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    And this month's challenge is . . .

    The current challenge is to write a fic involving Anakin during the Corellian Trilogy set in 18 ABY. It can be a missing scene, although it doesn't have to go strictly with the books. It must, however, be canon compliant.

    The Trilogy consists of the books: Ambush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia, and Showdown at Centerpoint all of which were written by Roger McBride Allen. Anyone not familiar with the books who would like to participate please feel free to shoot myself or YodaKenobi a PM.

    Tahiri is not featured in these books, but if you would like to write her into your fic by placing her as a child on Tatooine, that will be fine.

    Good Luck!

    The judges are:

    THE_PIED_PIPER and YodaKenobi

    The rules are:
    1) There is NO word limit. We're looking for quality, not quantity.
    2) The story/poem must be a one-post entry.
    3) It can be any genre you want it to be but it must be canon compliant.
    4) You will have about 6 weeks to complete your story. All entries must be posted in the Beyond the Saga Forum by Midnight Board Time on May 15th. The topic must clearly indicate that you are an A/T challenge contestant.
    7) All entries must also be PMed to each judge:

    This will make our job so much easier.

    Each judge will write a review and give a score out of 20 for every entry. Whoever has the most points out of 40 at the end obviously wins.

    Points will be allotted according to the following criteria:
    5 - for punctuation
    10 - for Anakin's characterization and what made him special with Centerpoint, because that's what we're mainly looking for here.
    5 - for meeting the "overall" mood of those books. It doesn't have to be anything really specific, just a basic working knowledge of that timeframe.

    Entrants can PM YodaKenobi or THE_PIED_PIPER with any questions.

    The winner will be announced in this thread as soon as possible after the judges have compiled every score. We'll give everyone a heads-up beforehand.

    The Prize
    The winner will be awarded a special in-thread interview, which will include the opportunity to talk about and advertise their fanfics.

    Thanks for the Memory
    ~by Maggy~

    I thought it is time ? after last issue?s Anakin only moment ? to feature at least Anakin talking about Tahiri and him. I was reading through the Junior Jedi Knight Series, which I had not read properly yet. In the third book of the series ? Promises - I found following passage:

    "I'm going to fight you," Anakin shouted. "Tahiri and I will use the Force to break the evil curse. We're the ones the Massassi wrote about: `strong in the Force and dedicated to the battle of good over evil'! You can't stop us-"

    "Why would I want to stop you, boy?" the figure laughed. "I am you!"

    The creature threw back its hood, and Anakin stifled a scream that welled up from the very core of his being and threatened to escape his trembling lips. He stood looking at his own face. Only his eyes were different. Instead of being a pure ice blue, they had been replaced with burning gray coals that smoked and sparked.

    "Didn't you hear me, boy?" the figure snarled. "I'm you, you fool. You knew, you've always known that you were meant to serve the dark side - to use the Force for evil. It's in your blood. Your grandfather served us well, helped us defeat the Jedi Knights. You were named after him, after Anakin Skywalker who became Darth Vader. Stop fighting us and embrace the dark side...."

    "It won't work," Anakin said calmly, summoning up the Force to control himself. "I know who you are."

    The figure hissed, recoiling from the power in Anakin's voice.

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    And they keep on coming
    ~star_writer24's list of new stories featuring Anakin and Tahiri posted since the last issue~

    Title: All She Did Was Giggle
    Author: Jaya Solo
    Summary: Anakin proposes.

    Title: Red Sky
    Author: Lonewolf89
    Summary: Anakin returns.

    Title: Stuffed Bantha Cubs
    Author: Darth Jaina Solo
    Summary: Tahiri keeps a pregnancy journal which she intends to hand down to her unborn child.

    Title: Reconciled: The End/Dark Revelations
    Author: star_writer24
    Summary: Anakin travels back in time to prevent the Yuuzhan Vong War but finds himself in an alternate universe instead.

    Title: Homecoming
    Author: Morgoth_The_Enemy
    Summary: Crossover A/T cross with Naruto/F.M.A.

