Chic, IL any chicago filmmakers out there?

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by sithlord85, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. sithlord85 Jedi Knight

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    I am hoping someone in the area might be working on a fan film or something along that nature. I'm currently looking for a job seeing that the production company I was working for never got the funding for its latest project. Anyone know of anything going down in particular?
  2. drewjmore Jedi Knight

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    I wrote a question like this not so very long ago.

    There's at least one group in post right now, they filmed in some huge facility related to fermilab and had Vader and Protocol driod custumes. Plus some pretty epic CG space scenes. I'll see if I can find a link to their site.

    I am in post on a 20 minute dalience, looking for CG help.

    I'm also involved with a multi-crew, multi-region experimental fan-film tentatively titled "A Droid's Quest." We're hashing out the story, and may be ready to film in the summer.

    None of that stuff will pay very well, if at all, however. On the upside I heard the tax incentive for filming for-profit in IL is jumping up from 20% to 30%. So new work may be coming into the area...?

    The fermi-lab guys:

    my thread:
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    I have been a part of filming of "Forgotten Realm" (liquidquiche)...
    both as a Rebel Fleet Trooper...

    and as a Stormtrooper...

    It was fun...
    but sometimes a little taxing...
    especially running through tall grass in Stormtooper hauling my BFG on a rather warm day...

    but still fun..

    I think they are finally done shooting...
    and last I heard...
    the film was supposed to be complete by April 08

    from past experience...
    it will probably be more like April 09...

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