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Angel's Plight (Au...Padme, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Han, Leia & Luke) Updated 1/29/06

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Amidala22, Aug 6, 2002.

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  1. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    Disclaimer:I'm not making money off this and I apologize profusely to George Lucas and all creators of the crossovers I do. All original characters are mine though!!! So ask if you want to use them or archive this.

    Angel's Plight (Major AU- PT, OT, EU w/CO)
    By: Karen a.k.a. Amidala22 (on the Jedi Council Forums)

    Important Info:
    *This is Mid Episode 2-NJO. Traitor kinda annoyed me (except for the last chapters ;) , so this story bouncing around in my head has finally been released from my insane imagination.
    *This is a reality created by an insomniac Star Wars fanatic in the middle of the night (took me a long time to type it!) so if it doesn't make sense-ASK or Deal with it!!! This is very long, so please be nice. This only a trailer to an interesting story.
    *To avoid confusion read careful the following for reference:
    ?Kaltori, Karina Nept, Kari-Ann Nileson, Ceri, Kari, and Kali = one woman 20% elvish, 80% human.(she & Theo are in combined form.)
    ? Westian, Theodore Sunn, Thei Senni, Ti, and Theo = one man 18% elvish, 82% human.(It varies b/w Human, Combined,& Elvish dominates for Elvish powers.)
    ? Luctian Naberrie` (Luke), Ari, and Aaroni = Luke Skywalker
    ? Lailia, Leia Organa, and Shimana = Leia Organa
    ( There is an Au Jedi Prophecy text, too.)

    **** Accents****
    Kaltori and Westian = sound like a cross b/w Irish/ English accents (They are Kolistan w/ Elvish blood) figure that out (heh heh)
    Luke and Leia = a cross b/w Nubian and Alderranian accent; Luke more Nubian, Leia more Alderranian.

    ***Symbols*** (VERY IMPORTANT)
    2(***~***) = Separating character times (PT, OT, etc.)
    *~* = Same moment or hours or days
    ***~*** = Years time span
    Italics = Kaltori ( Karina) narrating
    /bold/ = Westian (Theo) speaking mentally someone else¡¦s and his own thoughts
    // =Thoughts
    **// = Theo and person in that flash of story speaking thoughts together

    This trailer is actually a vision...I made this so you can actually see it....

    Confused? So am I... you'll see

    So without further ado...
    Trailer of:
    Angel's plight

    *A time of Great trials and hanging in the balance is the universe...Guardians with a council whose guidance under God keep order in the universe are pitted against the 25 Sanchin (dark Guardians) and their cronies. Ground Zero of this cosmic battle is the Center dimension. Should it fall a domino affect will follow.

    The center dimension is the Dimension of Balance a.k.a. The Jedi of the Light vs. The Sith of the Darkness.

    Four of the 16 are from this dimension. Two human (suppose to be but¡K) with two non-human. The Jedi humans stay in the dimension without their guardian powers, the other without.

    *As darkness falls, the valiant efforts of the Jedi are in vain and the two guardian/Jedi cry out for their other powers and help. Danger of eternal darkness comes.

    Time/ Space/ Reality is crossed and hundred years backwards go the Dimension of Balance. All memories of the original timeline are erased.

    A second chance...A new reality...
    ...Galaxy Reborn...
    The PAST
    "Palpatine is the Sith Lord!" Sarina, a Jedi Knight, cries at her three fellow Jedi and best friends.
    "We need proof!" Thimos yells back, as they run. His jade green eyes flash at her. Brushing her red striped white hair out of her eyes, she stares at Ali and Arritin. Ali asks Arritin,
    "See anything in your Elvish-Jedi human visions of yours, fearless leader"¨
    "We are almost out of time."

    *~* "I will not leave her"
    "You will be expelled from the Jedi Order!"
    "I don¡¦t care!"
    "What would Padme do?"
    Master Obi-Wan Kenobi looks sympathetically at his padawan-learner Anakin Skywalker.
    "She would do her duty."

