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AOTC would be a lot more powerful if...

Discussion in 'Attack of the Clones' started by angelak, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. angelak

    angelak Jedi Youngling

    Apr 6, 2005
    For all those who complain that Natalie Portman did a poor job playing Padme in this film or that Hayden Christian is the worst person to play anakin...all and all because the two have no chemestry I offer them the following. The chemestry has absolutely NOTHING to do with the the ackwardness of their love story. Its called bad editing!

    I'll go over the scenes and explain why I think a move will work, but also explain what I feel is going on with Padme in each scene. See, the problem is I'm totally convinced Anakin is "intoxicated" by Padme. That's established in the elevator shot in more than just words. He acts like a young guy with a huge infatuation, but as is, he seems like a stalker who can't take a hint that she's not interested, yet she ends up falling for her stalker anyway. One of the main problems is that the kiss happens too soon.

    I'll referr to things by chapter numbers.

    5: Old friends. You can totally tell Anakin is obsessed with her. Padme is disinterested. I think she has a warm very close platonic feelings for him, almost maternal. She took care of him in a motherly sort of way when he was 10, and I think she thought the innocense of the ten year old's remark of "Are you an angel?" I mean yea it sounds corny, but ten year olds can actually be sincere with a question like that. He really wanted to know why she was so beautiful and striking to him.

    The reaction to his new remark is out of place for the situation they're in. To me her reaction seems to be not knowing how to respond, but fondly remembering his sweetness as a child. It does instill in her mind that there is an age gap. So she's rejecting him. Then he acts like an immature stubbern teenager in front of her with Obi-Wan.

    She knows he likes her, but she doesn't have the heart to discuss it with him, and she cares about his feelings, so she tries to subtly turn him down.

    So as of yet, the story is of a poor boy crushing on a girl who thinks of him as a child and isn't interested.

    7 (I'm not skipping chapter 8, but it doesn't relate to what I'm saying) He prooves himself somewhat to her by saving her life. He definetly takes authority when called to action and isn't acting much like a child with hormones anymore.

    9: New assignments - in packing in the apartment, I do think Padme does see more of his adult side to him, but she's still really put off by him and doesn't know how to react. She also know that even though he's flirting with her, he can't love anyone, so there has to be something wrong with him....immaturity probably or something that is causing him to react this way to her. And she tries harder to reject him, but doesn't quite have the heart. The tone of her voice suggest that she has a bond with him that she's had since they were young, but he's bringing hormones and adulthood into it. So the more he shows that he's not a child and not so immature (in fact, showing her that she needs to losen up a bit, which according to Lucas is one of the top reasons she falls for him.) She also gives him the advice not to grow up so quickly because she had to grow up too fast and regrets the loss of her childhood.

    10: Traveling Incognito Well the fact that she can joke with him shows she's losing up a little to him and is less uncomfortable, but the scene doesn't serve for too much. I totally think that Captain Typho's comment comes across as odd. I might cut that

    So then we have 11: Dex's Diner I'm going to move chapter 12. The interesting thing about this move is that you now have Obi-Wan in a place you eat and in the next scene you have Anakin and Padme eating.

    13: Encouraged to love - she gets to talk more heart to heart with him. I will say there is something about a guy being enamored with you. If you don't think there's something seriously wrong and scarry about them, you can't help but to think of them romantically. Its like liking to be liked. The type of questions she asks him about love and what not really shows kind of a reluctance to allow herself to have feelings devel
  2. jangoisadrunk

    jangoisadrunk Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 7, 2005
    What makes it even worse, is the fact that it is a double post.
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