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Anakin And Maggie May: A Tale of When Love Conquered All Despite All Odds

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by blackcandy, Jan 1, 2003.

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  1. blackcandy

    blackcandy Jedi Youngling

    Jul 8, 2002
    Anakin And Maggie May:
    A Tale of When Love Conquered All Odds Despite The Impossible
    Author: Maggie

    As I sat in the dimly illuminated spacious room the strong heavy musky aroma of artificial butter topping drifted through the air filling my nostrils with its most thick and overpowering scent.
    I reclined in the softness of a dark red cushiony chair waiting in most eager anticipation for one of my most favorite films to begin, which was Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of The Clones

    I sat alone in an empty row of seats in the theater with its moderate audience and rather close to the huge screen.
    I heard the muttering sound of people talking lowly, the rustle of coated paper popcorn bags, and the ongoing musical melody of ringing cell phones.

    After a brief five minutes of previews the movie finally began. A hushed silence fell over the entire room as the introduction started. The sentence: A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away, highlighted in light blue block letters appeared upon the huge black screen. Within the large yellow block letter paragraphs, which floated upwards into space, the storyline of the movie was briefly described and most eagerly awaited by all those present.

    Perhaps they were there just to see a movie but I was there for an even deeper reason.

    As the words finally drifted of the top of the screen and into space the opening scene began.
    It was of the magnificent, majestic and most impressive Naboo Royal Cruiser flying smoothly and gracefully through the black starlit void of Outer Space. As it?s huge silver sleek and curvaceous boomerang shaped frame flew toward the planet Coruscant, the humming sound of its tremendously powerful, engines echoed throughout the acoustic build of the theater and the resulting vibrations shook even the seat in which I myself sat. It in spite of all of its glory, it was simply dwarfed by the immense size of gigantic planet before it, which left one awestruck by its strange yet alluring beauty. It was a tremendous, perfect sliver sphere composed of a sturdy metallic alloy, which shined most illustriously through a fine polished gleam in the darkness of space. On its dayside in some places it was sunset, the spacious sky was of deep crimson red ? orange hue giving a gorgeous fiery glow to all objects below. Small swirled whiffs of peach tinted smoke like clouds wavered through the higher atmosphere.
    Its pitch, black night side was covered by a vast number of bright tiny round circular lights. Graceful golden rings, lines and arch patterns of its many cities were formed by them resulting in amazing vast symmetrical patterns on its highly populated denseness. In appearance they bore great resemblance to the mysterious crop circle formations on Earth rumored to have been left behind by visiting aliens from outer space.
    There were also the small pale yellowish orange lights of the many various passenger air ships present, which flitted about, seemingly dancing in the higher upper atmosphere. They resembled a randomly spaced group of tiny, hovering, merry, luminescent fireflies suspended in mid air as they went about their busy way over the planets surface.
    With the complete and total steadiness of a 747 wide body aircraft the Cruiser completed its final approach into Coruscant as it descended into the planet?s atmosphere.
    The generous billowy clouds resembled a thick fluffy white snowy type of fantastic, floating, magical carpet which fancy exotically shaped green and bronze tinted palace like buildings seemingly rested upon over which the ship passed. An awesome sight to behold in it?s own right but not the scene I so eagerly awaited.
    After the few opening scenes the view cuts over to a tall luxury apartment complex with an transparent outdoor glass turbo lift rising rapidly I feel a wave of excitement pass over me. As I sit there spellbound in suspense I behold its occupants from the distance. Then my heart leaps for joy as the view switches inside of it and I see the bold, brash, wild daring, dashing young man who had come to utter
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