    *~*With Anakin recovering from Count Dooku¡¦s attack, Jedi Master Kenobi is forced to face the traitorous Sith alone. Lightsabers crashing together- one blue, the other red/black- Obi-Wan tries to hold his own the Sith bent on killing him.
    "I'm disappointed in you, Grand Master Kenobi. Master Yoda holds you in s
  2. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    Isn't anyone going to read it??? Please...someone reply!!!!
    i'm going to cry now!
  3. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999

    Darkness, Lightness, colors, and pain. Images swirling?the Future? Elvish blood mixing with the human blood of the Jedi. Within such a child?the young man?the Jedi child?the Jedi Knight. Treachery, suffering?the clone wars- the clone what? Strange things not come to past or thousand years gone. The future? No, the present?what did Master Kenobi find and why is Padawan Skywalker in pain?

    An image?the evidence?the killer?the Sith?all points to?Palpatine?! No, the battle is upon us?the very survival of the Jedi and the Light of the center dimension?center dimension? Why are myths running through my mind as I meditate?

    Because such a myth is part of you?


    Aarinen, Arritin, you are two myths are you not? A legendary Jedi and a magical elf.

    ?There is no such things as magic!?

    Not in this dimension, no. There are magic dimension-the only place where magic can be good or evil-using in else where leads to the darkside.

    ?Who are you??

    I was actually the original Guardian of all Dimension and the powers, only one of them mind you. The other family is my pair?you are my heir, at least for the time being. Your knowledge was blocked .You must receive your other human inheritance

    Closing his eyes the past is revealed to him?he is the sixth to have the power, the fifth-quasi generation. //Why am I the weakest generation, if my Jedi blood is enhanced by the Elvish?//

    Remember, all generations before the seventh generation-sixth quasi all have to reach their first half century to reach full power.

    ?I?m going to die before then, and so is Sariana.?

    Now go, Jedi, find the evidence to destroy Palpatine?you are the Leader of the Companions in Trial, the four of Royal blood! Now destroy the Sith before he can get his hands on a vulnerable Anakin! Oh No! Watch out!!!!

    Startled, Arritin wakes up, in shock, but darkness clouds his vision and he blacks out!

  4. MaSeiya

    MaSeiya Jedi Youngling

    Aug 8, 2002
    Hey~~~!!!!!! I love this new story of yours. I can't believe the prologue and ch. 1 (hehe, I'm the first to have read it--even before it was posted. >=P ) were all written in a few hours. This is amazing!! You've always written well, but because your dedication is so great and because you've written so many stories, your style just keeps improving. That's what I love about you! And your humorous touches always leave me shaking with laughter. You write about all of the characters so well; even though they are placed in another universe, they still have their wonderful unique qualities. I can't wait for you to finish this story--as well as all of the other stories. You're a genius to have all of your stories interconnect in some way. Kaltori and Theo are cool characters--go elf-humans!! ^_^;; I also love your details of all of the Jedis' and Siths' battles against each other. The way you write them is the best! I always enjoy reading about your battle scenes. =D~
    SO!! Keep writing forever and ever!!! I love you Amidala22!!!!!!
    --MaSeiya =P
  5. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    Well, it looks like I'm writing for MaSeiya& myself, but for anyone reading this, I'm almost done with chapter 1 and will be posting very soon!!!!
  6. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    Here we go or here I go...

    Chapter 1- The beginning of the End?

    Eyes wide in shock, a young Jedi woman stands up, grabbing her head and crying out. Her companions try to hide the fact that there is something wrong from the Jedi trio by throwing up an illusion for a moment.

    ?Ali? Are you alright?? the voice of Thimos Calin pierces through the void in her mind and heart.

    Sarina Leti stands up and reaches out to touch her young friends arm. They and their friend Arritin Nilten are all the same age and the Companions of Trial to Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen one. Sariana whispers with her eyes unfocused.
    ?It?s Arritin, isn?t it??

    ?I?my husband. Like you two, I feel him always?even at great distance. Something is very wrong?I felt pain?and?shock. Then it was as if a dark shroud fell over him?taking him away.?

    ?But he?s still alive. We would have all felt him die and he can?t leave us anyway?he?s the leader of the Companions of Trial?we?re the Four of Royal Blood!? Thimos cries, as the three of them rise to leave. Dropping credits on the table, Sariana turns to him.

    ?That would be more reassuring if you sounded confident.?

