Another Time, Another Place, A New Life (AU Story)

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    Disclaimer: If I owned Star Wars do you think I would be working as a lifeguard for $7.50 and hour in order to earn some money?


    13 year old Raechel Hennel currled up on the pull out couch. Her heart was aching, but she refused to cry. The last 3 days had been the worst in her life. Her mother had been in a car accident, the car in front of her had skidded on a patch of ice.
    Raechel's mother had been taken to the hospital. Raechel hadn't been alowed to see her until the next evening.

    ***Flashback to 3 days ago***

    She's fighting hard, but I doubt she will make it," the doctor told Raechel.
    It had taken Raechel 20 minutes to get the doctor to finally tell her that.
    They stood side by side in the doorway Raechel's mother.
    Raechel just nodded silently. "So she is dying."
    The doctor knew that was not a question, but she nodded just the same.
    Raeche didn't look at her, she just went over to her mother. She scooted herself onto the bed and lay down next to her mother. She wrapped her arms around her and began to hum a song.
    The doctor slipped out, even though what Raechel was doing was against the rules she let them be, knowing this was probably her last chance to say good bye.
    Raechel hummed then began to sing softly:

    "As you go through life you'll see
    There is so much that we
    Don't understand.
    And the only thing we know
    Is things don't always go
    The way we planned.
    But you'll see every day
    That we'll never turn away.
    When it seems all your dreams come undone
    We will stand by your side
    Filled with hope
    And filled with pride.
    We are more than we are
    We are one."
    She hummed for a little.
    "If there's so much I must be
    Can I still fust be me
    The way I am?
    Can I trust in my own heart
    Or am I just one part
    Of some big plan?
    Even those who are gone
    Are with us as we go on.
    Your journey has only begun.
    Tears of pain
    Tears of joy.
    One thing nothing can destroy
    Is our pride deep inside.
    We are one."
    She hummed again.
    "We are one
    Yu and I.
    We are like
    The earth and sky.
    One family under the sun.
    All the wisdom to lead
    All the courage that you'll need
    You will find when you see
    We are one."

    When she had finished the song she laied her head on her mother's left brest and listened to the comforting, steady beat of her mother's heart.
    "I understand now, Momma," she whispered, "I understand and I will never forget."
    She just lay there for a few minutes.
    Finally she spoke.
    "It's ok Momma," she said in an even softer, gentler whisper. "I know you are in great pain right now. I know that you are holding on because of me." She paused for a second, she struggled with the next words. "I don't want you to be in pain Momma. It is ok for you to let go. I'll be alright." She lay ther in silence, except for the beeping of the machines.
    "I love you Momma."
    Raechel could almost hear her mother say, "I love you too Bright One. And I will always be with you, no matter what," as she had so many times before.
    As Raechel lay there listening to her mother's straining heart she barely registered that her mother's chest had stopped moving, but she clearly heared her mother's heart give a beat then stop.
    As she lifted her head Raechel didn't hear the whine of the machine that monitered her mother's heart. She didn't hear the cammotion that was coming toward her mother's door. She just climbed off the bed and pulled up the covers around her mother, making sure they were good and snug. Then she leaned over and kissed her mother on the cheek.
    "I love you, Momma. I will always remember. You will never leave me. You are here," She placed her hand over her heart. "forever."
    She walked out quietly as the doctor and nurses came in with the crash cart.
    The doctor watched Raechel leave. Then she turned to Raechel's mother and noticed something, Raechel's mother's face was relaxed and there was a small smile on her lips.

    ***End of Flashback***

    Raechel lay on the fold out couch.
    She was an orphan now. Her mother had been raped, that was how she had had Raechel. Raeche
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    Wow I really like this, very powerful first post- and the song was great too!

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    Here's just a short bit since I am currently fighting Darth Writer's Block and Darth Real Life at the same time.


