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Another Minch (WotG)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Valcyone, Jul 3, 2002.

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  1. Valcyone

    Valcyone Jedi Youngling

    Jun 24, 2002
    This story/chapter was a little rushed toward the end. There is more to's just taken longer to write than expected. So...depending on what progesses in the War of the Galaxies Role Playing Game, I should have another chapter up in this bizarre little saga soon...ish.

    [blockquote]The Imperial Shuttle passed under a larger asteroid this time, allowing the pilot to move a little closer. Sitting next to the young pilot, Acting-Admiral Soran Crell gazed up at the rock. Its overall form was twisted and jagged?with dark shadows nestling into the countless long-running cracks on the surface. Soran had never seen the likes of such asteroids. The usual variety were simply smooth and rocky, whilst these were more harsh and hideous to the eye?much like the architectural textures of the old buildings on Geonosis. Soran wondered why the rocks appeared this way, and guessed that millions of years ago a series of planets must have collided, but in such a way as to totally deform the bodies of earth. Soran?s thoughts soon returned to the shuttle. This inspection was now at threat of becoming boring.

    The Acting-Admiral had arrived in the Bilbringi System only yesterday, and this morning was given a full inspection of the cloaked torpedo spheres littered amongst the rocks. It would have been a dangerous thing, sending a shuttle into the targeted areas of the spheres, but with the technology available to the Galactic Empire?s New Order, there was little chance of anything going awry. Soran looked down at the sensor readings to see the signatures of cloaked asteroids ahead and marveled at the technology. The system would have been useless if not for the correct layout feeding the shuttle?s sensors from the fleet far behind them. And besides, Soran enjoyed getting out just as much as serving the Empire. He was a long way from Ukio?

    The Admiral looked down again at the signature. But it hadn?t moved. Concerned, he looked over to the young pilot, but the boy?s eyes were rolling in his head?his tongue protruding at the side of his mouth. Soran turned to his assistant seated behind him. ?He?s having a seizure.?

    Soran?s assistant grabbed hold of the pilot while the Admiral himself took control of the shuttle. No sooner had the man held the steering column in his hands than he realised it was far too late. They were travelling too fast. Soran was hurled onto the shuttle?s main console ? his head slamming into the viewscreen as the craft slammed hard into the side of one of the cloaked asteroids. The shuttle reeled off of the invisible rock, spinning quickly toward a giant asteroid only kilometres away. With dampening systems offline, Soran couldn?t stop from sliding across the console. His elbow scraped several switches?and before he knew it he was airborne before wearing the door on the other end of the cockpit.

    The shuttle had suddenly entered hyperspace.

    Soran?s stomach lurched as the stars ahead of him blurred into a slipstream haze. Lifting himself away from the door, he heard and felt the aft wing tear apart, no doubt at the impact of an asteroid their accidental trajectory had sent them through. Goran, his assistant, slammed into the side of the cockpit at the impact, and Soran fell forward, clutching the back of his own seat. As Goran fell to the deck unconscious Soran pulled himself around and into the seat, trying to remember the updated protocols for hyperspace travel in Imperial Shuttles. It had been a long time since the man had piloted one of these, but at first glance at the console, the layout thankfully appeared more familiar. In seconds, the Admiral brought the shuttle out of hyperspace-

    -and into an asteroid.

    Soran lunged on the steering column and twisted the craft around, but the floating rock scraped the roof wing, tearing it to shreds under the speed of the impact. The shuttle spun out of control. It?s engines offline. With one hand on the column, his other gripped the sides of his chair as Soran shut his eyes, the spinning spacescape out the viewscreen overpowering his senses. Tryin
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