    ?We have to find him,? Ali Rilnalo says, running towards the Senatorial buildings.
    ?Yes, but what else is wrong?? Thimos asks. They begin to walk fast, trying not to run. People get rather disturbed if they see Jedi start running.

    ?Arritin saw something?Palpatine?is a darksider. He sent that along with a scream of alarm.?

    ?Let?s move, we need to find evidence against him and corrupt senators, demand that we are allies of the Republic and must have any trespassers of our open files and surrounding temple areas investigated or trouble will ensue, and above all?find our unlucky kidnapped leader!!!? Sariana cries racing towards senators not directly under Palpatine and are trusted.

    ?Well, at least we know why we can only feel Palpatine as cold, emptiness,? Thimos remarks, as they near the apartment housing of the senators.

    Huge and beautiful, marble and stone, it sparkled like a white palace. The Jedi did not notice for their mission is of the utmost importance. Sariana went to find the senators, Thimos runs to call the Jedi temple on a very secure, encrypted line, and Ali kneels in a busy, protected indoor garden searching to find Arritin?s presence.
    Running, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme jump onto a clone transport, and lift off into the air. Spotting Count Dooku, they tell the clone soldiers to follow full speed after the Sith Lord.

    Explosions burst around them, and one nicks them sending clone soldiers and Padme flying out into the Genosis desert. Anakin screams they must go back, while Obi-Wan cries they must move on and that he needs Anakin to go with him. Obi-Wan cannot handle the darksider on his own.
    ? I will not leave her!?
    ?You will be expelled from the Jedi Order!?
    ?I don?t care!?
    ?What would Padme do??
    Master Obi-Wan Kenobi looks sympathetically at his padawan-learner Anakin Skywalker.
    ?She would do her duty.?

    Flying towards an entrance into the cave Dooku flew into, the two Jedi jump swiftly from the transport.
    Entering the chasm, the two Jedi head towards Count Dooku.

    ?You?re going to pay for all the Jedi you killed today,? Anakin cries hotly and unJedi-like.

    Obi-Wan tries to calm his apprentice and says for them to slowly go in together, but a headstrong Anakin races in. For his folly the Sith throws the young padawan into a wall with a terrific blast of blue-white lightning.

    With Anakin recovering from Count Dooku?s attack, Jedi Master Kenobi is forced to face the traitorous Sith alone. Lightsabers crashing together- one blue, the other red/black- Obi-Wan tries to hold his own against the Sith bent on killing him.

    ?I?m disappointed in you, Grand Master Kenobi. Master Yoda holds you in such high esteem.?
    // Oh, bite me, traitor!!//

    In a swift motion, Dooku strikes Obi-Wan mercilessly: slash across his left arm, right thigh, left side. Burning pain rips through Obi-Wan Kenobi, as he falls to the
  7. RebelMom

    RebelMom Jedi Knight star 6

    Apr 20, 2000
    This looks interesting.
  8. Tahiri

    Tahiri Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2001
    Well, all I can say is that it took you long enough to start typing up your stories and posting them! ;) I really like Thei and Kaltori's personalities here, and the whole fic is really funny and with a lot of action! Write more soon!
  9. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    I have more readers!!!

    Please hurry back Tahiri, we have to work on Rebel High & I want to know if you'll read the next two chapters of this fic "Angel's Plight".

    You can thank Stephanie for me writing this for I was torturing her with ch. 9-10 or 10-11(depends on how long I make PT and early OT). I'll have to bug you on that for it will be the greatest chapter to write & what I have down on paper is enough to be one chapter.
    CH.2 is coming-don't worry
  10. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    PLEASE LIKE THIS & ANY LURKERS PLEASE REPLY!!! (i write fast when i'm motivated!!) it is...(really long)

    Chapter 2

    Struggling against his bonds, for what feels an eternity , Arritin finally relaxes realizing that his efforts are in vain. He sighs, trying to rest.
    //I can?t give up! I have to get out of here!//

    Feeling the presence of darksiders all around him in the building he?s in, Arritin knows he only has a limited amount of time before a Sith comes in and gives him an injection or a nasty drink of a strong drug he?s sure not many have experience or his has never heard of before.

