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Discussion in 'Connecticut' started by BellaSabrina, Jun 28, 2004.

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    Hey all! The NJO has been invited to ANOTHER film commission's viewing of a Star Wars Episode! This time, it is a viewing of A New Hope. Same premise as the Fort Lee viewing, done outdoors and at sunset. Here's the details:

    When: July 19th (Monday), rain date July 20th (Tuesday)
    Time: 8:30pm
    Where: Westwood Avenue & Broadway Park, in Westwood, NJ

    Everyone is invited to volunteer IN COSTUME (we have plenty non-costumed volunteers) to have fun with the kids. EVERYONE is ALSO invited to stay for the film. All you need is a chair or a beach blanket There will be popcorn & soda available.

    If anyone needs directions to the place, PM me.

    Hope to see EVERYONE there!!
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    why is this here?

    none of us are in nj.

    this is the connecticut fanforce.
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