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    Ok so this is what I own need to buy and curious about :). Anything else?

    Darth bane trilogy
    Darth plagueis
    Darth maul shadow hunter
    Outbound flight
    Force unleashed
    Yoda dark rendezvous
    Shatter point
    Labyrinth of evil
    Revenge of the sith
    The rise of darth Vader
    Death Star
    Luke skywalker and the shadows of mindor
    Shadows of the empire
    Thrawn trilogy (currently reading book 1)
    Fate of the jedi-outcast
    New jedi order-vector prime
    Legacy of the force-betrayal
    Vision of the future
    Specter of the past
    Survivors quest
    Cloak of deception

    Also own:
    Jedi quest #1
    The last of the jedi #1
    Order 66
    (Working on getting the republic commando books 1-3)

    Republic commando #1-3

    Curious about: (are these worth reading or buying?)
    Rogue Planet
    The Approaching Storm
    The hive
    The Cestus deception
    Medstar I : battle surgeons
    MedStar II: Jedi Healer
    Jedi Trial
    Coruscant Nights series
    Knight errant
    Choices of one.
    The courtship of Princess Leia
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    Wait...what's the distinction between the "own" books and the "also own" books? o_O
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    Haha ok ok wait I kinda messed up :.(...

    1.i put the "also own" book list seperatly because I mean I think I was thinking the first list was all major books and related in some way. And the other list was mainly just other series not really pertaining to the main focus? Ugh fml Idk what I was thinking. *aims head in shame* really more into jedi, sith, light saber battles, the force. Type stories than just space battles. Not that it's not cool to me it just seem to appeal to me As much. *again aims head in shame*
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    The Coruscant Nights and Medstar books are definitely more "Jedi" books than "space battle" books, but mostly they're about the fringe aspects of SW - gamblers, droids, creative types. I would highly recommend them if you read and liked Shadows of the Empire (and Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter) - they're very similar in tone, just without the OT cast.
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    If Jedi and Force related stuff is your main interest, you might find this recent thread helpful, as the guy there was asking for similar recommendations.
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    get the medstar and the coruscant knights trilogy. and stay the hell away from the approaching storm, possibly the worst sw book i have ever read.