    //I love being a test subject. Well, whatever they?re forcing into my body really needs work?I?m not even feeling a buzz! Okay, I think I?m officially going insane.// Arritin thinks, as his head continues to spin.
    //I feel like I?m up in the clouds-twirling and twisting. Oh, my God, does my head hurt. I must get free before they come?but how?//

    Glancing around then dimly lighted room, the young Jedi observes a large window with long, thick and drably drapes and a polished wood table to the left, and he sees the door to the right. Next to the door is a dresser with a mirror-bordered in crystallized glass.

    //How nice, I?m trapped in a room which is both drab and elegant at the same time. Thank you so very much, Palpy. When I soon escape your evil friends, I?ll have to repay you for your kindness.// Arritin thinks sarcastically. In front of his bed is a chest and beyond that a blank wall. He is tied to a four post bed in this dark, dreary room, and the molecular bonds are binding him tightly. He could barely move at all.

    Heavy footsteps sound down the hallway, heading towards Arritin?s room. Eyes widening, the young Jedi knows his time is running out. Arritin thinks frantically,

    //Foreboding footsteps?where?s the creepy music when you need it? What can I use, what can I use?!//

    Feeling the effect of the drug beginning to fade, Arritin realizes it?s now or never. Looking at the door, it suddenly dons on him. He can feel the Force now, and there?s a beautiful mirror screaming ?break me? over in the corner!
    Reaching out with the Force, the young Jedi ?pushes? a strong blow towards the fragile glass. It shatters loudly, and Arritin can hear-and feel- the Sith begin to run towards the room his being held prisoner in.
    //Crap, crap, crap!!! No more time, I have to stall them. With what though? I?m sure they?d rather string me up then listen to my astounding wit! Wait the door?it must have a locking mechanism on this side. Hey why not, I?m suppose to be drugged out of my mind! Well, I?m going insane anyway, what do I have to lose?//

    Concentrating on the panels around the door, Arritin feels the lock on this side of the door. Pounding footsteps-multiple people now- are racing towards him. He feels them trying to suppress his powers, but he throws them back and away from his mind. He activates the door just as the Sith try to open it.
    //Well, that was close?now time to get free before they get in!!//

    Seeing the broken glass, the young Jedi pulls a large, jagged piece towards his left wrist. It rips through his bonds and barely misses his wrist. Sighing in relief, Arritn uses it on his right wrist, then on the bonds around his waist, legs, and ankles. He stands up quickly and uses the Force to bring circulation back to his legs. Banging begins on the door, but there?s only two Sith out there.

    //They must not want the others to know I?m too much to handle. Time to prove that I?m really a brat when I get in tough situations. Also, I?m going to kick some serious Sith hide back to dark holes from which they came for kidnapping me!!//

    Stealthily moving to the door, Arritin can hear the Sith cursing him out. The young Jedi smiles, and shields his presence from the darksiders. Still only two, the Sith are almost through the door?s locking codes. Arritin bites his lip in slight worry, but he starts to open the door. Just as the Sith push, Ar
  11. Mertroid

    Mertroid Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 29, 2002
    This is great! Keep it up! It's very interesting! I like all of the characters in this story! It's great! Please continue!
  12. Tahiri

    Tahiri Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2001
    UP! Great chapter Ami!! I'd say more but I gotta go, I'll post a more worthy comment when I get back to the states!
  13. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    Hey here's chapter 3!! I hope you like it as much as I do!!!

    Chapter 3

    "Hurry, Padme`!! I feel that time is running out for the Jedi to slow down the Sith, and my 'Companions in Trial' are in trouble. Especially Arritin for he is the leader!" Anakin Skywalker yells to his wife, as they land her silver starship and rush down the platform heading towards the Senate building. To their surprise, Obi-Wan Kenobi is running towards them.

    "We know Palpatine is the traitor, Obi-Wan!" Padme Amidala Naberrie Skywalker cries out to the Jedi master. Nodding, Obi-Wan brings them up to date and brings them to the other Jedi.

    "Arritin is after Palpatine, who is after you, Padawan," Obi-Wan tells Anakin softly, heading to the higher levels of the Senate building close to where Arritin faces Palpatine with the other 'Companions in Trial' racing to get to that particular battle. Some of the arriving Sith have them blocked off from Palpatine. Anakin frowns at this and looks to Obi-Wan.