    Title: The Shattered Galaxy
    Author: HyperionRising
    Summary: Summary: Twenty-five years ago Mon Mothma was assassinated just days after the joint Rebel-Imperial victory at Bakura, and the Rebellion fell apart before it had a chance to become the New Republic. Some of its members continued to fight. Others simply disappeared. And now, twenty five years later, something is happening. A strange man walks into a bar and asks smuggler Jaina Draygo and her partner Tenel Ka Djo to get him into the closed Corellian system, and to get him, and four other people, out. A healer in Coronet feels a strange connection to a woman who shares his last name. A mentally unstable moisture farmer from Tatooine prophesies the end of an era. The shattered galaxy is about to be made whole again, for better or for worse.

    Title: Jedi Adept: Family Found
    Author: Kidan
    Summary: Third entry to the Jedi Adept series, detailing the adventures of Noelani Darklighter, the young daughter of Tahiri and Anakin.

    Title: Shattered Mirror
    Author: Draconarius/rebel_cheese
    Summary: Jaina and Jag are hurled into an alternate universe where Anakin is still alive and married to Tahiri and the Vong have won the war.

    Title: Beginning?s End
    Author: rebel_cheese
    Summary: The Yuuzhan Vong made their move in 15 ABY. Now everyone's lives have been turned upside down eleven years later. Jacen Solo is a street urchin who's in love with a princess on a Coruscant razed by perpetual war. Jaina Solo, who believes her entire family is dead, fights alongside Luke, striving for revenge. Han leads guerrilla raids with Lando, Mara, Talon, and Chewbacca, and struggles to keep his marriage intact. Leia tries to live the life of a simple moisture farmer on Tatooine and raising Anakin by herself. And the Yuuzhan Vong, under the command of their mysterious Supreme Overlady, search for a way to finish the final resisting infidels off . . .

    Title: You Can't Go Home Again
    Author(s): Jek_Windu
    Summary: After decades of chaos, war, and destruction, the Galaxy has finally found peace, unaware of the enemy lurking in the shadows beyond the stars.

    Title: Holocaust
    Author: Jedi-Ant
    Summary: After a devastating loss at Myrkr, the Jedi and their allies are struggling to pick up the pieces. The Yuuzhan Vong, however, are reveling in their shock victory, and take this sudden advantage over their enemies with a blow so low, it will change the shape of the galaxy forever. This is a sequel to my first ever epic, Sacrifice.

    Title: Narrow Escape
    Author: Darkwriter
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    Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away . . .
    ~the authors chat about what they're up to~

    To start the Chit-Chat section ball rolling in this issue we have a treat for you ? a short interview by Kick with Qwi Xux about her wonderful story: One Thousand Tears. If you haven?t read this one, you really should, as it gives a true to character depiction of Tahiri that leaves LotF dead in space.

    Kick: What draws you to write Tahiri?

    Qwi: I think what draws me to her is her personality, her quirks, and everything she has suffered. I first read her in the Junior Jedi Knights ages ago, whenever they were first published, and Tahiri was the reason I started reading the New Jedi Order. As it got further in, everything that happened to her became the draw?the idea of being tortured at such a young age, of losing the person she loved most, of suffering from dual personalities and coming out stronger?it absolutely fascinated me.

    Kick: Is she your favourite?

    Qwi: Yes, she is.

    Kick: What inspired this particular story?

    Qwi: I read the first couple of books in the Legacy of the Force series and I wanted to explore Jacen?s motivations from another perspective. Being that he and Tahiri had a relationship built on everything they?d suffered during the war, I wanted to tell it from her point of view. I wanted to let Tahiri see Jacen?s motivations, and understand where he was coming from, so that she could be faced with the same choices that Jacen was faced with, but to realize how morally wrong they were and go in a different direction. I wanted to explore the psychology behind everything she went through and was going through.

    Kick: How did you approach the Jacen/Tahiri aspect of your story? Especially given what's happening in canon.

