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Abq An Update on Fan Force

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by VoidDancer, Apr 15, 2003.

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  1. VoidDancer

    VoidDancer Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 13, 2002
    An update on Fan Force

    I wanted to post to bring the region up to speed on some issues concerning Fan Force, as a whole, that have been either updated or needed clarification for some. This is just a heads up, no major policy changes. As always, please feel free to ask any questions or post any thoughts and concerns.

    Let the Chapter Reps run their chapters
    Some regions take a more controlling role in the activities of their CR's while others leave it more open. There has been more of a consensus lately to let the Chapter Reps run things with more freedom. My policy has been, and is, to let the CR's run their region with their best judgement. They know their boards the best and I rely on that knowledge. The CR's are the person responsible for all activities on the board and, if there is no other elected leader (such as a president), responsible for their Fan Force. They handle the day to day stuff and my job is to support them in every way I can to help each Fan Force grow and become a great place for people to meet.

    Chapter Rep Responsibilities
    Chapter Reps are the single point of contact for their boards. If there is an issue on a board, then contact the Chapter Rep and he will see that it is addressed. If there is a new member or visitor, the Chapter Rep is there to welcome them along with anybody else. The Chapter Rep is to organize Fan Force meetings and events, or make sure that they are properly handled by a designated person or elected member (such as a Fan Force President). They will check the Chapter Rep boards at least once a week and bring down any news to their Fan Forces. This is a general idea of the duties of your Chapter Rep. If anybody has concerns or issues with their Chapter Rep, then please contact me immediately and I will address it.

    Contacting Admins
    If any concerns come up that cause you to need to contact an admin, I'd request that you do it up the "chain of command" so to speak. This comes in two flavors, regular and emergency.

    If you have what you feel is an emergency on the boards, or some issue that needs to be addressed now, then please contact an RSA. You can use the [link=]User's Online[/link] function, and sort by letter to see if I am currently on the boards. If I am not listed, or I am unable to respond quickly, then please locate another RSA. I am adding the Fan Force RSA's to my Watched User List to make them easy to pick out for you. [link=]Mara_Jade_Fan[/link] from the Pacific region has been a great help to the Southwest before, or in the evenings (our time)[link=] Shara_82[/link] from Oceania is another dependable Admin. If you must contact another RSA, then please send me a PM after contacting them to keep me up to speed as to what happened so I can look into it when I sign on next. If at all possible, I do ask you to make the effort to make sure you are contacting a Fan Force RSA instead of a person who is a Jedi Council Moderator only. The Fan Force and JC have different standards and codes of behavior that can lead to other situations when all is said and done. Emergencies will usually consist of things such as (but not limited to) rampant profanity, severe flaming or flame wars, or links to adult or other inappropriate websites.

    Most everything else will fall under non emergencies. If there is something you don't like on the boards then I ask that you notify your Chapter Rep, or the CR of the board it's on if you are abroad, about it. The Chapter Rep will forward it on to me with their opinions on the issue and I will address it then. If somebody sends me a PM on somthing directly, I am still going to notify the Chapter Rep to advise them and get their input if the decision isn't cut and dry (like is something viewed as profanity by the group). Obviously if the issue is the Chapter Rep themself, then bypass them and contact me directly and I will see that the issue is resolv
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