    "Master, you are trying to protect me aren't you. Please I must help them. They have stopped Palpatine from getting me, and I understand you are still protecting me from the darkside though I tried to ignore the fact that I was the one who kept being headstrong and stupid," Anakin tells Obi-Wan, moving around him to get to Arritin and the others. The senate building is still in an uproar, but the Jedi continue through the crowded madness of the government headquarters of the Republic.

    "Calm, Padawan Skywalker. Calm, you must be. Will try to kill or kidnap you Palpatine will. Just as Arritin, try to hurt you he will," Master Yoda tells Anakin and turns and leaves to go after Anakin's companions and fellow chosen of the first generation of Jedi prophecy.
    "You cannot stop me and you know it," Anakin flips over them and runs towards a lift heading up to Arritin. Padme and the others race after him.
    "Anakin!! You are not ready to face the Sith master!" Adi Gallia cries to the padawan Chosen one.

    "And you are not going without me!" Padme yells at her husband.
    "Or me!" Obi-Wan shouts as he and Padme leap onto the lift.

    They all head to a lower level near the confrontation, and run into a great number of Sith some that were hiding on Coruscant and newly arrived ones from off planet.

    "They have finally come. The darkness Arritin saw in his visions and we felt as dark clouds over the galaxy!" Mace Windu yells at the others. The winds roar and presses against them, but the Jedi pay no heed to the dangerous battle ground that is chosen for the beginning of the war of the light verses the dark.

    The Jedi ignite their lightsabers, and they face the Sith igniting their red/black sabers that promise death and despair. The brown cloaked Jedi wait patiently driving the Sith to attack first. With screams of fury and hate, the darksiders start their assault. The Jedi meet the charge with a calm and deadly offensive of their own.

    The cracking of lightsabers is heard over the howl of the wind and the turbulence of the darkside powers of the Sith hurling black lightning. White lightning and black lightning mixing with the blue lightning cause the battle field to light up in a shower of power.

    The lightsabers flash in swirls of color running and blending with the crimson darkness, with the Force-sensitives dancing a vicious game of death and survival. Back and forth they jump and dodge the lightsabers. Many fall on both sides collapsing in pain or starting their passing to the afterlife. The demises on each side makes the battle more fierce and painful.

    Obi-Wan twists and forces Sith back, his lightsaber hitting blades of death aside and cutting a Sith in two. His blade moves back and forth pushing the Sith back, trying to get pass the wall of darkness. With Obi-Wan at his side, Anakin Skywalker- the Chosen one - start cutting a path heading to their friends in need. Padme blasts Sith, following the master-padawan pair of her friend and husband.

    Obi-Wan and Anakin move as one and Sith fall i
  14. MaSeiya

    MaSeiya Jedi Youngling

    Aug 8, 2002
    Hehehe.... *evil cackles galore* I love this!!! Thanks for reading it to me ^_^ I'll never forget how you read that line... (to readers, this is an inside joke, which only Karen and I share. So ha. ^_~) WAI~~~~!!!!!! I want more, I want more!!! This story is so exciting... I love how the Jedi are part Elvish... your writing is always improving by leaps and bounds every time you finish another chapter. This chapter must be my favorite so far though!!! I love it!!!!!!! Moremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremore!!! pwease? *^_^* I love Arritin!! I love his name, I love his fighting style, I love his arrogance and his attitude, I love him!!! Wonderful interweaving of two of the most influential fantasy stories in all of mankind's history--STARWARS and The Lord of the Rings!!! You bring your own magic to it, and that's the most important thing of all. I love you!! I'll miss having you read your stories to me (geez I sound like a little kid tho I'm off to college in four days!! =_[face_talk_hand];)
    Love and peace!! ^o^
  15. Tahiri

    Tahiri Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2001
    About time you got a screen name here, Steph! I wish I could get to see you before you left to college though, but it sucks that I'm in Turkey for only a few days longer than before you leave. (Did that sentence make sense?) I'm on book two of LOTR, but I still love this fic, even if I don't know the characters! Good job, Karen ;)
  16. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    Hey Inji, Stephanie doesn't leave until friday u come in very late on Wed. Stephanie I just will have to kidnap u on Thursday *hee* *hee*, even if you're half-asleep!!

    yes, you'll hate us on be happy!! Love you Tahiri and MaSeiya!!