    Qwi: Whew...I came up with the idea for Tahiri spying on Jacen after reading the first Legacy of the Force books. It was horrible what was happening to Jacen, and the fact was that Tahiri was close to Jacen. I suspected after reading the Dark Nest Trilogy and the first couple LotF books that Troy Denning would take Tahiri in a dark direction, and that frustrated me, because of everything the NJO had her overcoming. By the time I finished the NJO, it was clear that Tahiri had moved on from Anakin's death...but maybe that's just my perspective on it.

    Anyway, I knew that if anyone could understand what Jacen had become, understand his reasoning behind it, it would be Tahiri. I wanted to get her to a place where she would start to accept it, where she would be questioning everything that she believed about herself and the Force...and then to realize that it was all a lie. She and Jacen were the opposing forces in my story, so very similar and yet so different. I basically wanted to present Tahiri with the same choice that Jacen had been presented, and then turn away from it.

    Kick: Wow! Great perspective Qwi! How long have you written, and have you ever written Star Wars before?

    Qwi: I?ve been writing stories since I was old enough to spell words. As far as fan fiction goes, Star Wars was my first foray into it. I?ve been a member of the boards for about six years now, and have been writing Star Wars fan fiction since then.

    Kick: Are you an Anakin fan as well?

    Qwi: Yes, I am. Anakin?s death was actually the reason I joined the boards. Just before Star by Star came out, I was looking for spoilers about who was supposed to die, and it led me to a spoiler thread on the literature board here. When I found out he was going to die, I started looking for Anakin/Tahiri stories to read, and was only able to find one story about them on the entire fan fiction section of the boards?so because I wanted to read it so much and there weren?t any to read, I just went ahead and started writing Anakin/Tahiri stories. Of course, now there are A/T stories all over the place and I have no trouble finding them.

    Kick: What were your
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    Path in the Dark
    ~cover art by Kidan~

    Number four book in Kidan's excellent Jedi Adept series, which he reports will be finished some time in the next month or so, will sport this nifty cover.


    The usual suspects
    Your friendly Anahiri:Sound and Silence team thank you for reading, and hope to feed you some more A/T goodness in the next issue.


    Cover Artists
    Jaya Solo

    Thrawn McEwok

    Thrawn McEwok

    Thrawn McEwok


    News and Chit-chat

    ATindex Liaison

    Additional Link
    [link=]The ATindex[/link]

    Special Thanks in this Issue to . . . kecen and Glitbiter for their art work

    For your free subscriptions, PM the editor @ [link=]Tahi[/link].downunder

    A publication by Gr8terThanSumOfParts Productions?
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    Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [face_dancing]

    Oh, it's just beautiful Master. You did such a fantastic job! [face_dancing]

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    Yay, it's up! [face_dancing]

    Everyone did a great job on this, I really enjoyed reading it. Especially the interview with PIED_PIPER, and Tahi's article Desperately seeking Tahiri.

    I don't think I've seen the second piece of artwork by kecen before. It's beautiful [face_love]

    Now I think I'm off to read One Thousand Tears...
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    That cover for Jedi Adept definitely has an animé style to it. I like it. I know they made those manga-style comics of the original series. Maybe for the next issue, we could have the author of that Jedi Adept cover try his hand at drawing animé versions of Anakin and Tahiri.

    As for Tahi's article on "Where's Tahiri", having been one of the contributers, you already know my views. But I think I should elaborate on two details, as well as offer my two-cents on the other views.

    First off, I don't really think she and Corran had an Apprentice-Master relationship like Anakin and Obi-Wan did. I think it was more on the lines of what Kyp and Jaina had, but with a stronger bond of trust between Tahiri and Corran than there was between Kyp and Jaina.

    Kidan, you believe that the influence of the Killiks was an assault on her already fragile psyche. I think I agree with you on that. Her psyche had suffered a huge amount of trauma during the Vong war. It could be that even though nearly fifteen years had passed since Anakin died, and it's been nearly that long since the war ended, she's still not completely healed. It could be that she'll never find in life the healing she needs. Sorta like how at the end of Return of the King, Frodo knew he could never be at peace while he lived in Middle-Earth. So he accompanied the other Ringbearers and finally found peace as they approached the Grey Havens. As for what would happen if she were to suffer another devastating blow to her psyche, well my own views are one possibility. The other is possibility could happen in Invincible - she might suffer a fate similar to Depa Billaba in Shatterpoint.