    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan sat in a corner of the lounge side by side.
    Obi-Wan looked over at his master. Though Qui-Gon's face looked blank Obi-Wan knew his master well enough to see the signs of grief. They had just finished a mission when the Council called them and told them that they would be escorting the daughter of a Jedi who had just died. Obi-Wan had seen Qui-Gon's grief when they were told who had died and had asked him about it. Qui-Gon had told him that the Jedi had been a friend of his.
    Obi-Wan felt bad about the Jedi's death and the daughter's loss, but he wasn't too eager to be playing babysitter for her.
    "Master, how old is the daughter?" he asked Qui-Gon.
    "Her name is Raechel Hennel, I believe she is now almost 13," Qui-Gon told him. Then Qui-Gon got a faraway look that Obi-Wan knew ment he was thinking very hard about something.
    Obi-Wan sighed and looked around the room.
    A voice came over the speakers:
    "The transport shall be here in half a standard hour. Please prepare to board.
    Qui-Gon picked up his small pack; Obi-Wan did the same. They walked over to the line for the check in counter.
    Obi-Wan just hoped that this would be a short trip.
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    As Peter said, the song was great. Do you read any transcendentalist stuff?

    I really like your idea of bringing someone from our world into the Star Wars Universe.

    I hope your life isn't like Raechel's, if it is...well, hang in there, i don't know what else to say.

    Why do you spell Rachel with that extra e?

    How old is Obi-Wan during this story?

    Keep posting
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    Thank goodness my life is not like Raechel's. I just decided to spell her name that way, don't ask why, sometime not even I understand my own insanity. As far as how old Obi-Wan is...::smiles secretively:: all shall be revealed in due time...
    Thanks for reviewing!
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    Sorry it is taking so long to get the next part up! DWB has finally lifted and I was going to post this morning, but I was unavoidably detained (i.e. the computer was taken over and I only just now got my hands on it and I had to do some major cleaning out of my room.)
    I hope to have the next part up really soon.
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    Hehehehe I likes!! I wish I could wake up and be in Star wars!! I just have one question!! .. Is Anakin and/or Padme going to be in this?

    Im sorry but I just had to ask!!

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    WOW!! Yay for the AU's just had up this since i'm doing Angel's Plight!!

    Please give us more...I'm I hooked,but you get the point!!!

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    Thank you for reviewing! I love getting reviews because it helps me write better. [face_love]
    OK here's the next part!


    Raechel had spent the last twenty minutes flipping through her journal trying to figure out what was up. As she had done so memories that she had never had before began to emerge.
    Her mother had been a Jedi Knight Historian. She had been raped while on a mission. When she had discovered she was pregnant she decided not to tell the Jedi Council and to raise and train Raechel on her own. She had been Raechel's teacher in both the Jedi ways and in academics. They had moved from planet to planet, helping out where they could. Her life had been that way for 13 years then there had been a bombing on the planet where they had been living. A large public building had been blown up. Raechel and her mother had helped with the rescue and clean up. They had used the Force to help, even though they knew it would atract the attention of the Council. Said coucil contacted Raechel's mother saying after they were done on the planet they wanted her and Raechel to come before them. That had been just hours before she died. She had been given a proper Jedi burrial. Raechel took her ashes and scattered them over the ocean of that planet, as had been her mother's wish. Then she had hopped this transport, at the Council's orders, and left.
    Raechel decided to distract herself, she looked around at her traveling companions. Then she saw a little human girl and little Bothan girl sitting between two crates with their dolls, a blanket had been spread out over their heads making a "house."
    Raechel smiled at the sweet scene. Without really thinking about it she took out her pencil, turned to a clean page and started to draw it. Children began to gather around her to watch her work, she didn't mind, she liked the company.
    She didn't notice that the ship had landed and that passengers were boarding and getting off. Infact she was oblivious to everything until she heard someone talk to her:
    "Raechel Hennel?"
    Raechel looked up and just barely hid her shock there stood Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi looking at her. She stood up, they both still towered over her. She was short for her age and was forever being mistaken for being younger than she really was.
    "Yes?" she asked once she was able to speak.