    Chapter 4? Well I'm working on that it'll up as soon as I finish it.
  17. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    Here's chapter 4!! & MaSeiya thanks for those awesome pictures of this story for my birthday Sept. 6!!!
    Chapter 4

    As the chosen one, Anakin Skywalker, runs with three of the four ?Companions in Trial, he feels the danger Arritin is in and his despair. His master, Obi-Wan, frowns as he and Padme race after Anakin. The other Jedi are trying to catch up to them but are failing to do so.

    ?Arritin?s running out of time!? Sariana screams, as the group jumps to the level just below the platform where Arritin and Palpatine are.

    ?He?s in pain! His despair and horror is nothing I?ve ever felt from before!! He?s trying to calm himself, but?? Ali yells but remains calm.

    *A Jedi must be calm.*

    The group quickly moves to be able to jump up to the large platform, but they know they must be careful. A lurking sense of darkness grows heavy on their minds and they know more Sith are approaching.

    The winds pick up in response.

    They leap together and what they see is terrifying.

    ?Arritin!? They cry out in horror.
    ?Palpatine! Stop! It?s me you want!? Anakin yells, doing his best to save his friend?s life. They see Arritin being held by neck over the edge of the platform, his expression twisted in pain. Palpatine was talking to the young Jedi, but now faces the group with an evil intent.

    Still holding Arritin over the edge, Palpatine smiles and states coldly,
    ?It seems I have the upper hand here, Skywalker and weak friends. You can?t win.?

    //Wow, anyone besides me feel dejuve? Palpatine really needs his speech writer now!// Arritin thinks trying to ignore the fact he?s hanging thousands of feet up with a Sith master holding him up by the neck.
    //Well, it?s hard to avoid thinking how I?m slowly suffocating, but at least they have given me time. Palpatine will keep me alive for some evil and stupid plan and kill me if I refuse to let him kidnap me again. Jeez, my options really suck. I need better choices or odds here //

    I?m Corellian! Never tell me the odds! a memory of a friend whispers in his mind.

    //Great, my life is beginning to flash before my eyes.//

    Starting to lose breath completely, Arritin goes limp with a strangled cry. The others scream and Palpatine throws Arritin onto the platform. Gasping, Arritin tries to stay conscious, but his body craves relief and the world goes black.
    ?They?re above us!? Jahli Herim yells over the sound of the roaring wind trying to throw them off the platforms. It seems odd that this is happening, but with Sith coming to aid Palpatine -anything is possible.

    ?Hurry, I just felt Arritin?s life force go down, but he?s still alive for the moment!!? Adi Gallia screams loudly, and the Jedi feel the darkness beginning to surround just them.

    The group of Jedi race to get pass the wall made of pure darkside powers quickly, because the Companions in Trial, the Chosen one, his wife, and the key are facing a Sith master and soon many Sith all on their own.

    They are not ready.

    ?We have to reach them, quickly. We have no more time!? Mace Windu yells to his companions. They rush to the edge of the platform where the others are, but they are attacked from above from a large amount of Sith.

    ?Already on top of the first generation, are they. No more time, we have. Defeat our foes we must and quickly!!!? Master Yoda cries as the Jedi defend themselves -igniting their blades and fighting in groups. There are at least forty Sith, but they have to defeat them.

    The chosen of the first generation of Jedi prophecy are fighting too many Sith. The Jedi masters can feel the determination, but they know the first generation can not hold on for very long. They need time to understand their full potential, although maybe this battle will awaken the powers within.

    The Sith attack all around the Jedi but the groups of Jedi fight as one making each little group of two to three Jedi make an astounding force that will be very hard to neutralize. As the Sith converge on the masters of t
  18. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999
    Shamlessly lifting my thread up to the !st page:

    Fly my pet! Fly!

    sorry I just in a very strange depressive modd right now so pls. R n' R
  19. Tahiri

    Tahiri Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2001
    Ack! Had to stop reading in the middle of the chapter because of unknown guests stopping by at the house. You'd think we'd come back from the dead, the way everyone's flocking over to see me and my brothers.