    I also agree with you, TahiriSoloFan, and Thrawn McEwok that it's way past time that we get to see Tahiri's POV when she gets another flow-walking session from Jacen. Stover was able to tell various parts of ROTS from the perspective of various characters, giving us an insight into their thoughts and feelings. He and Cunningham did the same for Jacen and Jaina in Traitor and Dark Journey. Hopefully, Denning will do that in Invincible.

    As for your views that "only Skywalkers and Solos are allowed to follow the Force without penalty" and "only Solos and Skywalkers are important, and everyone else is cannon fodder", I'm not going to try and get into the heads of those at DelRey/LFL. However, I have to disagree with those two statements to a certain degree. For the first one, did you forget about Anakin Skywalker? About what happened to him, why he chose to become a Sith, and the consequences of his decision? Or for that matter, what's going on right now with Jacen? I know everything that happened to Anakin was essential to the plotline of the movies and the entire Star Wars universe, and I know the same can be said about Jacen in terms of the plotline of the Legacy but since he's a Skywalker. But still, to say that the Solos and Skywalkers follow the Force without penalty doesn't seem right.

    As for the second one, I agree that there were a lot of characters who were brought into the EU, survived the comic/novel they were in, and then just disappeared. Case in point - Callista. I like to know what happened to her since Planet of Twilight, since I felt her story was unresolved. I'm glad that in Fury, Allston brought back Cheriss ke Hanadi. I know from four articles on the WotC website that focused on Adumar said that she became an A-wing pilot and was assigned to Adumar, but that's it. Nothing about any of her accomplishments, or even if she survived the Vong war.

    I also agree that the Solos and Skywalkers are important, but there have been novels and comics where they either didn't appear or played a minor role in comparison to the roles the other characters played in the novel and comics. Take the X-wing series, both comics and novels. Wedge, Corran, and the Rogues and Wraiths were the main characters in those stories. Luke, Han, and Leia appeared, but they were minor characters. Or even take the
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    *pokes head in*

    What a fantastic magazine this issue has turned out to be!! :D I think it's the best one yet!!

    =D= =D= =D=

    Congrats to all who put in so much work to get this up and posted! I really enjoyed reading it! :)

    And thanks to Mags for telling me this was up so that I could sneak on by and take a peek! [:D] :* @};-

    Ant. ]-}
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    You all did an amazing job!
    All of the features were absolutely fantastic.
    Give yourselves a big pat on the back everyone! [face_dancing]
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    Great issue, everyone =D= So much fun to read. It's been awhile since we've done this but it came together really well :D

    Maggy: I love the magazine coverart :D I know I recognize that Anakin image [face_mischief]

    Tahi: Great editorial, and interview with PIPER. You always ask the best questions and end up getting great answers.

    Maggy & Tahi: Enjoyed the reviews, there are three fics I really need to check out. And thanks for reviewing AoH, Mags *Sends you paypal payment*

    Kecen: Really cool Tahiri/Riina pictures. I especially like the second one? very creepy, yet beautiful :)

    Tahi: Your article hits the nail right on the head as far as my concerns with Tahiri's characterization go. It doesn't make a lot of sense at this point and great job digging up that quote from FH3 to kick things off. I'd forgotten just how emphatic Tahiri was in that scene.

    At this point, I'm leaning with TSF and the idea that there is much more going on with Tahiri than we're seeing. I think she's up to something... And if she's not, this is probably one of the worst characterizations ever :p

    Terrific article all the way around =D=

    Mags: Love the A/T moment going back to JJK!

    JediAlly: Your RPG knowledge continues to amaze me [face_hypnotized]

    star_writer24: Cool coverart! I really like the black & white, nice choice. You also did an amazing job tracking down a year's worth of A/T fics =D=

    Glitbiter: Fantastic artwork :D You always do great work, but these are particularly good.

