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FF:NZ Anthony Daniels confirms first Australian convention appearance

Discussion in 'Oceania Discussion Boards' started by ObiWan_cs, May 20, 2001.

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  1. ObiWan_cs Jedi Youngling

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    Anthony Daniels, the man behind C-3PO, confirmed that he will be at the Multiverse 4 science fiction convention June 8th to 11th (less than 4 weeks away!)

    Yes! The Force WILL be with you. I am so pleased to confirm, unless Mr Lucas or some other major boss in my life intervenes (unlikely), that I will be with you in Melbourne in June. I know it's winter then but we'll be indoors (I hope) having fun.

    BE WARNED... If I have anything like the great time I spent in Sydney filming Episode II last year, I may not leave.
    So think gold! And I'll see you there.

    Anthony Daniels

    Remember, all the info regarding Multiverse 4 and features such as the Star Walking run Raiders of the Lost Ark 20th Anniversary Banquet, can be found at http://www.multiverse.org.au/mv4/
Thread Status:
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