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anyone wanna help? STARKILLER RADIO SERIES

Discussion in 'Fan Audio' started by Aqua-Serenity, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Aqua-Serenity

    Aqua-Serenity Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 4, 2006
    ive been looking for people to help do this on a couple other message boards, its based on the original draft by GL called "Adventures of the Starkiller" im planning on adding it to Nathan's site (if he'll let me) anyway, the only job i need filled is a writer, post here and ill PM you a scene summary for you to get started
  2. Aqua-Serenity

    Aqua-Serenity Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 4, 2006
    DISCLAIMER: i dont own Starkiller, Star Wars, or anything else made by GL, i only watch it, so please dont sue me.

    okay, heres some more info about the series

    its not going to be a word for word dramaization of the script, im basically only using a couple of the characters and ideas

    cast of characters
    Luke Starkiller (Luke)
    Princess Organa of Aquilae (Leia)
    General Vader (Vader)
    Emperor Palpatine
    Governor Scaul Egroeg of Dantooine (spell it backwards)
    Chairman Han Solo of Cloud City
    Commander Antilles (Stormtrooper Squad leader)
    Imperial Soldiers
    Dabulla the Hut


    season 1

    1- "The Star Wars Part 1"
    General Starkiller is ordered to protect The Princess of Aquilae as she delivers the plans for the Empire's space station to the Rebels on Dantooine.

    2- "The Star Wars Part 2"
    General Starkiller and the Princess fall into a trap set by the dreaded General Vader, the right hand man to Emperor Palpatine.

    3- "Across the Stars"
    The Princess and Starkiller escape to the desert planet Tatooine.

    4- "The Shooting Star Cantina"
    A Bounty Hunter tracks the Princess and Luke through Tatooine.

    5- "The Death Star"
    The Princess and her Protector come to Dantooine, but it has been destroyed.

    6- "Assault on The Death Star"
    The Princess and Luke take the plans to the Rebel Army on Yavin. The Rebel spaceships destroy The Death Star.

    7- "The Empire Strikes Back"
    Vader's Personal War Cruiser attacks the Rebel Base at Yavin. The Rebels flee to the ice planet, Coruscant.

    8- "Ancient Wisdom"
    On a scouting mission for a new base, Luke finds the swamp planet, Dagobah, there, General Starkiller comes across two Jedi Knights, the former protecters of the Old Republic. The Jedi begin to train Luke.

    9- "City In The Clouds"
    While Luke is training on Dagobah, Vader raids Coruscant and kidnaps The Princess and the Rebel Soldiers, and takes them to the gas planet, Bespin.

    10- "The Liberation of Cloud City"
    Luke travels to bespin to rescue his friends. He meets the Chairman of Cloud City, named Han Solo, who agrees to help him free his friends if Luke will help Han get the Empire off his planet.

    11- "Duel With Vader"
    Luke battles with Vader, but Vader survives. The Empire destroys Cloud City, Han comes with the Rebels.

    12- "Unfinished Buisiness"
    Luke returns to Dagobah to complete his training.

    13- "Kashyyyk"
    The Rebels head to the Wookie homeworld.

    14- "Dark Warrior"
    Vader dispatches a feared Sith Warrior to capture the Rebels.

    15- "Ambush at Derr'a"
    The Rebels fall into a trap at the Imperial Planet, Derr'a.

    16- "Captured"
    Luke is captured by the Empire and forced to work at the Spice Mines of Kessell

    17- "Endor"
    The Rebels find a new base, and new allies. Luke breaks out of the mines.

    18- "The Executor"
    Luke recieves a message from the Rebels, he heads to Endor. Vader attacks Endor.

    19- "The Fall of the Emperor"
    Han and Luke break into The Executor and attack Vader and Palpatine.

    20- "The Revenge of the Jedi"
    Vader tells Luke of his startling parentage.

    21- "The Redemption of Vader"
    Vader turns back to the Light Side and betrays the Emperor before he dies. Luke finds out that The Princess is his sister.

    22- "Love and Marriage"
    Han marries Leia.

    23- "The Death of the Empire Part 1"
    The Rebel forces attack the Imperial Capital, Hoth.

    24- "The Death of the Empire Part 2"
    Luke kills the new Emperor, Tarkin.

    25- "The Death of the Empire Part 3" (special extended episode)
    Admiral Windu pursues the Rebels out of the system. The Rebels defeat the Admiral.

  3. Aqua-Serenity

    Aqua-Serenity Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 4, 2006
    season 2

    1- "The New Republic"
    Leia recreates the Republic

    2- "The New Jedi Order"
    Luke recreates the Jedi

    3- "The Corellian Trade War Part 1"
    Smugglers, who are tired of high tolls throughout the hyperspace lanes, attack Corellia, The Trade Capital of the New Republic.

    4- "The Corellian Trade War Part 2"
    Han travels to Corellia to defend his homeworld.

    more to come

    pilot script 2/15/06
  4. Aqua-Serenity

    Aqua-Serenity Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 4, 2006
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