Anakin and Qui Prequel Notes with Amidala_wanabe (AU version of a story between Anakin and Qui-Gon)

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    The person who played Qui-Gon for the first 7 notes was Nebula.

    Amidala_wanabe took over for Qui-Gon from there.

    Note 1:

    Qui-Gon sir,

    Hello. I have a question to ask you. When I dropped my money to pay for the Siesel cakes, I noticed that you lifted up your shirt?.and that you had a laser sword underneath. You?re a Jedi Knight, aren?t you!!!!!!! That?s awesome! I?ve always dreamed of meeting a Jedi. I have heard so many stories about them. I want to be a Jedi Knight when I grow up.

    How do you like my house?

    Have you come to free us?.I don?t know why else you?d be here.

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    Yes, I am a Jedi Knight, a Jedi Master in a matter of fact. I am on a mission, but something happened, so my ship was forced to land here. I cannot say I did or I didn't come here to free you. I believe the Force guided me here, to meet you.

    Yes, your house is very nice. Thank you for letting my friends and I stay with you and your mother. That is very nice of you.

    Jedi Master Qui-Gon-Jinn
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    Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn,

    I don?t know the difference between a Jedi Knight and a Jedi Master. Aren?t they the same thing?

    So you are a Jedi!!!!!!! I KNEW it! I?ve always dreamed of meeting a Jedi Knight. I?ve heard lots of stories about the Jedi.

    So you can?t tell me if you?ve come here to free us L. Why can?t you tell me?

    So you were on a mission? Where are you going? Well if your ship was damaged, let me help!!!!!! I can fix anything! I might be able to even build you an entire ship if you need me to.

    I don?t know much about the Force. I heard that was where the Jedi got their power, but beyond that, I don?t know what it is. You think it guided you here, to meet me? Why? Is it because you?re actually going to free all the slaves? Or is it because I can fix your ship so that you can get out of here?

    I do know that Jedi Knights have apprentices called Padawans?.so is that girl Padmé your Padawan? Is she? She?s beautiful and I have this feeling inside me that I?m going to marry her someday.

    I?m glad you like my house. It was no problem letting you and your friends stay with me. I like to help people.

    What did you think of dinner? My mom tried to fix something that she thought you might like.

    Have you ever seen a pod race? I?m the only human who can do it (that I know of.) It?s a lot of fun. My master makes me race sometimes. There?s a big race tomorrow, but my master decided not to enter me in it. Everyone here always bets on pod races. I guess that?s how Watto makes most of his money off of the pods.

    Hey I have an idea!!!!! I built a pod?.it?s the fastest ever built. You could enter me in the pod race and I could pilot it for you. Watto doesn?t know I built it, and you could make him think it was your pod. The prize money would more than pay for the parts you need. I want to do it. Can I?

    Well I want to show Padmé the droid I built her and my pod?.because I think the sandstorm?s cleared up.

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    You certainly have a lot of questions, but that's fine and I'll do my best to answer all I can.

    The difference between a Knight and a Master isn't a very big one, but it is a difference. A Knight is a Jedi that completed his/hers training and is able to do missions without being guided by his/her master. A Master is usually an older knight that took up an apprentice before or when his apprentice turns 13. The master and apprentice train together and get to know each other during the training. So that's the difference. Yes, I'm both a knight and a master.

    The reason I can't tell you that I've come here to free you and the other slaves, is because I haven't. I'm not sure the reason I'm here, but mostly I'm trying to get this part for our ship, so we can continue our mission.

    Yes, they pod-race on Malastare. Very fast, VERY dangerous. If you're the only human who can do it (at just a young age as well), you must have Jedi reflects.

    No, I do not want to endanger you in pod-racing for the part we need. I'm sure we can think of another (more safe) way.

    Before we got here, we were heading for Coruscant the central system of the Republic. Our ship's hyperdrive was damaged, so we were forced to land here. That's how we got here and where we were heading.

    Now, you must tell no one of us, do you understand? It is very dangerous for you, your mother, your friends, Padme, Jar-Jar, me and the crew on the ship, if you tell. You must not tell anyone that you know I am a Jedi. It is very important that you do that.

    About Padme being my apprentice...well yes she is. That's why she's with me. I'm warning you, don't try to pick a fight with her, or she'll hurt you pretty bad.

    You say, you think you're going to marry Padme? Do you get those kinds of feelings often?

