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Provo Any Local Storyboard Artists?

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by Corrin_Wyndryder, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Corrin_Wyndryder

    Corrin_Wyndryder Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 17, 2001
    If there's anyone here who's interested in working for me as a Storyboard Artist, I need help.

    Some of you may remember my posts regarding my fanfilm:

    [image=] [image=] [image=]
    [image=] [image=] [image=]

    I have a shot list, and need someone who can quicly send me at least better than stickfigure quality sketches, (Prefered comic quality) at a good speed, please contact me via PMs as soon as possible. I need them soon.

    Thank you.