Lit Anti-Alien bias, as an EU invention was it a good or bad idea ?

Discussion in 'Literature' started by fett 4, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Coming from the guy who's been running Diversity threads for four years? I'll give you this: that is a new one.
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    Yeah, that was the one that got me the most too. But it's probably better to move on at this point.

    Depends. If someone is being hateful and violating the board rules by advocating genocide etc, absolutely. If someone is just... wrong (as this guy is), then no. If we banned people for being wrong, we wouldn't have a single user left, myself included. :p

    Anyway, like Boba suggested earlier, it's best to get back to the thread now. While the discussion is both head-desk inducing and morbidly interesting, it's inevitably going to devolve into nothing good and since it's not even about SW, let's leave it be.
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    @GrandAdmiralJello - Good pints. I concede the argument.

    Especially given that the original Star Wars material talked a lot about how the Empire was nationalizing everything.

    I mean, its not totally contradictory, in that the Empire's policy seems to be to crack down on most businesses in a way that benefits a handful of their chosen corporations, but still an odd thing to emphasize.
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    That's also a good interpretation of the events. I definitely see where you are coming from. I personally lean more towards the side that I mentioned earlier, but that is simply out of personal preference more than anything else.
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    All I can say is that I know plenty of socialists who are perfectly nice people with not a bad word to say about anybody personally other than that they disagree with their views on society. I can't say the same for Nazis or fascists (of whom I admittedly know few, but really now).
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    All I can say is that "socialism" and "national socialism" could not have less to do with one another.
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