    PIPER: I enjoyed your interview with Qwi. I really don't know anything about her, so that was an interesting read.

    Kidan: The new cover looks superb. Even better than the other three in the series, I think.

    Tahi: Thanks again for putting this all together =D= I don't know how you do it, but it always turns out well. Great job! [face_dancing] :D
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    As an extra this time, we have - thanks to Maggy - an Index to the first 5 issues of Anahiri. If you're looking for a piece of artwork for your desktop or maybe your wall, or if you're looking for an A/T story to read - here's the very thing for you.

    Thanks, Mags - you're a wee gem. :)

    Shush you! [face_blush]

    Index to Anahiri: Issues 1-5

    Please drop me a PM if I have missed out something [face_blush] then I edit it in :)

    Hey there, troops. :) The magazine is almost ready to post - thanks to all of you who helped for a magnificent effort. =D=

    Thank you, Tahi!! =D=
    Thanks for all the time you invested into this to put it all together [:D]

    Two makes great company!

    Happy birthday to you,
    You were one now you're two,
    Happy birthday Anahiri,
    Happy birthday to you.

    I can?t believe it is the second birthday already :eek: :eek:

    =D= everyone :D

    Interview with . . . THE_PIED_PIPER
    ~by Tahi~

    very great interview :D

    The magic continues
    ~Fanfic Reviews~

    Dear Qahsa by Maggy
    ~Reviewed by YodaKenobi~


    [:D] thank you Yobs :D :D :D :D
    You made my day [:D]

    Inspired by the Mus(e)ic: Tahiri-Riina artwork
    ~by kecen~

    Great work kecen :D ? well done!!

    Feature Article
    ~Desperately Seeking Tahiri~

    Awesome article and very interesting thoughts and views :D

    And this month's challenge is . . .

    wow, maybe I find time and the bunny for that :D

    We heard it on the grapevine
    ~JediAlly brings us news from the RPG Forums~

    interesting :)

    Reconciled: Dark Revelations
    ~cover art by star_writer24~

    awesome :D
    Whom did you use for Anakin and Tahiri?

    And they keep on coming
    ~star_writer24's list of new stories featuring Anakin and Tahiri posted since the last issue~

    thanks for the work!!

    Spirit and Sprite
    ~by Glitbiter~

    those drawings are just awesome =D=

    Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away . . .
    ~the authors chat about what they're up to~

    great interview :D

    Path in the Dark
    ~cover art by Kidan~

    looking forward to that :D
    Though I still have to catch up with Number Three [face_blush]


    You are very welcome for telling you :D [:D] :* @};-


    I love the magazine coverart :D I know I recognize that Anakin image [face_mischief]

    Do you :p I ask me why :p

    And thanks for reviewing AoH, Mags *Sends you paypal payment*

    You are welcome ? this paypal ? well .. it was somewhere lost :p O:)

    ~ Mags ~/>/>/>/>
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    Whew - finally fought my way back here. :D DRL is tricky sometimes.

    Thanks guys for the feedback on another team effort. Thanks to everyone who helped and special thanks to our two guest artists. =D=

    Great to see you again Ant - thanks so much for popping in.

    JA - thanks for those thoughts on Tahiri. It certainly is problematic that we don't get to see Tahiri's pov. It's possible that she IS stringing Jacen along, and I cling to that hope, too. I think the fact she hasn't let on where the new Jedi base is is possibly a sign she hasn't turned dark. I'm kind of hazy on the timeline as far as her association with Jacen goes, and I don't think the books make it clear, but it seems to me likely that she could have been party to any info on the new base at some stage. Or at least be able to suss it out from the others. When was she formally dissociated from the other Jedi?

    There are a few quotes I could have used from TFP actually that could suggest Tahiri is capable of turning into something nasty. There's a scene after the one I cited in the article where Tahiri tells Corran that it's not her Vong aspect he should fear but her Jedi one. She argues that the new Tahiri she has become is only just learning to use the Force, unlike the old one who had a long connection with it, and unlike Rina who had no connection to it. Interesting comment, eh?