    Your mother did a wonderful job with dinner. She doesn't have to go into the trouble of making dinner the way we would like it, because Jedi eat anything that's placed in front of them with no complains. Though dinner was quite delicious though and tell her it was.

    You built Padme a droid? You hardly know her, but you built one anything. Well that is nice of you, Ani. You may show her that and the pod, just make sure the storm has passed.

    Jedi Master Qui-Gon
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    How come you took a blood test to see if I had infections? It was just a tiny cut. My mother NEVER checks to see if I have infections when I get hurt. I don?t understand why you would go to all that trouble for just a little cut.

    Thanks for trying to answer my questions.

    Okay?.thanks for explaining the difference between a Knight and a Master?it?s all very strange to me. I?ve tried to learn as much about the Jedi as I could, but since I?m a slave and from Tatooine it?s hard to learn that much about them. It?s good to know that you?re both a Knight and a Master.

    Oh?.okay??so you?re not here to free us? That stinks. Oh well?.everyone tells me that I have to wake up and realize that I?m going to be a slave for the rest of my life and that no one would want to rescue me. It?s hard to let go of dreams. Sigh?.oh well.

    I hope that you can get your ship fixed.

    What are Jedi reflexes? You said that ?if you?re the only human who can do it (at just a young age as well), you must have Jedi reflexes.? What do you mean?

    Aw?.I wanted to help. That?s not fair! Can I at least get my pod ready just in case you change your mind? I?m just a slave anyway. Don?t worry about me?if I died it would be no big loss to anyone except my mother. I really want to do it?.for you?..but mostly for Padmé. I really like her. Have you thought up any better ideas?

    I?ve been working on my pod all day. It?s almost done.

    What were you talking to my mother about? I saw you talking to her. What do you think of my pod?

    Oh wow? were going all the way to Coruscant? What?s it like? (Coruscant, I mean.) Why were you going to Coruscant?

    Of course?.I?m not going to tell anyone about you. You made yourself very clear. Why would I tell anyone anyway? If I said that you were a Jedi, no one would believe me. Everyone knows how much I?ve been wanting to meet a Jedi?so they?d think I?d be making it all up.

    Okay, so Padmé is your apprentice!!! Wow!! She?s beautiful. Does she have a boyfriend or anything? I hope she doesn?t. I never knew Jedi could be so beautiful?or rather any person could be that beautiful. Can I see her laser sword? I?m sure I?m going to have to ask her. Oh?I want to ask her so much now. I want to ask her to show me Jedi moves and stuff that would be neat. Do you think she would do that? I?ve never seen a Jedi in action before. I?m not going to pick a fight with her. She?s to beautiful for me to do that. I like her way too much to pick a fight with her. I don?t like getting hurt anyway. My master beats me enough.

    Uh?the feelings I was talking about?..yes, I get those kind of feelings all the time. Doesn?t everyone? I?m just normal like every other person.

    Ooops?.I was tired when I wrote that. I didn?t mean to say, ?the droid I built for her.? I meant that I built the droid for my mother, not Padmé. I was too tired and I guess the way I wrote it made it sound as if I had built the droid for Padmé instead of my mother.

    Wow?I can hardly believe that I am actually writing a Jedi. Um?.wow?.I have some more questions for you. How do Jedi train? How do you find them? How do you know who can and can?t be a Jedi? How many Jedi are there? What kinds of stuff do Jedi do? How do you make your laser swords? Can anyone use a laser sword, or do they have to be Jedi?

    Uh?.I guess that?s it?.for now.

    I hope you don?t mind all my questions about the Jedi, but you?ll probably be the only Jedi I?ll ever meet, so I wanted to make sure that I had some answers. I always like trying to find out as much information as I can about stuff.

    How old are you anyway?


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    Even the little things in life can be life-threatening. Besides, it was no trouble, you had a cut, and I just cleaned it.

    If you believe in dreams will enough, it may come true. I know, you think I'm here to free you, but who knows? Maybe the Council may send some other Jedi to free you, because now they know about you.

    By Jedi reflexes, I mean, you must be able to sense things before they happen, thus protecting yourself, because you're able to prevent things from happening. Understand that?

    No, Anakin, I haven't thought of any better ideas. I'm somewhat leaning toward the idea of letting you race. Now, before you get all happy about it, remember there are dangers in racing. I don't want to risk your life if it can be helped.

    Also, life isn't fair. If it was, just think where you and everyone else would be.

