Speculation Appreciation - We're all talking about Star Wars again!

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Episode VII and Beyond (Archive)' started by DarthKreVass, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Ditto that.

    I only saw ROTJ in the theater -- but that didn't mean I didn't know what I was getting into before then. Any time ANH or ESB was on TV/Cable -- I would watch it. When BetaMax came out -- my cousins had a player and the first movie their dad bought, ESB! We watched it all the time. They also had the ESB Atari game -- which I sucked at. LOL After ROTJ left the theaters, the "talking" wasn't as frequent...but it wasn't completely non-existant.

    1991 when Heir to the Empire came out...my love and excitement of Star Wars was renewed. I was in college and was reading the new books every chance I got -- and made new friends because of those books & shared love of Star Wars.

    Then in 1997 when the Special Editions were released in the theaters and it was more than I could ever have hoped for!! All day at the movie theater watching movies I loved with hundreds of other fans? Oh my God -- I had never imagined such a thing!!

    Things quieted down a bit and then whispers about new movies started and yet another up surge in my enthusiasm for Star Wars. The years of the Prequels were great fun and I met a lot of new people who shared my love of the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

    Since ROTS...I've been laid off, moved out and gotten married. I may not hang out with those Star Wars friends any more but my love for Star Wars is not diminished in the least.

    I'll be a fan until the day that I die.
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    Right? My students are on cloud nine because I don't have time to assign them any homework. I've posted more here, in the past two days, than I have on message boards combined in the past few months!
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    I love all of the speculation! I just wish that the prequel bashing would stop, but I understand the reasoning behind it.
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    I spend most of my time at my own forums, which celebrated their 13th birthday today. What a great present to get word of new star wars movies just as we turned 13. When it comes to Star Wars film discussion my own forums ( http://thegungancouncil.yuku.com/ ) could never equal the quality of what goes on here when we get firing on all cylinders… which is why I log back in to these forums at such times like this.

    I became an internet regular around 1997. In 98/99 I started hanging out at the Star Wars vs. Titanic page and its forums (aka Sw-fans.net), and by November 99 had my own forums set up. I’ve been in the thick of Star Wars discussion on message boards ever since. Never got away from it… but its been a long time since I’ve felt that rush of anticipation we had between 1998 and 2005. What great years. By all indications we would never get the chance to feel that way about Star Wars again…. Sure we always held out hope... but seriously it seemed like a fools hope. What a great surprise this is.
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    There has been a great deal of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm infused into the Star Wars universe for the first time in a long, long time. I felt it in the force as soon as I read the announcement of the sale of Lucasfilm and forthcoming sequel trilogy.
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    It's probably unhealthy how happy this news has made me.
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    I'm really excited at the prospect that we are actually going to get the Sequel Trilogy and that we are actually posting on the ST Board.
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    Revive Star Wars in the public conciousness!
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    so happy to be posting here again, its been way too long!!
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    Hell yeah I was gone for near 8 years and it feels like I never left:cool:
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    This is the biggest fandom shock ever. It's as if Tolkien returned from the dead and announced he was writing a sequel to Lord of the Rings. I never expected it but man am I excited for it! (Once I got over the "Disney owns Star Wars?" shock.)
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    At least each prequel movie was better than the one before it. I tell myself that each time I sit down to go through them all.
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    I have gone from thinking this was a joke, to being really apprehensive about Disney owning it, to being really excited because hey--it's new Star Wars. The fandom that I've been part of for 35 years isn't going to die with TCW series (which, love it or hate it, can't continue forever). We've got new material to discuss for another decade at least.

    Last time I was this excited? When the SEs came out. I was watching TV in the living room of the tiny duplex where I lived at the time and saw a Star Destroyer going across the screen with "For those who remember, for those who will never forget, and for those who are experiencing it for the very first time...on the big screen!". I looked at my husband and said, "Holy. ****."
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    me not be this happy since when
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    This buzz is making me happy, on a pre episode 3 scale
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    Eh, I quite enjoyed the post saga quiet.
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    You mean AHsoka, right? Not the social innovation organization? ;)
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    OP Amen, to that!

    Don't get me wrong I love SW in its other forms as well, video games, some EU and now catching-up on Clone Wars, but nothing drives a fan's interest like more movies; more Episodes in the greatest fictional saga and myth in world history. Now, having an endless supply of movies means that Star Wars fans will be satisfied for the rest of our lives.
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