    This was nothing big , mostly I wrote it to tell about her past, but I already am planning the next part and I think it will be good. I will get it up ASAP. Maybe even in a few minutes, but I can't guerentee that.
    Anakins_Goddess_01, as far as weather Anakin and Padme will be in this...::Gives an angelic look.:: well I am going to have to tell you the same thing I told Master pool:
    All will be revealed in due time...
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    OMG!! I need more!! I guess that means that they will be in it!! Ohh I can't wait for the next one!!

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    Did I say that they would be in this? They might be or they might not be. Things shall only be revealed through this fic. [face_devil]
    I can't write the next part right now, but hopefully I will have it up tomarrow. ;)
    Thanks for reviewing!
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    Where is the Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
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    You can thank DRL for not letting me post. Blasted thing! :mad:
    Anywho, here is the next part! Hope you like! :)


    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had gone through checking-in, customs and boarding quickly. Once on board Qui-Gon went about trying to find Raeche Hennel. No one at the Temple knew what she looked like, not even a rough description. Qui-Gon went among the passengers that appeared to have been there for a while, but most of them, even the humans, didn't understand and/or did not speak Basic.
    "Over there, Master," Obi-Wan whispered to Qui-Gon, gesturing to two women, a human and a Bothan, who sat chatting, in Basic, as they mended clothes.
    "Excuse me?" Qui-Gon asked. The women looked up. "I am looking for Raechel Hennel, have you seen her?"
    The women looked confused. Then the Bothan woman's face cleared into recognition and a smile.
    "Oh! You mean Rae!" she said.
    The human woman's face imediately became one of happy recognition.
    "Oh yes! Rae! Now let's see, where is she?" they both looked around.
    "There she is!" the human woman finally said. "See that group of children over there?" she asked Qui-Gon.
    "She is the one with blond hair and a blue shirt," she told him as she returned to her mending.
    "Thank you," he said to the women. They both just waved him off.
    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan walked over to the group of children, who were all looking over the blond haired girl's shoulder.
    "Raechel Hennel?" Qui-Gon asked.
    The blond headed girl looked up at them, her eyebrows raised for a moment then lowered again. She stood up, snapping the book she had been holding closed.
    "Yes?" she asked.
    The children, sensing, as they most often could, that this was a "big person talk," got up and walked away.
    "I am Qui-Gon Jinn," he told her, "And this is my Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi."
    The girl that stood before them was dwarfed by both of them. She looked closer to ten than 13, not only because she was small for her age, but she just *looked* younger.
    "It is a pleasure," she said with a smile.
    Qui-Gon couldn't tell if she ment it or not, she was closed up so tightly emotionally that it was like looking at a durasteel wall.
    "I am sorry about your mother. She was an amazing person...and a great friend," Qui-Gon said sadly.
    Qui-Gon had thought her shields very strong...apparently she hadn't even been really trying that hard. When Qui-Gon said "mother" her shields had slamed up, increasing those she already had tenfold.
    She gave him a sad smile. "Thank you."
    Meanwhile, Obi-Wan was thinking, 'Not another pathetic life form!'


    OK, you may think that I am totally bashing Obi, but trust me, I do not hate him! I am an Obi fan so please don't hate me!
    Please keep up the r&r!
    I hope you liked!
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    Finally!! That was great! It was worth the wait! I will keep an update!!

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    I for one like your interpretation of Obi-Wan. Too many people are influenced by those JA novels and give him all these characteristics he just doesn't have in the prequels. I guess this is a matter of opinion though...

    Will Raechel ever have flaskbacks to our universe or has she forgotten it completely?

