Lg.Is, NY AOTC - The IMAX Edit; A First-Hand Field Report

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by ElanSleazeschbaggano, Oct 31, 2002.

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    Okay, so tonight (Wednesday October 30, 2002) I had a very special opportunity to sit in on the test run of the print of AOTC in IMAX at Lincoln Square in an IMAX theater packed with five people: The projectionist, myself (ElanSleazeschbaggano), vlamidala, KitFistoRox, and bobajames.

    Needless to say the film still ROCKS, edited or not. My thumbnail review is: Tastes great, less Fisto.

    For all the explicit details of "what's in and what's out" (we took notes) click here:[link=http://www.starwarsboard.com/board/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3047&FORUM_ID=2]AOTC - The IMAX Edit; What's In and What's Out[/link]
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    You lucky, lucky, S.O.B's!!

    Where was my invite? huh? huh? :)

    Good job guys, thanks for the headsup.

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