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Des Moi, IA April 17th Paintball outing

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by TT_Boy, Apr 5, 2004.

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  1. TT_Boy

    TT_Boy Jedi Knight star 1

    Feb 13, 2004
    Join Chicago Force and Quad City Jedi Order on Saturday April 17th as we once again head east
    to our 3nd paintball outing at Blastcamp in Hobart, Indiana. This is
    one of our most popular events and is always a great time. See pictures
    and articles about our last two events in our events section at Blastcamp is an awesome paintball field that is run out
    of an old Army Base that¡¦s been refitted especially for paintballing.

    This event is meant for players of all skill levels...including:

    -Never shot one of these things before
    -Never seen one of these things before
    -Clumsy as I am Stupid
    -Clumsier than I am Stupid
    -Fingers pre-buttered
    -Blaster efficiency equals: -4d20

    The price per person is $30.00 until Friday April 16th, then $35.00 at
    the door. This fee covers Safety Mask, Gun Rental, Co2 Fill (to make
    your gun shoot) & gaming all day. This does not include paintballs (see
    below) You can pay by PayPal at

    You must buy paint from the paintball field (day of). No outside paint
    allowed. Chicago Force members usually team up with each other to buy
    the 2000 Round boxes to save money.

    Price are:
    100 Rounds.......$6.00 ($6.00 per hundred)
    200 Rounds.....$11.00 ($5.50 per hundred)
    500 Rounds.....$25.00 ($5.00 per hundred)
    1000 Rounds...$45.00 ($4.50 per hundred)
    2000 Rounds...$80.00 ($4.00 per hundred)


    All participants must be at Blast Camp no later than 9:30am!

    From Chicago take: 80/90 east to Highway 51 south (exit at Ripley St.).
    Proceed south until 51 intersects Rt. 130, and continue on 130. Upon
    reaching flashing red light, proceed on additional seven tenths of a
    mile, to first road on left (600 N.) Turn left onto 600 N., proceed 1.5
    miles to Blast Camp on left.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.