    We eagerly await your next post Enigma.
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    I am glad you think so, Masterpool.
    I like all the types of Obi's, JA pre-M/D, Prequal and Original. I especially like the Original because in that he has found a sort of equallibrium between the JA him and the Prequal him. :) [face_love] Anyway as we all know, the living Force is not his forte. [face_mischief] [face_devil]
    I shall work on the next part at work today and hopefully have it up tonight. :D
    Thanks for reviewing! :D [face_love]
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    As she stood there with two of the most influential beings in Star Wars History all Raechel could think was that she could just imagine what Obi-Wan thought of her, ?another pathetic life form.?
    ?Please sit.? She gestured to the boxes that surrounded her ?camp.?
    She and the two Jedi sat in a circle.
    ?I feel I should tell you that I am able to take care of myself, but I have never been to Coruscant before, thus I do not know my way around. Otherwise I would go on my own. I really do not mean to inconvenience you,? she told them. ?As far as part of me knows I have never been to any of the places that the other part of me remembers. I wonder what they would do if I said that aloud?? She almost burst out laughing, but she was able to keep her face passive.
    ?It is no inconvenience,? Qui-Gon assured her.
    Just then a bell rang.
    ?Meal bell,? Raechel explained. ?Are you hungry? The food is pretty good.?
    Qui-Gon nodded, Obi-Wan glanced over at him then nodded as well.
    ?I?ll get the food,? Raechel said, getting up.
    ?Thank you, Raechel,? Qui-Gon said.
    ?Call me Rae, everyone does,? she told both of them. ?If I was just walking down a hall and someone called Raechel, I probably wouldn?t respond.? She shrugged and walked off.
    Rae knew that the main reason Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had agreed to a meal was because Qui-Gon wished to speak with his Padawan alone, Rae didn?t mind. Right now, though, she did feel a little envious of Obi-Wan because he still had Qui-Gon, who was like a father to him, and her mother was dead.
    She shook that thought off.


    As promised, a new part. I am not going to make promises for tomorrow, but I think I will be able to get another part up. :confused:
    Please keep R&R going! :D
    Thank you! [face_love]
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    That was great!!! I can't wait for more!
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    Please post again, I like this story alot!!!

    Moremoremore, please?
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    I'll put my vote in for another post.
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    heya jedi_enigma! Great fic so far!
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    Here it is ppls! Sorry it took so long. DHSSY (Darth High School Senior Year) got in the way and this is a longer post. Hope you like!


    They had finished eating about an hour ago. The meal had been a silent affair. Obi-Wan had then wrapped his brown cloak close about him and fallen asleep, knowing, from experience, that there were no guerentees as to when he would get a chance to rest again. Qui-Gon sat on a box reading a datapad. Rae was coming back from the 'fresher when she knocked her bag off a box as she entered their little "camp." She swore softly in several languages and began to gather her things. Qui-Gon set down his datapad and helped her. He handed her two lightsabers. He could imediately tell which was Rae's and which was her mother's since he had seen her mother's many times. They had picked up basically everything when he saw a small book lying open face down on the floor, a pencil stuck between the pages. He picked it up, turned it over and looked at the pages. On a page was a sketch of a Bothan, a human, a Wookie and a Duro playing dajark. It was very life like and held something that a holo just couldn't have captured, as if the artist could see beyond what was on the surface just by obseving.
    Qui-Gon was pulled out of his thoughts by a discrete cough. He looked up and saw Rae holding out her hand for the book. He closed it and gave it to her.
    "That was a very good sketch," he told her. "You have a great gift of insight. It brings life to it."
    Rae paused in putting the book away then handed it back to him and shrugged. "You can look at it if you want to," she said, truely not caring. She rarely used her journal as a journal, more as a sketch book.
    Qui-Gon took it with a nod. She sat down, since she was cold she pulled out a blanket and wrapped it around herself.
    "This is good," Qui-Gon told her as he looked at the sketch of herself.
    She shrugged again. "I made it from one of the few holos that I look remotely ok in. Momma said I should have a picture of myself on the first page...I did it for her."
    A lump formed in her throut(sp?). She worked around the sudden rush of emotion. It was almost overwhelming. She took deep breaths to try and get them under control.
    Qui-Gon gently placed a hand on her shoulder.
    "I am fine," Rae told him, not looking at him.
    For some reason she found herself wanting to ask him questions about grief, but she didn't think he could help her. He may have lost Tahl, but he had never lost a parent figure. She was pretty sure that the loss of a love was different from that of a parent figure.
    Qui-Gon knew something was wrong and was pretty sure of what, but couldn't be positive. Her shields had lessened a little, but when she had mentioned her mother they had slammed up again full power.
    She had shrugged off his hand, she didn't want sympathy right now. Qui-Gon imediately backed off. He watched her for a moment the returned to the book. It seemed to serve, for the most part, as a sketch book, but she also recorded some events and facts in it. The writen parts held little or no emotion. All of the emotion was in the sketches. The sketches were of many places, beings and things. There was one of her mother amid datapads, datacards, books, scrolls and papers, a very good illustration of her. Qui-Gon smiled briefly. She, along with Tahl and the Council had stubborly urged him to take on a Padawan. They had all been right. Sahna had given him an I-told-you-so look when he took on Obi-Wan. After Obi-Wan had returned frome Melida/Daan and Qui-Gon didn't want to take him back on Qui-Gon had contacted her. Tahl had already commed her and told her what had happened. Sahna had been sympathetic the whole conversation. SHe had started out gentle and proding but Qui-Gon's stubbornness had driven her to the point that she wanted to reach across the line and either hit him, strangle him or both. She had ended the conversation with, "You had better straiten out, Jinn, or I will fly over there and straiten you out myself!" she had then
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    I hope to get the next part out today, but I can't be sure. :confused:

