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Tidewater, VA April 14th Meeting Minutes

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Ashara_Leiani, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Ashara_Leiani

    Ashara_Leiani Jedi Knight star 1

    Feb 27, 2007
    Members in Attendance
    Virginia Beach Central Library

    2:30pm - 5:00pm

    Members In Attendance
    Jason - Darth Alucien - Jediknight88
    Rick - Kyrel Dak
    Dawn - Ashara Leiani
    Rick - Orin_Mallix
    Thad - Anakin - Anakinos
    John - obi_wan_3481
    Gina - Yaddle
    Kelly - Jaina Solo - larame_kaine
    Chris - Darth Maliss
    Chris - Darth Kraxis
    Sam - Damon_Tyr
    Barry - Darth Primus
    Chris - Shaak Ti - DOMNUSKYWALKER
    Cecilia ? Shea
    Wendy ? Jedi Dannew
    Noel ? Rualon Norr
    Carl ? Darth Silthis
    Allen - Masterjat

    Welcome: The Tidewater Alliance would like to extend a warm welcome to new members Brenda, Taryn, and John. If you have any questions, please fill free to contact the Council.

    Banner: The new banner is finally complete and was reviled at the meeting. A special thanks goes out to Jason (Darth Alucien) for the design of the banner, and to Kyrel?s friend Peter White for cleaning up the file and reformatting it. Peter spent at least 35 hours on perfecting the layout of the banner. In recognition, several TA members took Peter to Outback. We presented him with a one year?s free membership to the TA and a $25 gift certificate to CompUSA. Thanks again to Jason and Peter for all of their hard work.
    A mistake was in the printing of our banner. The print shop accidentally used the wrong file to print from. In further discussions with Peter about which file was used, Kyrel pointed out the mistake to the print shop. They reprinted the banner and allowed us to buy the misprinted banner for $50.00. This banner still looks good from a distance, but the wording and symbols are a little blurry up close. Although not as sharp looking as the final banner, it will look fine if we pin it up high enough.

    The meeting dates are set for the next 6 months. We had a little problem getting dates and had to make a few adjustments. Please note that the Christmas party will be held on a Sunday this year. The dates are as follows:
    Saturday, July 14: Libris Room (2:30pm ? 5:00pm)
    Saturday, August 11: Libris Room (2:30pm -5:00pm)
    Saturday, September 22: Folio Room (2:30pm -5:00pm)
    Saturday, October 6: Libris Room (2:30pm ? 5:00pm)
    Saturday, November 10: Libris Room (2:30pm ? 5:00pm)
    Sunday, December 16: Folio & Libris Rooms (12:30pm ? 5:00pm)

    RavenCon: RavenCon officials have informed us that due to a miscalculation, we will not be provided a table at RavenCon. After further discussion about the quality of our display tables and emailing them photos, they still decided that they were unable to provide us with a table. The gaming coordinator, Shadow offered us one of her round tables. Unfortunately, the gaming room is loud and the doors are usually shut. We graciously declined. Since the whole purpose for attending RavenCon was to set up a display table, several of us have decided not to go. If anyone still wishing to attend, just keep in mind that this is a literary and gaming con. Those of us who attended last year saw everything in the first couple of hours that we were there.

    ASK Walk: Saturday, April 28 in Richmond. Thad has had trouble trying to register us as a group on the ASK Walk site. His suggestion was to try to register individually. Everyone still interested in attending, please see the ASK Walk thread.

    Mt Trashmore: Apparently there is a similar walk taking place at Mt. Trashmore on Saturday, May 12th. Jaina is looking into the details. This is the same day as the next business meeting. We could attend in the morning and then go to our afternoon meeting.

    TA Annual Picnic: Saturday, June 30th at Mt. Trashmore. A food thread will started the week before the picnic.

    Gastonia: Saturday, June 16th. We have been invited by the Carolina Garrison of the 501st to attend the Mid-Summer Festival at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia, NC. We have been offered free rooms for both Friday and Saturday night. We would like to get as many people to go as possible. The Carolina Garrison are a great bunch of folks and we always have a fun time
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