    So basically I could go with Tahiri turning Dark IF I could see some inside views in the text. But there's no obvious sign at all, which means we have to accept Jacen's view on her that she's some kind of pathetic creature leting herslef be manipulated. I can also accept that she might have a grudge against Luke for banishing her, but nothing has been mentioned about that at all. If you're going to have a character turn bad you need to hint at the things that have provoked it.

    I don't really think, though, that the new Tahiri would be so eager to see Anakin's final hours again; IMO she's over all that. In TFP I see a young woman who misses her love but whose sense of loss is normal and healthy. I therefore cannot swallow a Tahiri who has unresolved grief issues. It doesn't mesh with the way she's portrayed in all the NJO books after Reunion. So this another reason I tend to hope that she's kidding Jacen. If not, as Yoda, says, it's the worst portrayal yet.

    Another random thought: in Conquest, Ikrit says something like: "Together you two could ---" but he stops himself from finishing the thought. So could he have meant that A and T together could be VERY BAD? And if so - is Tahiri hatching some plot of her own to be VERY BAD with Anakin, using old Jace as a means to an end? Could be a rather cool bunny actually. LOL

    Anyway - I guess we'll have to wait and see. Anyone else got thoughts on this?

  13. JediAlly Jedi Master

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    Oct 31, 2000
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    I think she was disassociated from the Jedi in Inferno. So I don't believe she knows about their temporary base on Endor. And I don't believe Ikrit was seeing Anakin/Tahiri as being a bad thing. Exhibiting a power that could surpass his namesake, maybe even Palpatine, I can accept. But bad? I sincerely doubt it, but this seems to be a moot point now.
  14. Tahi Jedi Knight

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    It certainly appears that in Inferno she's acting for Jacen when she tries to arrest Han and Leia, but it's interesting that she isn't taken to task by Luke in the same way he took her to task in TSW. And when TK asks Leia what's going on, Leia says that she "thinks" Tahiri is spying for Jacen. But nobody does anything to confirm this or censure her. TK takes her Stealth X off her, but that's all. And the transition to apparent "spy" is sudden because a few chapters before the attempted arrest, in a discussion about the burning of Kashyyyk, Tahiri is semingly very much part of the Jedi group still. Then there's big gap between Inferno and Revelation, because she isn't in Fury - so she goes from the role of suspected spy to Sith apprentice with no apparent plot development. It's a very confusing situation and it doesn't seem to follow a logical sequence.

    I prefer not to think that Ikrit meant anything bad in that quote - but my point was that it is possible to find references that could be used to back up a plot where Tahiri goes bad. There's another scene in either Conquest or Rebirth where Anakin tells Tahiri about the vision he had of her as a Dark Jedi-Vong and her reply makes him wonder if she's had a vision of her own that she hasn't told him about. It's kind of a throw away line, but if you add that to some other similar references you could have some textual justification for a Dark Tahiri. But to carry it off you'd need to show the development - and we certainly don't see that in either DN or LotF.
  15. JediAlly Jedi Master

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    Yeah, I remember that scene in Rebirth, where they were on the hull of that spy ship and Anakin told Tahiri that vision he had of her. It's a shame his vision couldn't have been one of her that we would expect from teenagers. [face_devil][face_shame_on_you]
  16. Glitbiter Jedi Youngling

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    Feb 14, 2008
    star 1
    Hmmm I kind of enjoy reading about Dark!Tahiri, but I'm always partial to villians/grey-area characters. And Caedus needs some company, he must be lonely ;) Though I agree with what others have said about Tahiri's character not being consistent; at the end of NJO she's strong, she's accepted who she is (merged her personalities), and though she may not be completely over Anakin's death, it doesn't cripple her; in Inferno Jacen seems to be dangling her on a string b/c of her flow-walking addiction; and in Revelation it appears as if she's the one leading Jacen? It confuses me. As for her flow-walking addiction, I'll accept that she would go back in time to give Anakin that kiss if she had the chance, but I think she would find closure in that, and not need more, and more...