    "I can go with out being seen if I wish, but to disappear entirely - that is a rare gift." ~Aragorn LotR
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    They arrived at Coruscant 8 hours later. Rae had changed into her robes by then. She wore a pair of dark blue leggings, a dark blue round neck shirt, a brown vest-like tunic, brown boots, a brown Jedi cloak and her's and her mother's lightsabres hung at her waist.
    She followed Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to the temple. They got to the Council chambers and were let right in.
    Rae felt extreemly nervous. She was standing infront of Jedi Masters that she had only read about and seen in movies. She had to force herself not to squirm under their scrutiny.
    "Welcome, Raechel Hennel," Mace Windu said.
    "Thank you Master Windu," she replied bowing.
    If he was surprised at the fact that she knew who he was he did not show it.
    "Trained you have been," Yoda said. "How much know you?"
    "My mother told me that she taught me as much as an Initiate in the Temple knew plus a little more. She said that I am up to the same level as other students my age."
    "Hmm...not quite though," he said. "A Padawan you are not."
    "No sir."
    "Hmm...consider your case we will," Yoda told her. "A room you have been assigned. Waiting for you outside a student is. Show you where to go they will."
    Rae bowed. "Thank you Masters."
    She walked out the door, a little surprised at how fast that had gone.
    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan debriefed to the Council. Then Yoda dropped the proverbial bomb.
    "A new assignment we have for you."
    "The Supreme Chancellor has asked us to send someone to act as ambasadors to the planet of Naboo, to settle the Trade Federation's boycott."
    "Masters, if I may?"
    Yoda nodded.
    "I wish to bring Raechel Hennel with us. I was in contact with Sahna for many years, I am sorry that I never told you, but I had to honor her wishes. She asked me to watch over Raechel until she became a Padawan if anything were to happen to her."
    The Council members looked at eachother, considering his request.
    Finally Mace spoke.
    "Though we are not thrilled with the fact that you kept Sahna's location from us we argee."
    "Thank you, my masters," Qui-Gon said, bowing.
    "Leave soon you must. May the Force be with you," Yoda told them.
    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan walked out of the room. Qui-Gon could feel Obi-Wan's annoyance at having to deal with Raechel some more. Qui-Gon knew this would be a good lesson for his Padawan in patience and in the Living Force.
    "You had best do what ever you need to do before we leave, Padawan."
    "Yes, Master," Obi-Wan walked off.
    Qui-Gon went off to find Rae.
    He checked her room first, there was no one there, it appeared that she had just stopped in long enough to drop her things off and look around then had left.
    He thought for a moment trying to think of where she might be. Then he remembered something and smiled. He walked off in the direction of the lake.


    There you go! :D Hope you like! :)
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