Spring, MO Annual KCFF Bantha BBQ!

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by GsWookie, Jun 3, 2010.

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    One of the best KCFF traditions returns. Our annual bbq will be held at Swope Park Shelter #10 on June 12th, 2010.

    We will have the usual burgers, dogs, brats. Feel free to bring something different if this doesn't fit your fancy or agree with your diet. : ) Please vote in the poll to help give us an idea on the number of people to provide for. If you would like to volunteer to bring side dishes, soda, condiments, plates, napkins, ice, coolers,etc.. plese list the items you will be bringing. A master list will be kept track off and updated as we go along.

    We'll have games of all sorts and of course the water gun fight, so come prepared!! ;)

    MTFBWY, always.

    Please post here if you're interested:


    or contact Sarah German at gswookie@gmail.com

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    I'll be in Kentucky that weekend :(
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