    Also Tahiri seems to believe that Jacen's way is the right way... why? Like Tahi I'd have liked to see more character development in terms of Tahiri going dark; is this personality switch the result of years of brooding, or a single dramatic event? :p Seriously, I'm just confused over how she could go from doing things the Jedi way (mostly) to shooting an old man in cold blood.

    Having said that, I'm not totally against Tahiri going dark, and I'm certainly not going to stop reading b/c of it :)

    Edit: Stupid typos :oops: I typed this out rather quick, so if you notice any others just...embrace them? :)
  17. Ultima_1 Jedi Knight

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    It doesn't seem as likely now, but until Revelation, I had figured that Jacen was manipulating Tahiri more than was immediately apparent. From his journey, he probably knows lots of techniques to impact what a person sees, and is strong enough that he probably could have used them against Tahiri to make her easier to manipulate into taking that first flow walk (and more likely to become addicted to them).

    In Revelation, it seems to have moved past that point, but it's still possible that he's manipulating her more than we realize.
  18. Tahi Jedi Knight

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    Jun 8, 2002
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    Hey there Glitbiter and Ultima :)

    Yep - I agree about the confusion, Glitbiter. It's almost as if there's a series missing in between NJO and DN in which something happened to change Tahiri!!

    I'll accept that she would go back in time to give Anakin that kiss if she had the chance, but I think she would find closure in that, and not need more, and more
    That's a good point. I concur.

    Also Tahiri seems to believe that Jacen's way is the right way... why?
    That confuses me, too. It's not like Tahiri to agree with something that radical without a lot of argument. She's usually stubborn - but in Inferno she's like a wet flannel, always wanting to please - or that's how she's portrayed anyway.

    Yes, it's true that the relationship between the two of them appears to have shifted a bit in Revelation - but it still seems OOC to me. Unless - as you point out, Ultima - it's due to Jacen using his esoteric techniques to manipulate her. That would make sense, and it would have been something the writers could have used to make it all more plausible.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts. :)

    Yeah, I remember that scene in Rebirth, where they were on the hull of that spy ship and Anakin told Tahiri that vision he had of her. It's a shame his vision couldn't have been one of her that we would expect from teenagers.
    Ah - that was the scene. I remember now. Yes indeed about the possibility of alternate visions for Anakin. :D
  19. Tahi Jedi Knight

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    Golly - haven't had a double post for ages!! Boards are playing games tonight.
  20. Starsaber Jedi Youngling

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    I'm not sure if Jacen ever learned the technique Lumiya was using in Betrayal, but that would seem to fit the bill nicely based on what we know of it. That's the approach I'm using in my fanfic [/cheap plug] ;)

    EDIT: Sorry, this is Ultima_1. Forgot I was on a game ban.
  21. Tahi Jedi Knight

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    It sure sounds like a plausible theory because we know Jacen is the sort to work on skills like that in his perfectionist way. :)

    I definitely think we need to have more work done in profic on the background to Jacen's apparent sway over Tahiri. I accept that it's good that a writer expects readers to do some work - but that only works if sufficient clues are given. I feel that all we have is our own interpretions based on a few quotes from early books - and even then taken slightly out of context. It's very frustrating. Is it sloppy characterisation - or is there a whole lot of clues I'm missing?
  22. YodaKenobi VIP

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    I agree. I really hope Invincible touches on this stuff in some detail.
  23. Tahi Jedi Knight

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    It would certainly help. Even better would be if we discover that Tahiri has been stringing Jacen along the whole time. LOL
  24. Thrawn McEwok Co-Author: Essential Guide to Warfare

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    Sorry to interrupt, but some of you might be interested in [link=]this[/link]...?


    - The Imperial Ewok
  25. Earthknight Jedi Padawan

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    I actually think Tahiri has gone fully dark and Ben will redeem her. If Anakin was alive right now, he'd be ashamed of her and everything she has done.
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