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    I know a few pages back the Atkins diet came up for debate. Anyway, I found this very interesting article in the paper yesterday.

    Atkins diet may benefit cholesterol

    Chicago Multitudes swear by the high-fat, low carbohydrate Atkins diet, and now a carefullt controlled study backs them up: Low-carb may actually take off more weight than low-fat and may be suprisingly better for cholesterol, too.

    For years, the Atkins formula of sparing carbohydrates and loading up on taboo fatty foods has been blasphemy to many in the health establishment, who view it as a formula for cardiovascular ruin.

    But now, some of the same researchers who long scoffed at the diet are putting it to the test, and they say the results astonish them. Rather than making cholesterol soar, as they feared, the diet actually appears to improve it, and volunteers take off more weight.

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