Anyone else think Elsa was pretty foolish for this? (Spoilers)

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    May 14, 2004
    One thing I never understood is Elsa's choice in clothing at the end of "The Last Crusade." I'm mainly referring to her decision to wear leather gloves on her hands.

    (Though, as a side note, I also think those tall riding boots didn't help her balance once the temple started collapsing)

    First off, they were traveling in the hot desert. I could see her wearing them to protect her skin from the outside damage, but inside there wouldn't be any sun rays/wind, so why not take them off?

    I feel that her decision to keep wearing them inside the temple turns out be a huge factor in her death when she falls while hanging on to Indy trying to reach the grail. Instead of having gripping a more fricative bare hand, Indy must contend with slippery leather. Combine the heat of the temple's interior with the sweat buildup caused by Indy's squeezing grip and it makes for disaster. The glove slipped off within the span of moments, not allowing enough time for any other outcome.

    Granted, Elsa probably wouldn't have listened to Indy anyway and fallen into the pit, but I think she would've had more time to reach the grail or allow Indy to get a better hold on her wrists, instead of her sweaty hands. At least her fate wouldn't have been sealed so quickly.

    Either way, I think it's interesting that she was so obsessed that she didn't even feel the glove peeling off her hand.. that's pretty intense.
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