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Nash, TN April Meeting Recap

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by penzargrat, Apr 6, 2002.

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  1. penzargrat

    penzargrat Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 7, 2001
    It was good to see everyone again tonight! Had a great time!
  2. Kir Kanos

    Kir Kanos Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 8, 1999
    You must have just been there in spirit form. [face_laugh]

    We had a good time other than the crowd there was a lot larger than we anticipated. It must have been that mule event thing. The traffic coming up 65 from Spring Hill was all backed-up. It took Elan-rai about an hour just to get to Franklin. I just don't get what people find fascinating about mules. :p Anywho, here's a recap of the meeting:

    We were pretty much all in agreement on the 12:01 A.M. showing issue. All things being equal, the Thoroughbred is our 1st choice. However, if Carmike declines to show Episode II at 12:01 A.M. if given a choice then we will be relocating the line to Regal's Hollywood 27. The line-up isn't just about seeing the movie, it's an event. In order to make this event as good as it can be, we need as many people in the Nashville area to join us in line. Whichever theater shows AOTC 1st is the one that is going to get the crowd, the media attention, and the line-party. It's that simple.

    The flyers, the programs, the media contacts, everything about the line hinges on this issue.

    However, knowing that the Thoroughbred has given midnight showings before, as was the case for the Fellowship of the Rings in December, I am confident that they will do this again for STAR WARS if given the option to do so. As soon as I get a confirmation of this from Carmike, I will let y'all know immediately. (Monday or Tuesday )

    Everybody seemed to like the flyers. Again, as soon as we get a confirmation from Carmike, we will get them zeroxed at the printers. We also need people to helpout with this financially. We are not talking big bucks here either. It may cost $0.05 a copy at most. For 1,000 of these that would be only $50 + tax. $2, $5, $10, whatever you want to contribute, Every little bit helps. This will be the only out of pocket expenditure that I can forsee our group having. Getting the word out to as many people in the area as possible is important to the success of our line-up. We will need volunteers to put these around Nashville in locations that they will be seen by as many people as possible. I will start a thread for people to volunteer to post and hand out flyers. :)

    The program covers are fantastic also. Lord Invar should have the rate sheets & contracts finalized soon, so that once we are given the go ahead by Carmike, we can get busy selling advertising for these babies. Let me tell you, these are going to be sweet. :) They will include:

    A non-spoiler synopsis of AOTC

    A brief description of our Fan Force Chapter

    A letter from the City Rep of our Fan Force Chapter (me)

    Advertisements with coupon sheets

    An autograph section

    An envelope on the inside from cover to keep your ticket stub in.

    Simple, effective, and commemorative. These will be complimentary with a $3+ donation to the Juvenile Diabetese Foundation. These programs will also contain a unique number or name, that may correspond to a STAR WARS question. There will be a question for each prize. If the person who has that number or name in their book steps forward and says, I have the answer, they will win one of many giveaway prizes we will be having. Sounds fun eh? Now, all we need to get the ball rolling is some people to volunteer to go with us by twos and just hand the manager of each business the rate sheets, tell them a little bit about who we are, what we are doing, and that we are raising money for charity. They will have a specified date to contact me and submit their print add and payment. After this date, Lord Invar will send the program prototypes to the printers & we are good to go. I will start a thread for volunteers too.

    Thanks to everyone for your patience on all this. Lucasfilm & Fox seem to be really drawing this thing out and I'm hopeful that we will have dates and times for not only Advance Ticket sales, but also the movie itself sometime this week. Either way, I will ask Carmike to commit to a midnight showing if given the option, or we will be taking our line-party elsewhere.
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