the ability to create, just to give something back to the star wars community; a community
    that has driven me through numerous portions of my life.
    Here is what I am asking of those of you interested in volunteering for our film.
    We will need a cast, of whom I am asking fan force members (those of close-to-columbus
    chapters as Cleveland, Cincinatti, Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville, Pittsburg, Toledo,
    etc...) and members of the OSU SWFC first, and then widening the call, if needed, to the
    various drama groups of the Ohio State university. Filming main parts will not take place
    until the summer, with possible test shots in the late spring at the very earliest. Until then,
    however, we will need to find a complete cast(20 minimum, 35 maximum, with 12 main
    characters and 5 prominent background characters). We also will need help in various
    areas of off camera production. This includes CGI people( we actually already have two
    really exceptional CG people, but as I will stress repeatedly, NO help will be turned down
    as long as it is profitable to the production), sound, video(camera), props, and costuming.
    I am sure, that within the membership of the different groups, we should be able
    to obtain the resources we need to complete this project. That brings us to scheduling. I
    am well aware of the lengths that some of you would be asked to come. The main
    resource I plan on utilizing is, of course, the internet, with each department being able to
    contact others working on similar projects. This way will work in a kind of hierarchy,
    with department heads reporting directly to myself and others in the main production staff,
    who will complete everything into a full project. Others will need to come into columbus
    to bring your props/costumes that you have made. I am not trying to run your gas tanks
    or your pocketbooks into the ground - trust me, I am a college student, and as such I
    know how little money and Time people have available to spend on something like this. I
    am merely trying to create something of a good quality, and realize that this is not done
    alone, but with the help of many talented individuals. That said, however, there will most
    likely be a meeting held here sometime in November, over a weekend. This will entail two
    seperate meetings, one each day, where any interested parties may come to express said
    interest, and sign up for production groups/assignments to be completed throughout the
    winter. Another meeting will most likely take place in the spring at some time, and
    possibly two or three more as the summer drawn nearer and filming begins.
    Well, by now thi
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