    Anyway, WONDERFUL chapter. I love Anakin in this, it's just an awesome show of him. Down with the bad guys! But I just thought about the title again -- Angel's Plight. *shudders* hope none of our good guys end up evil....

    Darnit! It's already Sunday! Didn't realize that Steph was here for another day....

    And why, my dear friend, are you depressed?!?!? Call me to talk any time! Don't feel baad, feel goooood! *puts on hawaiian music* La la la.... ;)
  20. Tahiri

    Tahiri Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2001
  21. Amidala22

    Amidala22 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 20, 1999 seems I'm writing for Tahiri & myself. Oh well, any lurkers please at least read this^_^!!!
    And Tahiri & added more to than what you're seen*hee* *hee*

    Chapter 5 First Crossover: The Times Not Yet Come to Past!

    ?Well, that was an experience I?d rather not have again,? Arritin says calmly and casually. The others stare at him.
    ?Okay?how are you feeling, besides the fact that you?re gone insane,? Sariana says. Arritin smiles in return as the others shake their head as all of them move to get off the very high platform.

    ?Anyone else know how high we are?? Thimos says with awe. Arritin gives him a sour look in return.

    ?Unfortunately, Yes! Didn?t you notice that Palpatine was holding me by the neck thousands of feet off the surface?!? Arritin glares before relaxing. ?Jeez Thimos please tell me that you noticed.?

    ?I noticed,? Thimos says sheepishly in return. ?I?m just surprised that we are so high up. I?m sure it wasn?t fun for you.?

    ?Alright enough with the boring , sad apologies! We won for now, and the startling fact is none of us died. I say we did pretty well, since staying among the land of the living always such a good thing,? Ali says pulling everyone back to a joyful attitude.

    ?Still want to know how Arritin got in front of me so fast. Not that I?m complaining or anything. Arritin, if you ever have the urge to save me from darksiders, I?d be most obliged if you act upon it,? Anakin says with a smiles.

    Arritin grins back and the group moves towards the other Jedi rushing towards them. Obi-Wan continues to glance at Arritin puzzled. The others catch on and Arritin feeling uneasy looks at them.

    ?What?! have I grown second head or something? Why are you guys staring at me? I feel I?m on display or being a main attraction for some gawking tourists?!!? Arritin asks as he looks taken back with them all looking at him as if studing him.

    ?You still haven?t told us how you moved right in front of Anakin so fast or spoke with another voice saying the exact same thing. It?s as if someone was helping you,? Obi-Wan says still waiting for an answer.

    //Stupid dead Jedi in my head telling me what to do and now saying things with me like how they would say it. Not just my ancestor but another one too. Hey I?m not a person to say hi to from beyond the grave!!// Arritin thinks loudly in exasperation.

    ?Dead Jedi have been talking to you too? That is probably why dead Jedi of old and the Force itself was talking to us,? Sariana says with realization.

    ?Well they seem to like us, because something is talking to me right now,? Anakin says with his eyes unfocused. ?It?s talking to Obi-Wan and Padme too.?

    ?We noticed,? Padme says with a spooky voice.

    ?Do us a favor and stop bugging us!!!? Ali screams out loud. Suddenly, they all feel that their midicolorians, that give them connection to the Force, are trying to tell them something.

    You are the chosen of the First Generation. Anakin you are the one chosen to defeat Palpatine now or later. Arritin, you are the leader of the Companions in Trial? and of the Chosen ones of the first. The first and second generation leaders are the second heirs hidden.

    ?What?? Everyone but Arritin and Sariana are bewildered.

    ?I?m Aarinen Nept, future King of three planets and half, honorary King of the Holocaust family of the two royal families of the Koliste sector. These two families have never inter married. I was supposed to be second heir but my twin brother died when we still babies.?

    ?My older twin sister died when we were five. We don?t know why. Now we know it had to happen.
    I?m now first heir, suppose to be second heir to the Silcon royal family of three and a half planets. And I?m honorary Queen because we share the Koliste sector as honorary royals. One female, one male for each honorary ruling. One is either one family or the other: male and female or female and male.,? Sariana softly whispers. ?My name is Liliana Sunn.?

    ?Wow that means Karina is the Guardian of
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