ANNEX: A New (false) Hope

Discussion in 'Star Wars Community' started by GordonSumners, Jan 5, 2004.

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    I've to say that I'm taken aback by the vehement replies to my view that Ep III may well be a let-down.

    The last I checked it's still a free society and if I'm not wrong the definition of a community (as in SW community) incorporates all points of view, whether one agrees or not.

    The thing I find most shocking is the rabid rebuttals that I'm being single- or closed-minded for even saying something that may be deemed negative about Ep III. If Ep III turns out to be a non-starter, heck, the only people to blame are people like you.

    Hey, if you're going to say only the superlative terms
    about PT (and you and I know deep-down that they could be so so much better), the powers that be are only going to give you half-baked stuff. Why bother when the uncomplaining fans are simply going to lap it up - think about it.

    (And in reply to Handmaiden who wrote "I hate people like you" ... I've got news for you - you don't know me at all, so for you to say what you've said, I'm stunned ... and I just want to wish you all the fun in enjoying Ep III as watching 'Howard the Duck'.)

    Kate edit: Gordon, let me be clear. There is already a thread on this topic and, therefore, no need for yet another one to discuss. Please go to the "I fear Episode III..." thread to discuss. Thanks.
Thread Status:
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