    I was talking to you mother about my plan, and you. Your pod is very impressive. I'm amazed you built it!

    Coruscant is completely city. Buildings sour 100s of meters above and below ground. It's very large! I'm going there, because that is where the Jedi Temple is. The Jedi Temple is the home of the Jedi, that is where they are raised and train. Also, that is where the Senate building is.

    You find Jedi when they are children and strong enough in the Force to train. They are taken to the Jedi Temple and are raised. By the time they're thirteen, they'll be able to fight with the lightsaber. Also, when they're thirteen masters and knights will watch them fight, and pick whichever one they want to train. Those that don't get picked leave the Temple and become farmers. There are more than a few thousand Jedi in the Temple and aboard. The Jedi use the Force to do many things, pick up things (and themselves), throw things, carry things, jump high (very high), calm themselves, and many, many other things. Only the Jedi can carry a lightsaber, and no one else. It's hard to explain the ways of building a lightsaber. I hope you understand.

    I would explain more, but I'm needed.

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    I?ve gotten tons of cuts before and none have them have ever been life threatening. I just don?t understand why you went to all that trouble. My mom offered to clean my cut, but you told her that you would clean it. You?re strange.

    Why would the Council even care about me or the other slaves? You?ve never cared before, so why would you care now? I?m sure the Council has more important to do than to free slaves. It was just my stupid dream?.I?m realizing what reality really is. It?s hard to let go of all your hopes.

    Of course I can sense things before they happen. I know what you meant?.but why did you call it Jedi reflexes? It?s just a normal part of living; everyone can sense things before they happen. I?m normal just like everyone else.

    I?m really glad that you?re going to let me race. I was scared that you wouldn?t let me. I know there are dangers to racing. I?ve probably raced at least 20 (or more) times in my life and I know there are a lot of dangers to racing. I?ve seen many deaths, explosions, and injuries. I KNOW what I?m getting myself into. I still think it?s fun.

    Why are you so amazed that I built the pod? Didn?t you think I would be able to make it? Did you think that I was stupid? I don?t know why you?re so surprised. I?m glad that you like it.

    Jedi are raised in a temple? So do Jedi families live there? That must be really neat?.I wish my mom and I lived in the Jedi temple.

    Coruscant is all one big city? I want to go there someday?.I want to go to all the planets in the galaxy, and some day I will! I want to be the first one to see them all! The Senate is also located on Coruscant? I don?t really care about the Senate?that?s all grown-up boring stuff.

    How do you just find Jedi? I still don?t understand that. What do you mean by, ?you find Jedi when they are children and strong enough in the Force to train.? You never answered my question about the Force in a previous letter. I told you I didn?t know anything about it beyond the fact that I had heard that that?s where the Jedi get their power. Does that mean that only Jedi are what you called ?strong enough in the Force t train.? That means that Jedi have to be ?strong enough to train? in order to be a Jedi, right? Are only people born in the Republic ?strong enough to train?? How do you know if someone is strong enough to train or not?

    You said they?re taken when they?re children, how come? Do their parents get to come with them to raise them?

    What?s a lightsaber? Wait?..never mind?.is it the real name for your laser sword? Why don?t all the Jedi get picked to train? Why do they have to be farmers? That?s not fair.

    All right?.now you explained the Force a little more?you said the Jedi use the Force (whatever it is?..just a power?) to do many things, pick up things, throw things, carry things, jump very high, calm themselves and many other things. Can you demonstrate something for me? Please? You?ll probably be the only Jedi I?ll ever see and I want to see a Jedi in action before I die.

    You said that only Jedi can carry a lightsaber, and no one else. How come? Does it harm a non-Jedi if they try to hold it? I don?t live in the Republic, remember?.and your laws don?t affect me. If there?s no law against telling a non-Jedi, non-Republic citizen how to build a lightsaber?..maybe you could give me the directions for building a lightsaber and I could build one. I think it would be really neat to build a lightsaber, and I would like to do it. Can you please tell me how? You wouldn?t even have to be there when I would build it. I can build things without any supervision or help?.but I do need to know what equipment is needed to build a lightsaber.

    Well the race will be starting soon. I?m all set?and I?m going to win the race. Did you see the flag ceremony? What do you think of the announcers?

    Well I gotta go?Sebulba just threatened me and the race will start in 5 minutes. I?ll see you after I win the race. Until then??

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