Tidewater, VA April Meeting Minutes

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    Welcome new member, Nick!

    Galacticon Recap::
    Great event, next year we will try to make it two days! All vendors and guests who attended this year have expressed interest in returning.
    Suggestions for next year::
    -No panels for the first and last hour of the day
    -Well advertised raffle to raise funds
    -Try to set up Friday night instead of Saturday morning
    -Get flyers out sooner!

    [Upcoming Events]

    Ravencon:: April 25th ? 27th
    *We have a table fri-sun; if you would like to man the table please let our events coordinator know.

    May meeting:: Raffle; bring anything you wish to raffle off.

    **DUES ? Annual membership dues are renewed in June - $25 Single person membership, $35 Family membership. In order to have access to the TA website you must pay dues, however you will still be considered a TA Fanforce member and have access to TFN if you choose not to pay dues.
    **ELECTIONS ? Annual elections will be held at this meeting for Council Positions. If you are not at this meeting you will not be able to vote. [Detailed instructions on the election process will be posted in the May meeting minutes]
    **PICTURES ? This is a costumed meeting. A group picture will be taken as well as updated pictures for membership cards. If you have a costume be sure to wear it!

    TA Annual Picnic:: JUNE 7th, 2008 ? Mount Trashmore ? VA Beach ? Shelter 1

    Dragoncon:: August 29th ? September 1st

    [Potential Events]

    AMC ? Premier for Clone Wars in August

    Game On ? Force Unleashed

    Saber Practice ? You must be 18+ years old to participate.
    Fanforce Awards
    X-wing project
    Prop Day

    Other News:

    -Tidewater Alliance T-shirts are almost done and we will be taking orders soon.

    -TFN ? Post more! We have seen a lot of activity on the TA website, but not on TFN boards. If you need help setting up an account, please see a council member.

    -By unanimous decision of the membership, we will be switching over to a new website in the coming months that will allow us to use more options online.

    Treasury Report

    Previous Balance as of 3/1/08 - $285.48

    - $70.35 (Plaque)
    - $25.00 (Website Fee)

    Ending Balance: 4/12/08 - $190.13

    Time Ended:: 3:45pm

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